BH (QT) 67 – The Emperor (17)

Chapter Sixty-Seven – The Emperor (17)

  The guards were not able to stop the assassins at first because they were far away, but now they had already reached the scene. The assassin who slashed Yan Jing Ze was slashed in the neck by the Guard Commander and fell to the ground, and the other three assassins were soon killed.

Even Chu Tinglan, was surrounded by them, and the knife was put to her neck.

The pain on his back was very painful, but his mind was not on his own injury, but looked at Chu Ting Xiu worriedly: “Ting Xiu, are you okay? Hiss…”

Hearing the words of Yan Jing Ze, Chu Ting Xiu snapped back to his senses, looking at Yan Jing Ze: “Jing Ze, you…”

Chu Ting Xiu’s voice choked up, unable to speak for a while.

When Yan Jing Ze pushed him away and blocked for him, his whole mind was confused and had a feeling of disbelief.

His Majesty, how dare he block the sword for him?

Chu Ting Xiu vaguely felt something was wrong.

He knew that his Majesty had real feelings for him, but throughout the ages, for the emperor, feelings are irrelevant.

Sooner or later, His Majesty will establish a queen, will want his children, will take back the military power… It will be difficult for them to even live together in harmony in the future.

Moreover, he knows exactly what His Majesty went through when he was young… His Majesty, who was oppressed by the Empress Dowager that way, surely could not tolerate such an existence as his.

His Majesty, who was able to pretend to be timid and fearful at the age of ten to gain the throne, and then pretended for ten years in front of the Empress Dowager and one year in front of him, how could he not care for his feelings?

He simply did not dare to have the luxury.

But now…

Chu Ting Xiu suddenly realized that His Majesty might really love himself as much as he has shown.

If not, how could His Majesty have blocked the sword for him at such a critical moment before?

Realizing this, Chu Ting Xiu’s eyes were incomparably sour. He should be happy, but he could not be happy, he did not even dare to move, did not dare to get up to see his majesty’s wound, afraid to see the situation that he could not accept.

“Ting Xiu? Are you okay?” Yan Jing Ze then felt Chu Ting Xiu trembling underneath him and became even more worried, trying to get up – Chu Ting Xiu shouldn’t be crushed by him, right?

“Jing Ze.” Chu Ting Xiu hugged Yan Jing Ze in a hurry.

    Wang Zhong rushed over at this time and said: “Your Majesty… Hoo… Where’s Doctor Hu? Quickly get Doctor Hu!”

The commotion here is not small, Imperial Doctor Hu, who was originally resting in the room, came out. As soon as he came out, he saw the assassin who had been hacked to death and Yan Jing Ze, who had a wound on his back and was covered in blood, and his head suddenly fainted.

“Quickly take His Majesty to the house!” Imperial Doctor Hu said, his voice changing.

What an awful thing! He thought he came over here and just needed to help His Majesty make more ointment to increase his lovemaking, but he never thought he would encounter this kind of thing.

If something happens to His Majesty, he will definitely not survive!

Doctor Hu wanted to cry.

Hearing the words of Doctor Hu, there were guards who wanted to carry Yan Jing Ze.

Although it hurts, Yan Jing Ze feels that he can still hold on: “I’ll do it myself…” How humiliating it is to be lifted!

However, as soon as the words left his mouth, he was picked up – Chu Ting Xiu picked him up and rushed into the house.

Yan Jing Ze: “……” Being held seems more humiliating?

Those ministers who are being ignored: “……”

The assassins appeared so suddenly that these ministers were stunned, and some even fell to the ground, unable to get up.

Prime Minister Cui has experienced a lot of storms, even if he is not young, still stands straight and looks very calm.

But that’s just what it looks like.

    At this moment, Prime Minister Cui is dumbfounded.

When the assassin first appeared, he thought it was General Chu trying to kill His Majesty for rebellion, but it turned out that General Chu went to save His Majesty.

Seeing that General Chu went to save His Majesty, he also felt that these assassins, perhaps, was arranged by His Majesty, just to let General Chu die to save His Majesty and then give Chu Tinglan a sentence, naturally the Chu family can be wiped out!

As a result, His Majesty actually blocked the knife for Chu Ting Xiu!

His Majesty’s body weighs a thousand pieces of gold, but he blocked the knife for Chu Ting Xiu!

