IYDFILYD – Chapter Six

Chapter Six

For this vexed brother, Gu Xi did not waste his breath.

Ren Jing asked him, “Director Gu seems to have never managed his birthday?”

Gu Xi replied: “Have not taken care since young.”

Ren Jing’s complexion did not change, Gu Xi said again: “Also, doesn’t matter, Ye Chen likes doing these unexpected surprises.”

The last four words were said with quite gnashing of teeth, but with the atmosphere, it was instead emphasized as a show-off.

Ren Jing said softly: “You have a good relationship.”

Gu Xi said: “Good enough. I know him more than 10 years; his parents want to put us together…” This is a joke, he is gay. Ye Chen is not straight, but sorry, he is not willing to top, It’s too tiring.” Ye Chen, that kind of guy… He can only be pressed when you look at his height.

Ren Jing sipped his lip, the last words he connected.

In fact, Gu Xi has not finished yet. Under normal circumstances, he will joke about it and say that he and Ye Chen must be able to make up a bunch. It can be said that there is no hope for the combination of heaven and earth in the mountains!

However, he did not have time to say that, Ye Chen quickly said: “Come, let’s eat the cake, have a snack before the meal. Let’s celebrate Brother Xi’s birthday!”

This is a very sincere statement. Ye Chen, with a pair of big bright eyes, is really looking forward to.

Gu Xi was feeling very uncomfortable. He thought Ye Chen was playing something.

Ye Chen urged him: “Quick, cut the cake!”

Gu Xi whispered: “There is no bomb in this cake?”

Ye Chen gave him a supercilious look: “Silly, ah? Kill you and I’ll live?”

Gu Xi is used to teasing him every day: “Also, when I die you will definitely commit suicide in the name of love.”

Ye Chen: “Martyrdom nonsense!”

Their voices were not loud, but the private room was not large. Ren Jing was right beside them and it was heard clearly.

His eyes drooped slightly, and his mouth was pressed down with coldness.

Gu Xi finally cut the cake. Ye Chen was dissatisfied with his speed. He immediately robbed the knife and said, “You give it to me!” He felt he was too eager, and he found an excuse to say, “The birthday celebrant should sit. I’ll do it instead!”

Gu Xi really wanted to know what medicine he ate.

Ye Chen cut the cake and let Xiao Liu help him with dividing it. He finally picked up a piece and sent it to Ren Jing. He was slightly uncomfortable, but he still laughed: “Taste it, it’s delicious.”

With less than ten minutes left, the chocolate is hidden in the cake. As long as Ren Jing takes a bite, he will complete the task!

The task did not require for Ren Jing to eat all the chocolates. Just eat one is enough!

Ye Chen was trying to praise his wittiness, and the result was a fail.

Ren Jing smiled but his voice was a bit cold, like a frozen metal, and that unique texture made people feel uncomfortable.

He said: “Thank you, but I don’t like to eat sweets.”

Ye Chen: “…”

Don’t… don’t want to eat it?!

Ye Chen hurriedly whispered: “It’s not sweet. This cake is not sweet at all; Gu Xi does not like to eat sweets, so I got this cake…”

Ren Jing frowned and could not bear to hear any more. He got up and said, “I’m sorry, I’ll go to the bathroom.”

“Ah…” Ye Chen wanted to pull him, but he stopped himself.

The Death System cleared its throat and said: “There are still six minutes left.”

Ye Chen quickly stood up.

Gu Xi lifted his eyes and looked at him: “What are you doing?”

Ye Chen replied: “I also go to the bathroom!”

Gu Xi lifted an eyebrow. Go to the bathroom with a cake? What kind of hobby is this?!

Ren Jing didn’t go to the bathroom; he was standing by the window to breathe.

Ye Chen breathed a sigh of relief and quickly caught up.

Ren Jing did not look at him.

Ye Chen, for his small life, had to gather his courage: “This… eat some, just try a little bit.”

Ren Jing also did not say anything, only looked him in the eyes.

Ye Chen cannot afford a delay. He finally made a good chocolate, if he fails this task it’s too unfair!

Ye Chen sighed in his heart, he picked up a crooked heart from the cake. “Just taste this one?”

Ren Jing looked down and saw the chocolate hidden in the cake.

There was cream on the chocolate, but the shape could still be distinguished: a heart-shaped chocolate.

Ren Jing looked colder: “Did you do it yourself?”

Ye Chen’s face was hot, wasn’t too modest to say, “Yeah…yeah.”

Ren Jing felt that he really did not need to ask anymore, but still could not hold back: “Did it for Gu Xi?” He even threw a name.

Ye Chen froze a bit, but soon he reacted: it makes sense! This cake is for Gu Xi, and the chocolate inside is also for Gu Xi!

He was worried about how he would explain that he had given Ren Jing a love chocolate, and as a result, Ren Jing handed him an explanation.

It seems that Ren Jing is still very good. Ye Chen happily said: “Yes!”

Ren Jing felt his heart was pinched and his voice became colder: “Can I ask you something?”

Ye Chen is in a hurry: “Will you taste the chocolate first?”

Ren Jing replied: “I’ll eat when I ask.”

Ye Chen hurriedly said: “You ask!”

Ren Jing stared at the unpleasant chocolate for a moment before he said: “That night, it was really just a drunken mistake?”

