Chapter 60.1 – Search

Captain Xu accompanied Citizen Jiang to watch soap operas all night. During this time, the other person changed countless TV-watching positions, and Little Clerk Xu had no choice but to cooperate unconditionally.

Two commercials bridged the time until the soap opera finally ended, and it was already 1 a.m.

Just after finishing the soap opera, Citizen Jiang’s brain was still excited. He took out his phone, intending to play a game of Xiaoxiaole, but was urged by the person beside him to go to the room and sleep.

Xu Tonggui said, “Staying up too late is not good for your health.”

“This is earlier than usual…” Jiang Yujin abruptly stopped talking and tried to bargain, holding up a finger. “Just one game.”

Under the supervision of Captain Xu, he played one game, luckily completing the task in the final step and winning.

Winning once made him want to play another round, but Jiang Yujin glanced up and caught the gaze of the person next to him, who was looking down.

Jiang Yujin took the big goose and went to sleep.

Xu Tonggui watched as the other person and the goose lay down together on the bed, turned off the light, closed the door, and left.

Back in his own room, he glanced at the door, then lowered his head to send a message.

[Send a copy of Lu Dongcheng’s information]

When the message was received, the SIU’s personnel were still working overtime and casually sent the file over.


Crew Cut had already been caught, and because Lu Dongcheng had met him today, he was implicated, so he also stayed at the SIU for a while.

When the time was almost up, someone escorted Lu Dongcheng out of the SIU. The driver was waiting on the roadside with the car already running, ready to leave as soon as he got in.

He remained silent, and the driver didn’t dare to speak either. The journey was quiet.

With the phone screen bright, Lu Dongcheng sat in the back and restored all the photos from the recycle bin, over a hundred pictures all returned. He looked up at the driver and said, “Stop here.”

The driver hesitated for a moment, then realized, slowly pulling over to the side of the road.

The driver got off, and Lu Dongcheng took the driver’s seat. Instead of heading straight home, he took a detour and found a place to print each photo.

Most places were closed at night, but money solved most problems.

As he drove back, there was a paper bag on the passenger seat. The car moved, and the bag gradually opened, revealing thick stacks of photos inside.

The scenery blurred past, the car lights illuminated the way as it entered the garage, and when it stopped, all the lights inside the car turned on. Lu Dongcheng let go of the steering wheel, reaching for the photos in the paper bag.

In the warm yellow light inside the car, the person in the photos were clearly visible.

Among the crowd, the other person was always the most conspicuous, his white long hair swaying slightly with movement, light-colored pupils looking over, his features radiant under the lobby lights.

Lu Dongcheng slowly bent down, lightly pressing his forehead against the photo. After a long while, he smiled.


The next day, just as the day broke, while those who could sleep until noon regardless of sleeping early or late were still in deep slumber, Captain Xu, in the adjacent room, had already woken up.

There was some noise in the kitchen followed by silence. He returned to his room and made a phone call, requesting a day off.

All in all, this was his first time taking a day off since starting work. After confirming repeatedly with the person on the other end of the phone and receiving affirmative responses, the other party dashed off to complete the procedure, shocked.

Jiang Yujin eventually woke up in the morning, stirred by a phone call. Dizzy and unable to see clearly if there was a note on the screen or just an unfamiliar number, he answered directly.

A female voice came through, somewhat stuttering, with a reversed sentence structure and even a bit trembling.

It was Tang Guo calling, mentioning that the commission fee had been deposited into his account. She confessed everything to her friends, and they all accepted her. The main reason for the call was to inquire about his situation.

Their sudden separation yesterday made her want to call earlier, but fearing she might disturb his rest, she chose to call in the morning after settling everything.

She could have sent a message, but she chose to make a phone call. It’s evident she’s making an effort to change.

Jiang Yujin turned over, holding the goose, and responded a few times.

Noticing a hoarseness in his voice, Tang Guo asked, “Are you still resting?”

“No,” Jiang Yujin slowly sat up and said, “I’m awake.”

There was a sigh of relief from the other end. Then, it seemed like someone was calling her, so she said, “Uh… well, let’s leave it at that for today. I’ll hang up first.”

Jiang Yujin bid her goodbye.