The mouth of Prime Minister Cui unconsciously opened wide, and the beautifully trimmed beard on his chin trembled.

“Prime Minister…” An official got up from the ground: “We… We…” What should they do now?!

Prime Minister Cui did not speak.

And at that moment, the other ministers also got up: “Will His Majesty be all right?”

“His Majesty is blessed with great fortune; it will be fine.”

“Damn assassins…”


    As they spoke, someone else said, “His Majesty and General Chu…”

His Majesty and General Chu were getting along too strangely before!

They also seemed to hear General Chu shouting His Majesty’s name?

Only then did Prime Minister Cui say, “Be careful with your words!”

Chu Ting Xiu and Yan Jing Ze are not quite right with each other, and Prime Minister Cui can also see that.

The fact that Chu Ting Xiu fought to save His Majesty, and His Majesty blocked the sword for Chu Ting Xiu, this is not just a gentleman and minister can do.

Not to mention that Chu Ting Xiu also called His Majesty’s name and even hugged His Majesty at the end…

Chu Ting Xiu… Did he force His Majesty and do something treacherous to His Majesty?

No, this looks like it is certainly not forced, but rather like His Majesty’s willingness to do so.

  No wonder Chu Ting Xiu does not want His Majesty to establish a queen, no wonder Chu Ting Xiu always lives in the palace, no wonder Chu Ting Xiu in front of His Majesty, does not care at all about respect… He is treating His Majesty as his woman?

His Majesty has been abused by the Empress Dowager before, which means he is probably a little bit afraid of women. And there was no one who was good to him at that time… So, he was coaxed into it by Chu Ting Xiu?

The more Prime Minister Cui thinks about it, the more he thinks that’s exactly what’s going on.

Chu Ting Xiu is a military general and a little older, but Yan Jing Ze… Although Yan Jing Ze has completely changed his appearance now, but Prime Minister Cui still remembers His Majesty’s appearance two years ago.

It was a teenager who always had panic in his eyes and looked miserable.

Such a handsome looking young man, or the emperor, will indeed arouse the desire of others to conquer, and also make people want to get their hands on him.

Chu Ting Xiu… has the audacity to be so bold?

Prime Minister Cui had a lot of brainstorming and was thinking that Chu Ting Xiu was too hateful when he heard the sound of crying.

The one who cried was Chu Tinglan.

Chu Tinglan was really stunned.

She is sixteen years old, not too old, not too smart, in short, quite easy to coax, and always thinks she is right.

She read a lot of messy books, and was coaxed by King Ping. After King Ping was imprisoned, she felt that she and King Ping were even worse off than the cowherd and the weaving maiden who were separated by the Queen Mother.

They were oppressed and separated by heaven.

She even felt guilty that she couldn’t live up to King Ping – it was her brother who pretended to help him but actually sided with the emperor and that’s why he lost all his success!

King Ping had saved her life but her family had harmed King Ping… Chu Tinglan not only hated Yan Jing Ze but also hated her own brother.

She even wanted to take revenge for King Ping.

If King Ping knew that she loved him so much that she would lose her life to avenge his death, he would have been very moved.

As for the object of revenge… of course, it’s Yan Jing Ze.

When His Majesty has not yet established a queen, no children, when he dies, King Ping may be released!

She would lose her own life, she didn’t care.

It will involve her brother, which was originally owed by her brother to King Ping.

Chu Tinglan was moved by this defiant spirit of his own.

But in the end, she is a young girl who has not experienced any storms, when it really happened… In fact, entering this village, seeing Yan Jing Ze, seeing so many guards around, she already regretted it.

Watching Yan Jing Ze be injured, watching the assassins be killed in front of her…

Seeing the assassin cut to a bloody pulp, Chu Tinglan’s body trembled and sobbed uncontrollably.

She had never even seen a chicken killed before, and now someone is killing people in front of her ……

Not to mention the swords pointed at her!

The big sword that can cut a person’s neck off is at this moment on her neck, it seems that when she moves, it will cut her neck…

Chu Tinglan broke down.

Prime Minister Cui saw this and sneered.

No matter what the relationship between Chu Ting Xiu and His Majesty, this Chu Tinglan… her life is ruined.

    Inside the manor, Imperial Doctor Hu was treating the wounds of Yan Jing Ze, and no one else was allowed to enter, so Prime Minister Cui thought about it and spoke with the people of the estate.

