The Sweetest Marriage Ch.53

Chapter 53 – Mockery and Sarcasm

The noon sun was scorching hot. After getting out of the air-conditioned car, it felt like going through the test of ice and fire. The whole body was burning, and it wasn’t until they entered the restaurant and the air conditioning hit them again that they felt alive once again.

Wei Chen was a regular at this restaurant. As soon as he entered, the waiter recognized him and immediately came forward, leading Wei Chen and Chen Li to his usual private room. When the door closed, the waiter’s curious eyes fell on Wei Chen and Chen Li’s intertwined hands, but quickly looked away.

Wei Chen ordered a few herbal dishes to nourish the body. Compared with other dishes, these herbal meals had a stronger medicinal flavor. After Chen Li drank one of the soups, he didn’t want to drink any more.

Wei Chen coaxed Chen Li to drink, and Chen Li looked at Wei Chen. Finally, somewhat unwillingly, he drank the herbal soup that Wei Chen had ordered for him.

The restaurant became increasingly crowded, but Wei Chen and Chen Li occupied a private room and were unaware of the bustling activity outside, nor did they know that acquaintances had entered the establishment.

The person who came in was Wu Zikang. He thought that after Wei Chen hung up on his call, he would call him back, but he waited the whole day and didn’t receive a call from Wei Chen. He knew that Wei Chen often came to this restaurant, so he came to find him.

It wasn’t that he had urgent business with Wei Chen, but he wanted to see Wei Chen’s expression after being rejected, and he was quite eager to do so.

Wu Zikang recognized Wei Chen’s car and knew that Wei Chen was here when he saw the car at the entrance. The waiter also knew Wu Zikang and knew that he was with Wei Chen. So when he saw Wu Zikang enter, he took the initiative to lead him to the private room where Wei Chen was.

Upon reaching the door, Wu Zikang dismissed the waiter and entered the private room without even knocking.

At that moment, Wei Chen was coaxing Chen Li to eat one of the herbal dishes, speaking in a gentle tone, “Li Li, have this. It’s good for your health.”

This sentence happened to fall into Wu Zikang’s ears. After seeing the scene inside the private room, Wu Zikang was completely stunned.

Although Wei Chen’s face remained expressionless, from Wu Zikang’s perspective, he could clearly see the tenderness in Wei Chen’s eyes as he looked at Chen Li. It seemed like the warmth in his eyes was about to overflow. And those words of request, were they really spoken by Wei Chen, who rarely spoke?

For a moment, Wu Zikang felt that he had entered the room in the wrong way, which led him to witness an illogical scene.

“You’re here?” Wei Chen saw Wu Zikang and spoke coldly and indifferently, devoid of any emotions.

Perhaps it had been a few days since Wu Zikang last saw Wei Chen, or perhaps this was the way Wei Chen usually spoke to him. Wu Zikang didn’t sense any estrangement in Wei Chen’s tone. He even thought to himself, ‘This is the real Wei Chen.’ Then he smiled and sat down beside Wei Chen, saying, “You returned to the capital and didn’t even tell me? You didn’t answer my calls either. Did you forget about your brother?” After speaking, without any politeness towards Wei Chen, he picked up his chopsticks and took a bite of the dish.

The chopsticks happened to land on the medicinal food, which was bitter and didn’t taste good. Wu Zikang immediately spat it out.

“Ugh! What kind of dish did you order, Achen? Why is it so awful? It’s like pig food.” Wu Zikang’s face was full of disgust. Then he looked at Chen Li and furrowed his brow, saying, “Achen, I heard you got married to Chen Qing’s autistic brother this time? Could it be the person in front of us?”

Wu Zikang appeared to be asking questions, but he put these words behind pig food, and added that what Chen Li ate was pig food, the meaning couldn’t be more obvious.

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