Chapter 122 – I am willing to marry Wei Rou

“That’s Yang Shuji’s second son, Yang Zhiwen, from the Dahe Production Brigade, usually looks gentle, didn’t expect him to be like this.”

“Yeah, I was thinking of letting my daughter marry him, but now…” the aunt shook her head as she spoke.

Everyone surrounded them, pointing and whispering, their tones and expressions filled with disgust, something Wei Rou had never experienced before.

It was over, completely over. Her reputation was definitely ruined, no one would ever want to marry her again.

Clearly, all of this should have been borne by Xu Fanghua. Why, why did it turn into her burden now?

Yes, if it were Xu Fanghua bearing this, Wei Rou would be happy to see it, even meticulously plan it, but now that it had become about her, she couldn’t accept it.

Sometimes, one doesn’t know the pain until it’s their own flesh being cut.

And now, the flesh that was supposed to be cut from Xu Fanghua was being cut from Wei Rou herself, causing her intense pain.

At the same time, Mother Wei, who was also watching a movie at Qinghe Production Brigade, was someone who liked to join in the fun and gossip.

Seeing so many people gathered from afar, discussing fervently, she immediately straightened up and hurried over.

Just as she squeezed through the crowd, she never expected that one of the people being discussed was her eldest daughter, Wei Rou.

Hearing the discussions around her, Mother Wei realized what was going on.

Although Mother Wei favored sons over daughters and was not well-regarded by others, she was extremely concerned about her reputation.

And now, seeing Wei Rou make such a disgraceful scene in public, something Mother Wei couldn’t tolerate.

So, she was furious and stepped forward, slapped Wei Rou twice, while scolding her, “Wei Rou, how can you be so shameless, how can you do such a thing?!”

“How can you have no shame?!”

“You’re making me lose face!”

“How do you expect your younger siblings to marry in the future?”


Wei Rou was still immersed in the sorrow of losing her reputation when her face was slapped. She was completely stunned and didn’t react.

If it were a normal day, she would have surely resisted.

After all, she didn’t have much respect for Mother Wei.

But now, having just struggled out of the water, just survived a near-death experience, using up all her strength, she had no energy to resist Mother Wei.

However, Wei Rou knew that Mother Wei was selfish, only caring about herself and her son.

But she was her daughter too.

Was there not even a shred of compassion?

In fact, each slap on Wei Rou’s face clearly told her that her mother had no pity for her, a daughter.

In such a situation, if it were any other mother, regardless of whether her daughter was right or wrong, shouldn’t she protect her?

If it were Xu Fanghua, her mother would definitely protect her.

Each slap on Wei Rou’s face made her face ache, and her heart ache even more.

Her body was wrapped in cold stream water, but her heart was colder than her body.

Xu Fanghua, tell me, if you were in my shoes, in this kind of environment, could you still be okay? Could you still be so kind and good?

I also want to, I also want kindness and goodness, I also want to be a good person.

But if I were kinder, better, or let others manipulate me, my future would be very bleak.

You have such a good family from birth, and such a good Song Yi, you like him and he likes you back.

As long as you want someone or something, you always get it so easily.

But I can’t.

I have to work very hard and fight desperately just to get a little bit, and many times, even if I fight so hard, in the end, it’s all for nothing.

So, how can I not envy you?

Only now did Wei Rou make her jealousy towards Xu Fanghua clear.

“Oh, given the situation of these two, it seems like Wei Rou can only marry Yang Shuji’s second son in the future.”

At this moment, someone suddenly spoke in the crowd.

This remark was met with agreement from others.

When Mother Wei heard this, her eyes lit up.

Yes, hadn’t she always wanted to marry her eldest daughter to Yang Zhiwen?

However, she didn’t have too much hope, after all, she was aware of the difference in their family backgrounds between Yang Zhiwen’s family and hers.

Moreover, Wei Rou wasn’t very attractive and didn’t have much education.

Yang Zhiwen must be blind to not see Xu Fanghua’s worth and choose Wei Rou instead.

But now, it was a good opportunity.

Mother Wei had been coveting the Yang family’s wealth and status for a long time.

If her son had a brother-in-law like Yang Zhiwen, and if Yang Zhiwen took over his father’s position in the future, then her son would have a brother-in-law who was both a worker and the village secretary, and her son could walk with pride in the Dahe Production Brigade.

Maybe in the future, her son could also, with the support of his brother-in-law, become a worker in the city and marry a city girl.

So, Mother Wei finally gave up slapping Wei Rou.

She directly rushed to Yang Zhiwen’s side, grabbed his collar, and shook him, saying, “Yang Shuji’s second son, did you hear that? Because of what you did, my daughter’s innocence and reputation are ruined. I don’t care, you must marry Wei Rou.”

Yang Zhiwen actually wanted to leave. He had wanted to leave when everyone started crowding around, but he was also equally weak.

He had already been beaten up by the Xu brothers, then struggled desperately to come out of the water, using up all his strength.

So, he wanted to leave but had no energy to do so.

And now, Mother Wei had caught him.

If it were in the past, Yang Zhiwen would definitely have disagreed with marrying Wei Rou.

But now…

Yang Zhiwen remembered the last time he saw Wei Rou a couple of days ago, smelling the captivating scent from her.

These past few nights, he had been dreaming of Wei Rou.

Moreover, their plan was discovered by the Xu family. With Xu Fanghua having a father like Xu Aiguo, Yang Zhiwen dared not marry Xu Fanghua anymore.

He feared being pushed into the water again, and he also feared being beaten. He had numerous wounds now, hurting badly.

He no longer wanted to experience the feeling of almost drowning.

Although Yang Zhiwen had previously wanted to marry Xu Fanghua and liked her, he valued his life more than Xu Fanghua now.

Moreover, now that so many people had seen him with Wei Rou, they were destined to be tied together for life.

Perhaps, this was fate.

“I am willing to marry Wei Rou,” Yang Zhiwen replied.

Mother Wei had initially asked with a glimmer of hope, thinking that if Yang Zhiwen refused, she would continue to persuade him.

She was determined to persuade him until he agreed. If he still didn’t agree, she would go to the Yang family to seek justice. Unexpectedly, Yang Zhiwen actually agreed.

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