BH (QT) 66 – The Emperor (16)

Chapter Sixty-Six – The Emperor (16)

Although Yan Jing Ze has no obsession with learning to ride a horse, but he is quite smart. After a few days at the village, he was already able to ride a big horse and run around the farm with Chu Ting Xiu.

He also took the time to talk to the soldiers of the Northern Army about the life of the common people.

He had never been outside the palace before and knew nothing about what was going on outside the palace, and to be a good emperor, you can’t know nothing.

On this day, Yan Jing Ze changed into clothes that are convenient for exercise, and together with Chu Ting Xiu, rode a horse around the village for a few laps. After running, he also went to dig some vegetables together with Chu Ting Xiu.

“Today’s lunch, we will do it ourselves?” Yan Jing Ze said then looked at Chu Ting Xiu. He is interested in everything, two days ago, he went to the kitchen to watch others cook. As for today, he is already eager to make it himself.

“Good.” Chu Ting Xiu agreed.

“Then I will let you have a taste of it!” He had already watched the royal chef cook several meals and felt that with his unforgettable skills, he would be able to get the meals right.

Chu Ting Xiu’s pair of eyes seemed to be bright with light: “Your Majesty, then I will burn the fire for you.”

   “Good!” Yan Jing Ze then agreed.

They picked vegetables together in the farm, had a chicken caught, and went into the kitchen.

Hearing that Yan Jing Ze was going to cook, those royal chefs were dumbfounded: “Your Majesty…” It is said that the gentleman is far from the kitchen. Men, except for cooks, who else would want to enter the kitchen? His Majesty is actually going to cook…

“You guys don’t need to mind us.” Yan Jing Ze then directly drove the royal chef aside and looked at Chu Ting Xiu again, “Ting Xiu, look at me!”

On the other hand, Yan Jing Ze chose the same ingredients as the imperial chef according to what he had seen two days before, and made several dishes in three or two steps according to the royal chefs’ steps.

The royal chefs, who were at first trembling and had been worried that Yan Jing Ze would be injured, looked stunned!

His Majesty’s movements are just like theirs. Although they did not taste the dishes that were made, but looking at the ingredients used by His Majesty, the taste must be similar to what they made.

Even if there is a difference, the problem probably lies in the fire. General Chu’s ability to burn fire is no match for the eunuchs who specialize in burning fire.

His Majesty is really gifted. Just after watching a few times, the cooking movements are surprisingly more skilled than the apprentice they have taught for a long time…

The royal chef looked at Yan Jing Ze with admiration, and then looked at Chu Ting Xiu with admiration – General Chu is also very impressive, to make His Majesty wash his hands for him!

The ones that Yan Jing Ze brought out of the palace were his close friends, and his relationship with Chu Ting Xiu was not concealed from these close friends, nor could it be.

When these people first learned about it, they were greatly frightened, and could not even help but fear for their own lives.

General Chu cannot be messed with. His Majesty actually slept with General Chu… He is not afraid that General Chu will rebel?

But after a long time, seeing that Chu Ting Xiu was very gentle to Yan Jing Ze, they were less worried and only felt that their majesty was really capable of charming General Chu like this!

As of right now… in fact, General Chu is also very capable.

“Ting Xiu, I’m really a genius.” Yan Jing Ze looked at the several dishes he had made, praised himself, and suddenly thought of one more thing: “By the way, you said you like to eat braised chicken. I’ll make one for you!”

These days Yan Jing Ze chatted with Chu Ting Xiu, talked about Chu Ting Xiu’s childhood.

    The Northern territory is not rich in supplies. Although Chu Ting Xiu is the son of the marquis, the food is not very good.

For example, beef and lamb, chicken and pork, although there is no shortage of such things, but fish and shrimp, he did not eat much when he was a child.

        And the chicken meat is not often eaten but Chu Ting Xiu likes it the most.

He mentioned that his favorite food at that time was the cook’s braised chicken tenders, and every time he ate them, he even dipped the soup in steamed buns and ate it all up.

Yan Jing Ze has not seen the royal chef make this dish, but he is now swollen with confidence and feels he will be able to do it well.

Yan Jing Ze then asked the royal chef how this dish was made and went straight to work.

    However, in the end, he has never seen anyone do it, he is not good at grasping the amount of seasoning.

    But it does not matter.

  A little soy sauce, add a little water… Cook it well and you certainly can eat it!

   Anyway, Chu Ting Xiu was very satisfied with the food. Even the last remaining soup was mixed with rice and eaten.

This is the dish His Majesty made for him!

Although he was so audacious and his final outcome must not be good, but to live such a life for a while, he has been satisfied.

As for being sorry for the ancestors of the Chu family… His Majesty promised transfer his sister’s child to the Chu family, he would not have to worry about it.

