Chapter 109 – I have known about it for a long time

Zhang Chunhua sobbed bitterly, her voice piercing and chilling.

Her tears kept flowing, unable to be stopped.

“Zhang Chunhua, now that you know the true face of Wu Donglai, will you still help him conceal it?”

“Is it worth it for Wu Donglai?”

“If you disclose everything you know, your crimes will be lighter. After all, you confessed voluntarily, and you were only an accomplice.”

Taking advantage of the situation, Zhang Changzheng persuaded her.

Zhang Chunhua’s face was covered in tears, she looked dazed, then as if she understood something, she looked up at Zhang Changzheng and asked, “If I confess, will Wu Donglai die?”

Zhang Changzheng frowned. Could it be that at this moment, Zhang Chunhua was still thinking about Wu Donglai?

However, he still truthfully replied, “If you confess truthfully, according to the charges against Wu Donglai, he will indeed face the death penalty.”

“Death penalty, death penalty…” Zhang Chunhua muttered, “Death penalty is good, death penalty is good.”

“Comrade police, I confess, I confess everything. I know everything about Wu Donglai.”

Wu Donglai, since you have been so ruthless to me and my child, then I don’t need to show you any mercy.

Since you have done so many things that hurt me, since you have never loved me, then just die.

So, after Zhang Changzheng called someone to take notes, Zhang Chunhua began to confess everything.

And the person taking notes became more and more shocked as they wrote.

Originally thought to be a case of in-laws trying to kill their daughter-in-law, but unexpectedly, there was so much more hidden behind it.

This had become a major case.

It had to be reported to higher authorities.

Wei Shujuan temporarily returned from the police station.

Yes, it was temporary.

Although Wei Shujuan was not involved in Wu Donglai’s affairs, the incident of switching children twenty years ago has now been investigated, and Wei Shujuan has admitted to it, so she will also be punished.

As for her affair with Wu Donglai, if it had happened now, it would definitely not be acceptable.

But since it happened so long ago, several decades ago, and is now being investigated, it’s not practical.

Regarding the child-switching incident, the specific punishment has not been determined yet.

So, Wei Shujuan went back first.

Returning to Dahe Production Brigade, from a distance, Wei Shujuan saw her husband and child waiting for her at the door.

Seeing her return, Sun Jianjun immediately greeted her.

At this moment of seeing her husband, Wei Shujuan felt even more guilt in her heart.

After going to the police station and seeing Zhang Chunhua’s devastated appearance, she also realized how absurd and ridiculous her actions with Wu Donglai were.

Zhang Chunhua’s child, if it wasn’t for Wu Donglai, wouldn’t have been prematurely delivered by Zhang Chunhua.

Although she didn’t directly cause the child’s death, she indirectly contributed to it.

In the end, she was still burdened with a life.

“Let’s go in,” Wei Shujuan said.

Soon, inside the house, there were only Wei Shujuan and Sun Jianjun.

“The police didn’t give you a hard time, did they?”

“You’re not in trouble, are you?”


Sun Jianjun looked at his wife, his eyes filled with concern.

Wei Shujuan’s eyes turned red.

She didn’t deserve her husband’s kindness.

Wei Shujuan looked up at Sun Jianjun and said, “Do you remember what I said before going to the Public Security Bureau, that I would tell you what happened when I came back?”

Sun Jianjun gazed at his wife intently and then said, “You don’t have to say if you don’t want to. Actually, I don’t really want to know either, as long as you’re okay.”

“Oh, and I’m sure you’re hungry, you haven’t eaten yet, right? I’ll go make some food for you now.”

After saying that, Sun Jianjun turned to leave.

“But I want to tell you…”

Sun Jianjun’s steps halted, and he didn’t turn around. No one knew what emotions she was experiencing at that moment.

“This time, the reason why the police came to find me is because of what happened with Wu Donglai from Dahe Production Brigade…”

Then, Wei Shujuan told Sun Jianjun everything about her and Wu Donglai, including the fact that Wu Lao’san was her and Wu Donglai’s child.

“…I’m sorry, it’s my fault, I betrayed you.”

“Now, whatever punishment you decide for me, I deserve it, and I’m willing to accept it.”

After saying these words, Wei Shujuan felt a lot better in her heart.

This matter, this secret, had been buried in her heart for too long, like a wound that couldn’t heal, a constant source of pain and torment day and night.

It had also decayed in her heart, emitting a foul smell.

Now that everything has been said, Wei Shujuan felt as if she had been liberated.

At this moment, Sun Jianjun finally turned around slowly. Wei Shujuan thought he would be angry, upset, or hysterically questioning her. However, when Sun Jianjun turned around, his expression was calm.

This time, it was Wei Shujuan who was stunned and bewildered.

At this moment, a possibility suddenly crossed her mind, and Wei Shujuan’s eyes widened instantly.


“In fact, I have known about what you said for a long time.”

Wei Shujuan took a step back, her eyes filled with shock as the thought that had crossed her mind was confirmed.

“H-how could that be?”

“I indeed knew about it a long time ago. Before we got married, I knew about your affair with Wu Donglai, I knew that the child was Wu Donglai’s, I knew that Wu Lao’san was that child, and I also knew that Wu Donglai once wanted to take you to Country R together. I knew all of these.”

“But, you didn’t go, did you?”

“I know that you no longer have feelings for Wu Donglai. Your heart is with me, with our children and grandchildren, isn’t it?”

“I know all of this, and that’s enough.”

“It’s enough.”

Because I love you, even though you once betrayed me and even had a child with someone else, I may be jealous, angry to the point of madness, but as long as you stay by my side and your heart is with me now, I can pretend not to know about the past.

Sun Jianjun is actually quite average-looking, while Wei Shujuan, in the past, could be said to be the most beautiful woman among several production brigades nearby.

Sun Jianjun happened to see Wei Shujuan once and, like other men, fell in love at first sight with her.

He never expected that merely asking his parents to propose to Wei’s family would be accepted.

At that time, Sun Jianjun felt as if he had stumbled upon a piece of pie falling from the sky.

However, although he was happy, he wasn’t knocked unconscious by this unexpected luck.

Because before marriage, during his interactions with Wei Shujuan, he noticed that she was somewhat indifferent toward him.

So, Sun Jianjun investigated.

It was then that he found out that Wei Shujuan’s heart belonged to Wu Donglai, but her parents disagreed.

Knowing that the person he liked had someone else in her heart was naturally painful for Sun Jianjun.

But fortunately, he was the one who eventually married Wei Shujuan.

So, even though he knew about this matter, Sun Jianjun kept it in his heart and didn’t confront Wei Shujuan.

He believed that as long as they were married and he treated Wei Shujuan well, one day her heart would be with him.

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