Chapter 108 – Collapse

Zhang Chunhua indeed didn’t know who this woman in front of her was.

But the name Wei Shujuan stirred up Zhang Chunhua’s distant memories.

Back when Zhang Chunhua married Wu Donglai, it was out of affection. The moment she laid eyes on Wu Donglai, she fell in love.

So even though she knew the true nature of Wu Donglai, she didn’t think there was anything wrong, and she would follow along with whatever he did.

Fortunately, although Wu Donglai was ruthless to others, he treated his legal wife well.

For example, when planning to go to Country R, he didn’t leave her behind.

As for the others, although he only took the third son and the third son’s child, leaving behind the eldest and second sons, Zhang Chunhua could understand.

After all, the eldest and second sons were too honest and simple, and too sentimental, not suitable for the complex Country R. Staying behind was better for them.

Moreover, they had more children; the eldest had four, and the second had three.

Only the third son not only looked the most like the old man but was also the most clever and cunning. The two grandsons were the same.

So, even though Zhang Chunhua was reluctant to let go of the families of the eldest and second sons, she still agreed.

Because in her heart, Wu Donglai was the most important, more important than her sons and grandsons.

But there was one thing, although it happened a long time ago, Zhang Chunhua always remembered.

That was decades ago when Wu Donglai would occasionally talk in his sleep, and during those times, he would call out a name.

That name was: Shujuan, Shujuan…

Later on, as the occurrences became more frequent, she realized that “Shujuan” was preceded by a surname, Wei Shujuan.

Who was Wei Shujuan?

Zhang Chunhua asked this when Wu Donglai woke up at that time.

Wu Donglai explained that it wasn’t Wei Shujuan but Wei Shuquan, the name of a man who owed him money but ran away.

Because that person owed him money, he harbored so much hatred towards him that he would dream of Wei Shuquan and demand payment in his dreams.

Zhang Chunhua was skeptical, but at that time, she was too infatuated with Wu Donglai. Although she cared and wondered in her heart, she believed whatever Wu Donglai said.

And now, with this person in front of her…

In an instant, Zhang Chunhua seemed to understand something.

The appearance of this woman made her feel a bit scared deep down, as if something was about to escape her control and understanding.

At that moment, the woman slowly approached, her face showing regret and guilt.

“Zhang Chunhua, I… my name is Wei Shujuan. Before you and Wu Donglai got married, I knew him. Wu Lao’san… Wu Lao’san is mine and Wu Donglai’s child.”

When Wei Shujuan said this, Zhang Chunhua was momentarily stunned, her mind seemed to explode as if something had shattered, leaving her mind blank.

It took her a while to process what had just been revealed.

She was originally sitting on the ground, but in an instant, she stood up and lunged forward. If there hadn’t been an iron fence in front of her, she might have pounced on Wei Shujuan at that moment.

Her hands gripped the iron fence, and her features were slightly contorted due to her emotions, appearing quite fierce.

“What do you mean by that?! What do you mean by knowing Wu Donglai, what do you mean by Lao’san being your and Wu Donglai’s child? He’s my child, he’s my child…”

Wei Shujuan was frightened by Zhang Chunhua’s appearance and took a step back instantly.

Zhang Changzheng sighed softly and said, “Zhang Chunhua, calm down a bit.”

Then he gestured for Wei Shujuan to continue speaking.

Wei Shujuan gathered her courage and recounted the whole story of her and Wu Donglai, including the reasons and consequences, as well as the fact that Wu Lao’san was her child, and even the matter of Wu Donglai proposing to take her to Country R.

Finally, she waved her hand and said, “…I’m doing well now. Whenever he proposed, I always rejected him. I don’t have feelings for him anymore, and I don’t intend to go to Country R with him.”

“But regarding Lao’san, I admit it was my fault. I’m sorry for what I did to you.”

“But your child, he really died shortly after birth due to premature birth and fever. The doctor said he was weak and caught a virus, and then he was gone. It wasn’t me who caused it, I swear.”

After speaking, Wei Shujuan deeply bowed to Zhang Chunhua.

Zhang Chunhua’s hands slowly slipped down, her eyes staring blankly, and she suddenly sat down on the ground with a thud.

At this moment, her expression was completely stunned, as if she couldn’t think for a moment.

Zhang Chunhua was reluctant to believe the words of the woman in front of her, but she also knew that they were in the police station. In front of the police, this woman wouldn’t lie to her.

So, is the woman in front of her, Wei Shujuan, telling the truth?

Wei Shujuan was the first and only person the old man had liked in these years. Even after decades had passed, despite Wei Shujuan being a grandmother now, the old man still thought about her and even planned to take her to Country R.

And then there was Lao’san, who turned out to be the child of the old man and Wei Shujuan.

Yes, back then, she was premature, only eight months, how could she have given birth to such a healthy-looking, full-term baby?

At first, Zhang Chunhua had some doubts, but Lao’san looked so much like the old man from the moment he was born, almost a carbon copy, that even though she had doubts in her heart, she dismissed the thoughts, and they soon returned home after that.

Now thinking about it, how could a premature baby be so big and have no issues at all?

Furthermore, Wei Shujuan said that her premature birth was orchestrated by the old man?

It was because on that day, when Wei Shujuan gave birth, in order to swap the babies, even though her child was still in her womb and not full-term, did the old man heartlessly plot against her?

Yes, it made sense.

She remembered that the ground was indeed very slippery at the time. When she slipped, her instinctive reaction was to reach out to support herself, and her hand seemed to touch a layer of oily substance, and she smelled the smell of oil.

But soon, she was in pain from her abdomen and bleeding, so she didn’t pay attention to those things.

Moreover, at that time, she didn’t think anyone would design such a thing against her.

But now, Wei Shujuan told her that the reason she had a premature birth was because the old man had spread oil on the ground, and not only that, her third child died on the day of his birth.

He died because of being premature, weak, and infected, and the person who deliberately caused her premature birth was Wu Donglai, her husband, the father of her child.

How could this be? How could someone be so heartless?

Even though she had witnessed her husband’s ruthlessness, learning suddenly that his cruelty extended not only to outsiders but also to her and their own child.

Zhang Chunhua couldn’t accept it; she was also breaking down.

“Wu Donglai, Wu Donglai, you’ve deceived me so hard, so painfully.”

“Lao’san is also your child, how could you, how could you bear to do this?” Zhang Chunhua cried out as if shedding blood.

So, was the reason the old man abandoned the eldest, the second, and took away Lao’san and Lao’san’s children because Lao’san was born between him and Wei Shujuan?

Was the reason he wanted to take her to Country R for another purpose, not just because she was his wife?

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