After eating, Chu Ting Xiu smiled and looked at His Majesty, “Jing Ze, do you want to take a nap?”

They did not have the habit of taking a nap, and looking at Chu Ting Xiu’s expression, they both knew that the nap he was talking about must not be a mere nap.

In turn, Yan Jing Ze gulped and agreed.

In the end, it’s really not just a nap…

Recently, Yan Jing Ze has been insisting on exercising and his body is getting better and better. The first to lose the battle became Chu Ting Xiu.

On the contrary, Yan Jing Ze was in good spirits and quickly got up to bathe and dress: “Ting Xiu, I’ll have someone catch some fish and make fish soup for you tonight!”

“Your Majesty, I will join you.” Chu Ting Xiu climbed up. The time he spent with Yan Jing Ze, he didn’t want to waste a moment.

“Don’t you want to rest a little longer?” Yan Jing Ze then asked.

“I want to be with His Majesty.”

“You’re really clingy.” Yan Jing Ze said with a laugh. His mouth hooked up and moved over to give Chu Ting Xiu a kiss.

Chu Ting Xiu kissed Yan Jing Ze back, “I love His Majesty too much and don’t want to be separated from Him.”

Whenever he thinks of the days with Yan Jing Ze, with one day passing and one day less, he dared to say anything.

  Yan Jing Ze cannot wait to take off his clothes and then go to bed… His general is too seductive!

He really found a treasure!

Chu Ting Xiu and Yan Jing Ze are living a normal life on the farm, no different from a normal couple.

Time passed in the blink of an eye, and in another day, they will return to the capital.

These days, Yan Jing Ze fell in love with horseback riding. This last day, he did not cook but pulled Chu Ting Xiu horse gallop

At the same time, several carriages came slowly toward the manor.

The Imperial guards guarding the manor stopped the carriages and routinely questioned them.

The first of these carriages is Prime Minister Cui’s carriage. A few days ago, Prime Minister Cui had someone send some official documents, and today, he personally came over, intending to talk to Yan Jing Ze about the big and small things in the court these days, and then return to the capital with Yan Jing Ze tomorrow.

In the other carriages, there were several ministers who came with Prime Minister Cui, and also… Chu Tinglan.

Prime Minister Cui said, “We came over and met Miss Chu on the way, so we went on the road together.”

Prime Minister Cui felt that this Chu family’s young lady looked like she was waiting for them there on purpose.

He vaguely heard that this Chu family lady wanted to enter the palace very much, and now deliberately came over, should also want to meet that Majesty.

Several other ministers thought the same as Prime Minister Cui in general, thinking of the recent situation in the courtroom …… they were not enthusiastic about Chu Tinglan, but also let Chu Tinglan follow.

Yan Jing Ze ordered before that when Prime Minister Cui and the others came, just let them in directly. As for Chu Tinglan…

Nowadays, the Imperial guards, who were all Northern Army soldiers before, naturally had a good feeling towards Chu Tinglan. After greeting her with a smile, they sent someone to inform the Chief Steward.

Yan Jing Ze and Chu Ting Xiu were riding, Wang Zhong heard this notice and had Chu Tinglan let in.

Wang Zhong to Chu Ting Xiu, still have a good feeling, and even a little sympathy, after all, what happened in the first place… It’s his Majesty’s fault for using force!

But even so, he hoped that His Majesty would establish a queen and be able to give birth to a young royal son.

If they want to establish a queen, the best choice would be Chu Tinglan. This is General Chu’s sister and he thinks His Majesty will want a child with both Chu family blood and royal blood.

Chu Tinglan joined Prime Minister Cui and the others into the manor.

The weather has long turned warm and the farm is lush and full of greenery.

It is not as flowery as the imperial garden, but because of the spaciousness, it is more refreshing.

Prime Minister Cui sort of understands why his majesty would want to leave the palace.

Other ministers, moreover, praised this manor.

This is His Majesty’s manor. To praise this manor is to praise His Majesty!

There were a number of houses in the estate, and when the people got off the carriage and walked to those houses, they saw two people galloping their horses.

These two men are young and handsome, of which the one running in front, is Chu Ting Xiu.

Prime Minister Cui was no stranger to Chu Ting Xiu, but it was the first time he saw him in such a spirited manner, making his whole person look extraordinarily handsome.

  A little bit behind, it’s Yan Jing Ze.

The appearance of Yan Jing Ze is more outstanding than Chu Ting Xiu. With his sword eyebrows, thin lips lightly pursed, looks imposing and full of power. The whole world seems to be under his feet.

And indeed at his feet.

This is His Majesty the Emperor!

Chu Ting Xiu riding a horse, even dare to run in front of the emperor, really getting more and more out of line.

Seeing this scene, Prime Minister Cui secretly sighed.

