Chapter 75 – Can I Kiss You?

Silence, a deathly silence filled the conference room, so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

No, it hadn’t reached such a level of complete silence yet. At least one could still hear Zhou Tongpeng’s heavy breathing. It seemed to grow heavier with each breath, as if he might not be able to catch his breath in the next second. One wondered if Zhou Tongpeng would faint right there.

As it turned out, Zhou Tongpeng was indeed fragile. With a loud thud, he fainted. It was unclear whether the intensity and direction of his collapse were misjudged, but his obese body crashed to the ground, causing his flesh to tremble.

Zhuge Feng winced as he watched; he felt sorry for Zhou Tongpeng.

With Zhou Tongpeng’s collapse, the quarterly meeting came to an abrupt end. However, everything that needed to be said had been said, and everything that needed to be done had been done. Finally, Zhuge Feng watched Zhou Tongpeng being carried out by medical personnel with difficulty, and his mood could be described as ecstatic.

Zhou Tongpeng was taken to the hospital, and the people in the conference room dispersed. However, they didn’t rush to leave; instead, they walked up to Wei Chen one after another, congratulating him with joy. These people were forgetful; they had completely forgotten their dirty thoughts before the meeting began.

Wei Chen responded coldly to his colleagues’ compliments, showing no signs of arrogance or pride. It was as if he had merely accomplished something ordinary, rather than something that had stunned everyone.

After a round of flattery, these people returned to their work, but their perception of Wei Chen had already changed after this meeting.

He was not just an ordinary young man. Despite stagnant performance for a month, he remained calm and unexpectedly unleashed a grand move on the last day, catching everyone off guard.

This result undoubtedly slapped the faces of those who had previously looked down on him. They couldn’t retaliate but had to accept it with resignation.

And indeed, they accepted this slap and completely changed their views on Wei Chen.

It’s no wonder that General Manager Zhuge trusted Wei Chen so much.

As the meeting concluded, the attendees gradually left, leaving only the Chairman and Zhuge Feng in the spacious conference room.

“You played this battle brilliantly,” the Chairman said with a smile.

Zhuge Feng was modest at this point, waving his hand and saying, “It wasn’t me who fought this battle. It was clearly Wei Chen who fought it. Who would have known that this guy would silently unleash such a major move?”

“Yes, it was indeed a massive move,” the Chairman reminisced, unable to help but sigh as he recalled the scene from that evening’s banquet.

That day, when Zhuge Feng handed the invitation letter from Wei Chen to the Chairman, neither Zhuge Feng nor the Chairman expected that this invitation would bring them such a great surprise. Even they were stunned by this surprise.

In fact, when Zhuge Feng handed the invitation letter to the Chairman, the Chairman had no intention of attending the banquet because he had other commitments that evening. However, Zhuge Feng refused to leave the office and insisted that the Chairman accompany him to the event.

In the end, the Chairman was worn down by Zhuge Feng’s persistence and had to postpone his original plans. Zhuge Feng attended the banquet in his place. Then, the Chairman felt extremely fortunate to have attended the event and witnessed a miracle.

It was more than just a banquet; it was a large-scale signing ceremony. It was incredible how Wei Chen managed to invite the top executives and representatives of leading foreign automotive companies in China and convinced them to sign contracts with Changfeng.

Before the signing, the Chairman and Zhuge Feng finally saw Wei Chen’s analysis and plans for the future market. It was mind-blowing, and they understood why Wei Chen was able to gather so many industry giants. His plans firmly grasped the market trends, creating a win-win situation for Changfeng and the automotive companies. It was this plan that impressed the industry giants and led them to sign the contracts.

The Chairman couldn’t help but admire Wei Chen’s foresight, flexibility of mind, and remarkable methods.

Wei Chen and He Keqiang returned to the marketing department one after the other. The employees of the marketing department didn’t know the outcome, but when they saw Wei Chen return, they didn’t ask any questions. They just anxiously looked at him.

Wei Chen didn’t say anything; he just nodded at them and walked back to his office. His posture remained upright, and silence filled the room. It seemed that the news Wei Chen brought back had stunned them. After waiting for a while, screams finally erupted: “Director Wei is awesome!”

“Long live the director!”

They could naturally understand the meaning behind Wei Chen’s nod. It meant that their director had truly achieved the goal of increasing performance by thirty percent.

As employees of the marketing department, they knew how difficult this task was. They hadn’t even considered the possibility of accomplishing it. But their director had actually achieved it. It felt as if they themselves had completed the task. Their minds surged with excitement, making them want to jump up and down.

