Chapter 63 – The corners of his mouth are slightly raised

After leaving the hospital, the scorching sun had curbed its irritable temperament, but the temperature remained high, scorching the skin. As soon as the skin came into contact with the air, it felt like standing next to a big fire, being baked by the intense heat.

After Wei Chen got in the car, he didn’t rush to start it. He opened a bottle of spring water and handed it to Chen Li. Chen Li took the spring water and took a sip.

“Li Li, do you not like coming to the hospital?” Wei Chen asked.

Facing Wei Chen, Chen Li usually wouldn’t choose to hide anything. He nodded, admitting that he didn’t like the feeling of the hospital, the world filled with white, giving him a sense of suffocation.

“What if we come once a week, would you be willing?” Wei Chen asked again.

Chen Li shook his head hurriedly.

“Li Li, do you know who that female doctor was just now?” Wei Chen stopped dwelling on the hospital matter and instead asked Chen Li about his opinion on Xu Ruru. If Chen Li could accept Xu Ruru’s approach and let her become his attending physician, it would be feasible. But if Chen Li didn’t accept Xu Ruru’s approach, Wei Chen wouldn’t force him. He would rather have Chen Li slowly open up his heart than let someone forcefully tear down the protective walls guarding Chen Li’s fragile inner self.

That approach might be faster, but it would be painful for Chen Li.

For Wei Chen, the current approach was good. He acted as a key, gradually and imperceptibly opening Chen Li’s heart. Wei Chen couldn’t predict the final outcome of his influence on Chen Li, but at least Chen Li’s condition was good now, moving towards a healthy direction, and he was happy every day.

For Wei Chen, that was already enough.

He would be with Chen Li his whole life, willing to accompany him slowly.

Wei Chen didn’t deny that this was an extremely selfish behavior, but so what? If it weren’t for Chen Li’s health, Wei Chen would even be willing for Chen Li to never step out, to have Wei Chen as his only world.

This thought had appeared not for the first time. Wei Chen had been frightened by his own intense possessiveness, but the longer he spent with Chen Li, the more profound this thought became. Wei Chen knew he was trapped and unable to break free.

While Wei Chen was lost in thought, a warm touch gently tapped his forehead. When Wei Chen came back to his senses, Chen Li’s face was close, evidently having just kissed his forehead.

“Why did you kiss me?” Wei Chen gathered his emotions in his eyes, leaving only gentleness and a hint of a smile as he looked at Chen Li, who retreated.

Wei Chen leaned closer and said with a smile, “Li Li, are you trying to please me?”

Chen Li nodded without hesitation.

“It’s amazing! My Li Li knows how to please people now.” Wei Chen felt a great sense of joy. Every emotion Chen Li displayed was like a stimulant to Wei Chen, making him excited and unable to resist.

Although he wished that Chen Li’s world would always revolve around him alone, every time he saw Chen Li make progress, even if it was just a little, Wei Chen would be overjoyed and filled with pride.

Although there were no visible changes in Wei Chen’s expression, Chen Li could feel Wei Chen’s pleasant mood. Chen Li’s own mood was unconsciously influenced by Wei Chen. It was as if a light had been turned on in his eyes, brighter than the sunlight outside the window.

Looking into Chen Li’s eyes, Wei Chen suddenly felt that the sunlight today was beautiful, so beautiful that he couldn’t help but lean in and place a gentle kiss on Chen Li’s forehead. He softly said, “Alright, I accept your attempts to please me.”

In the end, Wei Chen didn’t mention Xu Ruru in front of Chen Li anymore. The matter of having Chen Li see a psychiatrist was also put behind in Wei Chen’s mind.

It was still early in the day, and Wei Chen didn’t rush to take Chen Li home. When they drove past an amusement park, Wei Chen suddenly had the idea of taking Chen Li to see it.

“Li Li, where should we go to have fun?” During a red light, Wei Chen pointed to a swinging pendulum high up in the sky not far away. Chen Li followed Wei Chen’s hand and saw the pendulum. He didn’t know what it was, but he obediently nodded, agreeing to Wei Chen’s suggestion.

With Chen Li’s consent, Wei Chen found a place to turn the car around. After parking near the amusement park, he held Chen Li’s hand and walked towards the ticket booth.

The amusement park on a holiday was bustling with people. It took Wei Chen half an hour just to wait in line for tickets. Chen Li stayed by Wei Chen’s side the whole time, tightly hugging Wei Chen’s arm and looking down at his own feet.

He still felt afraid of being in crowded places. It was only because Wei Chen was there that he dared to stand in the bustling world.

Wei Chen knew Chen Li’s fear, so he held Chen Li’s hand tightly, giving him strength. Even when countless people cast either friendly or malicious glances at them, Wei Chen accepted it calmly, without any discomfort or awkwardness.