Why did you mention it again? Ye Chen is not sure what Ren Jing wants to hear…

But what is certain is that Ren Jing is a straight man. A straight man will be depressed when he encounters a thing like that, right? In particular, Ren Jing is still a public figure, if this scandal gets leaked they will be finished. It is better to give him a peace of mind.

Ye Chen said, “I’m sorry. I really drank too much. I can’t remember anything. You can rest assured that I won’t say anything about this thing. No one knows.”

Ren Jing heard this and felt his heart turn sour, but he still had to stab himself with a knife: “In particular, Gu Xi is not allowed to know it?”

Gu Xi? Ye Chen was dumbfounded, and then came back to God, of course, cannot let Gu Xi know! If you let that big mouth know, he is afraid he would spill!

“That’s right,” nervously said Ye Chen. “Don’t let Gu Xi know about it!”

His anxious appearance let Ren Jing’s heart sank again as if soaked in strong corrosive chemicals, filled with festering and stinging.

Yeah, they are already “properly matched.” He already knew it, didn’t he?

Ren Jing did not say anything again. Ye Chen urged him again: “Try chocolate?”

Ren Jing felt that the chocolate was very cruel and he didn’t want to eat it at all. But this is Ye Chen’s personally made, and couldn’t help but pick it up and put it in his mouth.

Too sweet, too sweet overdone became bitter.

Seeing that Ren Jing finally ate the love chocolate, Ye Chen was greatly relieved and was so excited he wished he could hold him and kiss him.

Today’s task is too difficult. It is too difficult to complete. Almost stuck in the last second!

In such a life-and-death line, Ye Chen felt that time went fast generally, he was unable to stop.

Ye Chen said: “I … I’ll go back first.”

Ren Jing thought he was going back to the room and did not answer.

But in fact, Ye Chen turned to the elevator and went downstairs to go home.

He must be slow, he must be slow, this morning is too stimulating!

The Death System said: “It’s really not easy.”

Ye Chen replied: “Whoever gives thanks?”

The Death System said: “Come, come, I’ll give you a benefit.”

Ye Chen erected his ears: “What good fortune?” Did not believe the system will be so kind.

Death System: “Weekly missions: Stay together with Ren Jing for eight hours, 1 life point reward.”

What a damn benefit? He didn’t know how to write the word ‘benefit’!

Ye Chen said: “I reject!” The daily mission is enough, who will do the weekly mission? And the task conditions are so demanding. In the end, only one life point is rewarded. Who is stupid?!

The Death System said slowly: “It’s not. The time limit for this task is one week, and it is an extra life point.”

Ye Chen responded…

Damn it!

This task, he really had to pick up, and even must meet and must complete!

It is such a thing: He completes one task each day and only rewards one life point, just enough to maintain one day’s life. In case something goes wrong, he can’t complete the task before 9:55, then he will die.

Not to mention this task is getting more and more disgraceful. Even if not, what if Ren Jing flew abroad one night in advance? What to do if you can’t catch up?!

As long as this weekly mission is done, it is enough to leave this one life point.

Although just a point of life, but a full extension of 24 hours! As long as the cycle is up, his days are much easier than they are now.

Think more about it. If you complete three weekly missions, you will have more life points. You can also select daily missions. If the daily mission pits are difficult to complete, he can give up and not die!

Ye Chen was gnashing his teeth: “Okay, I accept!”

It’s not hard to stay with Ren Jing for eight hours!

He took a deep breath and dialed Gu Xi’s phone.

“Where did you go?” Gu Xi asked him.

Ye Chen opened the door and went straight to the point: “Your role, I accept.”

Gu Xi: “…” What the hell is this?

In the Linqing Clubhouse, Gu Xi was confused. Not only was it a bit cold, he always felt that the looks Ren Jing was shooting at him were quite bad…

The cake was not eaten that much, and after everyone had talked for a while, they left.

Ren Jing asked before he left: “This cake…”

Gu Xi said: “I don’t like to eat sweets; I’ll go back to the waiter…”

Ren Jing said: “I’ll take it.”

Gu Xi did not take the matter: “I did not expect that Ren Jing would like to eat sweets.”

Ren Jing smiled.

Gu Xi went first, and Ren Jing let the assistant pack the cake, so he went a bit late.

When he reached the elevator, he heard Gu Xi’s voice.

“Xiao Liu, your master is not normal recently.”

Gu Xi was on the phone and Ren Jing instinctively wanted to avoid it. As a result, Gu Xi’s words were heard: “I went to him early in the morning and saw him making chocolate at home! Can you imagine it? Even boiling the water he can’t do, now the Ye young master made chocolate himself!”

As he said this, Gu Xi was happy: “It’s a love chocolate, it’s simply lethal!”

On the other end of the phone, he did not know what was said. Gu Xi replied: “It was June. But I had a birthday just a month ago. He was even there. How could I have two birthdays?”

“And he knew I didn’t eat sweet and ordered a cake for me. Isn’t this supposed to be cruel?”

Gu Xi laughed again and said: “Just send me a photo. I’m going to look at the finished chocolate.”

“Is it made?” Gu Xi smiled and shuddered. “He tossed it in the morning, burned a pot, and wasted a few boxes of Debauve & Gallais. Did he just make a piece of love chocolate?”

He joked again: “I don’t know anyone who has the privilege of eating the chocolate of the Ye young master. This is exceptional, hahaha!”

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Believe it or not but it took me more than 5 hours just to finish this. LOL Some sentences just don’t make any sense to me. (▰︶︹︺▰)

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