Chapter 116 – Watching a Movie [1]

“Do you really have a solution?” Yang Zhiwen sounded somewhat skeptical.

“Of course,” Wei Rou replied. After that, she waved her hand, signaling for Yang Zhiwen to come closer, and then whispered a few words in his ear.

It was the first time Yang Zhiwen had been so close to a woman. Due to his physical defect, he had been somewhat reluctant to get close to women ever since he could remember, fearing that they would notice his imperfections.

But that didn’t mean he didn’t like women.

Yang Zhiwen didn’t know why Wei Rou had a scent about her, nor could he identify the fragrance.

Was it what people called a woman’s scent? It actually smelled quite nice.

Yang Zhiwen’s expression showed some fascination as he involuntarily took a deep breath.

After Wei Rou finished speaking and didn’t receive a response from Yang Zhiwen, she turned her head and saw his half-closed eyes and l*wd expression, immediately showing a look of disgust and stepping back two paces.

“What are you doing? Did you even hear what I said?”

Yang Zhiwen slowly opened his eyes and, for the first time, smiled at Wei Rou, “Yes, of course, I heard. You were talking about the outdoor movie night the day after tomorrow, right? I was listening.”

Yang Zhiwen’s gaze fell on Wei Rou as he scanned her up and down.

He hadn’t paid much attention before, but now that he looked, everything about Wei Rou was pretty good except for her face.

Her front and back were both quite nice.

And that enchanting fragrance…

He couldn’t do it; what use was her face anyway?

Sleeping under a blanket at night, it’s all the same.

But here…

“Alright, since you know now, let’s settle on that. We’ll do it that way then, and I guarantee you’ll be able to marry Xu Fanghua.”

“I’ll go back first.”

Yang Zhiwen’s gaze truly made Wei Rou uncomfortable, but due to Yang Zhiwen’s status, she didn’t dare to ask anything.

She could only manage a few words before turning around and quickly walking away.

Yang Zhiwen didn’t chase after her; he just watched her figure.

He watched her swaying hips, eyes slightly narrowed, a playful curve at the corner of his mouth.

If, two days later, things didn’t work out.

Marrying Wei Rou wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Until Wei Rou’s figure disappeared from view, Yang Zhiwen smirked and turned away.

On Wei Rou’s side, it took a while for her to regain composure after walking out, turning a corner, and finally losing the burning gaze.

Leaning against the wall, she took a moment to catch her breath.

She knew that intense gaze just now must have been from Yang Zhiwen.

She also couldn’t understand why Yang Zhiwen would stare at her like that.

After all, being abnormal himself, how could his thoughts be normal?

In that moment of being stared at by Yang Zhiwen, Wei Rou felt like she was being watched by a wicked wolf, making her very uncomfortable, which is why she wanted to leave quickly.

“I hope Xu Fanghua marries Yang Zhiwen soon.”

In the future, this abnormal person should stop bothering her.


“Zhiwen, you mentioned before that you intended to marry Xu Fanghua from Qinghe Production Brigade. How is it going? Do we need to go to her parents’ place for a formal proposal?” As soon as Yang Zhiwen returned home, his mother approached him and asked.

Beside Mother Yang was Yang Zhigang, Yang Zhiwen’s elder brother, who was currently eating without lifting his head.

In this era where many couldn’t eat their fill, Yang Zhigang was quite fat and fair-skinned.

His manner of eating with his head down always made Yang Zhiwen feel like he was watching a pig feeding.

It disgusted Yang Zhiwen.

He didn’t like his elder brother. When he was younger, he wouldn’t even take him out to play.

But he just couldn’t understand.

Why did their parents only have two sons, and both sons had their own issues?

If only stupidity and incapacity were confined to one person, to his elder brother, it would have been much better.

Yang Zhiwen wished so much that he was a physically normal man.

But fate…

In the plot of the book, it wasn’t until decades later that Yang Zhiwen understood why both he and his elder brother were abnormal.

It was simply because their parents were cousins.

Due to their close blood ties from cousin marriage, the children had problems.

Seeing the hopeful look in his mother’s eyes and thinking about the woman he was supposed to marry, who was supposed to be his wife but would end up with his elder brother, Yang Zhiwen felt a surge of resentment.

But there was nothing he could do. It was because he wasn’t capable, and the Yang family needed children to carry on the family line.

Yang Zhiwen snapped back to reality and said, “In another two or three days, there will be news. I guarantee you’ll be able to get a daughter-in-law and continue the family line.”

“Oh, that’s great, that’s great,” Mother Yang responded.

Yang Zhiwen finished speaking and then turned and left.

He could hear his mother talking to his elder brother behind him.

“Zhigang, did you hear that? In a few days, your younger brother will be able to find you a wife.”

“A wife, a wife…”

“Yes, a wife, a wife you can sleep with.”

“Sleep, sleep…”

Yang Zhiwen sneered contemptuously and quickened his pace.


In these past few days, Xu Jinning had been wandering around the village and noticed that the villagers’ enthusiasm had increased significantly.

They were often discussing things like “The White-Haired Girl” and “Red Lantern.”

Upon returning home and inquiring, Xu Jinning learned that there would be an outdoor movie screening in the village the next evening.

“…I forgot to tell you, our production brigade, actually not just ours but other production brigades as well, occasionally organizes outdoor movie screenings for the villagers throughout the year.”

“Our village is organizing one tomorrow night, showing ‘The White-Haired Girl’ and ‘Red Lantern’ again. Even though they’ve been shown before, everyone enjoys watching them each time.”

Of course, the main attraction is the atmosphere, and it’s one of the few forms of entertainment in everyone’s busy lives.

So, even if they’re movies that have been shown before, both adults and children in the village, as well as the elderly, really enjoy them.

Once the news about the movie screening was confirmed, the discussions continued to be lively.

“By the way, have you watched movies before?” Xu Fanghua asked.

Xu Jinning instinctively wanted to nod but ended up shaking her head. “No, I haven’t.”

She had watched movies in the 21st century, but the original owner of her current body hadn’t.

After asking, Xu Fanghua realized her mistake.

Xu Jinning’s previous experiences had been explained to them by Xu Aiguo at a specific time.

The purpose was to ensure that they didn’t misunderstand Ningning and to let them know what kind of life Ningning had lived before.

Thinking back, with Ningning’s past, there was no way she could have watched movies.

Xu Jinning truly hadn’t watched them.

At that time, their production brigade did show movies, but they weren’t allowed to watch.

Seeing a hint of sadness on Xu Jinning’s face, Xu Fanghua felt guilty and quickly said, “It’s okay, I’ll take you to see it tomorrow night.”

“It’s just a pity we don’t have a movie theater in our county. If we did, I would have taken you there,” Xu Fanghua added.

“I think it’s better not to go,” Xu Jinning hesitated and said.

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