The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.87

Chapter 87 – The Shura Field is Coming

The sky was azure, with white clouds drifting slowly with the wind. Yu Ti held 0329’s hand as they walked forward.

As they walked, 0329 ate a honey lollipop.

Yu Ti made it for him. They came across a beehive on the road, and it happened to contain honey. So Yu Ti took half of it and made several lollipops for 0329 to enjoy.

“Brother Yu Ti,” 0329 suddenly spoke.


“It has been six or seven days now. Are you feeling better? If you’re okay, I will go back to find the host.” The reason 0329 hadn’t rushed back in these days, apart from promising to accompany Yu Ti for four or five days, was that it was still contemplating how to tell the host that it liked him.

What if the host rejected it? Should it still confess?

But not confessing wasn’t an option either.

Although it had no intention, it did call the host its wife. It now understood that in the human world, a person could only have one wife, and if you called someone your wife, you had to take responsibility. So it felt responsible towards the host as well.

So, it was better to confess first and see the host’s reaction.

If the host was genuinely unhappy, it would bury this secret deep within its chip. It would never make the host feel uncomfortable, nor would it tell the host about its future partner.

While 0329 was lost in thought, something suddenly appeared in its embrace.

When it snapped out of it, it discovered a perfectly round flower.

0329’s eyes widened instantly.

This flower was so round. 0329 had never seen such a perfectly round flower before. It must be the king of flowers in the human world!

“What is this?” 0329 asked Yu Ti.

“It’s a sunflower.”

“A sunflower?” 0329 blinked.


“It’s so beautiful.” 0329 carefully touched the flower and then looked at something inside it, pointing and asking, “What is this?”

“These are sunflower seeds, also known as melon seeds. You can eat them.”

“I know!” 0329 perked up at the mention of food. It said, “My senior brother often eats melon seeds and says they’re delicious. He even gave me three seeds three million years ago, and I only ate one. I kept the rest in a cabinet.”

Yu Ti couldn’t help but feel a pang of tenderness. He caressed the little guy and said, “You can eat them now, no matter how many.”

“Yes.” 0329 nodded and added, “This flower is truly wonderful, both beautiful and practical. It possesses astonishing beauty and can satisfy hunger. It’s truly a dream flower.”

Yu Ti smiled and said, “Yes, it also has a beautiful language of flowers: ‘You are the only one in sight, everywhere I look, you are there.’ It represents silent love. I really like sunflowers, I like their composure and tranquility.”

“I like them too!”

“Well, take it with you then. It will wither soon this season.” Yu Ti sighed.

“Oh? Is it going to wither?”


“Then I’ll take it all and keep it in my own space! That way, I can preserve it forever!” 0329’s eyes lit up at the thought.

Yu Ti paused because he didn’t want to stay here any longer.

He was worried that Xi Xun would catch up to them.

But seeing the eager look in the little guy’s eyes, Yu Ti finally sighed and said, “Alright, I’ll listen to you, but you have to be quick.”



So 0329 went to pick flowers. There happened to be a large patch of sunflowers planted ahead, probably privately cultivated. However, due to the end of the world, these sunflowers had become ownerless, with many weeds around them.

0329 stared blankly at this vast expanse of sunflowers, and the whole place was engulfed by them.

They were truly beautiful flowers, so perfectly round!

It wanted to give all these flowers to the host. It thought the host would like them because the host also liked round things.

Without further ado, 0329 quickly ran over.

However, there were many zombies here. When the zombies heard 0329’s movement, they rushed towards it. But with a few laser shots, 0329 instantly brought down a dozen zombies.

First, 0329 performed a ritual to grant salvation to those dozen zombies, and then it went to pick flowers.

“Sorry, I’m going to pick you all. I’ll be gentle.”

After saying that, 0329 kissed one of the sunflower blossoms to express its fondness, and then it started to carefully pick them, trying not to damage their beauty. It glanced over this patch of sunflowers and found that there were more than three hundred plants in total.

But that wasn’t enough. 0329 planned to gather 999 sunflowers to give to the senior host. After all, it wanted to propose, so it had to put in some effort for the host to feel its sincerity.

Meanwhile, Yu Ti found a place and prepared some food to eat along the way.

It wasn’t until three hours later that Yu Ti finally caught sight of a familiar figure. When he saw the little system coming back, Yu Ti’s heart instantly relaxed. He picked up the little guy and quickly left the place.

He had a feeling that it was dangerous to stay here.

An hour after Yu Ti and 0329 left, someone approached the area.

And that person was none other than the cold-faced Xi Xun.

The law enforcement sword was with him all along.

In the past, the law enforcement sword would never be so serious, but now Xi Xun’s face had turned icy cold, and the intense killing intent naturally made the law enforcement sword, which was Xi Xun’s true weapon, feel it. It understood the importance of the situation and didn’t dare to delay.

“Which direction?” Xi Xun asked indifferently.

After the law enforcement sword spun in place, it finally chose the right side.

Xi Xun didn’t say anything and headed towards the right side.

These days, Xi Xun had been walking on foot as his car ran out of fuel long ago. But Xi Xun was fast, even without a car. Even after days and nights without rest, he was about to catch up. The pupils of Xi Xun’s eyes held no warmth, resembling an ancient well with no ripples, yet inside, there was a chilling coldness.

This time, he wouldn’t show any mercy anymore; he would kill Yu Ti.

