Chapter 113 – Ningning is our family’s little lucky star

The fact that the first set of units was drawn so quickly undoubtedly boosted morale.

However, with that came the realization that there were still many people left who hadn’t been drawn, but there were only two houses left. This meant that the probability of being drawn for those who came later was decreasing.

As expected, none of the next twenty or thirty people drawn were successful.

These people who came to draw lots were filled with hope, but as they came down, their faces were filled with regret.

Naturally, they hoped to be chosen.

However, if they weren’t, there was nothing they could do about it.

Soon, it was the 45th person’s turn, the one who came with their grandmother to draw lots.

The old lady was quite old, her eyesight was not very clear, but her health was still relatively strong.

Guided by her great-grandson, the old lady slowly reached into the box with her withered hand and quickly grabbed a piece of paper.

She slowly unfolded the paper.

The old lady knew that her great-grandson hoped he would be chosen to receive a house this time.

If possible, she also hoped to help her great-grandson get chosen.

So, although her eyesight was not clear, she silently prayed in her heart while drawing, hoping to be chosen.

The old lady slowly unfolded the slip of paper.

The atmosphere in the entire factory became tense.

Next to the old lady, her great-grandson clenched his fists even tighter, held his breath, and his heart beat intensely.

The moment that would determine their fate was about to arrive.

Because he was too nervous, he even closed his eyes when the old lady opened the slip of paper, unable to look.

Actually, he felt that the probability of his grandmother helping him win a house was not very high.

After all, the probability was really too low.

Forget it, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t win.

However, even if he didn’t win, he couldn’t let his grandmother worry too much.

He regretted a bit bringing his grandmother to help him draw lots. What if he didn’t win, how would his grandmother blame herself?

“Xiao Qianjin, what does it say here? Grandma’s eyesight is not good, and can’t see clearly.”

“Grandma, it’s okay, it doesn’t matter if I don’t win. I’m still young and inexperienced. Next time when we draw lots again, I’m sure I’ll win.” Zhao Qianjin instinctively responded without paying much attention to what his grandmother said.

“…Qianjin, open your eyes and help Grandma see what’s written here.”

Zhao Qianjin reluctantly opened his eyes, as if he had forgotten that he had asked his grandmother to help him draw lots for the house. After opening his eyes, he took the piece of paper from his grandmother’s hand and read out the words on it as usual.

“It says here: 3-504.”

At this moment, the previously silent room erupted into cheers.

Zhao Qianjin was still a bit slow to react, looking somewhat dumbfounded.

It wasn’t until the old lady patted his arm and asked, “There are words here, does that mean… does that mean you won?”

Zhao Qianjin looked at his grandmother, whose hair was now mostly white, and suddenly realized.

Yes, there were words on it, seeming to indicate that he had won.

Wait, he won?

Zhao Qianjin looked at the words on the paper again.

3-504, doesn’t that mean he won Apartment 504 on the 5th floor of Building 3?

So, he actually won?!

Zhao Qianjin’s hand holding the paper trembled.

He looked at his grandmother, who was waiting for his confirmation, and exclaimed excitedly, “Grandma, I won, I won, you helped me win.”

“Really, you won? That’s wonderful.”

“Wow, Grandma, you’re amazing! You actually won.”

Zhao Qianjin was so excited that he couldn’t help but hug his grandmother affectionately, tears streaming down his face.

“You’ve won, you’ve won! Your marriage can now be arranged. Grandma has been eagerly waiting for you to get married and have children.”

“Alright, Grandma, when I get back, I’ll ask mom to arrange a meeting with potential brides for me right away. I’ll definitely find you a great-granddaughter-in-law you’ll be satisfied with!”

On stage, the great-grandmother and great-grandson hugged each other excitedly, while the audience below applauded.

As Zhao Qianjin helped the old lady down from the stage, the atmosphere became even more tense.

There were still about thirty people left, but only one house remained. The probability was really too low.

The next ten or so people who went up to draw lots didn’t win.

“The next person to draw lots is Xu Aiguo.”

Unconsciously, it was Xu Aiguo’s turn to draw lots.

Xu Aiguo held Xu Jinning’s hand as they walked onto the stage.

“Comrade Xu Aiguo is here with his little daughter, Comrade Ningning, to draw lots.”

“Let’s see how lucky little comrade Ningning is today, and if she can help her dad draw the unit.”

Xu Aiguo patted Xu Jinning’s hand and said, “Ningning, don’t be nervous, just draw. Whether you win or not, it doesn’t matter.”

“Go ahead and draw with confidence.”

“Okay.” Xu Jinning, who was initially a bit nervous, heard her dad’s words and felt the remaining tension in her heart dissipate.

Let it be, leave it to luck. Winning or not, it’s okay.

But if possible, winning would still be nice.

After saying these words in her heart, Xu Jinning reached into the box. She didn’t take long; soon, she pulled out a slip of paper from inside.

“Dad, come take a look.”

Xu Jinning was a bit hesitant to look herself and handed the slip of paper to her father.

“Okay, let Dad take a look.” Xu Aiguo took the slip of paper and swiftly unfolded it.

But in the next second, he froze, and the smile on his face froze too.

Xu Jinning’s heart sank for a moment, followed by a sense of disappointment.

It seemed that she hadn’t won.

“Dad, did I not…”

Before Xu Jinning could finish her sentence, Xu Aiguo seemed to snap out of it suddenly and turned the slip of paper around to show her.

Then his smile grew even wider.

“Ningning, you won.”

“Look, Apartment 308 in Building 1, that’s a good location.”

Huh? She won?!

Xu Jinning looked closely and saw the unit number on the slip of paper.

As long as there was a unit number written on it, it meant she had won.

So, she had won.

“D-Dad, I won? Is my luck really that good? I actually won?!”

Xu Aiguo said proudly, “Your luck is indeed good.”

He leaned in close to Xu Jinning and whispered, “Ningning is our family’s little lucky star.”

The term “lucky star” couldn’t be openly used nowadays, as it might involve feudal superstitions. However, Xu Aiguo, and even the entire Xu family, assumed that Xu Jinning was their lucky star.

Xu Jinning was stunned.

Was she really a lucky star? So, her dad saw her as the family’s little lucky star.

However, being able to draw the house today seemed to have some luck and blessings involved.

Could it be that she truly was a lucky star? That would be great.

If she were indeed a lucky star, her first blessing would go to her family, wishing them safety, health, and happiness every day!

She also hoped that those kind, honest, and brave individuals, even if destined for hardship, could have blessings and change their destiny, reclaiming control of their lives and walking a path free from control and constraints!

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