Chapter 115 – You come then

Xu Fanghua was anticipating Song Yi’s return, while on this side, Wei Rou was indeed plotting against her.

That day, returning home in a sorry state from the county post office, Wei Rou locked herself in her room, ignoring Mother Wei’s scolding and banging on the door from outside.

After a while, she finally calmed down.

Wei Rou’s intuition told her that Xu Fanghua had likely already contacted Song Yi.

If they had contacted each other, then the reason they hadn’t received replies from each other before would also be known.

Then her plan would have failed.

“Why, why did you have to find out, Xu Fanghua? You clearly have so much already, and such good family, why did you have to take away my Song Yi? I only have Song Yi, only Song Yi can save me…” Wei Rou muttered, her eyes filled with resentment towards Xu Fanghua.

“No, I must act quickly.”

Suddenly, Wei Rou sat up from the bed, her eyes staring straight ahead.

Her intuition told her that she couldn’t delay any longer.

If she delayed further, what she would see is Song Yi marrying Xu Fanghua.

She still remembered Xu Fanghua saying before, saying that Song Yi would come back to get married.

She had a hunch that Song Yi might be coming back soon.

She absolutely couldn’t let Song Yi come back and marry Xu Fanghua.

So, the only way was to marry Xu Fanghua off before Song Yi returned.

Yang Zhiwen!

Suddenly, Wei Rou thought of this person.

Recently, Yang Zhiwen had been coming to see her from time to time, all about his and Xu Fanghua’s matter.

It made Mother Wei think that Yang Zhiwen was here for her, because he liked her, and she even persuaded her to marry Yang Zhiwen.

Wei Rou sneered in her heart.

How could she marry into that kind of family? Yang Zhiwen was a eunuch, and his brother was a fool.

The message the Yang family passed on to Wei Rou was that they really wanted to continue their family line.

But there were only two males in the Yang family, Yang Zhiwen and his foolish brother, so how could they continue their family line?

Yang Zhiwen seemed normal on the surface and could marry, but he couldn’t.

His brother, Yang Zhiqiang, was a fool. Maybe he could do it, but no one would want to marry a fool.

The only way was to let Yang Zhiwen marry a wife, and then let his wife have children with his older brother.

After all, the children would still be surnamed Yang.

In such a family, she must be crazy to think about marrying into it. Even if Yang Zhiwen’s father was the village secretary, she still wouldn’t marry him.

“Wei Rou, come out quickly, Yang’s second son is here to see you.” Outside the door, Mother Wei’s voice came again.

Wei Rou didn’t want to go out, but… Yang Zhiwen was here?

Soon, Wei Rou’s door was opened.

As soon as the door opened, she met Mother Wei, who seemed like she wanted to be angry but also seemed to be trying to please.

“Why are you hiding inside for so long without coming out to work?”

“Hurry up, Yang’s second son is waiting for you, go and see him quickly.”

“Tell me quickly, is Yang’s second son the person you’ve been eyeing? Actually, he’s not bad, his father is the village secretary…”

While Mother Wei kept rambling, Wei Rou didn’t want to listen anymore.

She went directly to see Yang Zhiwen and then took him to a place where no one else was present.

Yang Zhiwen in front of her wore glasses, looked gentle and polite, was over 1.7 meters tall, slim and fair-skinned, giving the impression of being refined.

But who could have known that such a person, he couldn’t perform?

This incident, Wei Rou found out about it when she went to the Yang family once, intending to see Yang Zhiwen, but accidentally overheard what the Yang family members were saying.

At that time, Wei Rou was extremely shocked and scared, so she ran straight back home.

“Wei Rou, you promised me before that you would help me with the matter between me and Xu Fanghua, didn’t you?” Yang Zhiwen couldn’t wait to ask as soon as they met.

Previously, Yang Zhiwen had confessed his feelings to Xu Fanghua and wanted to be in a relationship with her, but Xu Fanghua rejected him.

After several attempts to pursue her, Xu Fanghua started avoiding Yang Zhiwen, and even her gaze towards him became more and more disdainful.

At this point, Yang Zhiwen should have given up.

But the more Xu Fanghua acted like this, the more Yang Zhiwen liked her, the more he wanted to have her and marry her.

Xu Fanghua was so high and mighty, so excellent, so beautiful.

He really wanted to know how someone as proud and beautiful as Xu Fanghua would fare in the Yang family.

He really wanted to know how Xu Fanghua would react after knowing that he couldn’t perform after marriage.

Because of his physical issues, Yang Zhiwen’s mentality had actually become somewhat twisted a long time ago.

He just hadn’t shown it.

Just as Yang Zhiwen was thinking about what measures to take to make Xu Fanghua marry him,

Wei Rou met with him.

Wei Rou said she could unconditionally help Yang Zhiwen, mediate between him and Xu Fanghua.

To be honest, it was only then that Yang Zhiwen realized that this girl named Wei Rou was a hidden snake lurking beside Xu Fanghua.

Wei Rou’s disguise was really good.

At the beginning, Yang Zhiwen also thought that Wei Rou was a good friend who was wholeheartedly planning for Xu Fanghua.

But now, seeing Wei Rou who came to mediate between him and Xu Fanghua, Yang Zhiwen knew that Wei Rou really was “wholeheartedly” planning for Xu Fanghua.

However, this “heart” was not so pure and not so friendly anymore.

After all, how could a true friend mediate between her friend and someone else when she knew her friend liked someone?

That’s right, Yang Zhiwen knew about Xu Fanghua’s feelings for Song Yi.

Wei Rou was the one who told him about it.

Although Wei Rou was a hidden snake beside Xu Fanghua, but now that she was willing to help him, why wouldn’t he take advantage of it?

So, Yang Zhiwen agreed.

Later, Wei Rou did try to mediate between him and Xu Fanghua, intentionally or unintentionally, but it didn’t have much effect.

Now, Yang Zhiwen was getting a little anxious.

That’s why he had been coming to Wei Rou’s door from time to time these days.

“Wei Rou, you wouldn’t want to stop helping, would you?” Yang Zhiwen said with a serious face.

“Of course not,” Wei Rou gave Yang Zhiwen a glance, “Why are you in such a hurry? I’ve been thinking of solutions these days.”

“If you can’t make Fanghua like you, then we’ll have to try other methods.”

Yang Zhiwen nodded, his expression slightly relieved, more satisfied with Wei Rou’s answer.

“So, have you come up with a solution yet? I don’t have the patience to wait any longer.”

“If I still can’t marry Xu Fanghua, then you’ll have to marry me,” Yang Zhiwen threatened.

Yang Zhiwen knew his situation well; Xu Fanghua was the only person he truly desired, so he was determined to win her over.

If he couldn’t have Xu Fanghua, then it would be Wei Rou.

After all, it was Wei Rou who offered to help him in the first place.

If she couldn’t help him in the end, then he would use her as a substitute.

Even though Yang Zhiwen didn’t fancy Wei Rou, it didn’t matter; after all, it wouldn’t be him having children with Wei Rou.

Wei Rou was taken aback by Yang Zhiwen’s words and his sinister gaze.

She took two steps back, watching Yang Zhiwen warily.

She would never marry Yang Zhiwen even if she were crazy.

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

“But I’ve already figured out a way.”

“In two days, Qinghe Production Brigade will have an outdoor movie screening. You come then!”

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