Chapter 76 – Kissed and Kissed

The summer sun was blazing like a massive furnace, although the air conditioner was on indoors, it couldn’t withstand the hot and dry air of summer. Not to mention the restless heart in Wei Chen’s chest at this moment.

The sunlight streamed through the French windows, casting a warm hue on the polished office floor. The two figures merged together, leaning against each other, their lips locked in a passionate kiss, as if time stood still.

Chen Li stared at Wei Chen’s face, which was just inches away. The warmth and clarity of their lips lingered on his own. He stood there, stunned, trying to comprehend everything that had just happened. Suddenly, Wei Chen raised his hand and covered Chen Li’s eyes. Darkness enveloped them, intensifying the sensation on their lips.

It was gentle and warm.

That one kiss felt like a century had passed before Wei Chen reluctantly lifted his head. He released his hand, and his gentle gaze met Chen Li’s eyes, brimming with emotions. No words were spoken, but their eyes expressed it all.

Chen Li gazed back at Wei Chen, still feeling the warm touch on his lips. He couldn’t put into words what he had just experienced, but his gaze uncontrollably fell on Wei Chen’s lips.

“Li Li,” Wei Chen murmured, the name that softened him immensely, over and over again, filled with deep affection.

Chen Li’s gaze remained on Wei Chen’s lips, and he even reached out to touch them, his eyes filled with confusion. Why did he feel a tingling, a tremor throughout his body when his mouth touched his?

He didn’t dislike this feeling; he enjoyed it.

Chen Li always followed his instincts when it came to Wei Chen, and this time was no exception. He liked the feeling of their lips touching, so he wouldn’t hold back.

Chen Li circled his hands around Wei Chen’s neck, tilting his head upward to find Wei Chen’s lips and quickly pressed against them.

Unfortunately, Chen Li was too eager, causing their teeth to collide, and a sudden pain shot through. He looked at Wei Chen with a somewhat aggrieved expression.

It had been so comfortable just moments ago, so why did it hurt when he did it himself? Chen Li was perplexed.

Wei Chen, as always, understood Chen Li’s thoughts and his heart raced, filled with ecstatic joy. Li Li didn’t dislike his kisses, in fact, he quite liked them.

“Li Li, that’s not how you kiss,” Wei Chen whispered softly, his voice husky, exuding an indescribable sensuality.

Chen Li looked at Wei Chen in confusion, adopting an appearance of eagerness to learn.

Wei Chen’s heart warmed, and he captured Chen Li’s lips once again.

“This is how you kiss,” Wei Chen said, gently sucking on Chen Li’s lip.

Chen Li earnestly experienced Wei Chen’s actions. Initially, he was passive, allowing Wei Chen to kiss him, but Chen Li was always clever when it came to learning. Soon, he followed Wei Chen’s lead and started to suck on Wei Chen’s lips.

Their lips intertwined, creating a smacking sound, a flirtatious and alluring scene.

This kiss, with Chen Li’s response, made it seem like they were going to kiss for eternity. If it weren’t for both of them being novices in this aspect, not knowing when to breathe, they wouldn’t have stopped.

When they couldn’t hold their breath any longer, their intertwined lips finally parted.

Wei Chen rested his forehead against Chen Li’s, both of them breathing heavily.

Chen Li’s eyes sparkled, clearly still immersed in the deep kiss, enjoying the sensation of it.

“Li Li, do you like it when I kiss you?” Wei Chen could see the answer in Chen Li’s eyes, yet he still asked knowingly.

Chen Li nodded, not knowing what shyness was. If he liked it, then he liked it.

“How coincidental, I like it too,” Wei Chen said, his eyes filled with a smile. As his words fell, he kissed Chen Li’s lips once again. That morning, Chen Li and Wei Chen, like enthusiastic beginners in kissing, exchanged one deep kiss after another, burying the fiery passion deep in their hearts.


Zhuge Feng was in a good mood, something his assistant Gao Sheng could feel. The general manager’s good mood had been present since the quarterly meeting in the morning and had lasted until now. During that time, his white suit had been stained with ink from a pen, yet he didn’t think about changing his suit and continued wearing it.

“Xiao Gao, go to the Marketing Department later and tell Director Wei that I want to throw a celebration banquet for him tonight. Ask everyone from the Marketing Department to come, and they can bring their families too,” Zhuge Feng said to Gao Sheng with an uplift in his tone, “Then you go and find a buffet restaurant and book the whole place today.”

“Alright, I got it,” Gao Sheng replied and busily began arranging the celebration banquet.

After Zhuge Feng sorted out the arrangements for the celebration banquet, he took out his phone and dialed a number, calling Zhou Tongpeng.

Zhou Tongpeng was in a coma at the hospital, so it was only natural for Zhuge Feng, his colleague, to make a phone call to express his concern.

However, Zhuge Feng didn’t say anything comforting because when Zhou Tongpeng saw Zhuge Feng’s incoming call, he promptly played dead once again, ignoring the ringing phone beside him.

Just as the phone rang, the Sales Department’s director entered the ward, carrying a basket of fruits. Although his complexion wasn’t great, he still smiled when he saw Zhou Tongpeng.

“Vice Chairman Zhou, I’ve come to visit you,” Director Xu of the Sales Department said as if he hadn’t noticed the phone desperately calling Zhou Tongpeng.

