Chapter 69 – Say Goodbye

“Ruru, you’re here.” Wei Hua heard the voice and figured it was Xu Ruru. Sure enough, he saw Xu Ruru walking towards them.

“Sorry, there was a meeting just now. I’m late,” Xu Ruru said apologetically, her voice as sweet as before.

“It’s okay, we haven’t been here for long either.” Wei Hua stood up and politely gestured for Xu Ruru to sit inside. Although he knew that Xu Ruru probably preferred sitting next to Wei Chen.

After Xu Ruru sat down, she immediately greeted Wei Chen, “I didn’t expect to see you again.”

Wei Chen nodded politely in return. It wasn’t surprising to Wei Chen that Xu Ruru appeared here. Wei Hua had just returned and invited close friends to join them, which was a normal thing.

“Hello, Chen Li.” Xu Ruru seemed accustomed to Wei Chen’s indifference and didn’t show any concern. Instead, she turned and greeted Chen Li.

Chen Li, who had been absentmindedly chewing on his straw, was in a state of daze. Even when he suddenly heard someone call his name, he didn’t react or respond, remaining in a dazed state.

As a psychiatrist, Xu Ruru naturally understood that this was a perfectly normal phenomenon for Chen Li. She didn’t dwell on it and instead started discussing the years they spent abroad with Wei Hua.

As Wei Chen listened, he also picked up some information. It turned out that Wei Hua had studied in the same city abroad as Xu Ruru. These two people who were alone in a foreign land gradually became closer, but there were no sparks between them, and they became good friends instead.

While Wei Hua and Xu Ruru were engrossed in their conversation, Wei Chen and Chen Li sat quietly. Occasionally, Wei Chen would lean over and say a few words to Chen Li, and it was only at these moments that the absentminded young man’s eyes showed a glimmer of light.

Chen Li took a few sips of the orange juice with the straw, and Wei Chen turned his head and asked, “Is it good?”

Chen Li’s cheeks sank, and he sucked up a mouthful, indicating to Wei Chen that it was indeed good. The scorching heat of summer was unbearable, and this cup of iced orange juice truly brought a refreshing coolness.

“Do you want to try my coffee?” Wei Chen brought his coffee over to Chen Li, with a hint of temptation in his tone.

Chen Li’s eyes lit up, and without waiting for Wei Chen to say anything, he turned his head and took a sip. The bitter taste instantly occupied Chen Li’s entire taste buds. After reluctantly swallowing it, Chen Li took another sip of the sweet orange juice.

“Do you want another sip?” Wei Chen asked, his eyes filled with a smile.

Chen Li moved his cup away from the coffee, indicating that he truly didn’t like the bitter taste of coffee.

Wei Chen happily ruffled Chen Li’s hair and lowered his head to the spot where Chen Li’s lips had just touched, taking a sip of the coffee.

This could be considered an indirect kiss, Wei Chen thought with a bit of infatuation.

Although Xu Ruru was chatting with Wei Hua, she had been paying attention to the dynamics on Wei Chen’s side, clearly observing the interactions between Wei Chen and Chen Li. She couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss in her heart.

She was sitting right across from him, yet he didn’t spare her a single glance.

“Your coffee, ma’am.” The boss approached with a cup of coffee, bowing slightly as he placed it in front of Xu Ruru.

“Thank you,” Xu Ruru concealed her disappointment, lifted the coffee and took a sip, feeling an overwhelming bitterness.

“I added an extra spoon of sugar for you. If it’s too bitter, you can add more sugar,” the boss said.

“Okay, thank you.” Xu Ruru felt that she might actually need that extra spoon of sugar; otherwise, it was too bitter, really too bitter.

“Boss, give me another cup of coffee.” Wei Hua had already finished his coffee in front of him and conveniently ordered another cup since the boss was nearby.

Unlike the service Xu Ruru received, the boss’s face turned sour when facing Wei Hua. “Limit to one cup.”

“There was no such rule before!” Wei Hua felt hurt after being rejected twice.

“There was no such rule,” the boss admitted.

Unyielding, Wei Hua persisted, “Then why the limit to one cup?”

The boss glanced sideways at Wei Hua. “No reason.” With that, he turned and walked away.

Even the oblivious Wei Hua sensed something was wrong. He asked, “Did I offend him?”

Wei Chen turned to look at the sky outside, Chen Li continued absentmindedly sucking on his straw, and Xu Ruru wore a confused expression.

Wei Hua: “…”

So, what’s going on exactly?

The four of them spent over half an hour at Blues. As the sky grew darker, they decided to find a restaurant for dinner. When Wei Hua went to pay the bill, he couldn’t help but ask, “Did I offend you, boss?”

The boss checked the money, made change, and swiftly replied, “The door is over there. You can leave.”

Xu Ruru couldn’t help but laugh at the side. The boss’s words were really tactful; he probably wanted Wei Hua to just get out.

Wei Hua naturally understood, and he was about to say something to the boss, but the boss spoke first. “You don’t need to be escorted.”

Wei Hua’s words got stuck in his throat. Seeing the boss turn around and mind his own business, he squinted his eyes and left. Once outside, Wei Hua began complaining about the boss’s attitude, rambling on with dissatisfaction, though his face showed no signs of anger.

