Chapter 107 – He said he wanted me to follow him to Country R

Wei Shujuan was momentarily stunned, then lowered her head in silence.

Her hands clasped together, and the room fell into silence as well.

After a while, she lifted her head as if mentally prepared.

With tears streaming down her face, she said, “Comrade, I admit that Wu Lao’san is indeed my and Wu Donglai’s son, but I really didn’t participate in his other affairs.”

Zhang Changzheng’s eyes narrowed instantly.

“Other affairs? Do you know about Wu Donglai’s other affairs?”

Wei Shujuan seemed to recall something, her face suddenly turning pale, and she took two steps back.

“Wu Donglai has been arrested. I advise you, if you know anything, it’s better to speak up. It will be better for you. Otherwise, I’ll have to treat you as an accomplice of Wu Donglai.”

This statement made Wei Shujuan anxious. “No, no, I’m not an accomplice of Wu Donglai.”

Through gritted teeth, Wei Shujuan finally said, “Several years ago, Wu Donglai came to see me once. Recently, he came to see me again. He said he wanted me to follow him to Country R…”

Although Wei Shujuan had little education, she knew that the country she lived in was not Country R.

She also knew what it meant to go to another country at this time.

How could Wu Donglai go? Naturally, it would be secretly, it would be betraying the country to go.

But Wei Shujuan was just a timid woman. In the past, she married her current husband because she was timid and didn’t dare to defy her parents.

The reality also proved that her husband and in-laws treated her well, and her parents’ choice was correct.

Wei Shujuan was very satisfied with her current life. Now she has sons and daughters, and even grandchildren.

They had already reached the age of being grandparents. When she was young, she dared not be with Wu Donglai. Now, after so many years, she didn’t have much feeling for Wu Donglai. On the contrary, she had more affection for her current husband and children.

So, Wei Shujuan was unwilling to leave.

At first, Wu Donglai strongly urged her, but later, seeing her firm attitude, he stopped pressuring her.

Wei Shujuan regretted it.

She regretted getting involved with Wu Donglai over twenty years ago after getting married, regretted giving birth to Wu Lao’san, and regretted letting Wu Donglai switch their children.

In fact, Wei Shujuan had been paying attention to Wu Lao’san over the years.

But she didn’t like Wu Lao’san.

This Wu Lao’san was exactly like the young Wu Donglai, both in appearance and temperament.

Strangely, she used to like Wu Donglai so much when she was young, but now she didn’t like Wu Lao’san, who was so similar to Wu Donglai.

“…Comrade, I admit that I was also at fault in swapping the children. But the child of Wu Donglai’s wife at that time really died due to premature birth and poor health. I didn’t do anything.”

“And besides, I don’t know anything about the other things.”

The Fengtian Production Brigade was just next to the Dahe Production Brigade.

Among these production brigades, if there was anything happening, it would spread from one production brigade to all the others.

The news of Wu Donglai and his wife being arrested had also spread to the Fengtian Production Brigade, so Wei Shujuan naturally knew about it.

When she heard that Wu Donglai had been arrested, she vaguely suspected that the police might come looking for her.

Unexpectedly, they really did.

Zhang Changzheng could also tell that Wei Shujuan had probably revealed everything she knew.

“Comrade Wei Shujuan, you must be aware of the arrest of Wu Donglai and his wife…”

Zhang Changzheng then explained to Wei Shujuan the crimes committed by Wu Donglai and his wife.

“Comrade Wei Shujuan, we need you to testify at the Public Security Bureau. We hope you can go to Zhang Chunhua, Wu Donglai’s wife, and speak about your relationship with Wu Donglai and Wu Lao’san.”

“Additionally, we hope you can confront Wu Donglai as well.”

Wei Shujuan closed her eyes briefly, then opened them and said, “I will go with you, but I hope you won’t tell my husband about these matters.”


After they agreed, as soon as the door opened, Wei Shujuan’s husband, who had been waiting nearby and listening for any noise, immediately came over.

He looked at Wei Shujuan with concern.

“Shujuan, is something wrong?”

Wei Shujuan looked at her husband, whose eyes were full of care for her. Although she was reluctant in the first few years of their marriage, this man had truly shown her love and care, gradually winning her over.

She knew that this man wouldn’t say sweet words, but he was honest and reliable, always there to protect her and the children, providing a shelter from the storm.

If he knew about her and Wu Donglai, if he knew that Wu Lao’san was her and Wu Donglai’s child, what would he think? Would he, could he…

Wei Shujuan dared not think further.

She was afraid that such an outcome would be unbearable for her.

But Wei Shujuan also didn’t intend to deceive him anymore.

Over the years, this secret had been buried in her heart for too long.

So long that she had been sleepless for these past few years.

“I’ll go to the Public Security Bureau with the officer first. When I come back, I’ll tell you what’s going on.”

Sun Jianjun looked at Wei Shujuan and asked, “Can’t you tell me now?”

Wei Shujuan shook her head.

“Okay, then I and the children will wait for you at home.”


As she left, under Sun Jianjun’s reluctant gaze and the children’s puzzled expressions, Wei Shujuan got into the police car.


Since being arrested, Old lady Wu had been in a state of daze.

Although she and Old man Wu were ruthless people, going to prison was something they absolutely didn’t want.

Old lady Wu remembered what Old man Wu had said, to deny knowing anything no matter how the police questioned them.

Yes, she knew nothing.

Absolutely couldn’t say a word, or they would surely end up dead.

“Zhang Chunhua, Zhang Chunhua…” The panicked and nervous Old lady Wu suddenly heard this name, and it took her a while to realize that it was her own name.

Her eyes seemed somewhat dazed, as if she had gradually forgotten her own name after marrying Old man Wu.

She had become known as Aunt Wu, Old lady Wu, or just Old man Wu’s wife to others.

As she came to her senses and looked out, she saw the police and a woman beside them.

That was a woman who appeared to be older but younger than herself.

Old lady Wu didn’t know who this woman was, but her initial reaction was not to like her very much.

Because she knew that this woman, even though older, still had charm and allure, the type that old men liked the most.

She even felt that her old man would probably like this woman if he saw her.

So, at first sight, jealousy welled up in Old lady Wu’s heart.

“Zhang Chunhua, do you know her? Her name is Wei Shujuan!”

Zhang Chunhua initially wanted to say that she didn’t know this stranger.

She truly didn’t know her, not even having seen her before.

But the name Wei Shujuan made Zhang Chunhua’s eyes widen instantly, as if she remembered something, her pupils shrinking.

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