After about half an hour, Wei Chen purchased two tickets and led Chen Li into the amusement park. Wei Chen thought that for Chen Li’s first visit to the amusement park, he would start with some mild attractions to let him get used to it before trying more thrilling rides.

However, Chen Li had a different idea. Once inside the amusement park, the first thing he wanted to experience was the swinging pendulum he had seen at the entrance.

Wei Chen let Chen Li have his way and headed straight for the swinging pendulum, buying two tickets and taking their seats.

“Li Li, are you nervous?” When the safety belt completely restrained them in their seats, Wei Chen turned his head to look at Chen Li, asking with some concern.

Chen Li held onto the sides with both hands, his eyes fixed ahead, seemingly unaware of what nervousness was.

Wei Chen realized that he was worrying for no reason.

The engine started, and the pendulum slowly began to rise, reaching its peak. Suddenly, a 360-degree rotation occurred, accompanied by screams ringing in the ears. The wind passed through the face and body as the whole world began to spin wildly before his eyes.

This was a world Chen Li had never seen before. He didn’t know what heights were, he didn’t know what the crazy rotation was, and he had no idea about the fear brought by weightlessness. From the ascent of the pendulum to the wild spinning, Chen Li never closed his eyes. This world was incredibly exhilarating to him, and even the noisy screams couldn’t affect him.

The ride on the pendulum quickly ended. When the machine stopped, Wei Chen glanced worriedly in Chen Li’s direction. But it was this glance that left Wei Chen stunned.

Chen Li smiled!

The corners of his mouth are slightly raised, a smile so subtle that one wouldn’t notice unless paying close attention. However, Wei Chen had been with Chen Li for some time now and could immediately perceive even the slightest change on his face, let alone a smile.

Unlike the relieved smile before death in his previous life, this smile burst forth from Chen Li’s inner self, permeated with joy. Wei Chen felt that everything around him paled in comparison within this smile, and Chen Li became the sole focus in his world.

“Li Li,” Wei Chen reached out and held Chen Li’s hand, calling out.

Chen Li turned his head to look at Wei Chen, and the slight upward curve of his lips had disappeared.

“Li Li, you just smiled,” Wei Chen’s voice was low and hoarse, as if suppressing countless emotions.

Confusion immediately appeared in Chen Li’s gaze.

Did he just smile? But what is a smile?

Chen Li’s smile was like a fleeting moment, once it flashed by, it could no longer be captured.

Even when Wei Chen later had the courage to take Chen Li on rides at the amusement park that required bravery, Chen Li didn’t smile again. However, Wei Chen could sense that Chen Li was in a joyful mood. His eyes remained bright, and as he held Wei Chen’s hand amidst the crowded people, he seemed less afraid.

In the blink of an eye, night fell, and the neon lights of the amusement park lit up one after another. Amidst the darkness, the entire amusement park became colorful and beautiful.

Chen Li was reluctant to leave and walked hand in hand with Wei Chen along the colorful paths adorned with colorful lights. His gaze lingered on the towering amusement rides.

Although it was dark, the rides had stopped operating, but the amusement park itself continued to shine brightly, colorful and dazzling. There were couples chasing and playing with each other, families filled with laughter, and elderly couples strolling hand in hand.

This world was different, presenting another side, and it captured Chen Li’s attention. His steps slowed down.

Wei Chen followed Chen Li’s footsteps aimlessly. Wherever Chen Li went, he followed. Chen Li stopped on a bridge.

Underneath the bridge was an artificial lake, reflecting the vibrant world on its colorful shores. When the night breeze blew, it shattered the beautiful world, creating ripples that softened its appearance.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Wei Chen stood next to Chen Li. Despite the constant noise around them, at this moment, Wei Chen felt that only the two of them remained in this world.

Chen Li’s gaze fell upon the water’s surface, capturing the radiant and sparkling world within his eyes.

Chen Li had a talent for painting, possessing eyes that could discover beauty. However, countless past pains had kept his heart enveloped in darkness. Now, because of Wei Chen, his closed-off heart had cracked open slightly, allowing the concealed beauty to pour into Chen Li’s heart.

“It’s raining!”

Someone in the crowd shouted, and slowly the crowd started to become restless, seeking shelter from the rain before it poured down completely.

A raindrop fell onto Wei Chen’s hand, creating a small water circle. It was then that Wei Chen truly realized that it was about to rain.

He tightly held Chen Li’s hand. “Li Li, it’s going to rain. Let’s go back.”

Chen Li nodded, allowing Wei Chen to lead him.

The summer rain came down without mercy. Just a few drops a moment ago, and now it was pouring heavily.

Chen Li and Wei Chen, like the other passersby, couldn’t escape the assault of the heavy rain.

“Li Li, let’s run,” Wei Chen held Chen Li’s hand tightly, running in the rain.

The night sky distorted gradually in the rain, while the rain itself became even more dazzling amidst the colorful lights.

Li Li would gradually get better!

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