Chapter 67 – Not Reconciled

Even among a group of ambitious and discerning individuals, there is always that one rotten apple, and the marketing department of Changfeng Group is no exception.

The conversation among a few colleagues quickly reached He Keqiang’s ears, and as a result, he angrily smashed a valuable purple clay teapot.

Seeing the anger on He Keqiang’s face, the person didn’t dare to approach him and made an excuse to leave, leaving He Keqiang alone in his office, seething with rage. Soon, the smoke from his cigarettes filled the entire room, almost triggering the fire alarm.

“Okay, you Wei boy, I underestimated your means of gathering people’s hearts,” He Keqiang said venomously, sitting in his office chair.

After a considerable number of cigarette butts littered the floor, He Keqiang finally managed to calm his anger. He then made a phone call to the former director of the marketing department, who was now the assistant to Vice Chairman Zhou, and briefed him on the situation in the marketing department.

“Look at you. You’ve been in the marketing department for five or six years, right? How come you haven’t found a talented young person? Wei Chen has only been in our department for a few days, and he already has everyone in his grasp. What can you do, He Keqiang?” The former marketing department director scolded He Keqiang, forgetting that he himself had been the marketing department director for almost a year.

He Keqiang nodded on the surface but couldn’t help feeling indifferent in his heart. He even silently mocked, ‘You can’t even accomplish what you’re asking of me. You’re just clinging to Vice Chairman Zhou’s thigh. Otherwise, why would you have the audacity to give orders?’

“I’ve arranged for you to meet with the sales department director. Go out for dinner with him tonight,” the former marketing director ordered, unaware of what was going through He Keqiang’s mind, and assigned him the task.

“Okay.” He Keqiang had just agreed when the call was abruptly hung up.

“Hmph. So pleased with yourself,” He Keqiang muttered as he hung up the phone, walking to the floor-to-ceiling window and opening a small window to let the smoke in the room dissipate.

As soon as it was time to clock out, He Keqiang rushed to the sales department.

The sales department director, upon receiving the order from above, went to a club and had a discussion about the plan with He Keqiang, their good friend.

Wei Chen was completely unaware of all this. Before leaving work, he briefly gathered his colleagues in the marketing department for a meeting, where he discussed his plans and development strategies for the next month. He respected their personal time and ensured that they left on time.

Naturally, He Keqiang didn’t participate in the meeting. The employees of the marketing department had already gotten used to it. They would only find it strange if He Keqiang ever attended a meeting with them.

Days passed in a busy and orderly manner. Apart from He Keqiang, the colleagues in the marketing department diligently executed Wei Chen’s assigned plans. However, Wei Chen always made sure they left on time, not encroaching on their personal time.

The best boss is the one who doesn’t make you work overtime! To repay Wei Chen, their excellent boss, the employees in the marketing department worked even harder during office hours. They made sure to complete today’s tasks within working hours without postponing them to the next day.

Unknowingly, their work efficiency increased significantly.

Knowing that Wei Chen had been busy these past few days, Chen Li didn’t bother him. Whether at the company or at home, Chen Li would either quietly read a book or sit in front of an easel, earnestly painting.

One person handled documents and contacted clients, while the other painted and read, not disturbing each other—unexpected harmony.

Time flew by, and half a month had passed.

During this half-month, the top executives of Changfeng Group closely monitored the company’s performance, eager to know what Wei Chen had accomplished in the past two weeks.

However, the company’s performance was disappointing. Not only did it fail to grow, but it also declined compared to the previous month.

As a result, many people looked at Zhuge Feng with sympathy, as if they could already see his face turn red with embarrassment in half a month.

But Zhuge Feng, the one receiving sympathy, seemed indifferent, unaffected by the mockery and implications from others. He could shrug it off with a smile, surprising everyone with his positive attitude.

Joining Zhuge Feng with a similar mindset was Wei Chen.

Although Wei Chen had an expressionless face, it was impossible to tell if he was anxious or not. However, his work proceeded meticulously. Even in critical moments, he never required his employees to work overtime.

When it was time to leave work, the marketing department’s employees would leave, and on weekends, they could rest. This fact made many people in other departments jealous.

Regardless of the current situation, everyone in the company had their eyes on the marketing department, eager to see how they would turn the tables.

Wei Chen was well aware of his current position in the company. He paid no attention to the malicious, sympathetic, or curious gazes directed at him. He simply followed his own plan step by step.


On this day, after a thunderstorm had just passed, the air carried the earthy scent of damp soil. The hot weather had cooled down significantly after the rain.

A plane landed at the Beijing International Airport, and shortly after, a tall, handsome man in a white shirt and suit pants walked out of the airport.

As soon as he got into the car assigned to pick him up, he took out his phone and made a call.

“Grandfather, I’ve arrived in the capital.” The person on the other end of the phone was someone he held in awe, so the man’s tone was serious.

