Chapter 117 – The Beginning

“Why?” Xu Fanghua asked with concern and a hint of worry on her face.

Could it be that her words had hurt Ningning just now?

[My silly big sister, the night you watched the movie was the day you were plotted by Wei Rou and Yang Zhiwen!]

Did Xu Jinning want to go?

She did.

She had seen movies in the cinema, on her phone, computer, and projector. The only thing she hadn’t seen was an outdoor movie from this era.

She was quite curious, and of course, it was also because the original owner had not seen it.

She wanted to make up for what the original owner had missed in the past fifteen years.

Movies the original owner hadn’t seen, she would watch with this body.

Love from family members that she hadn’t experienced, she would also feel.

But compared to watching a movie, her sister was more important.

[I really want to watch the movie, but I’m afraid you’ll be plotted by Wei Rou and Yang Zhiwen.]

Although her elder sister and Wei Rou had fallen out now, and she knew Wei Rou’s true colors, that Yang Zhiwen must still harbor evil intentions towards her elder sister. Moreover, Wei Rou was like a hidden snake, ready to bite her elder sister at any time.

Although Xu Jinning didn’t think that falling into the water and being saved equated to losing her innocence and having to marry that person.

But this era’s people were different.

They were very traditional and conservative.

And no matter the era, there were rumors and gossip, and those spit words that could easily ruin someone.

Xu Jinning didn’t want her elder sister’s reputation to be affected by schemes.

Listening to Xu Jinning’s words, Xu Fanghua felt warmth in her heart.

This silly girl, clearly wanting to go, but for her sake, she chose not to.

The incident of being plotted on the night of watching the movie, Xu Fanghua knew about it as soon as she could hear the little girl’s thoughts for the first time.

She hadn’t forgotten about this matter; it had always been on her mind.

And a few days ago, when it was confirmed that there would be an outdoor movie in the village, she became even more certain of Ningning’s inner thoughts.

Deep down, she also understood that Ningning’s concerns were not unreasonable.

Although she had fallen out with Wei Rou now and wouldn’t have any further contact with her.

But after that, Wei Rou still intended to claim the letter from Song Yi on her behalf. Wei Rou’s feelings for Song Yi, along with her schemes against her, probably hadn’t completely died down yet.

Perhaps, Wei Rou really planned to collaborate with Yang Zhiwen to scheme against her during tomorrow night’s movie.

If that were really the case, then she should come up with a way to deal with it.

However… she couldn’t just avoid going to see the rare movie just because she was afraid of Wei Rou and Yang Zhiwen’s schemes.

After all, the little girl hadn’t seen it before.

Moreover, if this scheme failed this time, would Wei Rou and Yang Zhiwen plan another one?

As for when the next one would be and where it would happen, she didn’t know.

So, instead of waiting for things to become clearer, it’s better to plan ahead now that she know they might scheme, and deal with them all at once.

It’s better to catch thieves when we know their motives and whereabouts than to be on guard for a thousand days without knowing. This way, we can avoid future troubles.

“Alright, stop fretting. Let’s go, it’s settled.”

Xu Jinning looked at Xu Fanghua and knew she really wanted to take her to see the movie.

She sighed inwardly.

Oh well, let’s just go.

But tomorrow night, she must stick close to her elder sister, ensuring that Wei Rou and Yang Zhiwen wouldn’t scheme against her.

The next evening came quickly.

In the evening, the village broadcast announced about the movie night.

After dinner, the village remained lively, unlike the quietness after dinner when everyone usually rested.

The movie was to be shown at the threshing ground, an open and spacious area that could accommodate the entire village.

Early on, the Xu brothers took their long benches from home to secure seats.

Whether it’s an outdoor movie or watching in a modern cinema, having a good seat is crucial.

Other families did the same, bringing chairs and benches early to secure spots.

The entire Xu family came.

Xu Jinning followed along with her family.

On the way, they met other families, all heading to watch the movie together, young and old.

Of course, it wasn’t just people from their production brigade coming; neighboring brigades were also attending, making the atmosphere extremely lively.

Xu Jinning felt her excitement rising along with the crowd.

As they were nearing the threshing ground, they encountered someone.

Upon seeing the person in front of her and another person not far away, Xu Jinning narrowed her eyes abruptly.

She instinctively stood in front of Xu Fanghua, shielding her.

Indeed, the person in front of them was Wei Rou, and the person occasionally glancing in their direction from a distance but not approaching was Yang Zhiwen.

Seeing these two, Xu Jinning immediately thought of the schemes they had plotted against Xu Fanghua.

Both of them were from the Dahe Production Brigade. Although they were from the neighboring brigade, Xu Jinning didn’t believe for a second that they were here purely to watch the movie.

“Fanghua, can I talk to you?” Wei Rou asked, with a guilty and pleading expression on her face.

“Elder sister, let’s not talk to her. Let’s go quickly; Mom, Dad, and our brothers are waiting,” Xu Jinning said, not wanting Xu Fanghua to engage in conversation with Wei Rou.

She was afraid that her elder sister would be schemed against by Wei Rou at any moment.

“Okay, let’s go. There’s nothing left for me to talk to her about,” Xu Fanghua naturally cared most about her sister’s thoughts, so she let Xu Jinning lead her into the crowd.

“Fanghua…” Wei Rou watched Xu Fanghua’s back as her face darkened instantly.

“Elder sister, that person isn’t good. You shouldn’t associate with her anymore, don’t even talk to her. I think she’s someone with deep thoughts, who might be planning to scheme against you at any time.” After sitting down, Xu Jinning kept advising Xu Fanghua.

“Especially tonight, I feel like she came all the way from the Dahe Production Brigade with a purpose, probably targeting you. So, you mustn’t fall for her tricks and be careful.”

“Tonight, just stay with me and our parents.”

Xu Fanghua looked at her sister’s caring and earnest advice, feeling warm inside.

“Okay, I understand. I’ll listen to you.”


Hearing Xu Fanghua’s agreement, Xu Jinning immediately felt relieved.

Because the Xu brothers had come early to secure seats, the whole family had good seats.

As the time for the movie approached, more and more people arrived.

Those who came later naturally couldn’t get good seats.

However, some young guys climbed nearby trees to get a better view.

The whole scene was bustling and lively with a lot of people.

As the projector started spinning, the screen swayed, and the sound echoed, the lively movie night began…

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