Chapter 68 – Welcome the Wind and Washing Off the Dust

Wei Chen led Chen Li out of the elevator and just heard someone calling his name. Following the sound, he saw a familiar person waving at him.

However, in the next second, Wei Chen saw a surprised expression on that person’s face, as if they had seen something incredible. Wei Chen had some idea of what surprised him, so he held Chen Li’s hand and walked towards the person.

The man quickly suppressed the astonishment on his face, and when he saw Wei Chen approaching, he immediately greeted him, saying, “Achen, I’m back. Did you miss me?”

Wei Chen glanced at the man indifferently and continued walking forward, holding Chen Li’s hand.

“If you didn’t miss me, then you didn’t. Just say it directly. Why are you so cold?” The man followed Wei Chen’s pace and complained softly.

“Wei Hua.” Wei Chen suddenly stopped and turned to look at the man, saying, “Welcome back.” There was still no emotion in his tone.

The man, no, Wei Hua, who had just returned from Alistun Business School, paused for a moment and then immediately smiled, naturally putting his arm around Wei Chen’s shoulder. “I knew you would miss me.” However, before his hand could touch Wei Chen’s shoulder, Wei Chen had already avoided it.

“You’re still so unlikable.” Wei Hua complained again, and his gaze fell on Chen Li, who was holding hands with Wei Chen.

Wei Hua asked, “Is this your partner?”

Feeling Wei Hua’s scrutinizing gaze, Chen Li timidly moved closer to Wei Chen’s embrace.

Wei Chen squeezed Chen Li’s hand, comforting him gently, and finally answered Wei Hua’s question, “Yes, he’s Chen Li.”

“A member of the Chen family?” Wei Hua raised an eyebrow.

“Perhaps.” Wei Chen’s tone was somewhat cold.

Wei Hua sensitively sensed that Wei Chen didn’t want to discuss this topic further and knew that Chen Li was an autistic person who probably didn’t like attention being drawn to him, so he changed the subject. “I’ve reserved a table at Blues. Do you want to welcome the wind and wash off the dust for me?” There were really not many people who would take the initiative to let people welcome the wind and wash off the dust for them.

“Okay.” Wei Chen agreed.

Since Wei Hua came in the driver’s car, and asked the driver to drive the car back first, it was natural to take Wei Chen’s car and go together.

However, Wei Hua thought that Wei Chen would first take Chen Li home and then go to Blues together. He didn’t expect Wei Chen to drive directly to Blues after taking the car out of the garage.

“Aren’t you going to take Chen Li home?” Wei Hua couldn’t help but express his confusion.

“No need.”


Wei Hua suddenly realized a problem. Chen Li, being an autistic person, couldn’t possibly come to Wei Chen’s company on his own to pick up Wei Chen. However, Wei Chen had just come down from the company upstairs with Chen Li.

Damn, Wei Chen couldn’t possibly bring Chen Li to work with him, right?

As Wei Hua thought about this, he didn’t realize that the question had slipped out of his mouth.

“Hmm.” Wei Chen always remained reserved in front of people other than Chen Li.

Getting the answer from Wei Chen, Wei Hua was somewhat bewildered. Was this still the Wei Chen he knew? Could Wei Chen really be the kind of person who keeps someone by his side all the time?

However, in the next moment, Wei Hua realized a more serious problem—Xu Ruru would also be going to Blues later. Would it be alright for Xu Ruru to see Wei Chen and Chen Li together?

Wei Chen noticed Wei Hua’s perplexed facial expression through the rearview mirror and immediately knew that Wei Hua was hiding something from him. However, Wei Chen didn’t ask. He would wait until they reached their destination to find out.

After all, Wei Hua wouldn’t do anything to harm him.

During the peak rush hour in the capital, the roads were somewhat congested. Fortunately, Blues was located in a relatively remote area of the city, and there were fewer cars on the way there. After squeezing through the busiest section of the second ring road, the road became smoother.

“Achen, don’t you need to take Chen Li home first?” When they were close to Blues, Wei Hua couldn’t help but ask. After speaking, his gaze fell on Chen Li.

At this moment, Chen Li was looking down at his own toes, shrinking his whole body. He seemed somewhat timid.

Was it because of Wei Hua’s presence as a stranger or was he always like this?

“I’m taking him with me.” As Wei Chen spoke, the car had already reached near Blues, and he turned into the parking lot.

Wei Hua was about to get out of the car. His hand was on the door handle when he saw Wei Chen leaning down to unbuckle Chen Li’s seatbelt and whisper something in his ear. He faintly heard comforting words, and then he saw Chen Li’s tense body slowly relax, looking up at Wei Chen.

Wei Chen reached out to ruffle Chen Li’s hair, gently and tenderly.

Though Wei Chen didn’t smile, in this moment, Wei Hua could sense that Wei Chen was smiling. That smile filled his brows and eyes, softening Wei Chen’s otherwise stern features.

This is unbelievable! What happened during the years he was away?