“I’m here,” Zhou Tongpeng squinted and glanced at Xu, saying, “Since I left, how did your meeting go?”

“Not well. We all dispersed,” Director Xu replied.

Zhou Tongpeng nodded, somewhat surprised, “Did Zhuge Feng not mention the Deputy General Manager position again?”

“No, he didn’t,” Director Xu shook his head, somewhat fawningly. “Becoming the Deputy General Manager is up to the board of directors to decide. Even if Zhuge Feng has connections, he can’t simply promote Wei Chen to be the Deputy General Manager. You didn’t agree with it either, did you?”

Zhou Tongpeng neither nodded nor shook his head. He lay on the hospital bed and had the Sales Department’s director peel an apple for him.

“When will you return to the company, Vice Chairman Zhou?” Director Xu leaned forward and asked.

“I’ll go back once I’m better,” Zhou Tongpeng mumbled with the apple in his mouth.

Director Xu stopped talking. Everyone present at the meeting knew that Zhou Tongpeng didn’t actually faint. He pretended to faint to avoid an awkward situation.

In other words, Zhou Tongpeng wasn’t actually sick. Yet now he was saying that once he’s better, he’ll go back. Most likely, Zhou Tongpeng was using the excuse of being sick to avoid the board meeting that would take place in a few days.

With this realization, Director Xu felt a pang in his heart. It didn’t feel good.

Since the morning meeting, Director Xu had been feeling restless and worried, aside from being humiliated. What’s more, the Deputy General Manager mentioned by Zhuge Feng was in charge of both the Sales Department and the Marketing Department.

If Wei Chen really became the Deputy General Manager, he would instantly become Wei Chen’s subordinate. Would Wei Chen seek revenge then? This time, he had offended Wei Chen quite deeply!

Feeling uneasy, Director Xu decided to visit Zhou Tongpeng at the hospital to get some information. However, the outcome was not what he had hoped for. From Zhou Tongpeng’s expression, it seemed like he didn’t want to attend the board meeting. If Zhuge Feng and the Chairman of the board insisted on promoting Wei Chen as the Deputy General Manager, the other directors would likely agree!

With these thoughts in mind, Director Xu felt weak in the body, a bitter taste in his mouth. He looked at Zhou Tongpeng and said, “Vice Chairman Zhou, I hope you recover soon. The company can’t do without you.”

Zhou Tongpeng waved his hand. “The company has numerous talented individuals. Whether I’m there or not doesn’t matter.”

Director Xu knew very well that Zhou Tongpeng was using being sick as an excuse to avoid going to the company. He probably didn’t want to attend the board meeting either. Director Xu felt anxious and helpless.

He exchanged a few more words of concern with Zhou Tongpeng before leaving the hospital room. His expression was complicated, bitter and dark, filled with doubts. He tasted various emotions in his heart.

Inside the hospital room, Zhou Tongpeng watched Director Xu’s departing figure and curled his lips.

“Why didn’t you tell him that you will attend the board meeting, Vice Chairman Zhou?” Zhou Tongpeng’s assistant stood nearby and asked.

Zhou Tongpeng smiled. “When a rabbit gets anxious, it bites. What about a dog? Some people need a bit of pressure.” His eyes narrowed into slits, and his facial muscles trembled slightly.

The assistant didn’t say anything, unable to grasp who Zhou Tongpeng was referring to in his words.

Was it He Keqiang? Or the director of the Sales Department? Or… him?

“Don’t overthink it. If I promise you something, won’t I make sure you get it?” Zhou Tongpeng sensed his subordinate’s fluctuating thoughts, glanced at the assistant, and said.

“I naturally believe in Vice Chairman Zhou,” the assistant quickly replied and stepped aside, leaving the large space for Zhou Tongpeng. At this moment, the phone on the table rang again, answered by Zhuge Feng. Zhou Tongpeng didn’t answer, but instead turned on the TV and engrossed himself in the hottest TV series at the moment.

Did Zhuge Feng want to express his concern? Phone calls of concern meant nothing. If he genuinely cared, he would have come to the hospital earlier. Zhou Tongpeng didn’t mind showing Zhuge Feng his weak appearance lying on the hospital bed.


By the time Gao Sheng went to inform Wei Chen about the celebration banquet, it was already noon.

Wei Chen had just signed numerous contracts, and the Chairman of the board saw his capabilities, so he entrusted Wei Chen with the follow-up work for the orders. After gaining strength from Chen Li, Wei Chen had been tirelessly busy.

When Gao Sheng entered Wei Chen’s office, Wei Chen was leading the employees of the Marketing Department in an emergency meeting, discussing the next steps and assigning tasks. Gao Sheng could only wait for Wei Chen in the office.

Chen Li was currently in Wei Chen’s office. Having stayed up late with Wei Chen for the past few days, he was now sleeping on the sofa. But without Wei Chen by his side, he couldn’t sleep deeply. The sound of the office door being opened woke him up.

To Chen Li, Gao Sheng was a completely unfamiliar person. Seeing Gao Sheng, Chen Li immediately shrank, his eyes full of wariness.

Gao Sheng was aware of Chen Li’s situation, but this was his first time interacting with someone with autism. Seeing Chen Li’s guarded reaction to his presence, Gao Sheng couldn’t help but touch his own face.

Did he really look so fierce and intimidating?

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