Chapter 114 – The Strange Woman

The last house was drawn by Xu Jinning, so there was no need for the remaining people to draw anymore.

Although it was regrettable, there was no other way; they could only say that their luck wasn’t as good.

After drawing the house, the assistant to the factory director quickly prepared the keys and documents for the house and handed them over to Xu Aiguo.

After leaving the factory, Xu Aiguo took Xu Jinning on his bike towards the neighborhood office.

Not long after, the transfer of ownership was completed.

As a result, the apartment unit allocated by the textile factory was transferred to Xu Jinning’s name.

Xu Jinning looked at the freshly printed ownership document with her name on it, specifically for this era, and her eyes gradually filled with joy and gratitude.

In the evening, Zhang Ailian prepared a sumptuous dinner, and the family happily celebrated Xu Jinning winning the apartment.

Xu Aiguo, rarely in good spirits, bought some wine and drank with his two sons. Zhang Ailian, Xu Fanghua, and Xu Jinning naturally didn’t drink, but enjoying the soup was just as good.

Until the end, when everyone else went to sleep.

Xu Aiguo hugged Zhang Ailian, looking at the moonlight outside the window, and sighed, “I don’t know why, but I always feel that since Ningning arrived, the future days of our family will get better and better.”

Zhang Ailian quietly leaned on her husband’s chest and said, “I think so too.”

Ningning, she was their little lucky star.

Many times, they couldn’t help but feel that if it weren’t for Ningning’s arrival, their Xu family might have had a very miserable and unpredictable future.

But Ningning’s appearance dispelled the bad luck and brought blessings.

Making everyone in their family better and better.

They were grateful and would treat Ningning even better!


The officials sent people to quickly search the ancient tomb in the mountain behind the Dahe Production Brigade.

All those important supplies, treasures of gold and silver, and documents were all moved out.

Because they were afraid that the people from Country R might target this place again, so they moved very quickly.

Not long after, all the important things inside were moved out, leaving only an empty shell behind.

By then, the official personnel also moved away.

The depths of the back mountain seemed to return to silence.

However, no one knew that not long after the official team withdrew,

Two women, one after the other, arrived here.

One of them was Jiang Xiao.

Jiang Xiao didn’t actually know why she came here. It was as if there was a voice in the depths of her mind telling her to come here, that there was something useful for her here.

So, Jiang Xiao followed the voice in her heart and came.

However, she came, but looking at the empty ancient tomb in front of her, no matter how hard she searched, she couldn’t find anything useful to her.

Jiang Xiao came continuously for several days and searched several times, but she found nothing.

This was just an emptied ancient tomb.

“There’s nothing here.”

“Forget it, I’m leaving.”

In the end, Jiang Xiao lost patience and left.

However, at the moment of deciding to give up, Jiang Xiao always felt in the depths of her mind that something originally belonging to her was missing.

That moment made her feel panicked, as if she might lose more of what originally belonged to her in the future.

Just as Jiang Xiao left not long ago, another woman arrived here.

This woman was a stranger, even younger than Jiang Xiao.

But her behavior, actions, and language all seemed somewhat strange.

She pinched her fingers, searched inside the ancient tomb several times, and also came out empty-handed in the end.

“It’s impossible. Clearly, the calculations pointed to being here, how come there’s nothing!”

“I couldn’t have miscalculated.”

“Without enough years of jade artifacts, when will my cultivation be restored? When will this body stabilize!” The woman’s expression gradually became fierce and manic.

“Right now, I’m almost like a useless person.”

After a while, the woman’s emotions finally calmed down a bit.

“Never mind, let’s think of other ways.”

“Since I’ve been given the opportunity to possess, this body must be mine!”

Finally, with a stern face, the woman turned and left, disappearing in an instant.

In fact, if Xu Jinning were here and heard these words from the woman, she would definitely know who this woman was.

But Xu Jinning didn’t know and didn’t hear it.


Meanwhile, after half a month, Xu Fanghua, who personally went to pick up the letter, finally received a reply from Song Yi.

However, while going to the post office to collect the letter, the staff member Zhao Xuemei mentioned that a few days ago, Wei Rou once again pretended to be Xu Fanghua, intending to collect Song Yi’s letter.

Speaking of which, ever since Zhao Xuemei discovered that due to her lack of verification, Wei Rou had fraudulently collected three years’ worth of letters intended for Xu Fanghua,

Although Xu Fanghua didn’t pursue the matter or report it to her superiors, Zhao Xuemei remembered Wei Rou’s actions very clearly.

It was Wei Rou, the person who almost caused her to lose her job.

So, when Zhao Xuemei saw Wei Rou daring to pretend to be Xu Fanghua again to collect Song Yi’s letter, Zhao Xuemei immediately became furious.

She exposed Wei Rou’s identity on the spot and even threatened to take her to the police station.

Wei Rou didn’t expect to be exposed, and upon hearing that she might be taken to the police station, she was immediately frightened.

She desperately denied it wasn’t her, that she hadn’t done it.

While arguing, she struggled hard to break free.

In the end, Wei Rou really managed to break free.

She fled in a sorry state.

At that moment, if it weren’t for the need to continue working and knowing that making a big fuss wouldn’t be good for her, Zhao Xuemei might have caught up with her and wouldn’t have let Wei Rou leave so easily.

However, after this incident, Wei Rou was definitely not going to dare to come and impersonate again.

Unless she really wasn’t afraid to face the police.

Xu Fanghua heard that Wei Rou dared to come and impersonate again, and knew that Wei Rou’s intentions hadn’t changed.

Perhaps, her schemes against her hadn’t stopped either.

Thinking of this, Xu Fanghua’s vigilance against Wei Rou was once again raised to a higher level.

After getting Song Yi’s letter, she went back home.

In her own room, she couldn’t wait to open it.

Reading the letter from Song Yi, Xu Fanghua was both crying and smiling.

In the letter, Song Yi said that he hadn’t expected that their inability to communicate normally over these three years was actually due to human interference.

Although he had felt lost and sad during these three years…

But his feelings for Xu Fanghua remained unchanged.

Before receiving the letter Xu Fanghua sent him, he had already applied for a career transition, but it was still under review.

However, just a few days ago, the review was approved. In a few days, after finishing his work handover, he would be able to come back.

At the end of the letter, Song Yi wrote:

“Fanghua, wait for me a few more days, I’ll be back soon.”

“Fanghua, my feelings for you have never changed, they have only grown stronger with time.”

“Wait for me to come back, and we’ll get married.”

“Fanghua, I love you!”

The passionate declaration of love made Xu Fanghua’s face unconsciously blush.

Placing the letter close to her heart, Xu Fanghua’s face blossomed with a smile, a smile brighter than the warm sun in spring!

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