The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.96

Chapter 96 – I Found You

As is well known, the systems of the Department of System Laws are all derived from the “regulations” of the Heavenly Dao. However, the initial systems were not like that. The first batch of systems was transformed from the remnants of gods, and Xi Xun was one of them.

And 0178 was his younger brother before he became a system.

However, the present Xi Xun did not know that his brother’s designation was 0178 because their relationship as brothers was not good. Of course, it was normal for their relationship to be strained because Xi Xun had a dictatorial and domineering personality.

For example, he didn’t like anyone touching the place where he slept, even his own younger brother. Although they had a large sleeping area, Xi Xun only gave 0178 one percent of the territory, and crossing that boundary would result in a beating.

At first, 0178 resisted.

But after being beaten countless times and nearly killed, 0178 ran away and left home.

Since then, the two brothers had not seen each other until now.

“Do you need something?” Xi Xun’s tone was lazy and indifferent.

0178 looked at his older brother and was about to say something when suddenly his expression changed. The next second, he disappeared from the spot, and no one knew where he went.

Xi Xun squinted his eyes. However, he had no interest in knowing where the other went, so he withdrew his gaze and walked back nonchalantly.

He thought that the kid had just stumbled upon this place by accident.

After Xi Xun returned, 0329 had just awakened. It looked around in confusion until it spotted the host and finally regained its senses, running over to embrace Xi Xun and saying, “Host! Where did you go?!”

“Just went out for a moment,” Xi Xun replied as he held onto Zhuo.

0329 said sadly, “I dreamt that you died. It scared me, and when I woke up, I bah’ed on the floor for a long time.”


“Yes, in the human world, when encountering bad luck, they say ‘bah!’ to turn the situation around and ward off disaster,” 0329 explained seriously.

Xi Xun raised an eyebrow, and then he carried Zhuo back to the bed.

Once they were back on the bed, 0329 rolled in front of Xi Xun and tightly embraced the host, refusing to let go. It knew it was just a dream, but 0329 was still afraid, so it needed to hold onto the host firmly.

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t die,” Xi Xun comforted softly.

“Mmm!” 0329 responded heavily, still clinging to the host and saying earnestly, “No matter what happens, I’ll protect the host well!”


“That host, let’s continue sleeping,” 0329 said while helping Xi Xun lie down.


0329 hugged Xi Xun’s neck, but then it suddenly got up and said seriously to Xi Xun, “Host, I’ve thought about it and I still want you to be cautious. That way, I can also feel more at ease.”

“Mmm?” Xi Xun looked at Zhuo with a serious expression.

Suddenly, 0329 conjured a transparent screen, displaying an image of 0178.

“Host, that’s the bad system! Although systems can change, I heard that 0178 rarely changes its appearance. You must remember to stay away from it if you see it, understand?” 0329 emphasized.

Xi Xun looked at the person in the image, narrowing his eyes gradually.

0329 thought that the host was remembering. It felt relieved but still gave another reminder, saying, “0178 is very cruel. The host must be cautious.” Initially, it didn’t want to tell the host all of this, but these past few days, it had a bad premonition.

This was the host’s final life, and it didn’t want any unexpected incidents to occur.

You see, what 0178 likes the most is killing the sons of luck. And the host’s aura is so thick, it’s practically a blatant temptation. It didn’t know if the current host could defeat 0178, but it’s always better to be careful.

“The system that hurt you before, was it him?” Xi Xun asked calmly.

“Yes.” 0329 nodded heavily.

It looked at the image of 0178 on the screen and suddenly became a little distracted. Huh? It wondered if it was just its imagination, but it suddenly felt like the appearance of the bad system was somewhat familiar, like someone it knew?

0329 pondered.

In the end, it couldn’t figure it out, so it decided to stop thinking. It put away the screen and said to the host, “Anyway, the host just needs to remember. If you see it, you must hide and take a different route.”

Xi Xun didn’t say anything.


Xi Xun withdrew his gaze and looked at his little companion, who was looking at him with confusion. His tone was cold and heavy, “Where did he hurt you?”

“Why does the host ask that?” 0329 didn’t understand.

“Just being cautious,” Xi Xun replied.

0329 suddenly realized and then it felt wronged and sorrowful, saying, “It hurt me everywhere! It nearly killed me and it even crushed my chip. Actually, whether it can defeat me or not doesn’t matter. What’s important is that I used to look decent, not as ugly as now.” As 0329 spoke, it glanced at the host, subtly expressing that it used to look quite round before.

At least it looked better than it does now.

However, Xi Xun’s expression turned terrifyingly cold, making 0329, who had initially been relaxed, gradually panic. It cautiously tugged at Xi Xun’s clothes and said, “Host?”

Xi Xun snapped out of it.

He looked at Zhuo, who was staring at him, and said, “Let’s sleep first.”



On the other side.

It was late at night, with a bright moon adorning the sky. Although today wasn’t as bone-chillingly cold as yesterday, it still wasn’t pleasant. However, people at the base needed to eat, and Yu Ti’s convoy needed to eat as well.

The food borrowed from Zhuo was simply not enough.