Before, he was thinking that if Chu Ting Xiu married his sister to the emperor, there might be a chance of survival, but now…

If Chu Ting Xiu doesn’t put His Majesty in his eyes like this, what chance can he have of survival?

On the side of the couch, how can you allow others to snore?

While Prime Minister Cui and the others thought this, Chu Tinglan froze when he saw Yan Jing Ze.

Previously, whether it was Military Advisor Li or Chu Ting Xiu, both told her that His Majesty was not a simple and ambitious man.

But she wasn’t convinced.

She used to follow her mother to the palace and meet His Majesty, and that was one skinny, cowering guy!

    She has always disliked such incapable men, she pressed his majesty out of her mind.

   But at this moment…

The youth on the horse was really completely different from the Majesty she remembered.

Chu Tinglan’s entire body looked dumbfounded.

  And at this time, Chu Ting Xiu and Yan Jing Ze, have both gotten off their horses and turned around.

Yan Jing Ze’s technique of riding a horse is not as good as Chu Ting Xiu’s, but his posture of getting on and off the horse is absolutely dashing, just looking at it, makes people feel pleasing to the eye.

When Prime Minister Cui and the others saw this, they felt more and more that their majesty was powerful, and as for Chu Tinglan, her heartbeat, suddenly stopped for a few beats.

The late emperor was born to a maidservant given to Emperor Taizu. And a woman who can be sent out as a gift, naturally looks outstanding. The late emperor also looked extremely good.

    The mother of Yan Jing Ze was also a maidservant but she was also good-looking.

Yan Jing Ze is naturally not bad looking!

In fact, King Ping’s looks is not bad but King Ping… is a little fat.

At this time, people like to be fatter, King Ping is always smiling on a regular basis, looks even more gentle and very approachable. However, his face is easy to lose in the crowd. In contrast, it is the knife-life sharpness of Yan Jing Ze’s temperament which makes people pay attention to him at once.

  “Tinglan, what brings you here?” When Chu Tingxiu saw his sister, he immediately asked.

Chu Tinglan snapped back to her senses: “Big brother, I came out to play, so I came to have a look…”

Chu Ting Xiu vaguely felt that something was wrong, and at that moment, the seemingly inconspicuous guards and maids following around Chu Tinglan all rose up and rushed towards Yan Jing Ze.

“There are assassins!” Wang Zhong’s sharp voice cut through the sky, and the surrounding guards all reacted and rushed up to protect the Emperor.

But it’s too late!

Chu Ting Xiu and Yan Jing Ze were riding before, those guards did not follow them, naturally they could not stop them.

Seeing that those people had already reached close to Yan Jing Ze, Chu Ting Xiu quickly stopped in front of Yan Jing Ze and kicked a maid out.

But there were four assassins!

Not only was Chu Ting Xiu alone, but he was also unarmed and could not stop so many people. One of the assassins dressed as a maid slipped past Chu Ting Xiu and stabbed her dagger towards Yan Jing Ze.

He had never fought anyone before, so how could he avoid it?

When the assassin suddenly appeared, Prime Minister Cui and the other ministers were already stunned.

Chu Tinglan actually brought the assassin to the manor!

Is this …… Chu Ting Xiu’s attempt to kill His Majesty and conspire to rebel?

Speaking of which, when His Majesty wanted to leave the palace this time, they initially thought that maybe His Majesty wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to clean up Chu Ting Xiu. But it turned out that His Majesty had asked the Northern Army to protect his safety…

Knowing this, they felt instead that it might be Chu Ting Xiu who wanted to make a move…

Now it seems that it is really Chu Ting Xiu!

Wait, this is also not right. Even if Chu Ting Xiu wants to make a move against His Majesty, he should not involve his sister…

Between lightning and fire, the ministers have thought of many things, but at this moment, Chu Ting Xiu has only one thought, that is, he must not let anything happen to Yan Jing Ze.

Seeing that the palace maid was about to hurt Yan Jing Ze, he attacked the palace maid, not caring that the knife of the person he was fighting with was close at hand.

A punch knocked the palace maid down, Chu Ting Xiu saved Yan Jing Ze but the knife above his head was about to fall.

Chu Ting Xiu suddenly felt that this is quite good.

If he dies like this, His Majesty will not have to take the blame and can easily take back all the military power.

However, in the nick of time, Yan Jing Ze rushed over and pounced on Chu Ting Xiu, the knife fell and did not cut on Chu Ting Xiu, but on Yan Jing Ze’s back.

“Your Majesty!” At this time, the guards finally rushed up.

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On the side of the couch, how can you allow others to snore? – How can you let others sleep on your own bed? It is a metaphor for not allowing others to invade their own interests.

Oh, look! It’s the 666 combo… XD

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