Chapter 120 – The Original Ending of Song Yi

Facing Xu Fanghua’s parents and two younger brothers, Song Yi felt a bit embarrassed.

Just moments ago, he couldn’t help himself. Unable to control his emotions upon recognizing Xu Fanghua and hearing her voice, he blurted out.

“Uncle, Aunt, Xiangdong, Xiangbei, and this is… Ningning, right?” Song Yi hurriedly greeted them, and upon seeing the unfamiliar Xu Jinning, he immediately remembered what Xu Fanghua had written in her letter about her sister who was wrongly carried.

“Song Yi, you’re back?” Zhang Ailian was pleasantly surprised to see Song Yi.

She knew about the relationship between her eldest daughter and Song Yi.

She also knew that ever since Song Yi joined the army as a military doctor, Fanghua had been waiting for him.

“Yes, I’m back.”

“How long will you be staying this time? Are you going back again?” Xu Aiguo asked.

Song Yi’s expression became serious and solemn, “I’ve come back this time because I applied for a transfer. They want me to work at Anren County Hospital as the chief physician. I won’t be leaving again in the future.”

“This time, I’ve come back to take care of the marriage matters.” After saying this, Song Yi smiled and looked at Xu Fanghua.

Xu Fanghua understood the meaning behind his words and immediately glared at him playfully.

“Becoming the chief physician, that’s great.”

“Yes, at your age, it’s time to settle down with marriage,” Zhang Ailian said with a smile, glancing back and forth between Song Yi and Xu Fanghua.

Xu Jinning also sighed in her heart, thinking how wonderful it was.

It turns out that the person in front of me is Song Yi. He looks really good. In the book, his character and medical skills are also very good.

[Song Yi is so devoted to my sister, he could be my brother-in-law!]

Xu Fanghua heard Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, and her smile grew even wider.

[If things had gone as before, with my sister being forced to marry Yang Zhiwen, Song Yi’s ending would have been tragic…]

Originally joyful, Xu Fanghua was startled by these words.

Later, as Xu Jinning recounted the plot and expressed her thoughts, Xu Fanghua learned the whole story.

In the original plot, Xu Fanghua was manipulated into marrying Yang Zhiwen by Wei Rou, and at that time, she hadn’t seen through Wei Rou’s true nature like she did now.

Xu Fanghua and Song Yi also didn’t reconnect, leading to misunderstandings.

Later on, when Song Yi took leave and returned, he learned about Xu Fanghua’s marriage.

This news was devastating for Song Yi.

He wanted to see Xu Fanghua, to clear things up, but Xu Fanghua refused to see him.

At that time, Xu Fanghua was going through the darkest period of her life, and she didn’t want Song Yi to see her in such a miserable state.

Moreover, she believed Wei Rou’s words, thinking that Song Yi had fallen for someone else and that’s why he didn’t contact her.

Song Yi tried several times to see Xu Fanghua but was unsuccessful. During that time, Wei Rou came to find Song Yi, claiming to convey Xu Fanghua’s message. She said Xu Fanghua didn’t want to see him anymore, that she no longer liked him and was happily married to someone she loved. Wei Rou asked Song Yi not to disturb Xu Fanghua’s happiness and begged him not to let her husband know about their past, as it could ruin their current relationship.

Upon hearing this, Song Yi felt disheartened and hopeless.

At that time, Wei Rou also confessed her feelings to Song Yi, which he naturally rejected.

While Xu Fanghua could stop liking him and he could stop pursuing her, he wouldn’t marry another woman.

In the end, Song Yi left in sadness and despair, returning once again to the military.

His superiors, upon learning of his situation, tried to introduce him to potential partners over the next few years and arranged meetings, and there were also girls who wanted to pursue Song Yi.

However, Song Yi rejected them all.

It seemed like he had hidden away all his feelings and thoughts about love.

He devoted himself entirely to his career, tirelessly studying medical skills, treating patients, and performing surgeries. There was a sense of him pushing himself to the limit, often collapsing due to excessive fatigue.

Song Yi undoubtedly had talent, and combined with his wholehearted dedication, he achieved great success in his medical career.

But in terms of emotions, it was all blank.

When he left that time, he took his parents to live with him in the military.

Over the next few years, they never returned home.

Until several years later, Song Yi came back.

However, what he learned was the news that Xu Fanghua had died many years ago.

Upon hearing this news, Song Yi sat on his bed, and overnight, his hair turned white.

Later on, Song Yi investigated the cause of Xu Fanghua’s death and finally learned about Wei Rou’s true nature and schemes. He found out why Xu Fanghua married into the Yang family and the mistreatment she endured there, including being beaten until she miscarried and bled to death.

Song Yi exposed the true face of the Yang family and used means to ensure they faced consequences.

However, Xu Fanghua was already dead and could never come back.

Song Yi regretted deeply. If only he had insisted on seeing Xu Fanghua back then, if only he had clarified things, if only he had come back earlier in those years, perhaps Xu Fanghua wouldn’t have died in such despair, perhaps he could have saved her.

Song Yi regretted immensely and also hated himself.

After dealing with the Yang family and Wei Rou, Song Yi returned to the military.

From then on, he worked even harder, as if he were burning his own life away.

Finally, after suppressing negative emotions for so long, Song Yi couldn’t hold on any longer. During a series of surgeries that lasted several days and nights, he collapsed and died from internal bleeding after the final surgery.

At the moment of falling down, Song Yi was smiling. Vaguely, he could see a beautiful girl smiling and waving at him.

Xu Fanghua suddenly came to her senses, touched her cheek, and realized she was crying.

From her little sister’s inner thoughts, she understood what Song Yi went through after learning about her death. She couldn’t help but shed tears.

These thoughts could be considered Xu Jinning’s thoughts, but also not entirely.

It’s because the later part about Song Yi is just Xu Jinning’s recollection of the plot and not something she explicitly stated. However, it subtly became Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, only audible to Xu Fanghua.

Xu Fanghua wondered if what her little sister’s thoughts expressed could have been their original ending.

But from the moment she could hear her sister’s inner thoughts, everything changed, and everything became different.

Xu Fanghua even thought about recent events in her family and noticed their changes.

Could it be that her family members could also hear her sister’s inner thoughts and that’s why they changed?

And the reason they didn’t talk about it might be because, like her situation, only they could hear about their matters.

Due to its mysterious nature and the desire to keep it a secret to protect Ningning, they didn’t tell anyone else.

The more she thought about it, the more possible Xu Fanghua felt it could be.

She silently kept this in mind and planned to find a suitable time to first ask her parents.

If it turned out to be true, it would be good to discuss it openly, and it would also help better protect Ningning!

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