Chapter 119 – Fanghua, I’m Back

Yesterday, Xu Fanghua had already mentioned the scheme that Wei Rou had plotted against her and Song Yi. She also mentioned that Wei Rou might plot against her again on the night of the movie.

She hoped to get help from her family.

Naturally, the Xu family agreed.

So, after Xu Fanghua accompanied Xu Jinning back, the remaining members like Xu Aiguo stayed behind, claiming they wanted to continue watching the movie, but it was just an excuse for Yang Zhiwen and Wei Rou to see.

At that time, Xu Xiangdong had been keeping an eye on Wei Rou.

Although there were many people at the threshing ground, Wei Rou’s figure was always looking towards the Xu family’s side.

The gaze was too intense, making it impossible to ignore.

Wei Rou thought she was hiding well, but she wasn’t.

The Xu family had very sensitive intuition; it had been so since the moment they could hear Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts.

They also believed Xu Fanghua’s words even more; Wei Rou must be plotting against her.

Because they didn’t want to alert the enemy, they quietly followed behind, ready to act when necessary, just as Xu Fanghua had said.

As soon as Yang Zhiwen and Wei Rou made a move, they immediately appeared.

Meanwhile, on Xu Fanghua’s side,

As she called out, Xu Aiguo and Xu Xiangbei emerged from the darkness.

Xu Aiguo went straight for Yang Zhiwen and landed a punch in his stomach.

“You rotten thing, dare to bully my daughter!”

“Ah!” Yang Zhiwen let out a scream.

He instinctively let go of Xu Fanghua’s arm.

Xu Aiguo and Xu Xiangbei were filled with anger from deep within, and they pinned Yang Zhiwen down, repeatedly beating him.

Xu Fanghua glanced in Xu Jinning’s direction, planning to see how her little sister was doing, afraid that she might be scared.

After all, she hadn’t told her little sister about this plan.

Xu Fanghua regretted it a bit, worrying about what would happen if her sister got scared.

However, just as Xu Fanghua took a few steps forward, she suddenly bumped into someone’s firm embrace.

Losing her balance, Xu Fanghua leaned backward.

Just as she was about to fall, the person reached out and pulled her into their arms.

The embrace was unfamiliar, mixed with a hint of coldness and the dust of the wind, making Xu Fanghua feel strange and startled.

She quickly tried to pull away.

Her intuition told her that the person in front of her was a tall man!

She didn’t want any ambiguous physical contact with anyone who wasn’t Song Yi.


Just as Xu Fanghua was about to break free from the person’s embrace, they held onto her hand and called out.

The man’s voice was low, magnetic, and seemed to carry a myriad of tender emotions.

Xu Fanghua was momentarily stunned; this voice… This voice seemed somewhat unfamiliar yet more familiar.

Could it be Song Yi’s voice?

This thought crossed her mind, but Xu Fanghua shook her head. It couldn’t be. Although Song Yi said he would come back, it shouldn’t be at this time.

This person couldn’t be Song Yi.

But in the next moment, Xu Fanghua, who had intended to pull away, found herself being embraced by this man.

In the darkness, the man held her tightly, almost melding her into his body.

Xu Fanghua was even more frightened, wanting to pull away and call for her parents.

“Fanghua, I’m back.”

But the man’s murmured words in her ear, full of longing and love, were so familiar that Xu Fanghua’s body froze, forgetting to react.

This voice, it was…

And the next moment, Song Yi’s response confirmed Xu Fanghua’s guess.

“Fanghua, I’m Song Yi, and I’m back.”

Just one sentence made all of Xu Fanghua’s movements cease.

“Song Yi, you’re Song Yi? You’re back?” Xu Fanghua asked softly, cautiously, afraid of disturbing the person in front of her.

“Fanghua, it’s me. I’m sorry for making you wait so long.”

“Now, I’m fulfilling my promise and coming back.”

At that moment, moonlight seeped through the trees, casting a glow.

It allowed Xu Fanghua to confirm the person in front of her in the dim light.

The man’s features seemed to be the same as before, just a bit more mature and stable compared to his previous youthfulness.

He also seemed taller than before.

In the past, Xu Fanghua and Song Yi stood together, her chin reaching Song Yi’s shoulder, but now it couldn’t, and her head only barely touched Song Yi’s shoulder.

His hairstyle was the typical military crew cut.

Before, Song Yi had always been fair-skinned, but now his chin had a bit of stubble.

His skin was also a bit darker than before, exuding a sense of resilience.

This version of Song Yi left Xu Fanghua dumbfounded.

She stared at Song Yi, even reaching out to touch the angular features of his face.

It wasn’t until the man’s hand covered hers, holding it, that Xu Fanghua abruptly woke up.

The person in front of her was a living, breathing man, Song Yi himself.

“You really are Song Yi, you’re back.”

“You’ve finally come back.”

As the last words fell, tears streamed down Xu Fanghua’s face.

“Why did you only come back now?”

At this moment, seeing Song Yi, Xu Fanghua finally released all the emotions and feelings that had been pent up in her heart for three years.

“Do you know how hard it was for me to wait for you? Three years, more than a thousand days and nights.”

For almost three years of nearly complete absence, Xu Fanghua was amazed that she could endure such a situation for so long.

At this moment, facing Song Yi’s gentleness and apologetic gaze, Xu Fanghua couldn’t hide her grievances.

“I know, I’m sorry for making you wait so long. This time, I won’t leave again.”

“So, Fanghua, would you give me another chance?”

Facing such deep affection from Song Yi, whom she had liked and waited for so many years, Xu Fanghua had every reason to nod in agreement.

“That’s great.”

“Fanghua, thank you.”

Song Yi embraced Xu Fanghua again, as if wanting to integrate this woman into his body.

At this moment, he also confirmed that his life, Song Yi’s life, was incomplete without Xu Fanghua.

The love hadn’t diminished with time or absence; on the contrary, it had matured and deepened, becoming more profound and unforgettable.

He loved Xu Fanghua, unchanged from the past to the present.

He believed in the future, and that wouldn’t change.

“Oh right, Ningning.” Although Xu Fanghua was delighted to see Song Yi, she hadn’t forgotten her little sister.

She quickly raised her head from Song Yi’s embrace and saw Xu Jinning looking at her and Song Yi with wide eyes full of surprise.

After locking eyes with Xu Fanghua, Xu Jinning smiled even brighter.

At this moment, Xu Fanghua also noticed that not only her sister but also her parents and two brothers were looking at her.

Realizing something, Xu Fanghua blushed and immediately stepped out of Song Yi’s embrace. When she saw Song Yi’s smiling face, she glared at him.

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