The Sweetest Marriage Ch.54

Chapter 54 – Self-inflicted

How could Wei Chen not have understood the meaning behind Wu Zikang’s words? He gave Wu Zikang a cold glance, serving as a warning.

Wu Zikang felt a chill down his spine under Wei Chen’s cold gaze. He assumed that Wei Chen was just irritated by something he said and felt a mix of embarrassment and anger. However, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction. He took the initiative to approach Chen Li and greeted him with a carefree smile, saying, “Hello there, I’m Achen’s good friend, Wu Zikang. Since you’ve married Achen, that makes us friends too.” Wu Zikang thought to himself that if Wei Chen wasn’t pleased with his marriage to Chen Li, he would bring it up in front of him. Although it wouldn’t have any significant consequences, it would at least serve as a subtle jab at Wei Chen.

However, Wu Zikang’s satisfaction didn’t last long. Suddenly, a bowl of lukewarm soup was poured over him, drenching his face and ruining his styled hair, leaving him in a disheveled state. The soup continued to drip down, making him look even more miserable.

It turned out that Chen Li was drinking a bowl of soup at the moment, and when he saw someone approaching him, he subconsciously hid back, and the soup in his hand spilled out following Chen Li’s movements, coincidentally landing on Wu Zikang’s face.

Wu Zikang clenched his fists, feeling a mix of anger and humiliation. He wanted to teach Chen Li a lesson, but he noticed that he had already retreated behind Wei Chen. The blank expression he had before was replaced with a guarded and fearful look.

Damn it! Wasn’t he the one with soup all over his face? Why did this idiot look more like the victim?

But what surprised Wu Zikang even more was Wei Chen’s attitude towards Chen Li.

Although it was Chen Li who poured soup on him, Wei Chen shielded him behind him as if to protect him from harm. He didn’t even spare a glance at Wu Zikang, who was in a sorry state. Instead, he held Chen Li’s hand and whispered something to him, causing the fear on his face to gradually fade away. He sat closely beside Wei Chen, as if Wu Zikang was some kind of menacing threat.

Wu Zikang felt a knot in his chest. Suddenly, the words Chen Qing said to him yesterday echoed in his mind: “He’s completely devoted to his foolish wife and has no other thoughts.”

At that time, Wu Zikang didn’t take Chen Qing’s words seriously, but now, perhaps there was some truth to them.

However, Wu Zikang couldn’t understand why Wei Chen, who initially didn’t seem like this, had changed so much after his trip to the capital.

Was Wei Chen’s acting skills so impeccable that he disguised his true feelings flawlessly? Or had he truly accepted this reality and made up his mind to be with Chen Li?

Wu Zikang observed Wei Chen, trying to detect any trace of unwillingness from his actions of taking care of Chen Li. But in the end, he couldn’t determine if there was any reluctance. Instead, the soup from his hair dripped into his eyes.

“Achen, I’ll go back first.” Wu Zikang casually wiped the soup off his head and face with a tissue from the table. He knew that with Wei Chen around, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to Chen Li. Moreover, he felt extremely uncomfortable with the soup drenching him, and he couldn’t stand being there any longer.

Wu Zikang never expected that he had come to witness  Wei Chen’s embarrassed state, but not only did he fail to witness any embarrassment, he ended up in a disheveled state!

No matter how he thought about it, Wu Zikang couldn’t swallow this anger. In the end, he stormed out of the door.

Wei Chen didn’t try to stop Wu Zikang. After Wu Zikang left, Wei Chen even gave Chen Li a thumbs-up, praising him, “Li Li, you were amazing!”

Confused, Chen Li looked at Wei Chen, still wearing his blank expression.

Wei Chen couldn’t help but reach out and ruffle Chen Li’s hair, feeling a sense of delight in his heart.

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