“Good, I’ll take some rest today, and start working tomorrow,” the man said his plan.

“Achen is in the capital? I should invite him out for a meal. It’s been a few years since we last met.” Mentioning Wei Chen, a slight smile appeared on the man’s serious expression. However, the next second, the smile couldn’t be maintained, replaced by a look of complete astonishment. “Grandfather… You didn’t lie to me, did you? Achen is married? How is that possible!”

After expressing his surprise, the man quickly regained his serious demeanor. He listened to a few work-related instructions from the person on the other end of the phone before hanging up.

As soon as the call ended, a playful smile spread across the man’s face. His phone spun in his hand, and when it stopped, he unlocked it, opened WeChat, found a friend, and sent a message.

The Most Handsome Tree in the World: [I heard Achen got married.]

Ruru: [I know, I’ve met his partner.]

The Most Handsome Tree in the World: [How can you stay so calm?]

Ruru: [I thought you would ask what kind of person his partner is.]

The Most Handsome Tree in the World: [I naturally had the opportunity to meet Achen’s partner. Do you want to come over? I’ll lend you my shoulder to lean on.]

The Most Handsome Tree in the World: [After all, your love story ended before it even began. Poor you.]

Ruru: [Just roll away as far as you can.]

The Most Handsome Tree in the World: [Don’t be upset. Shall we meet tonight? Mischievous.jpg]

Ruru: [Surprised.jpg You’re back in the country? Why didn’t you say anything? I could have come to pick you up.]

The Most Handsome Tree in the World: [Yes, I’ve returned after completing my studies. It’s time for me to serve the motherland.]

Ruru: [Heh.]

Ruru: [Let’s meet tonight. You…]

Ruru: [Forget it, never mind.]

The Most Handsome Tree in the World: [Why are you hesitating to speak?]

Ruru: [I’ll open a bottle of champagne to celebrate for you tonight.]

The Most Handsome Tree in the World: [Don’t change the subject. Do you want me to invite Achen out for you?]

The Most Handsome Tree in the World: [Ruru, since Achen is already married, don’t wait for him anymore.]

Ruru: [Achen’s partner is a man.]

The Most Handsome Tree in the World: [!!!!!!!]

The Most Handsome Tree in the World: [So you can’t accept losing to a man?]

Ruru: [His partner was arranged by your grandfather.]

The Most Handsome Tree in the World: [That’s impossible! Grandfather values Achen so much. How could he arrange a male spouse for him?]

Ruru: [His partner has autism.]

The Most Handsome Tree in the World: [Wait a minute! I’m a bit confused. What’s going on?]

Ruru: [I don’t know either.]

The Most Handsome Tree in the World: [So you haven’t given up yet, have you?]

Ruru: [I can’t let go.]

The Most Handsome Tree in the World: [I’ll bring Chen with me tonight.]

Ruru: [..]

Ruru: [Thank you.]

The man put away his phone, rubbed his forehead, and couldn’t understand. He had only been away from the country for a few years. How did things turn out like this? He truly couldn’t comprehend the development of events.

“Go to Changfeng Group.” The man instructed the driver to turn around, and he decided to go to Changfeng Group first to see Wei Chen.

If this male spouse is really the one Wei Chen’s grandfather found for him, Wei Chen probably wasn’t happy about it. He just couldn’t understand why his grandfather would arrange a male spouse for him out of the blue. Wasn’t it already agreed upon with the Xu family that Wei Ruru would be his bride, waiting for the two parties to develop feelings for each other?

The man was naturally perplexed, feeling the scorching heat of the capital city.

When the man arrived at Changfeng Tower, the headquarters of Changfeng Group, it was exactly the time for employees to leave work. He asked the driver to take the luggage back and waited for Wei Chen in the lobby of Changfeng Group.

As people poured out of the elevators, the tall and long-legged handsome man naturally attracted attention in the lobby. As people passed by the man, many couldn’t help but cast their gaze upon him.

The man was accustomed to these glances, so he ran his fingers through his hair, struck a handsome pose, and continued standing. When his eyes met those of a certain girl, the man couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, smile, and instantly turn on his charm.

“What’s up?”

Another elevator arrived, and the doors opened to reveal the person the man was waiting for.

“Wei Chen! Over here!” The man waved to Wei Chen, disregarding his surroundings. But the next moment, his gaze fixed on the hand that Wei Chen and Chen Li were tightly holding, also noticing Wei Chen’s protective posture towards the person.

Was he seeing things?

Wei Chen, who disliked being touched by others, was actually willingly holding someone else’s hand and tightly protecting them in his embrace, not letting go even with people coming and going!

Oh my, what on earth is happening in this world? Did he travel to a parallel universe when he flew here on the plane? How else can he explain everything that’s happening now?

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