Chapter 387 – Isn’t it ugly?

A big event occurred recently in the capital.

This event didn’t affect the lives of ordinary people or make it to the news or television, but it caused a huge stir within the upper circles of the capital.

The event was when Old Master Qu recognized a godson.

Though Old Master Qu has retired, his status hasn’t changed much. As long as he’s willing, he can still influence some decisions in the country.

Such a powerful old man suddenly announcing the acceptance of a godson.

Initially, everyone thought this godson was a figure in politics, someone Old Master Qu admired and wanted to assist in their career, hence acknowledging him as a godson.

But later, when they found out this godson was Xie Chunsheng, everyone was utterly surprised.

Who is Xie Chunsheng?

Perhaps ordinary people don’t know, maybe some only recognize him as the owner of the CS Five-Star Chain Hotel, but those in the upper echelons of the capital know Xie Chunsheng’s identity very well.

This person, once back in China, is to be monitored by the authorities until they consider him no longer a threat to the country before relaxing the surveillance on him.

This person is the head of the largest Chinese gang in the United States, a figure that even terrifies some terrorist organizations.

And yet, inexplicably, Old Master Qu decided to acknowledge him as a godson.

What’s going on here!

No one understood Old Master Qu’s intentions, but everyone could see how much Old Master Qu valued Xie Chunsheng.

Having been in retirement, Old Master Qu became active again after publicly announcing Xie Chunsheng as his godson. He took Xie Chunsheng to meet many old comrades, introducing him to them.

No one could guess Old Master Qu’s motives, but they gradually got used to Xie Chunsheng’s presence.

In hindsight, there might be some benefits to this. Xie Chunsheng is considered an extremely dangerous figure internationally. By treating him as a godson, does Old Master Qu, in a sense, bring Xie Chunsheng under his influence?

If that’s the case, then in the future, wouldn’t this dangerous individual pose less of a threat to the country?

The thoughts of everyone were unknown to Xie Chunsheng. Apart from accompanying his father to meet his old comrades, he was busy preparing for the wedding. Grandfather Qu had already set the date for the wedding; it was just a month and a half away, providing Xie Chunsheng with limited time but enough to arrange a grand wedding.

Despite Xie Chunsheng’s busy schedule, he surely made time for the crucial day of obtaining the marriage certificate. The weather that day was clear, the sunlight golden and warm upon them.

Chen Li and Wei Chen woke up early, dressed in well-tailored suits. Even their chubby little Qiuqiu, dressed in a tiny suit, looked spirited and incredibly adorable.

For the sake of convenience on this day, the family had decided to stay in Chen Yunlan’s small villa the night before. Now, all dressed up and in high spirits, they descended the stairs.

However, the family serving as witnesses was quite relaxed. It was Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng, the protagonists, who were the most nervous.

Xie Chunsheng was restless since morning, feeling awkward no matter where he stood or how he moved. Chen Yunlan seemed composed, yet he wasn’t entirely at ease either. Despite his suit being neatly ironed, he constantly felt like it was wrinkled, adjusting here and there or feeling as if something was dirty and needing a change.

Glancing at the clothes in his wardrobe, he couldn’t find anything better than what he was wearing. Chen Yunlan’s inner turmoil made him feel like he’d end up tangling his hair just from getting the marriage certificate today.

Watching the two, Chen Li and Wei Chen couldn’t help but feel speechless. If getting a certificate was causing such a fuss, what about their future wedding?

Eventually, Chen Li couldn’t bear it anymore. Grabbing someone’s hand, he urged them towards the door. “Time’s running out, the civil affairs bureau will close soon,” Chen Li hurriedly reminded them.

Only then did Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng reluctantly head out.

The process of obtaining the certificate went smoothly. Chen Li had initially thought that Xie Chunsheng and Chen Yunlan, due to nervousness, might not take good photos. Surprisingly, that wasn’t the case. When facing the camera for these crucial photos in their lives, both were relaxed, their faces naturally adorned with happy smiles.

They were truly a very compatible couple.

When the staff handed the wedding photos stamped with the seal to Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng, they legally established an unbreakable bond. Even in the future, if they grew old or ended up hospitalized due to any accident, they had the right to sign each other’s medical reports.

From then on, they were united as one.

Once they truly held the paper certificate, Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng couldn’t help but smile at each other. Well, they wouldn’t admit they were the same silly people from the morning! They had never been that silly.

Happiness is contagious. At least when Chen Li looked at his two fathers, he smiled brightly. Wei Chen held Chen Li’s hand gently and, looking at him, saw his eyes glinting fiercely in the quiet night.