He Keqiang returned to the marketing department amidst this jubilation. However, with such an atmosphere, He Keqiang looked even more dejected. He hurriedly entered his office without lifting his head. He didn’t know who started it, but He Keqiang heard a wave of boos, which stabbed into his heart like a knife.

He slammed the office door shut, and in that moment, a sinister expression filled He Keqiang’s face. He felt an indescribable sense of discomfort.

“Wei Chen… very good!” Each word emerged from between his teeth, mixed with countless emotions in He Keqiang’s heart.

When Wei Chen returned to his own office, Chen Li had already finished a painting and was sitting in a daze in front of the easel. Sunlight poured in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, seemingly casting a golden glow upon Chen Li.

Wei Chen walked up to Chen Li, leaned his head on Chen Li’s shoulder, and his gaze fell upon the completed painting.

It was a portrait sketch of Wei Chen. In the painting, he was wearing a suit and standing tall in the center of the conference room. His gaze was cold, yet filled with confidence. The surrounding air seemed to solidify a bit because of him, and a sense of dignity naturally arose.

This scene was imagined by Chen Li when Wei Chen was holding a meeting, but unexpectedly, it coincided with the actual scene. However, Wei Chen knew that through this painting, Chen Li was telling him that he believed Wei Chen would accomplish the task. He believed in him one hundred percent, without any doubt.

Wei Chen rested his head on Chen Li’s shoulder without saying a word, quietly experiencing the tranquility of this moment.

Chen Li knew that Wei Chen had returned. He gently turned his head and glanced at Wei Chen, then raised his hand and lightly covered Wei Chen’s deep eyes with his palm.

You’re tired, so rest well.

Perhaps that was what Chen Li wanted to say to Wei Chen.

Wei Chen felt it and reached out from behind to embrace Chen Li. Although the posture was a bit tiring, when he held Chen Li in his arms, Wei Chen felt immensely satisfied. The fatigue of the past month slowly surged up.

While others were amazed, praised, or incredulous about his achievements and treated him differently, only Chen Li knew that he was tired and needed rest.

Yes, in this month, outsiders only saw his composure and thought he was silent and unobtrusive, but no one knew how much effort he had put in to make this success happen.

Late at night, when it was quiet, Wei Chen would sometimes feel tired. But at that moment, when he turned around, he would see Chen Li silently accompanying him. No matter what time he went to sleep, Chen Li would stay with him until then.

Although Chen Li couldn’t help him much in his career, this companionship enriched Wei Chen’s spiritual world. That’s why he felt tireless and unstoppable.

Because he knew that behind him, Chen Li was guarding him, accompanying him, and trusting him.

The sunlight outside the floor-to-ceiling windows became more intense. After shining into the office, it shortened the overlapping shadows of the two figures until they merged into one, indistinguishable.

“Li Li.”

Wei Chen murmured Chen Li’s name softly in his ear. These two words contained countless tenderness in Wei Chen’s heart, gently falling but heavily landing in Chen Li’s heart.

Chen Li didn’t answer, his gaze staring blankly ahead, but his hand trembled slightly.

Wei Chen raised his hand, grasping Chen Li’s hand that was covering his eyes, and in a low and gentle voice, he said, “Li Li, may I kiss you?”

Yes, he wanted to kiss Chen Li. At this moment, the thought was incredibly strong, so strong that he didn’t want to control it.

Chen Li turned his head, slightly lowering it, revealing his smooth forehead. He thought Wei Chen wanted to kiss him, just like before, on his forehead.

“Li Li, not here,” Wei Chen said, and his other hand gently caressed down Chen Li’s forehead.

Chen Li was stimulated by Wei Chen’s actions and felt a slight itchiness. His big eyes were fixed on Wei Chen without blinking. He felt that there was something in Wei Chen’s eyes, something that deeply captivated him.

Wei Chen’s slender fingertips finally landed on Chen Li’s pale but plump lips.

“Li Li, may I kiss you here?” Wei Chen’s voice was husky, suppressing the surging desire within him.

Chen Li’s eyes widened, his pupils contracting. Wei Chen’s face slowly enlarged in front of him, and in the end, he only felt warmth on his lips as Wei Chen couldn’t hold back the longing in his heart and lowered his head, capturing Chen Li’s lips.

At the moment when their lips touched, Wei Chen seemed to see countless fireworks exploding in the depths of his soul, and his soul trembled with excitement.

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