The Sweetest Marriage Ch.57.2

Chapter 57.2 – The New Director

Time flew by, and it was Monday—the day Wei Chen would go to Changfeng Group.

On his first day at the company, Wei Chen didn’t feel nervous at all. He woke up early, got ready, and cooked scallion oil noodles before pulling Chen Li out of bed.

Chen Li was still a bit sleepy, but one good thing about him was that once he got up, he wouldn’t go back to sleep, even when feeling tired.

Pushed into the bathroom, Chen Li obediently washed up and fully woke up. He remembered that he was going to Wei Chen’s company today and dragged Wei Chen to the wardrobe to help him choose clothes.

Wei Chen picked out a light and simple casual outfit for Chen Li, but he wasn’t satisfied. He pointed to the suit and tie Wei Chen was wearing, indicating that he wanted to wear the same.

“What? Do you want us to wear matching outfits?” Wei Chen joked.

Chen Li’s eyes lit up, and he nodded vigorously.

Wei Chen didn’t expect such a response. He didn’t know how to react for a moment but ended up ruffling Chen Li’s hair.

Always teasing him, consciously or unconsciously!

“These clothes are too hot. Just wear this one,” Wei Chen pushed the casual outfit into Chen Li’s hands again, pretending to be serious to conceal his teasing heart.

In the end, Chen Li obediently put on the clothes Wei Chen handed him and held Wei Chen’s hand as they walked out…

Changfeng Group was located in the city center of the capital, boasting a grand office building where elites in suits and ties hurried in and out. These people always wanted to split themselves into two to meet their deadlines.

The atmosphere in the marketing department was heated today. They had all received the notice that a new director would be appointed to their department. The director’s information had spread within the department, filled with truths and rumors.

It was said that the director was a prodigy, graduated from Q University with dual doctorates in marketing and financial management…

It was said that the director was only 24 years old, younger than them, but his work ability was evident. The company had invested heavily to bring him in.

It was said that he was handsome and tall, a campus heartthrob during his school days.

It was said that the new director who had just arrived was a single dog and had already been rated by the company’s internal gossip group as the most promising eligible bachelor of Changfeng Group for this year!

Even for a Fortune 500 company like Changfeng Group, rumors spread quickly. Many single female employees, upon hearing these rumors, immediately entered a state of excitement, eager to conquer this director.

What? They’re older than the director? No problem, isn’t it said that women hold the power at the age of 30? They believe their mature charm will surely win over the new director.

Compared to the enthusiasm of their female colleagues, the male colleagues lacked interest. After all, there were only a limited number of female colleagues in the company, and now with the arrival of such an outstanding director, how could their female colleagues’ attention fall on them in the future?

Putting aside what their colleagues were thinking, Wei Chen’s car had already entered the underground parking lot of Changfeng Tower. He arrived discreetly without alerting the top management of the group. He only sent a message to the general manager upon arriving at the company and then headed straight to the marketing department.

Inside the marketing department at this moment, there was an exchange of gathered information.

“I heard that our new director has never been in a relationship,” a female colleague said, nudging the woman next to her with her eyebrows raised.

“Impossible, right? Are there still such innocent men these days?” another female colleague scoffed.

“My younger sister is at Q University, and she said our director is a legend there. Many people pursued him, but he never accepted anyone.” She spoke with an air of seriousness.

“Is that really true?” The female colleague was surprised, clearly finding it hard to believe that such a man still existed in this world.

“Give it up, even if the director has never been in a relationship, he won’t be interested in you. Stop wasting your thoughts on that,” a male colleague, who happened to be passing by with a cup of hot water, couldn’t help but sarcastically remark.

The female colleagues collectively rolled their eyes at the male colleague and said, “Get lost!”

When Wei Chen arrived at the marketing department with Chen Li, the employees were still discussing the new director. As they turned around, they saw a tall and handsome man standing at the door with a cold expression. And by his side stood a somewhat frail young man who was timidly observing them.

Who is this? How did he appear without making any sound?

The colleagues in the marketing department simultaneously raised this question in their minds. However, in the next moment, they saw the elevator open, and the general manager, dressed in a white suit, stepped out of the elevator. The colleagues quickly turned their heads, pretending to be busy with their work.

The general manager also acted as if he hadn’t noticed and walked up to Wei Chen, extending his hand first and saying, “Director Wei, welcome to Changfeng Group.”

“Thank you, General Manager Zhuge,” Wei Chen shook the general manager’s hand and replied.

Although the people in the office were busy with their own tasks, their ears were still focused on the situation at the door. When they heard the conversation between the two, their jaws dropped in surprise.

The cold-faced man just now was their director! So he heard the topics they were discussing just now? Damn, on his first day, they already left an impression of being gossipers, this was definitely life playing a joke on them!

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