Chapter 386 – Decision to Get Married

Chen Li carried Qiuqiu downstairs and accidentally bumped into Wei Chen. Chen Li almost couldn’t stand, but Wei Chen quickly reached out and supported him.

“What’s wrong? Why are you in such a hurry?”Wei Chen half-embraced Chen Li and took Qiuqiu from his hands.

“It’s nothing, really,” Chen Li hurriedly shook his head.

Qiuqiu pointed upstairs with his tiny paw and said, “Big Dad, grandpa is upstairs. I heard grandpa’s voice.”

Wei Chen could somewhat guess why Chen Li was in a hurry coming down from upstairs. He indulgently said, “You, really.”

Chen Li smiled, “I just wanted to know if grandpa has forgiven dad.” He was quite confident.

Seeing that Big Dad didn’t respond, Qiuqiu became unhappy and pouted, “Big Dad, Big Dad,” expressing his dissatisfaction.

“Big Dad heard you,” Wei Chen quickly interjected, “Grandpa and great-grandpa have something to discuss upstairs, let’s not disturb them.”

“Okay,” Qiuqiu nodded, then touched his tummy, saying, “Big Dad, it’s time for food.”

Chen Li gently patted Qiuqiu’s belly and said, “Still hungry? Didn’t you just have a piece of cake?”

Qiuqiu protested, “You ate it all, daddy!”

At this point, feeling wronged, Qiuqiu mentioned a big piece of cake, but he had only taken a few bites, and the rest went into daddy’s belly.

Caught in the act of snatching food from Qiuqiu and exposed, Chen Li showed no remorse. In fact, he confidently said, “Chubby Qiuqiu, you need to lose weight! Look at the slender and handsome Little Biscuit Brother over there. You, on the other hand, are just a chubby Qiuqiu.”

Chubby Qiuqiu glanced at himself and then at the slender Little Biscuit Brother nearby, pursed his lips, and firmly declared, “Qiuqiu needs to lose weight!” He even clenched his chubby little fist.

“That’s a good boy,” Chen Li reached out to ruffle Qiuqiu’s hair, looking quite pleased with himself.

Wei Chen watched from the side, a mix of helplessness and indulgent amusement in his eyes.

Let him think, how many times this month has Chubby Qiuqiu said he’d lose weight? Every time it’s just words; when food is around, he immediately compromises.

Only Chen Li and Wei Chen can take food away from Chubby Qiuqiu. If it were someone else? Impossible. Chubby Qiuqiu fiercely guards his food.

Every time the talk of losing weight is just empty words. Of course, Chubby Qiuqiu’s two dads wouldn’t really put him on a diet at such a young age. For now, they’re just controlling his diet to prevent further weight gain.

After about half an hour, Grandfather Qu and Xie Chunsheng finally came downstairs.

Chen Li and Wei Chen didn’t know what had been discussed upstairs, and they didn’t ask. However, seeing the newly reconciled father and son getting along quite harmoniously, both Chen Li and Wei Chen breathed a sigh of relief.

Grandfather Qu knew that Qu Ran was still alive and had been acknowledged, which was the best possible outcome for both Grandfather Qu and Xie Chunsheng.

Xie Chunsheng and Chen Yunlan bid farewell after finishing their meal and left.

Wei Hua and Cookie didn’t know the reason behind this, but they didn’t inquire. When Grandfather Qu mentioned that Xie Chunsheng would visit them often from now on, although surprised, the couple didn’t voice their inner doubts. Wasn’t it just a matter of having an extra pair of chopsticks?

Moreover, when Grandfather Qu was ready to reveal the reasons, he would naturally discuss it with them.

Xie Chunsheng and Chen Yunlan were now living together. For convenience in commuting to work, they didn’t reside in the former grand villa but in a small villa located in the city area, which Chen Yunlan had previously purchased.

Inside the car, Xie Chunsheng drove calmly, and Chen Yunlan gazed out the window without saying anything.

However, there was no awkwardness in the atmosphere inside the car. They both needed some time to digest what had happened today.

Xie Chunsheng hadn’t expected the process of reconnecting with Grandfather Qu to go so smoothly. When he was still pondering how to broach the subject with Grandfather Qu, Grandfather Qu had already identified his identity and willingly requested to meet him.

In this matter, he was not as bold as the old man.

At the same time, Xie Chunsheng was very grateful for the old man’s boldness. Even though he didn’t want to admit it now, his father was already advanced in age, and nobody knew how much longer he would live. Therefore, because of the old man’s courage, this regret was avoided.

If… Xie Chunsheng dared not delve deeper into his thoughts; it was an unbearable reality for him.

Chen Yunlan seemed to sense Xie Chunsheng’s inner turmoil. While waiting at the traffic lights, he reached out and held Xie Chunsheng’s hand, soothingly saying, “Mr. Qu will be fine. Didn’t Xiao Li just mention it? His body functions are still very good, and he’s quite robust.”

“Yeah,” Xie Chunsheng nodded, repeatedly telling himself that he was overthinking. After that, there was silence all the way until the two arrived home.

Suddenly, Xie Chunsheng grabbed Chen Yunlan’s hand and said, “Lan Lan, let’s get our marriage certificate soon.”

“Why are you saying this all of a sudden?” Chen Yunlan asked, though his heart was beating intensely at this moment.

“We’re not getting any younger. It’s time we build a family,” Xie Chunsheng hugged Chen Yunlan, his voice low, carrying an unnoticed nervousness.

Chen Yunlan remained stunned for a while before nodding, “Okay.”

That certificate was just a piece of paper, but what it represented was substantial—a weighty symbol, resonating profoundly as the word ‘family.’

“However…” Chen Yunlan agreed but felt a bit unsatisfied. “Xiao Ran, is this how casual your proposal is?”