Previously, Xi Xun didn’t make a move, not only because the timing was wrong, but also because he sensed a vaguely familiar fluctuation from Yu Ti, that’s why he spared him temporarily. Otherwise, Yuti would have died hundreds of times already. Xi Xun never left any potential threats.

But he was always courting death.

Since that’s the case, this time he would send Yu Ti off for good.


At night, Yu Ti continued to hold 0329’s hand and walk, even though he was already exhausted, he couldn’t stop.

And 0329 chatted with Yu Ti as they walked.

It enjoyed talking with Yu Ti, and of course, it mostly told stories, like the story of the system turning into bubbles.

“That system was pitiful, it turned into bubbles.”

“That’s because it trusted someone.”

“Yeah, but not everyone should be blamed. Some people are bad, but some are good. No race is entirely bad or entirely good. Life is complex; otherwise, it wouldn’t be life, it would be a replica,” 0329 said seriously.

Yu Ti smiled but didn’t say anything.

0329 looked up at Yu Ti and suddenly asked, “That…”


“Do you like my host?” 0329 suddenly remembered this. Yu Ti and the host both had a lot of aura, and it had always thought that Yu Ti might be the host’s other half.

But now, 0329 had some doubts.

However, if they truly loved each other, 0329 wouldn’t interfere. Senior brother said that only love between two mutually fond individuals was beautiful, so it wanted to know Yu Ti’s thoughts.

“I don’t like him.” Yu Ti thought that the little system was asking for his opinion on Xi Xun.

Although Yu Ti didn’t like talking about people behind their backs, he still stopped and bent down to look directly at the little guy. “Zhuo, I don’t want to control your thoughts, but I want to tell you that Xi Xun is really not a good person. Maybe he hasn’t done anything evil yet, but if you stay with him for a long time, he will hurt you.”

After pausing for a moment, Yu Ti referenced the little story from earlier and said, “If you keep binding yourself to him and staying with him, you might also turn into bubbles.”

0329 was stunned.

After a while, 0329 shook its head and firmly said, “The host is a good person. Maybe you have some misunderstanding about the host. He carries a lot of aura! Only someone who has been good for thousands of lifetimes can have such a strong aura. Although I can’t see it, I can imagine how beautiful the golden-red color must be!”

“You can’t see it?” Yu Ti caught onto this point keenly.

“Um…” 0329 muttered, “I’ve been color-blind since I was born. I wish I could see, but I can’t. I can only see half of the host’s beauty.” Other systems have said that a colorful world is the most beautiful.

But what it sees the most is black and white.

Although the host with the aura of destiny is very beautiful, it believes that the host’s true appearance is definitely not black!

Yu Ti’s eyes deepened at this moment.

He stared at the little guy and suddenly said, “Has your body improved a bit during this time?”

“Yeah! It’s about 70% recovered!” 0329 said.

Yu Ti responded and then suddenly made a cut in his palm, causing a slight pain that made him furrow his brow. But he ignored it and gently touched 0329’s eyes with his blood-stained finger.

0329 was puzzled, instinctively wanting to move, but Yu Ti stopped it.

He wanted to see if this would allow the little guy to see colors.

During this time, he cooked for the little guy every day, but in reality, he added a drop of his blood to the food. Since his blood could restore the little guy’s body, perhaps it could also treat its color blindness.

Although 0329 didn’t know what Yu Ti was doing, it obediently followed his instructions.

Because it really liked Yu Ti.

Yu Ti quietly watched the little guy. His blood covered the system’s body, but instead of smearing, the blood was slowly absorbed. Yu Ti’s gaze intensified, and he became more certain.

After about five minutes, Yu Ti removed his hand and gestured for Zhuo to open his eyes.

0329 obediently opened its eyes, confused by the command.

And as it looked, 0329 was completely stunned. It gazed at the lush green forest before it, eyes filled with curiosity and astonishment. So, this was the colorful and dazzling world?

So beautiful.

0329 stood frozen in place for a while, unable to come back to its senses.

Seeing Zhuo’s reaction, Yu Ti knew that it must be able to see now. His eyes darkened slightly. He was indeed biased against Xi Xun, but it wasn’t because of the previous arrow or Xi Xun’s animosity towards him.

If it was solely because of this, Yu Ti didn’t mind.

He simply didn’t want Xi Xun to interact too much with this little system, nothing more.

Now the little guy could see colors.

Zhuo had mentioned something about aura before, like how a world wouldn’t have two people with luck energy, so there must be one person who is black or a bug had occurred.

Yu Ti hadn’t paid much attention to it.

But now, upon hearing that the little system was color-blind, he seemed to understand something.

“Zhuo,” Yu Ti suddenly spoke.

“Huh?” 0329 snapped back to reality.

“Can you see my aura now? What color is it?” Yu Ti asked, looking at the little guy.

0329 looked and once again was astonished.

It was a pale red color resembling a sunset, adorned with faint golden dots. 0329 had never seen such a color of aura before; it definitely wasn’t black. It couldn’t help but reach out its small hand to touch it, but it couldn’t.

Yu Ti’s eyes deepened.

So… the person with black aura is most likely Xi Xun.

Of course, he wasn’t certain yet, but if Zhuo could see it, then everything became clear to him.

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Shura field – battlefield, can also be trouble or a fight, like in kdramas when the 1st ML and 2nd ML are fighting and FL’s stuck between them. LOL

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