Chapter 112 – Drawing Lots for Apartments (1)

“Help draw the lot? Um, maybe I shouldn’t. It’s not good to put my name on it anyway,” Xu Jinning hesitated.

There were dozens of workshop directors, but only three welfare units. That was a probability of three out of tens, so how lucky would one have to be to draw it?

Xu Jinning had always felt that her luck wasn’t very good.

If her luck had been good, in modern times, her parents wouldn’t have divorced, and there would have been someone willing to take care of her and show concern for her.

Even her seemingly caring stepmother and stepsister weren’t sincere; they had their own calculations.

In the end, her stepsister even pushed her down the stairs to her death.

In modern times, her luck was definitely not good.

But now, in this world, would her luck be better?

Xu Jinning was sensitive, and she was afraid too. If she drew a unit, it would be fine, but if not, would her parents blame her?

Xu Jinning didn’t know, but to avoid that possibility, it was better for her not to draw the lot.

Some people were like this, too sensitive and lacking in security. Because they were afraid of bad outcomes, they chose not to start at all, thus avoiding harm.

The lack of confidence, timidity, and caution in Xu Jinning’s tone were all noticed by her family.

They thought that the past fifteen years hadn’t been good for Xu Jinning, and it was the fault of the Lin family that she had her current personality.

It was precisely because of this that they felt even more heartbroken for Xu Jinning and vowed to treat her well.

“Ningning, it’s okay. You can draw instead of Dad. Whether you win or not, Dad won’t blame you.”

“Yeah, these things depend on fate. It’s good if you win, but it’s okay if you don’t.”

Xu Aiguo and Zhang Ailian tried to comfort Xu Jinning.

Xu Xiangdong and others also spoke up.

“Yeah, Ningning, don’t worry about whether you’ll draw it. Just go ahead and draw.”

“I think it’s great to write your name. Dad’s suggestion is good.”

“That’s right, we all agree with Dad’s decision.”

“Agreed, absolutely agreed.”

“That’s a whole apartment unit,” Xu Jinning remarked.

The value of a whole apartment unit, whether now or in modern times, was easily imaginable.

Moreover, in the future, this apartment might be demolished, and by then, they could exchange it for more apartment units or receive a substantial compensation for the demolition.

Xu Jinning explained all this to her family.

“Ningning, I don’t really understand this demolition thing you’re talking about. But even if it means more houses or money, so what? Since the apartment has your name on it, it’s yours.”

“Yes, your brothers and sisters are capable of working and earning money on their own. They will definitely have their own houses.”

“You are the youngest in our family, so this apartment is definitely for you.”

It could also be considered a small compensation for the hardships she endured during the past fifteen years without them by her side.

Xu Jinning looked at her brothers and sisters and could see the sincerity in their eyes.

They genuinely felt that it was right for Dad to give the apartment to Xu Jinning without any hesitation.

“So, Ningning, go ahead and draw the lot.”

“Yeah, go for it.”

Xu Jinning nodded, agreeing, and her eyes welled up with tears.

In that moment, Xu Jinning suddenly felt that she wasn’t entirely unlucky after all; her luck was actually quite decent.

After all, how many people could transmigrate after death?

And she was so lucky to transmigrate into the Xu family and encounter such good family members.

“Alright, I’ll go.” Xu Jinning’s eyes were red, and a faint smile appeared on her lips.

In that moment, the bit of lack of confidence in her heart also dissipated.

The next day, Xu Jinning sat on the backseat of Xu Aiguo’s bicycle as they headed to the county town together.

The textile factory was especially lively today because the final three apartments were about to be determined through a draw, settling the dust.

As Xu Jinning entered the textile factory, she could feel the intense atmosphere inside.

“Hey, Old Xu, who’s this?”

“Oh, this is my little girl, Ningning. Today, I’m taking her to help me draw the lots.”

“Alright, I hope your little girl brings you good luck.”

“Comrade Aiguo, make sure to draw well later. I’ve checked, and the remaining three apartments are in pretty good locations.”

“Got it, I’ll take your good words to heart.”

On the way to the textile factory’s lobby, they encountered many people greeting Xu Aiguo.

Xu Aiguo returned each greeting with warmth.

Soon, Xu Jinning followed her father into the lobby of the textile factory, where many people had gathered.

Drawing lots for the apartments naturally required the witness of all factory workers to ensure fairness and justice in everyone’s eyes. It also allowed everyone to experience the joy of receiving an apartment.

Although most people currently couldn’t get an apartment, as long as they worked hard, there would be a day when they could.

Xu Aiguo led Xu Jinning and stood in line with the other workshop directors.

Looking at the dozens of workshop directors, Xu Jinning couldn’t help but feel emotional: all these people were competitors.

Of course, some of these workshop directors, like Xu Aiguo, had brought their families along.

Some had brought their elderly grandmothers, believing that their long-lived grandmothers would bring them luck and wanting them to help with the draw.

Some had brought their newborn first sons, hoping that their sons would bring them luck.

Some had brought their wives, wanting to witness this moment together.

In any case, everyone’s enthusiasm was unprecedentedly high.

And soon, with the arrival of all the factory workers and leaders, the workshop directors began drawing lots for the apartments.

The order of drawing lots was also determined by the draw itself.

Xu Aiguo was positioned towards the back.

This was the result of his own draw a couple of days earlier.

Most people hoped to draw early because they believed that the earlier they drew, the higher the chance of winning.

Quickly, the first person stepped forward to draw.

The whole room fell silent, and the atmosphere became tense.

As it turned out, being at the front did have some advantages, although it could also be due to good luck.

Because when the third person stepped up to draw, upon opening the paper slip and seeing the apartment number written on it, he froze for a moment, his eyes welled up, and tears streamed down his face.

Then, choking with emotion, he shouted, “I won, I won, I drew the winning lot!”

The room erupted into excitement.

“He won? He really won?”

“Zhang Zhen is so lucky.”

Afterward, the host and leaders went up to confirm, and indeed, Zhang Zhen had drawn one of the apartments.

If someone didn’t win, the paper slip would be blank.

If they won, the paper slip would have the apartment number written on it.

For example, if it said 2-301, it would refer to the first apartment on the third floor of building 2.

Zhang Zhen, clutching the paper slip tightly, stepped down from the platform and hugged his friends excitedly, tears still streaming down his face.

And Zhang Zhen, the winner of the apartment, requested to leave early because he couldn’t wait to go home and share this good news with his family.

To make his family happy too.

Naturally, the leaders agreed.

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