After Wei Chen and Chen Li got out of the car and saw Wei Hua still sitting there lost in thought, Wei Chen knocked on the car door and said, “Aren’t you coming out?”

Wei Hua snapped back to reality. “Yes.” He opened the car door and got out.

The trio went straight up from the underground parking lot elevator, and the elevator doors opened to reveal Blues.

Blues was a café. Wei Chen didn’t come here often, but when Wei Hua was still studying in the capital, he liked to drag Wei Chen here for gatherings, regardless of Wei Chen’s cold expression.

As they reached the entrance, soothing music flowed out, and the space was filled with soft blue lights. There was a string of wind chimes hanging at the entrance, themed around marine creatures. When the trio entered, the wind chimes tinkled, making a crisp sound, alerting the owner that customers had arrived.

“Welcome.” The cafe manager, who was preparing coffee at the bar, heard the voice and turned around to greet them.

It had been a few years since Wei Chen and Wei Hua last visited, and they thought the manager would forget about them. However, to their surprise, the manager immediately recognized them. “Mr. Wei, same spot as before?” The manager’s gaze fell upon Wei Chen.

“Wow, boss, you have a great memory. You still remember us?” Wei Hua said without caring whether the boss looked at him or not. He was amazed that the boss remembered them after so many years of not seeing each other.

“Handsome guys are always memorable,” the manager smiled, but it gave a strange feeling as if through gritted teeth.

“The boss still has the gift of gab,” Wei Hua laughed and chatted with the boss, not sensing anything amiss. He walked over to their usual spot from a few years ago.

The high-backed sofa acted as a partition, separating their spot from the rest. A pendant light hung from the ceiling, casting a blue halo on the table. The vintage pattern on the lampshade seemed to dance and finally settled on the table, blossoming.

After a while, the manager approached without a menu in hand. “May I take your orders?”

“Two lattes and one…” Wei Hua hesitated when it came to ordering for Chen Li, unsure of what to get for him.

“Orange juice,” Wei Chen chimed in.

“Alright, please wait a moment,” the manager said and turned away.

This shop was more of a pastime for the manager than a profitable business. There were no waiters except the manager himself, who attended to everything personally. So, if someone came to Blues just for coffee, they had to be patient since the coffee service was quite slow.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been back. It still feels like home,” Wei Hua stretched lazily and said, “You really had foresight by not choosing to go abroad. Even though I’ve been abroad for a few years, I still can’t get used to the food there.”

Wei Chen remained silent while Chen Li was lost in thought. Wei Hua did all the talking, reminiscing about life, expressing nostalgia… He kept going without a break, one sentence followed by another.

Wei Chen listened attentively, showing no signs of impatience.

It felt like it had been a long time since Wei Hua rambled in his ear. Indeed, it had been a long time, almost like a past life. He had almost forgotten what that feeling was like.

After about fifteen minutes, the manager finally brought over the coffees and orange juice they ordered. Wei Hua had talked so much that his mouth felt dry now. He took a sip of the coffee, and the bitterness made his face scrunch up, but he kept sipping it repeatedly.

The manager could see his expression of discomfort but refrained from saying, “Mr. Wei, if you find it too bitter, you can add some sugar.” There was no need to torment oneself like this.

Wei Hua waved his hand and said, “I like this bitterness.” By now, the initial bitterness on his tongue had subsided, replaced by a rich and enjoyable flavor. “Your coffee still suits my taste.” In no time, Wei Hua had already drunk more than half of the cup.

Hearing this, the manager didn’t seem pleased. There was a slight hint of disdain in his expression, as if he found fault with the way Wei Hua was drinking the coffee.

Wei Hua noticed it. “Boss, it’s been so long since I had your coffee. I couldn’t control myself for a moment. How about making another cup for me?”

“Limited to one cup,” the boss immediately refused. It would be a waste of his premium coffee beans.

“Can’t I have one more cup?” Wei Hua stared at the boss.

The boss simply turned and walked away.

Wei Hua sighed, but there was a faint smile in his eyes.

Wei Chen glanced at Wei Hua and then casually scanned the bar counter, lost in thought.

“Can you believe how rich the boss is but doesn’t understand how to make money?” Wei Hua rested his head on his hand and sighed.

Wei Chen still didn’t answer, he simply took a sip of his coffee, which already had sugar in it, but still had a slight bitterness to it, which was just right.

After all these years, the boss hadn’t asked, yet he still remembered their preferences. This surprised Wei Chen.


The wind chime at the entrance rang crisply once again, indicating that someone had come in.

“Welcome.” The boss’s lazy voice came from the bar counter. After seeing the person clearly, the boss said, “Someone is waiting for you over there. You can go straight in.”

The newcomer looked surprised at the boss, wondering how he knew she had an appointment with someone.

The boss met her gaze and grinned, revealing a set of white teeth.



Welcome the wind and wash off the dust — to treat, to hold a welcoming dinner or reception; It used to be really hard to travel from a faraway place, one would be tired and dusty after a long trip, so they would be very happy and comfortable after a shower. Nowadays, it’s easier to travel, so this shower was replaced by a fancy meal.

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