Chapter 111 – Ningning, come with me and help me draw

Here, Xu Jinning thought of the original plot.

 In the original plot, Dad Changzheng had already sacrificed himself by this time.

 Ye Chan died on the third night.

 Later, the Wu couple successfully contacted people from Country R, and people from Country R came quickly and moved everything from the ancient tomb.

 The Wu couple successfully took Wu Lao’san and his two sons to live in Country R.

 The cunning Wu Donglai and Wu Lao’san did indeed live very well in Country R.

 But Zhang Chunhua died shortly after arriving in Country R.

 After arriving in Country R, Wu Donglai, and even Wu Lao’san, suddenly changed their attitude towards her, their mother.

 Very cold, very indifferent.

 Later, Zhang Chunhua accidentally overheard Wu Donglai and Wu Lao’san talking, learned that Wu Lao’san was not her biological child, and also learned that Wu Donglai had never liked her all these years. He originally wanted to bring Wu Lao’san’s biological mother, Wei Shujuan, but Wei Shujuan didn’t want to come with him.

 The reason she was brought to Country R was also because she knew too many of his secrets.

 At that time, hearing these words was like the sky falling for Zhang Chunhua.

 She was emotionally stirred up and immediately went to the kitchen to grab a knife, intending to fight Wu Donglai and his son.

 But she was killed by Wu Donglai and his son.

 Even after such an incident, Wu Donglai and his son still lived well in Country R.

 The father and son later married young and beautiful girls one after another…

 The ending for Wu Donglai and his son was not bad either, so the author was heavily criticized by readers at that time.

 They said her values were distorted, or even worse, some readers suspected that the author was a spy, or even from Country R.

Readers also said they wanted to dig up the author’s real information and report them.

Of course, this book was also reported.

The book “Rebirth in the 80s, Sweet as Honey” was taken down at that time.

The author also took a break for a while.

However, this book, the author finished writing it. Although it couldn’t be seen on legitimate platforms, Xu Jinning found the complete book on some unofficial channels.

The reason for reading it was to find out if the author could write even more outrageous things, if they still hadn’t changed their values.

As it turned out, they really hadn’t.

In the complete version she read that was circulated, Zhang Chunhua’s eldest son and second son didn’t fare well afterwards in the Dahe Production Brigade.

After Wu Donglai and his wife went to Country R, the authorities there also found out about their intentions, convicted them, and made it public.

So, the eldest and the second son left behind became the primary targets of gossip and attacks, even after the reform and opening up, they, and even their descendants, couldn’t find jobs.

Wu Lao’er, due to Ye Chan’s death, was mentally shattered. If it weren’t for his three daughters still being young, he might have followed Ye Chan.

In fact, after raising his three daughters and marrying them off, Wu Lao’er also reached the limit of his physical health and passed away.

As for Wu Lao’da, due to the impact of their parents’ crimes, their later lives were very miserable. No one even wanted to marry into their family, even if they offered money.

Wu Lao’da’s two sons remained bachelors for life.

So, Wu Donglai and his wife did indeed cause a lot of harm.

Zhang Changzheng learned from Xu Jinning that the families of Wu Lao’da and Wu Lao’er were innocent.

Moreover, the reason why Wu Donglai’s secret was exposed on the surface was because of Ye Chan.

So, he made a request to the higher authorities.

Even after confirming the charges against Wu Donglai and his wife, they decided not to make it public.

They hoped that the families of Wu Lao’er and Wu Lao’da would not be subjected to gossip and attacks.

After considering various factors, the higher authorities accepted Zhang Changzheng’s suggestion.

In the end, Wu Donglai and his wife were sentenced.

Wu Donglai naturally received the death penalty, while Zhang Chunhua received life imprisonment. For the remaining years of her life, she would have to live in prison.

The official charge announced to the public was that Wu Donglai and his wife attempted to murder Ye Chan.

However, Zhang Changzheng separately approached Wu Lao’da and Wu Lao’er, explaining the final reason why Wu Donglai and his wife were sentenced, and also revealing that Wu Lao’san was not their biological brother.

In fact, Wu Lao’san knew about this himself.

A long time ago, Wu Donglai had told him about it.

However, although Wu Lao’san had a questionable character, he did not commit any crimes.

He was not involved in Wu Donglai’s affairs with Country R; he only knew that his father might take him and the children to Country R.

Besides, although he was very curious, Wu Donglai did not tell Wu Lao’san out of protection for his son or for other reasons.

So, Wu Lao’san was spared from imprisonment. Otherwise, if Wu Lao’san had known and participated, he would have been an accomplice.

When Wu Lao’er learned that his parents had attempted to kill his wife, he was shocked and couldn’t believe it.

He never expected to find out from the police that his parents had committed treason.

Even the usually honest Wu Lao’da was shocked.

They also never imagined that Wu Lao’san was not their mother’s child.

However, since they were young, the two brothers had been close. Wu Lao’san was not close to them at all and couldn’t get along with them, feeling awkward.

They didn’t understand it before, but now looking back, there were reasons behind it.

So, people from the Dahe Production Brigade witnessed it.

After Wu Donglai and his wife were sentenced, the relationship between Wu Lao’da and Wu Lao’er improved, and they gradually lost contact with Wu Lao’san, whom they were not close to in the first place, becoming more distant afterward.

Even if they met by chance at the field sometimes, they wouldn’t greet each other.

However, this could be considered a relatively good outcome for the families of Wu Lao’da and Wu Lao’er.

The credit for the whole affair of Wu Donglai and his wife naturally went to Zhang Changzheng.

Of course, Zhang Changzheng would be rewarded for his efforts. However, considering that Zhang Changzheng had recently been promoted and his seniority was not enough, he couldn’t be promoted further for the time being.

So, they decided to note down his contributions and wait until Zhang Changzheng gained more seniority and achieved additional accomplishments before giving him a significant reward.

Zhang Changzheng agreed to this arrangement.

However, whether intentionally or unintentionally, Zhang Changzheng hinted to his wife that the reason he succeeded was because of Xu Jinning. He didn’t go into specifics, but he hoped that his wife, as Xu Jinning’s godmother, would remember Xu Jinning’s kindness.

Zhang Xuemei acknowledged this and mentioned that ever since she met Xu Jinning, she had considered Xu Jinning to be a lucky star for their family.

Naturally, one treats a lucky star well.


On the other side, things were wrapping up with the allocation of units at the county textile factory.

As for the remaining three units, it was decided to reward them to the workshop directors. They would draw lots to determine who would receive a unit.

Xu Aiguo, after the successful delivery of the batch of quality goods to the coastal city, also received his appointment as the workshop director and qualified for the apartment draw.

“Ningning, the apartment draw is tomorrow. Come with me, and help me draw. If we win, I’ll put the unit under your name,” her father said.

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