Chapter 106 – Exchange

Zhang Changzheng stood frozen in place for a moment.

What? Wu Lao’san isn’t Old lady Wu’s biological child?! Zhang Changzheng quickly lowered his head to cover up the shock in his eyes.

[That Old man Wu, the reason he took Wu Lao’san away wasn’t just because Wu Lao’san’s personality and temperament were most like his own, but also because he was born from Wei Shujuan…]

Back then, when Old man Wu was young, he hadn’t married Old lady Wu yet or even met Old lady Wu. At that time, the person he liked was Wei Shujuan from the Fengtian Production Brigade.

Wei Shujuan also liked him.

However, the Wei family thought that Old man Wu had a bad character and didn’t agree to let Wei Shujuan marry him. They quickly arranged another marriage for Wei Shujuan.

Wei Shujuan knew that her parents were doing it for her own good. Being timid and weak, she didn’t dare to resist her parents.

So she cut ties with Old man Wu and got married.

Old man Wu later, out of anger, married his current wife, who is Old lady Wu now.

After that, Old man Wu and his wife had their eldest son and second son, but during that time, although Old man Wu and Wei Shujuan were married to other people, they still secretly had a relationship.

When Old lady Wu had a third child, Wei Shujuan also had Old man Wu’s child at the same time.

Wei Shujuan was scared.

She was afraid that if this matter was exposed, she would be done for.

To be honest, although her parents married her off to someone she didn’t like at first, over the years, her husband and in-laws treated her well, and she also gave birth to a son and a daughter for the in-laws.

If her husband and in-laws found out that she had an affair with another man and got pregnant with that man’s child, her fate would have definitely been very tragic.

While Wei Shujuan still liked Old man Wu, her current life was definitely much better than if she had married Old man Wu, so she was unwilling to leave.

Moreover, if others found out, she would be labeled as promiscuous.

In this era, the consequences of being promiscuous can be imagined.

She was scared and didn’t know what to do.

In fact, she could have let her husband think that the child was his, but she was afraid, afraid that the child would look like Old man Wu.

So, Wei Shujuan planned to get rid of the child.

But Old man Wu stopped her and said he had a way.

So, when Wei Shujuan was about to give birth after ten months of pregnancy, Old lady Wu was only eight months pregnant.

Being just over eight months pregnant, Old lady Wu naturally wouldn’t give birth now.

But Old man Wu, for his own plan, spread oil where Old lady Wu passed, causing her to fall and naturally give birth prematurely.

Both of them were taken to the county hospital.

It seemed like heaven was helping Old man Wu.

Wei Shujuan and Old lady Wu both gave birth at the same time.

Wei Shujuan gave birth to a healthy boy, while Old lady Wu also prematurely gave birth to a boy.

Old man Wu took advantage of the chaos and the absence of Wei Shujuan’s family, so he and Wei Shujuan switched the two babies.

As a result, when Old lady Wu woke up, she was very surprised. Although she gave birth prematurely, she had a healthy child, and it was a boy.

As for Wei Shujuan’s husband’s family, the Sun family, shortly after they received the child born by Wei Shujuan, that child died.

These days, it’s not uncommon for children to be born with poor health and sometimes even die shortly after birth, a tragic occurrence that happens from time to time.

So, the Sun family members only expressed regret and didn’t suspect anything.

[…So, the real third child that Old lady Wu originally gave birth to has actually died.]

[The current “third child” is actually the child of Old man Wu and Wei Shujuan.]

[That makes Old lady Wu’s situation also tragic. However, if she knew these things, she would definitely not help Old man Wu anymore. After all, Old man Wu planned to go to Country R and take away the child he had with Wei Shujuan. Even though Old lady Wu was also taken away by him, who knows what fate awaits her after being taken away by Old man Wu, especially since she knows so many of his secrets.]

In fact, all of the events and words mentioned above were not said by Xu Jinning.

She was just recalling the plot.

But what she didn’t know was that her recalled plot had all become her inner thoughts, which Zhang Changzheng heard at this moment.

Speaking of which, this is also a very magical place.

So, when Xu Jinning was still worried about how to remind her Dad Changzheng, Zhang Changzheng hurriedly left.

Xu Jinning: …Wait, I haven’t reminded him yet, and he’s leaving? Is this the investigative mindset?


Meanwhile, Zhang Changzheng, who had left the Xu family, drove straight to the Fengtian Production Brigade.

He headed straight for the Sun family.

Soon, he saw Wei Shujuan mentioned in Ningning’s inner thoughts.

At the first sight of Wei Shujuan, Zhang Changzheng understood why Old man Wu would like Wei Shujuan and still remember her after Wei Shujuan got married.

Even though Wei Shujuan, who is already a grandmother, is older, she still has fair skin and retains her charm.

Over the years, Wei Shujuan has become one of the key figures in the Sun family, aside from her husband.

Her in-laws have all passed away in recent years.

When the police car stopped at the Sun family’s place, it immediately caught the attention of many people from the Fengtian Production Brigade.

“Could the Sun family have done something wrong?”

“I heard they’re here to see Old lady Wei.”

“That’s unlikely. How could Old lady Wei be involved in anything? There must be some other reason.”

In recent years, Wei Shujuan’s reputation in the Fengtian Production Brigade has been quite good, and people have a positive impression of her.

When Wei Shujuan saw Zhang Changzheng in his police uniform, she was surprised.

Her husband, Sun Jianjun, stood in front of her directly and smiled at Zhang Changzheng, saying, “Comrade police, is there something you need?”

“There are some matters that I need to discuss privately with Old lady Wei,” Zhang Changzheng said.

Privately? Sun Jianjun furrowed his brow slightly upon hearing this.

“Comrade police, is there something that needs to be discussed privately with my wife? I am her husband, can’t I listen?” Sun Jianjun asked.

Zhang Changzheng stared directly at Wei Shujuan and said, “I believe, Comrade Wei Shujuan, that you would prefer to speak with me privately.”

As he spoke, Zhang Changzheng mouthed the name “Wu” to her.

Wei Shujuan’s pupils instantly widened. After reacting, she grabbed her husband’s arm and said, “Jianjun, let me talk to this police comrade alone. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. You can leave first.”

Sun Jianjun wanted to say something else, but seeing his wife’s resolute attitude, he followed her words and left.

The door closed behind him, leaving only Zhang Changzheng and Wei Shujuan in the room.

“Comrade Wei Shujuan, you know Wu Donglai, right?” Wu Donglai is the name of Old man Wu.

Wei Shujuan lowered her head, remaining silent without speaking.

“In fact, the third son of the Wu family now is your biological child with Wu Donglai, isn’t he?”

As soon as Zhang Changzheng said this, Wei Shujuan raised her head instantly, her eyes full of shock. Then she looked towards the door, as if afraid someone might overhear.

After the initial shock in her eyes, panic filled them. “Comrade police, what are you talking about? I don’t understand at all. Who is Wu Donglai? Who is the third son of the Wu family? I don’t know them.”

“Comrade Wei Shujuan, think about it, how do you think I know these things? If I hadn’t confirmed that these things are true, why would I come to find you?”

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