Xu Ruru pretended not to hear, but the corner of her eye fell on Chen Li and Wei Chen.

Chen Li and Wei Chen walked closely behind them, their fingers intertwined. They didn’t exchange any words, but it felt like a high wall had surrounded them, keeping everyone out.

They all had their own thoughts along the way, and even during the meal, some lingering thoughts remained. The atmosphere became somewhat gloomy, despite Wei Hua’s attempts to lighten the mood for the four of them.

But it was in vain.

Finally, Wei Hua felt a bit powerless and simply buried himself in eating. After living abroad for a few years, his taste buds had become accustomed to a bland palate. For his first meal back in the country, he didn’t worry about anything else and indulged in the feast.

At the table, Wei Chen took meticulous care of Chen Li.

They were having seafood today, and Wei Chen peeled and prepared the food for Chen Li, almost feeding him directly. Chen Li didn’t have to do anything but open his mouth to eat, his eyes sparkling throughout. He didn’t even need to express what he wanted to eat; Wei Chen always understood Chen Li’s desires and served him the seafood he wanted to eat.

The whole time they unconsciously displayed affection, and Wei Hua felt like he was being engulfed by the pink color between the two of them. He glanced at Xu Ruru, who seemed to have no idea about anything, and ultimately chose to lower his head and focus on his own meal.

No matter how unpleasant the meal was, there would always be an end to it. Xu Ruru couldn’t taste the food, while Wei Hua forced himself to eat and ended up feeling stuffed. Only Wei Chen and Chen Li had a normal meal.

When they finished paying the bill, Wei Hua sensed the atmosphere among the four of them and decided it would be best not to suggest extending their time together. It was better to part ways now, or else he would truly feel awkward.

“Achen, you and Chen Li go ahead. I’ll escort Ruru home,” Wei Hua arranged.

Wei Chen had the same idea, so they bid farewell to Wei Hua and Xu Ruru at the hotel’s entrance. Holding Chen Li’s hand, they took a walk along the street to aid digestion before driving home.

“I’ll accompany you home,” Wei Hua said to Xu Ruru at the hotel entrance.

“Ahua, walk with me,” Xu Ruru lowered her head, her bangs cascading down, obscuring her face.

Wei Hua nodded.

After a thunderstorm, the night sky was washed clean, and rare stars appeared, twinkling in the sky.

Moonlight bathed everything, imbuing a slight coolness.

“Ahua, I’m truly unwilling.”

Walking side by side on the sidewalk, Xu Ruru and Wei Hua were mocked by the roadside trees’ branches swaying in the night breeze, taunting her current situation.

“Ruru, let go,” Wei Hua stood in front of Xu Ruru and earnestly said, “I never imagined that Achen would turn out this way. I can tell he genuinely cares for Chen Li.”

“I know,” Xu Ruru’s voice was low, filled with endless desolation. Wei Hua could see what she couldn’t as someone who studied psychology. When Wei Chen brought Chen Li to the hospital that day, she had noticed it, but… she just didn’t want to admit it.

“Say goodbye to the past,” Wei Hua extended his arms and embraced Xu Ruru, gently holding her long hair, speaking softly.

Xu Ruru’s tears finally burst forth, flowing from her eyes, leaving a bitter taste on her tongue.

Goodbye? It wasn’t that easy!

That relationship had carried her entire youth.

Wei Hua knew his words sounded casual; as someone who hadn’t experienced that kind of love, how could he understand Xu Ruru’s pain?

Ruru had waited for Wei Chen for so many years, but unexpectedly, not only did she not receive Wei Chen’s affection, but she also witnessed him giving the little tenderness he had to someone else.

Sigh, as Xu Ruru’s friend, he couldn’t help but feel heartache for her. But some things were beyond anyone’s control. He cared about Xu Ruru, but he also cared about Wei Chen.

He didn’t care who Chen Li was as a person; all he knew was that when Wei Chen was with Chen Li, he seemed to come alive, his eyes no longer devoid of emotions, filled with smiles and tenderness…

He didn’t know why Wei Chen chose Chen Li among so many outstanding individuals, especially when Chen Li, who had autism, walked into Wei Chen’s heart. However, he didn’t want to know the answer.

All he needed to know was that Wei Chen, because of Chen Li, was finally living like a human being and not a machine.

In the dark night, a car passed by Xu Ruru and Wei Hua. Sitting in the back seat, someone unintentionally caught sight of the two embracing, and their gaze lingered on them.

“Daddy, what’s wrong with you?” a soft and tender little bun climbed onto the person’s lap, seemingly sensing his father’s desolate mood, gently stroking his face with his soft little hand and asked tenderly.

“Baby, Daddy’s fine.” The man embraced the little bun and lowered his head to rub against the little bun’s chest, causing the little bun to giggle.

By the time the man’s gaze returned to the window, the car had already driven past that stretch of road, and he could no longer see the two people.

“Wei Hua, I’m fine now,” Xu Ruru wiped away the tears on her face and said.

“Okay.” Wei Hua patted Xu Ruru’s back. “I’ll take you home.”

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