Chapter 118 – The Praying Mantis Hunts the Cicada

As the movie began, everyone was engrossed in watching.

Xu Jinning was seeing an outdoor movie of this era for the first time; the film technology of this period wasn’t very advanced yet.

So, whether it was the color, the picture quality, or other aspects, it definitely wasn’t as good-looking as modern movies.

Even the people in the movie were somewhat blurry.

But this didn’t dampen Xu Jinning’s enthusiasm, probably also influenced by the excitement of the villagers around.

At first, it was novel, and later, without realizing it, she got immersed in it too.

Others’ viewing experiences were naturally different from Xu Jinning’s.

They hadn’t watched movies in modern theaters, and there were few entertainment options, so they naturally felt that the movie before them was the best.

When they saw exciting parts, everyone would discuss enthusiastically.

Despite the chilly night occasionally interrupted by cool breezes, everyone’s hearts were warm.

Xu Jinning originally thought Wei Rou would come looking for Xu Fanghua again, but she didn’t.

Had she given up?

Xu Jinning felt it was unlikely.

However, it was better that she didn’t come.

The movie started around 8 o’clock in the evening, playing two films in a row. By the time the second one was nearing its end, it was already midnight.

Although they watched two movies in a row, everyone’s excitement was still high. If the movie continued, they probably wouldn’t sleep and keep watching.

But Xu Jinning, by the second half, started to doze off and could hardly keep her eyes open.

“Ningning, let’s go. We won’t watch anymore; let’s go home,” Xu Fanghua said.

“Oh, but don’t you want to watch? I can stay with you,” even though she was dozing off, Xu Jinning still remembered her mission to accompany her sister.

Xu Fanghua patted her head gently, “It’s alright for now. Other production brigades will also show movies later. If you want to watch, we can go then.”

“Let’s go, back home.”

After saying goodbye to Xu Aiguo and the others, Xu Jinning and Xu Fanghua walked on their way home.

Xu Fanghua held the flashlight given to her by Xu Aiguo, a gadget that not many people had.

Along the way, apart from the light from the flashlight, there was no other illumination; it was pitch dark all around.

The two sisters held hands and walked slowly.

As they walked, suddenly two people appeared out of nowhere.


The sudden appearance of the shadows and the voice startled the sisters.

The flashlight’s beam revealed the faces of Wei Rou and Yang Zhiwen. Seeing them, Xu Jinning’s slight drowsiness from before vanished instantly. She shivered and became completely alert and cautious.

Her eyes were filled with wariness as she looked at these two people.

Xu Fanghua’s eyes narrowed slightly as she scrutinized the two individuals in front of her.

“What do you want this time?” Xu Fanghua asked.

Wei Rou put on a look of grievance, “Fanghua, can’t you forgive me? Does that mean we can’t be friends and sisters anymore? I really didn’t mean it.”

“Wei Rou, this is the first time I’ve realized that you can be so artificially sentimental.”

With those words, Wei Rou’s expression visibly stiffened.

“If you’re going to say things that seem so fake, then don’t bother saying them at all. I’m afraid even you won’t believe them and find them nauseating.”

“If there’s nothing else, please step aside. And by the way, if you need anything in the future, don’t bother looking for me.”

Xu Fanghua pulled her sister’s hand, unwilling to engage in further conversation with Wei Rou.

They had only taken a few steps when Yang Zhiwen stepped in front of them.

“Fanghua, if you won’t talk to Wei Rou, can’t you at least talk to me? Fanghua, you know my feelings for you.”

Yang Zhiwen’s eyes gazed deeply at Xu Fanghua, and at first glance, they were full of affection and tenderness.

If it were another girl, perhaps she would have succumbed to such gentle eyes, especially since Yang Zhiwen was quite handsome.

But Xu Fanghua’s heart belonged only to Song Yi. Regardless of whether Yang Zhiwen’s affection was genuine or not, she wouldn’t accept it or care about it.

Moreover, from her younger sister’s words, she knew what kind of person Yang Zhiwen was inside.

“Comrade Yang, we are not close, so please address me as Comrade Xu.”

“You’ve expressed your feelings before, and I’ve already made my stance clear. My attitude remains unchanged, so please go find someone else.”

“Excuse me!” Xu Fanghua’s expression turned slightly serious, and her tone carried seriousness and determination.

She pulled Xu Jinning and continued walking forward.

Just as they took a step, an arm grabbed hers forcefully, pulling her backward.

“Fanghua, how can you be so heartless to me?”

“I really like you.”

“Yang Zhiwen, let go of my sister!” When Xu Jinning tried to pull Xu Fanghua back, she herself was also grabbed.

She turned her head and saw it was Wei Rou.

Wei Rou held onto her tightly, with considerable strength, as if trying to take her in another direction.

“Ningning, your sister and your future brother-in-law are deepening their relationship. Let’s not interfere here.”

It was like a demonic whisper, trying to coax Xu Jinning to leave and leave Xu Fanghua alone with the wolf-like Yang Zhiwen.

“Let go of me.” Xu Jinning naturally knew she couldn’t be dragged away by Wei Rou. She struggled desperately, aware that if she was taken away, leaving her sister alone to face Yang Zhiwen, she wouldn’t stand a chance.

However, Wei Rou’s strength was greater, and although Xu Jinning had rested during this period, her physical condition wasn’t up to par. Furthermore, she was now relatively thin and petite, so being held by Wei Rou, she was directly pulled in another direction.

Meanwhile, in the struggle between Xu Fanghua and Yang Zhiwen, the flashlight fell to the ground.

Instantly, darkness enveloped them too.

Xu Jinning tried to shout, but her mouth was covered by Wei Rou.

“Mom, Dad…” At this moment, Xu Fanghua suddenly called out in the darkness.

Yang Zhiwen and Wei Rou thought it was Xu Fanghua calling out to her parents in distress.

But in reality, five people emerged from the darkness.

Among them, four were none other than Xu Aiguo, Zhang Ailian, and the Xu brothers who should have been watching the movie.

“Let go of my little sister,” Xu Xiangdong and Zhang Ailian came towards Xu Jinning.

Xu Xiangdong forcefully pulled Wei Rou away. Wei Rou was caught off guard, not expecting the other members of the Xu family to appear here, and Xu Xiangdong was also strong and angry at the moment. So, when he pulled, he directly caused Wei Rou to fall to the ground with a painful cry.

Meanwhile, Zhang Ailian embraced Xu Jinning.

Comforting her, she said, “Good girl, don’t be afraid, it’s all right now, Mom’s here.”

Xu Jinning, who had been on the verge of tears, looked blankly at her mother and older brother in front of her and asked, “Mom, big brother, how did you come here?”

“Silly girl, we’ve been here for a while.”

“Do you think we would let you and your elder sister go back alone?”

“It was your elder sister who asked us to follow behind you and hide.”

In fact, after Xu Fanghua and Xu Jinning left the wheat drying yard, the remaining four members of the Xu family had been following behind them the whole time.

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“The praying mantis hunts the cicada, while the yellow bird waits behind.” This idiom is used to describe a situation where someone focuses on a minor gain (like the praying mantis catching the cicada) while being unaware of the danger or risk lurking nearby (the yellow bird waiting to prey on the mantis). In a broader sense, it warns against being too focused on immediate gains and ignoring potential risks or consequences.

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