The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.86

Chapter 86 – What does ‘husband’ mean?

Yu Ti somehow looked like he was in pain, at this moment, his face was dark. He looked at the small system in front of him and said, “Who told you it’s okay to kiss anyone you want?”

“Huh?” 0329 blinked in confusion and asked, “Is it not allowed?”

After saying this, it suddenly realized something, slapped its own head anxiously, and exclaimed, “Oh no! I forgot that I can’t kiss other humans after kissing the host! Are you okay? Do you feel like dying now?” It was worried that it might have kissed Yu Ti to death.

Yu Ti: “…”

The atmosphere became silent, and after a while, Yu Ti reluctantly ignored the last sentence and focused on the previous one, asking, “Why can’t you kiss someone else after kissing the host? Do you often kiss him like that?”

“Yes!” 0329 pointed at Yu Ti’s Adam’s apple and reminisced, “I like this place the most. The host said I could kiss him here as much as I want, but after that, I can’t kiss anyone else because they will die. Although I don’t know why, the host said it’s a human rule.”

Yu Ti’s expression instantly turned extremely unpleasant.

If it was a kiss on the face, it could barely be considered a polite gesture, but kissing the Adam’s apple carried a different meaning!

He didn’t expect Xi Xun to be that kind of person.

However, Yu Ti didn’t explode in anger in front of Zhuo because he didn’t want to scare the little system. He paused for a moment and then looked at the little guy, giving guidance, “The host you made a contract with… he’s not as good as you imagine.”

“No, the host is a good person, very good!” 0329 said seriously.

Yu Ti hesitated for a moment, then remained silent for a while before using a different approach, saying, “You seem very young and innocent. Maybe you don’t think he has done anything wrong, but in the human world, people like him are generally considered bad. Do you understand?”

“Why? Why is that?” 0329 asked cautiously.

“He appears to be more than ten years older than you, and that’s the problem. There’s rarely such a big age difference in the human world unless both parties have been adults for a long time.” Although Yu Ti had seen Zhuo in its human form a couple of days ago, it didn’t look old, at most eighteen or nineteen. Not to mention the appearance of the little dumpling in front of him, who might be around four or five years old.

Even if this small system didn’t resemble his younger brother, Yu Ti couldn’t just let it be.

“Is it not allowed if there’s a much larger age difference?” 0329 asked cautiously.


“What if there’s a much, much larger age difference?” 0329 asked carefully.

“Then it’s even worse.”

0329 was immediately stunned. Was it actually inducing underage humans? No, the host had already reached adulthood in the human world, he could even get married! So, it shouldn’t be considered a bad system, right?

Seeing the little guy seemingly conflicted, Yu Ti continued, “Did he intentionally kiss you?”

0329 stared at Yu Ti blankly.

Yu Ti could tell from its expression that he definitely did, so he said sternly, “That’s why it’s a bad behavior, understand?”

Tears welled up in 0329’s eyes. It never expected that one day it would become a bad system.

Indeed, the host was so young now, and it had already grown quite big.

0329 slumped down and poked at the grass on the ground.

Yu Ti looked at the dejected system poking at the grass and a hint of complexity flickered in his eyes. He knew he was making a big deal out of it, but the system was just too innocent.

Humans weren’t as good as it imagined.

It was like an elf entering the human world, only to be met with harm. Moreover, it didn’t understand the meaning of love, so even if it liked someone, it was just a one-sided affection from Xi Xun.

That’s why he wanted to send this little system away.

Yes, he wanted to send Zhuo away.

He learned from Zhuo that he could heal its injuries. As long as Yu Ti could completely heal its wounds, it could leave this place. He didn’t want this little system, who resembled his younger brother, to have too much contact with Xi Xun.

Xi Xun was too cunning, and he wasn’t suitable for an innocent system like this.

He felt it would be better for Zhuo to return to its world.

Human thoughts were too complicated, and it wasn’t suitable for the human world. It should continue being a happy and carefree little system.


After Yu Ti spoke those words to 0329, it remained in a state of distress for several days. Even when Yu Ti made delicious corn porridge for it to drink, it couldn’t fully enjoy the taste and sighed throughout the day.

0329 was pondering a major issue.

It was thinking about what to do next. It still wanted to fulfill its agreement with the host because the host truly needed it.

As for the sin it had committed… it planned to return to the Department of System Laws to accept punishment after accompanying the host. Even if it was sentenced to hundreds or thousands of years, it had no complaints!

It was its own fault for making a mistake and unintentionally desecrating the reincarnated senior host.

Sigh, it used to think that 0178 was a bad system.

Never did it expect that it was even worse!

Lost in these thoughts, 0329 suddenly heard a strange sound. It seemed like there were peculiar collisions and faint groans, arousing 0329’s curiosity.

At this moment, it was actually deep in thought within a thicket of bushes.

Yu Ti knew that 0329 liked to go out and play at night, so after advising it not to wander around, he let it go. After all, it was a system, so nothing should go wrong.

0329 stealthily made its way through the bushes.

It had already restored fifty percent of its body and strength! To be honest, it was shocked too and didn’t know how it had recovered, but the fact that it did was good enough.

Carefully peeking out, 0329 was immediately stunned in place!

It saw two clusters of mosaic textures hugging each other and rubbing against one another!

Sometimes, they even rolled around.

0329 blankly squatted on the side, seemingly not understanding why humans turned into mosaic textures after taking off their clothes. The host wasn’t a mosaic texture, indeed, the host was different!