He likes to rely on talking to people to calm his mood and organize his thoughts.

Prime Minister Cui sought out the young eunuchs who had come to wait on him to chat.

Wang Zhong explained to these little eunuchs, they are not allowed to talk nonsense, so they one by one on the matter of Yan Jing Ze and Chu Ting Xiu avoid talking. But Prime Minister Cui is a human being, he also did not ask about the matter of Yan Jing Ze and Chu Ting Xiu, only asked His Majesty these days and what he did in the village.

  When asked, Prime Minister Cui learned that in addition to riding for relaxation, his majesty also cooked.

Prime Minister Cui: “……”

Although his majesty has now grown up, not at all as weak as before, but in fact…

Prime Minister Cui took a few deep breaths to keep himself from passing out from the shocking news he learned today.

Yan Jing Ze did not know that Prime Minister Cui was thinking too much. He is now lying on his back on the bed, and is being given medicine by Doctor Hu to stop the bleeding.

He was bent on showing his manliness, not a sound when applying medicine, and seeing Chu Ting Xiu’s white face, he also comforted, “Ting Xiu don’t worry, I’m fine… Isn’t it just a cut?”

In Chu Ting Xiu’s body, he doesn’t know how many large and small wounds there are. His is just a cut, it’s really nothing.

Of course, there’s a little pain…

“Jing Ze…” Chu Ting Xiu grabbed Yan Jing Ze’s hand and was filled with guilt.

He actually misunderstood His Majesty.

  His Majesty truly loves him and is even willing to risk his life for him. And he, however, did not believe him at all before.

Chu Ting Xiu can’t wait to slap himself a few times to get better.

“I’m really fine… Of course, if you kiss me, I’ll be even more fine,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Yan Jing Ze can hold up on his own but Chu Ting Xiu is aware of how bad his situation is right now.

People have bones in their backs, being cut in the back with a knife is much better than being cut in the stomach on the neck, but the wound on the body of Yan Jing Ze is too long, he still lost a lot of blood.

At this moment, his face is extraordinarily pale.

How could Chu Ting Xiu bear to reject him? He leaned down and kissed Yan Jing Ze on the cheek, “Your Majesty, you will be fine.”

If something happens to His Majesty… he also won’t live.

The thought rose in Chu Ting Xiu’s heart and suddenly he thought of His Majesty, who had also said something similar before.

His Majesty’s affection for him, perhaps, is not at all less than his affection for His Majesty.

Chu Ting Xiu thought so, and kissed Yan Jing Ze again.

Doctor Hu who was applying medicine: “Huh!” His Majesty is also good enough, he’s hurt like this, and he’s still thinking of asking people to kiss him!

“His Majesty is not lightly wounded. These days, he must lie on his back, so as not to collapse the wound. In addition, it cannot get wet…” Imperial Doctor Hu said a number of precautions, and finally said: “But also forbidden room affairs.”

In turn, Yan Jing Ze said glumly: “You don’t need to say this, I also know. I can only lie on my stomach like this, what else can I do?”

If he was injured in the front, he can lie on his back and let Chu Ting Xiu move by himself. But now? He can’t do anything!

Doctor Hu said, “Your Majesty, too much intercourse hurts your body. Even if you don’t have to lie down anymore, you can’t fool around! You can’t have intercourse for at least a month!”

The wound is long, but it didn’t hurt the bones. A wound like this, you can’t have intercourse for a month?

He was a little displeased.

But Chu Ting Xiu said, “Don’t worry, Doctor Hu, I will definitely watch His Majesty.”

In turn, Yan Jing Ze glanced at Chu Ting Xiu, excused himself to take a rest, and drove Imperial Doctor Hu and others out.

But he didn’t go to rest, instead he touched Chu Ting Xiu’s hand: “Ting Xiu, you can bear it? Otherwise we both use some other methods…” Chu Ting Xiu obviously quite like that thing.

Chu Ting Xiu heard Yan Jing Ze’s words, his face turned red.

He suddenly remembered what he had done all those days before!

Because he felt that his life was not long, he spent all day pestering His Majesty. All kinds of shameful things have been done…

His Majesty must now feel that he is particularly unreserved, and he…

Chu Ting Xiu can’t wait to find a hole and never come out again!

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