“Finally, the brothers defeated the snake spirit and turned it into a mountain,” Wei Chen was narrating the bedtime story to chubby Qiuqiu before sleep. By the end, chubby Qiuqiu was already yawning and drowsy.

Upon returning from the city, Wei Chen had arranged a room for chubby Qiuqiu to sleep on his own. At the beginning, chubby Qiuqiu was hesitant and used to sneak into the two dads’ room after falling asleep, but seeing them not present in the morning, chubby Qiuqiu wouldn’t talk to them for the rest of the day.

Chubby Qiuqiu thought that behaving like this might make the two dads sleep with him. However, as time went by and no change occurred, chubby Qiuqiu eventually accepted sleeping alone.

With a different bedtime story every night, chubby Qiuqiu would listen attentively and often dozed off soon after.

Wei Chen leaned down to kiss chubby Qiuqiu on the forehead and softly said, “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Big Dad.” Chubby Qiuqiu murmured and, turning around, yawned widely before closing his eyes and drifting to sleep.

After switching off the room’s light for chubby Qiuqiu, leaving only a dim yellow lamp, Wei Chen gently closed the door and returned to his own room.

Chen Li had already finished bathing, lying on the bed in a bathrobe. His feet swung playfully, looking exceptionally fair under the light.

Wei Chen walked over, grabbed Chen Li’s foot, and teasingly asked, “What are you looking at?”

Chen Li struggled for a moment but didn’t break free, letting Wei Chen hold on.

“This.” Chen Li showed Wei Chen what he was holding.

Wei Chen took a look and saw that it was his and Chen Li’s marriage certificate.

“Why suddenly look at the marriage certificate?” Wei Chen asked with a serious expression but had already slipped his hand into Chen Li’s bathrobe.

After squirming a bit, Chen Li said, “Didn’t we just witness two dads getting married today? So, when I came back, I took it out and had a look. Thinking about how many years have passed since we got married, time flies so fast.”

Indeed, time had flown by in the blink of an eye. Five or six years had passed since Wei Chen and Chen Li got married. Suddenly, chubby Qiuqiu’s third birthday was approaching.

Wei Chen’s gaze fell on the marriage certificate, softening involuntarily.

The photo on the marriage certificate was their first picture together, him and Chen Li. At that time, Chen Li, just brought out from the Chen family, was full of fear towards everything, unable to speak. During the wedding photo, he appeared fragile, with no smile on his face, his eyes guarded.

And at that time, Wei Chen had just returned from the future, rigid all over. Upon closer inspection, one could sense the hostility in Wei Chen’s eyes.

That photo didn’t look like a wedding picture; it resembled two enemies forced to stand together for a photo.

No wonder Chen Li was so full of emotions when he saw that picture. Time had flown by; everything had changed imperceptibly.

From Chen Li’s initial inability to speak or smile to her current cheerful demeanor, there had been a significant transformation. As for Wei Chen, he still didn’t smile, but the coldness in his eyes had vanished, replaced with softness. Especially when looking at Chen Li and chubby Qiuqiu, even though he seemed expressionless, one could easily sense the tenderness in his heart.

As time marched on, many things changed, but fortunately, everything was developing in a positive direction.

“Old Chen, how about giving me a smile?” Chen Li kissed Wei Chen’s lips and asked with a smiling face.

Wei Chen awkwardly raised the corners of his lips. His originally handsome face turned somewhat fierce due to this action, yet Chen Li stared at him intently.

“Isn’t it ugly?” Wei Chen asked. He had once attempted to smile in front of the mirror, well aware of how unsightly his smile was.

Chen Li shook his head, embracing Wei Chen. He kissed his lips again, this time more passionately. He said, “Not ugly. Achen is the most handsome in my eyes.”

Chen Li’s tone was sincere, devoid of any pretense. Indeed, this was the most genuine feeling in his heart. Regardless of Wei Chen’s appearance, he was the most perfect in his eyes.

Wei Chen pinned Chen Li onto the bed, passionately kissing his lips.

It was a tender but also a domineering moment, one where Chen Li had nowhere to escape. Of course, Chen Li had no intention of escaping; he held onto Wei Chen, passionately responding. Soon, their clothes became the most inconvenient thing, quickly shed by Wei Chen. Soon, the two were entwined passionately in bed.

It seemed they were trying to give all their heat to each other, exerting all their efforts to please each other. Each kiss and embrace was a fervent expression of their emotions.

This was something only they could share and accept from each other—a fervor that made their hearts beat wildly.

It was as if they wanted to carve each other into their hearts and souls, something that couldn’t be forgotten in this life or the ones to come.

Their deep love for each other was something time could never take away.

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