0329 listened for a long time.

Although it couldn’t see clearly what they were exactly doing, the person on top kept calling the person below “wife,” while the man below called the person on top “husband.”

Why did 0329 know they were two men? Because the system had scanned and transmitted that information to it.

But that wasn’t important. What mattered was…

What did “husband” mean?

0329 was very confused, so it quickly ran back to Yu Ti’s tent and recounted what it had just witnessed.

Yu Ti’s expression immediately became somewhat off.

0329 didn’t notice and kept asking, “What does ‘husband’ mean?”

Yu Ti felt a bit awkward.

But 0329 kept pressing for an explanation, so after thinking for a moment, Yu Ti reluctantly explained, patiently saying, “Husband and wife… it means a couple, a spousal relationship in the human world.”

“Spousal relationship?!” 0329 widened its eyes.


In an instant, 0329 thought of something, and its small ball turned red. Seeing it like this, Yu Ti wanted to explain further, but 0329 had already run off. However, it didn’t run far, instead continuously circling around the vicinity. It circled about a hundred times or so, making Yu Ti’s eyes feel dizzy.

Then, 0329 hurriedly ran back, anxiously asking Yu Ti, “Is a spousal relationship a poking relationship?”

“Poking relationship?”

“Yes, that’s what my senior brother said,” 0329 said.

“Senior brother?” Yu Ti furrowed his brow.

“That’s not important! Just tell me if it’s a poking relationship or not? I’m very anxious.”

“Well… it’s something like that,” Yu Ti replied vaguely.

In the blink of an eye, 0329’s entire small ball visibly turned purple, even emitting smoke. It was literally smoking. Yu Ti’s eyebrows furrowed in concern, worrying about what trouble the little system had gotten into.

But 0329 just waved its hand and disappeared without a trace.

This time, 0329 didn’t go off to do something else but to calm itself down. It ran back and forth, running in circles thousands of times. Its speed was so fast that anyone who didn’t know might have thought it was a shooting star.

A little girl saw it while looking up at the sky.

She quickly grabbed her mother’s arm and said, “Mom, there’s a shooting star!”

The girl’s mother looked up and sure enough, there was a shooting star. Others also saw it, and some people started making wishes. Although everyone knew that wishing was useless, they still held onto a little hope in their hearts.

By the time 0329 returned, two hours had already passed.

Yu Ti was already prepared to go find Zhuo, and his worried and tense expression faded when he saw Zhuo return. If it were anyone else, they would have already scolded, but Yu Ti was patient.

He squatted down and asked softly, “Where did you go?”

“I went to exercise!” This was an action that 0329 often did when its emotions fluctuated. 0329 calmed down its emotions reluctantly and continued, “I thought of something and hurried back!”

“What did you think of?” Yu Ti asked patiently.

“If someone is 23 years old in the human world, are they considered an adult?” 0329 asked cautiously.

“Of course.” Yu Ti chuckled.

0329’s eyes suddenly lit up, and it continued, “When I was running in circles, I scanned a human couple. One of them was accusing the other of kissing someone else. So in the human world, can you only kiss if you’re in a spousal relationship?”

“Well… it’s something like that, more or less,” Yu Ti replied.

“I, I, I…” 0329 suddenly stuttered and struggled to continue speaking.

Yu Ti smiled helplessly and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Actually, I had a senior system that I really liked before!”

“A system?”

“Yes.” 0329 nodded its small head.

“And then?” Yu Ti asked gently.

“I really liked it, and just now, when I thought about it, if I really had to choose… the first system that came to my mind was it. I actually like it a lot. But before, I always thought of it as my idol and never thought about this kind of thing,” 0329 spoke softly.

“Is it a system?” Yu Ti emphasized that point.

“Well…” 0329 nodded its little head.

Yu Ti’s expression immediately relaxed. Hearing that it was a small system, Yu Ti guessed that it should be a pure-hearted system like Zhuo. As long as it wasn’t Xi Xun, it was fine for Yu Ti.

He gestured for the little guy to sit across from him.

After the little guy sat down, Yu Ti whispered, “Do you really like it?”


“How old is it?”

“I don’t know, but according to the system’s timeline, it’s older than me!”

“Then how old are you?” Yu Ti chuckled.

“I’m fifty million years old.”

Yu Ti was momentarily stunned. He clearly hadn’t expected the little guy in front of him to be this old.

0329 grabbed Yu Ti’s hand and urged, “You haven’t finished asking, continue.”

Yu Ti smiled and continued, “What’s its personality like?”

“It’s very gentle, kind, and patient. It’s really good to me, even when I look my worst, it never rejects me. It takes care of me and gives me delicious food. It’s like an angel,” 0329 described.

An image of a gentle and kind little system appeared in Yu Ti’s mind.

He felt relieved.

Yu Ti said, “Then I hope you can be with it.”

After hearing these words, 0329’s face turned slightly red, and it seemed a bit uncertain. It pursed its lips and whispered, “But I think it deserves someone better. If I confess, would it take advantage of my feelings?” After all, the host currently doesn’t have the memories of the system before reincarnation, only memories from their human period.

“No, you’re better, and you’re completely worthy of it,” Yu Ti said.


“Yes.” Yu Ti patted the little system’s head and continued in a gentle tone, “If you like it, tell it when we go back, say ‘I like you,’ and be brave in confessing.”

At this moment, Yu Ti had no idea that 0329 was talking about Xi Xun.

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