The call wasn’t short, and after talking for so long, even the heaviest mind could clear up a bit. He didn’t continue sleeping. He bent down with the goose, found his slippers, and got out of bed.

Upon opening the room door, he found the living room empty, a pleasant smell wafting from the kitchen.

The kitchen smelled nice, yet there was no one inside. Jiang Yujin searched the entire house, then heard the sound of running water from the laundry area.

Xu Tonggui, still doing laundry, turned around and happened to see Jiang Yujin approaching with the goose. Glancing at the time, he asked in surprise, “Awake already?”

A seemingly small action of checking the time, yet it carried so much weight. Wide-eyed Jiang, reproached, “How rude! I’ve always been an early riser!”

When he said this, he appeared completely genuine.

After falsely accusing Xu Tonggui of being rude, he leaned in and asked, “What are you doing?”

Xu Tonggui was doing laundry, washing the silk skirt he had worn last night. Since it was real silk, it couldn’t be machine-washed, only hand-washed.

Unpleasant memories resurfaced, causing Jiang Yujin’s eyes to twitch. “Are you planning to keep it?”

Xu Tonggui, with his light grey eyes, looked at him.


Looking at his expression, the answer was obviously a yes.

Jiang Yujin couldn’t help but gesture, “Then, keep it.”

Sure enough, this world is full of perverts.

Xu ‘Pervert’ Tonggui said, “There’s porridge in the kitchen.”

Glancing at the person wearing a crumpled shirt, scratching his back absentmindedly, Xu Tonggui finally cleaned up and said, “There are a new toothbrush and towel at the washbasin. I’ll make porridge for you.”

The one with the skill of always wrinkling shirts set the goose aside to brush his teeth.

Half of the morning was enough for Captain Xu to do a lot. Citizen Jiang, after finishing lunch, ended up with well-fitted new clothes and shoes.

Wearing the new clothes, Jiang Yujin asked, “Aren’t you going to work today?”

Xu Tonggui said he had nothing scheduled for the day.

Jiang Yujin hung around here and had lunch as a guest.

The high schooler would be back home in the afternoon, dinner plans were already settled, and Citizen Jiang dashed off after receiving some extra energy in Xiaoxiaole from a friend.

Leaching food and drinks but never seeming to get used to it.

Seeing the suddenly quiet room, Captain Xu bowed his head to send a message, canceling his afternoon off.

Having eaten his fill and not in a hurry to return home, Citizen Jiang strolled around the neighborhood.

Walking around without holding anything felt like something was missing. He redirected his steps and walked into a nearby beverage store.

At this time, the shop wasn’t crowded. After ordering a drink, he stood to the side.

A bunch of young people entered the shop, chatting and laughing, full of youthful energy. Jiang Yujin glanced at them, then shifted his gaze back to his game of Xiaoxiaole.

It was Tang Guo’s friend from yesterday. Young people perhaps recover faster; despite what happened last night, they could still chat and laugh today.

Today, Wen Yang drew a winning lot and treated everyone to drinks. Others happily called out their drink orders. He behaved himself today, didn’t flirt with anyone, just had normal conversations.

Someone in the group raised their hand, “Tang Guo still has something to do; she’ll come later. She wants an iced peach juice.”

Speaking of Tang Guo, someone tapped Wen Yang’s arm, saying, “I saw you asking Guozi for that beauty’s contact yesterday. Did you get it?”

Wen Yang twitched the corner of his mouth: “No.”

Tang Guo seemed accommodating but also stubborn; if she didn’t want to give it, she wouldn’t. This morning when he called, she held the phone far away, determined not to give them a chance.

“It’s okay,” a friend patted his shoulder, saying, “Your infatuation will fade in a couple of days.”

Wen Yang lowered his gaze, casually responding.

“Your fresh orange juice is ready.”

The clerk’s voice sounded. A person nearby, engrossed in their phone, looked up, politely said “thank you” as they received the juice.

After taking the juice, Jiang Yujin continued playing Xiaoxiaole, passed by the group of young people, and left the beverage shop.

Seeing the disheveled person leaving from the side, Wen Yang glanced and then averted his gaze, unconsciously pressing the phone’s power button.

He’ll search again later; this kind of person should be easy to find.

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