Chapter 121 – Could Xu Aiguo possibly be thinking of silencing them by killing?

“Fanghua, what’s wrong with you?” Even in the dim light at this moment, Song Yi, standing beside Xu Fanghua, could still sense that something was off with her.

Xu Fanghua stared at him blankly, shook her head, indicating that she was fine.

In her heart, she thought: You silly fool, why are you asking me how I am? How can you be so naive? Even if, even if I didn’t marry you, you should still live well. How can you not cherish yourself so much?

However, Xu Fanghua became more convinced that Song Yi had deep feelings for her.

Previously, due to Wei Rou’s misleading, she would occasionally misunderstand Song Yi, which was really inappropriate.

But now, Xu Fanghua suddenly realized, did she forget something?

“Song Yi, help Uncle send Fanghua and her sister home first. Uncle has something to deal with.”

“Tomorrow, come to the Xu family, Uncle will definitely treat you well.”

Xu Fanghua suddenly remembered, right, there was something to deal with.

No, someone to deal with.

Xu Fanghua turned her head and saw that Yang Zhiwen and Wei Rou were both restrained by someone behind their backs. And restraining them were none other than Xu Xiangdong and Xu Xiangbei.

What’s more surprising was that their mouths were stuffed with something, but due to the dim light, it was impossible to see what it was.

However, the two couldn’t speak, they could only make muffled sounds.

“Dad, how do you plan to deal with them?” Xu Fanghua asked.

“Don’t ask about this, it has nothing to do with you anyway. Take your sister home.”


Xu Jinning, although she really wanted to stay and find out how their father would deal with Yang Zhiwen and Wei Rou, still followed her sister and mother, walking home under Song Yi’s escort.

On the other side, only Xu Aiguo, Xu Xiangdong, and Xu Xiangbei remained.

Until the figures of his wife and daughters gradually disappeared, Xu Aiguo’s previously smiling face suddenly turned serious.

Especially when he looked at Yang Zhiwen and Wei Rou, there was no emotion on his face, his dark eyes staring straight at them.

Combined with the occasional chilly wind.

It made Wei Rou and Yang Zhiwen feel scared.

Could Xu Aiguo possibly be thinking of silencing them by killing?

Fear filled their eyes, they wanted to beg for mercy, to say they were wrong, but their mouths were stuffed with something, making it impossible for them to speak a word.

At that moment, Xu Aiguo spoke.

“Daring to harm my, Xu Aiguo’s, daughter, you two really have guts.”

“Since you dared to scheme and harbor evil intentions, you must bear the consequences.”

“Adong, Abei, hold their heads under the water.”


No, no…

Wei Rou and Yang Zhiwen tried to struggle, to resist, but their strength was no match for Xu Xiangdong and his brother Xu Xiangbei.

So, their heads were repeatedly forced underwater.

This happened to be a small stream, where the water level was about a meter high in the shallow areas and estimated to be over two meters deep in the deeper parts.

This was the location chosen by Wei Rou and Yang Zhiwen.

Their plan was to stage a scenario where Wei Rou would pretend to chat with Xu Fanghua and then push her into the water, while Yang Zhiwen would jump in to rescue her.

This way, Yang Zhiwen would owe Xu Fanghua a life-saving favor, and they would have a closer bond. If someone saw…

Even if Xu Fanghua didn’t want to marry Yang Zhiwen, she would have to.

But now, their plan had failed, and this place had become where they would suffer.

Moreover, from this moment on, Xu Aiguo himself became a terrifying figure in Wei Rou and Yang Zhiwen’s hearts, casting a dark shadow over them.

There was just no way to describe the feeling of not being able to breathe in the water, the sensation of dying, it was truly terrifying, something they would never want to experience again in their lives.

But in reality, this punishment couldn’t compare to what was originally planned for Xu Fanghua, where she would have lost her life.

They not only harmed Xu Fanghua but indirectly harmed Song Yi as well.

“That’s enough.” It’s unclear how much time had passed before Xu Aiguo spoke, signaling the brothers to stop.

At this point, Wei Rou and Yang Zhiwen were already in a sorry state, both physically and mentally exhausted.

“Throw them into the water, let’s go back.” Xu Aiguo pointed in a direction, and the brothers threw Wei Rou and Yang Zhiwen into the water.

Wei Rou and Yang Zhiwen, who had just recovered slightly, were startled by this command. They wanted to speak but couldn’t find the words. The next moment, they were thrown into the water and began struggling desperately.

Xu Aiguo gave the two a deep look before turning around and leaving with Xu Xiangdong and Xu Xiangbei.

The location Xu Aiguo chose was the shallow water area, where one couldn’t drown.

Fanghua is fine, so Xu Aiguo won’t take their lives, but a lesson must be taught, and it must be profound enough to make them never forget.

It’s best if they never dare to provoke Xu Fanghua and the Xu family again.

Xu Aiguo, although easy-going, never actively schemes against others. However, if someone schemes against him, he will surely retaliate.

If someone dares to scheme against his wife and children again, he won’t let it go!

The three of them left, leaving Yang Zhiwen and Wei Rou struggling in the water.

Actually, they were in the shallow water area, but they didn’t realize it at first and thought Xu Aiguo really intended to drown them.

So they struggled desperately.

It took them a while to realize they were in the shallow water area.

Even in the shallow water area, the water was up to Wei Rou’s shoulders and Yang Zhiwen’s chest.

It was somewhat difficult for them to climb up.

Subconsciously, they supported each other and walked towards the shore.

They were too focused on saving themselves that they forgot about the approaching footsteps and the increasing number of people.

At that moment, it happened to be the end of a movie screening.

People were starting to head home.

And for most people, the way home was through this stream.

They had been immersed in the plot of the movie, but suddenly heard some unusual sounds ahead. Some people were carrying kerosene lamps, while others had flashlights. With the light, they saw Yang Zhiwen and Wei Rou ahead.

From the perspective of the crowd, Yang Zhiwen and Wei Rou appeared to be lying on the ground, embracing each other in a very intimate way.

Both of them were soaking wet, especially Wei Rou, whose clothes clung to her body, revealing her figure.

It had to be admitted, Wei Rou had a good figure.

“Ah!” Wei Rou finally reached the shore but suddenly realized there were many people around, all looking at her.

Realizing her current appearance and the situation she was in, Wei Rou’s eyes widened.

“Aaah!” Wei Rou screamed.

“What are these two doing? Could they be having an affair?”

“Oh my God, why are they so shameless?”

“Isn’t this Wei Rou from the Dahe Production Brigade? I used to think she was decent and considered introducing her to my son, but now… Thank goodness I didn’t introduce her. Otherwise, if she were married into our family, wouldn’t she be going out to have affairs in the future?”

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