So before leaving, Yu Ti took on a task to help the base find the nearest granary. Each region had its own granary located in different places, and the base could sustain itself for two to three months because of one such granary.

But the food in that granary was almost depleted.

The completion of this task went relatively smoothly. Yu Ti led the base’s troops and his own convoy, killed the surrounding zombies, and successfully found the granary. The next step was to establish a secure transportation route, and within a month, the entire base shouldn’t have to worry about food.

The convoy naturally had its benefits, with the base promising them a hundred bags of noodles.

That was also the reason why Yu Ti agreed to take on this task.

It was a significant offer and the only thing Yu Ti could do for the convoy before leaving.

“Yu Bo.”

Yu Ti, who was reading a book, suddenly looked at Yu Bo, who was munching on instant noodles.

Yu Bo was sitting on the steps at this moment. His body was covered in the blood of zombies and mutated animals, giving him a somewhat disheveled appearance, but it also added a touch of mature masculinity.

“Brother Yu?” Yu Bo heard Brother Yu calling him and walked over.

Yu Ti looked at him, especially at his dirty face.

After a while, Yu Ti gestured for him to sit in the chair next to him and said, “Yu Bo.”

“Yes,” Yu Bo looked at Yu Ti and responded.

“I’m planning to leave the convoy.”

“Ah?” Yu Bo was momentarily stunned and then frowned, “Why leave? Did someone in the convoy say something or spread rumors?” As he said this, Yu Bo’s expression turned serious.

He thought his presence was threatening Brother Yu.

If that was the case, Yu Bo would leave the convoy without hesitation.

Yu Ti calmed Yu Bo down and sighed, “You’re overthinking.”

“Then… why?” Yu Bo was puzzled.

Yu Ti said softly, “I’ve always liked traveling to different places and helping those in need. I’ve been here long enough, so I plan to go elsewhere and explore.”

“Then I’ll go with you.”

Yu Ti couldn’t help but laugh at the remark, “Don’t be silly. You’ve finally settled here, and this base seems good to me. The management is also excellent, making it suitable for long-term living. I’m used to wandering, so I don’t plan to stay here for long. But I’ll come back after a while.”

Yu Bo remained silent.

Yu Ti patted his shoulder and said, “These days, I’ve noticed that you’ve been managing the convoy quite well. Yu Bo, if you truly want to repay me, then continue managing the convoy for me. It will also put my mind at ease.”


“No ‘buts.’ It’s my wish. Can you help me with that?” Yu Ti fixed his gaze on Yu Bo.

Yu Bo fell into silence, and after a while, he nodded.

He looked at Yu Ti and said in a serious tone, “Alright, as long as it’s what Brother Yu wants, I’ll help you achieve it.” Although he would rather have Brother Yu stay with the convoy since it was dangerous outside, he couldn’t say it when he looked into Brother Yu’s eyes.

Because he realized that Brother Yu was serious, not for any other reason but because he genuinely wanted to go out and explore. If that was the case, Yu Bo couldn’t stop him anymore.

“When do you plan to leave then?” Yu Bo asked.


“So soon?” Yu Bo was taken aback.


Yu Bo fell silent and then said, “Okay, I understand. I’ll go prepare the supplies for your departure.” As Yu Bo was about to leave, Yu Ti stopped him.

Yu Ti instructed Yu Bo, “Don’t bring too much, just enough.”

Yu Bo didn’t say anything but walked out in silence.

Yu Ti sighed softly as he watched Yu Bo’s departing figure. Then he had Chen Jing and the others called over and explained his intention to leave. Naturally, Chen Jing and the others were bewildered, their reactions similar to Yu Bo’s. However, after hearing Yu Ti’s words, although they felt reluctant, they ultimately chose to respect Yu Ti’s decision.

“It’s getting late, go back and rest,” Yu Ti said to everyone.

They nodded and left one by one.

Chen Jing and the others knew that Brother Yu had made up his mind to leave, so there was nothing more they could say. Chen Jing kindly closed the door for Brother Yu and told the people outside not to make any noise to disturb Brother Yu’s rest.

After all, if Brother Yu really intended to leave, they would have to wake up early the next day.

Once everyone had left, Yu Ti sat on the chair and remained silent for a while. Several minutes later, he took out a small stone he carried with him, gazed at it for a long time, and then put it away.

Yu Ti walked to the bed and prepared to undress and rest.

But at that moment, he suddenly sensed something was wrong. Yu Ti’s face froze in an instant. Despite Yu Ti’s efforts to evade as quickly as possible, he was still injured.

Yu Ti was sent flying and crashed heavily into the wall.

Blood flowed from Yu Ti’s mouth as a cold hand gripped his throat and a chilling voice whispered in his ear, “I found you.”



Guys, so sorry, my translation ends here. I really want to continue and finish this coz I really love Zhuo, however, Yu Ti’s arc is… it’s very uncomfortable to read. It’s toxic and they have a really sad backstory… You can read the rest here (the original site) or here (I don’t know if they have ads). It’s easy to read via google translate, google chrome automatically translates CN to EN. 🙂

How to Feed an Abyss! ends today~ You can binge-read it now. 😀

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