To just suggest casually, ‘Let’s get our marriage certificate soon,’ seemed too nonchalant. It was as simple as saying, ‘Let’s go out for dinner tomorrow.’

“Of course,” Xie Chunsheng said, taking a deep breath. “It’s not that casual.”

With those words, Xie Chunsheng knelt before Chen Yunlan, taking out a diamond ring he had prepared long ago from his pocket, holding it before him tenderly. “Chen Yunlan, will you marry me? Let me take care of you for the rest of our days, be by your side every day until we grow old and can’t walk anymore. I want to be with you, watching over you. So, Chen Yunlan, will you marry me?”

Chen Yunlan graciously extended his hand, “Yes, let’s get married.”

Xie Chunsheng joyfully slid the ring onto Chen Yunlan’s finger. It was a specially custom-made ring he had ordered before restarting his relationship with Chen Yunlan. Finally, it was out, adorning the hand of its true owner.

There was no romantic setting, no audience; just the two of them and two sincere hearts.

That night was tranquil, like calm waters, yet it exuded a comforting warmth amidst the ordinary.

The next day, Chen Li received a call from Chen Yunlan, informing him about his plan to marry Xie Chunsheng. He mentioned they would go to get the certificate in three days and hoped Chen Li could free up his schedule to be a witness.

Chen Li readily agreed, also inquiring about their wedding plans.

Chen Yunlan had a flamboyant personality; he wouldn’t simply get a certificate and call it a day. He wanted everyone around to know he was married, to show how happy he was now.

And Xie Chunsheng was eager to announce to the world that he was going to marry Chen Yunlan and had been planning a wedding of the century for him. Since it was a grand celebration, the preparation time naturally needed to be longer. Moreover, they couldn’t decide on the date themselves; it had to be determined by Grandfather Qu. This was also a way of showing respect to Grandfather Qu, hence the wedding date hadn’t been fixed yet.

However, no matter when the wedding would take place, the fact that Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng were getting married was set in stone.

This was a joyful event, and after hanging up the phone, Chen Li was elated for a long time. It wasn’t easy—Chen Yunlan and Qu Ran had been through so much, experiencing the pain of separation and reunion. Finally, they were able to be together.

Chen Li genuinely felt happy for his two dads and promptly shared the news with Wei Chen. He asked Wei Chen to clear his schedule on the day Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng would get the certificate to be a witness with him.

Wei Chen naturally agreed; he knew the hardships between Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng, and this final certainty was a cause for celebration.

Actually, when Chen Yunlan heard Chen Li agree to witness their wedding, he felt relieved. Despite not caring much about what others thought of his and Xie Chunsheng’s marriage at their age, he did care about Chen Li’s opinion. After all, Chen Li was their son, and if he had any concerns, Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng would simplify the wedding.

However, from their recent conversation, Chen Yunlan didn’t sense any reservations in Chen Li’s tone; instead, he heard genuine happiness. So, Chen Yunlan could finally relax.

As for Grandfather Qu, Xie Chunsheng had already gone to speak with him, but whether Grandfather Qu would agree or not was uncertain.

This made Chen Yunlan unconsciously nervous again.

At this moment, in the study room of the Sheng family’s residence:

“Father,” Xie Chunsheng said firmly, “I’ve decided to marry Yunlan.”

“Marry?” Grandfather Qu set down his book and asked, “Have you thought this through?”

Xie Chunsheng nodded, assuming Grandfather Qu might disagree, and eagerly added, “I’ve made up my mind about him in this lifetime.”

However, to his surprise, Grandfather Qu didn’t object; instead, he nodded, “That’s good. Yunlan has had a tough time these years. You both should support each other in the time you have left. Don’t abandon each other over trivial difficulties.”

Xie Chunsheng hadn’t expected his father to agree without any hesitation. He was instantly overjoyed and assured, “Father, I won’t make such a foolish choice this time.”

“Is the date set?” Grandfather Qu didn’t dwell on that topic, changing the subject as it was a sore point. Even if Qu Ran was alive, Grandfather Qu wasn’t keen on revisiting those memories.

“We plan to go get the certificate the day after tomorrow, but the wedding date isn’t set yet,” Xie Chunsheng replied. “I came to ask Father to help choose an auspicious date.”

Grandfather Qu nodded, “I’ll help you pick a date. You should make a list of the guests as soon as possible.”

“Okay,” Xie Chunsheng nodded.

Afterwards, Grandfather Qu went on to give meticulous instructions and reminders, paying attention to every detail. It was evident he had prepared for this.

Xie Chunsheng listened attentively, feeling moved and teary-eyed.

Meanwhile, Grandfather Qu felt an immense surge of vitality. He had thought he’d never get the chance to prepare a wedding for his child again. To think that in his old age, almost at the end of his life’s journey, he could provide such a big surprise—it filled him with excitement despite his outward calmness.

“In the coming days, free up your schedule. I’ll take you to meet my old comrades,” Grandfather Qu suddenly said.

“Huh?” Xie Chunsheng was momentarily taken aback but replied, “Okay.”

Of course, Xie Chunsheng understood that when Grandfather Qu took him to meet his old comrades, he wouldn’t reveal that he was Qu Ran. Such an unbelievable situation was best kept under wraps. But how would he be introduced to Grandfather Qu’s old comrades?

Seemingly perceptive of Xie Chunsheng’s confusion, Grandfather Qu said, “I will announce to others that you are my adopted son. That way, you can still call me ‘Father’ in front of others.”

Grandfather Qu was aging every day, and hearing Qu Ran call him ‘father’ was something he didn’t want to miss out on, not even a single time.

“Yes, Father.”

Xie Chunsheng felt tears welling up in his eyes and struggled to contain his emotions.

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