BH (QT) – Phoenix Man (6)


Chapter Six – Phoenix Man (6)

When sister Yan went out at night, Yan Jing Ze took Grandma Jiang to settle down in a small hotel in the county. The next day, he took Grandma Jiang to the city and got on the high-speed train.

He took care of Grandma Jiang very well—the old lady was totally unguarded to him. She just listened to whatever he said which made things easier for him.

After a day’s travel, on Friday night, they arrived in the city where A University was located.

On the way, they sat on the high-speed train for six hours which was particularly tiring, but everything around Grandma Jiang was completely new to her. They were something she had never seen before, so she was very excited and energetic.

Yan Jing Ze sent her to the house he rented and went to a nearby store to buy two hot and spicy dishes.

People in the village like to eat spicy foods. When he went to pick up the old lady, he saw the old lady’s unfinished meal—some chili boiled potatoes. So he thought the old lady liked to eat spicy foods.

As for spicy food, it’s unhealthy but it doesn’t hurt to eat it once in a while.

As expected, the old lady liked spicy food very much and kept saying that she had never eaten such delicious food.

He accompanied the old lady after eating. It was already nine o’clock in the evening when Yan Jing Ze rode the second-hand bicycle he just bought and hurried to Jiang Ping Xiu’s carwash shop.

These days, he has been chatting with Jiang Ping Xiu on his mobile phone.

Jiang Ping Xiu always responded to his message as soon as possible. The chat page always showed that Jiang Ping Xiu was ‘typing’ but Jiang Ping Xiu seldom took the initiative to send him a message.

This made Yan Jing Ze feel a little unpleasant.

The child was being too careful!

Blame the original owner for being such a scum!

On Friday nights, the business of the carwash shop is always very good. Many people will have their cars cleaned on this night which will be convenient for going out on weekends.

Jiang Ping Xiu kept busy but he was very happy—tomorrow is Saturday, Jing Ze will come to see him!

He hasn’t seen the Jing Ze in a week and he especially wants to see him.

After finally drying a car, Jiang Ping Xiu took a look at his mobile phone and saw that there was no unread message.

Yan Jing Ze should be very busy. But since Yan Jing Ze said that he would come to see him tomorrow then he just had to wait.

He also has good news to tell Yan Jing Ze.

It’s getting cold now and washing the cars became harder. The Boss’s wife paid him a 500-yuan salary. He can give Yan Jing Ze more money next month in case Yan Jing Ze already spent all of his money by buying him so many things.

Putting the phone back in his pocket, Jiang Ping Xiu secretly looked at himself in the rearview mirror of the car.

This week, he used the shampoo that Yan Jing Ze bought for him. He also used the cream that Yan Jing Ze bought for him. Both of these things worked well.

Now his hair is not as hard as when he washed it with soap before, and the small cracks on his face are much better.

He felt better.

    ‘Brother Jing Ze, will you like it?’

“Jiang Ping Xiu, are you looking in the mirror?” Xiao Zhang asked in surprise when he saw Jiang Ping Xiu’s movements.

“I…” Jiang Ping Xiu felt a little embarrassed and blushed.

“You finally know how to look good!” Xiao Zhang said: “I tell you, men also need to be well-dressed and good looking to find a lover! Gee, if you can grow like your brother, you don’t have to chase after girls, there will be a group of girls pouncing on you instead.”

Speaking of Jiang Ping Xiu’s brother, Xiao Zhang’s face showed envy. Although he had opinions about Jiang Ping Xiu’s brother, he had to admit that his brother was very handsome.

Not only was he handsome, but he was also a student from a famous university. His future will definitely be different from them.

Thinking about it this way, Xiao Zhang said again: “Jiang Ping Xiu, your brother really doesn’t need to worry about anything in the future. With his condition, he will definitely be able to find a woman from a big house.”

The heat on Jiang Ping Xiu’s face receded and after a while, he nodded: “Well.”

Jiang Ping Xiu didn’t want to hear Xiao Zhang say this and went to the other side of the car to clean.


The car was cleaned. The owner drove away with satisfaction. When Jiang Ping Xiu went to do another chore, Xiao Zhang suddenly said: “Jiang Ping Xiu, is that your brother?”

Jiang Ping Xiu raised his head and really saw a man walking under a street lamp. The figure walked slowly and the light of the streetlamp shone on his face making him look very gentle.

That’s Yan Jing Ze!

Jiang Ping Xiu has known since childhood that his Yan Jing Ze was very beautiful.

Everyone else in the village was dirty but his Jing Ze was different. His face never had snot bubbles, his clothes were always clean, and his skin was even whiter than the best-looking girl in the village.

Yan Jing Ze was so different.

He admired Yan Jing Ze when he was young and later when he became older, he liked Yan Jing Ze but he never thought of being with Yan Jing Ze. At first, he just thought that Yan Jing Ze was studying in high school and didn’t even have a schoolbag. So he wanted to give Yan Jing Ze a schoolbag.

Yan Jing Ze accepted the schoolbag and was willing to talk to him, he was naturally ecstatic.

Later, when he learned that Yan Jing Ze had a bad time, he started to make money for Yan Jing Ze.

Someone like Yan Jing Ze did not even have money to eat.

From then to now, in the blink of an eye, three years have passed.

In the past three years, Yan Jing Ze was actually very lukewarm to him, but as long as Yan Jing Ze was willing to talk to him, he was already very happy.

And recently…

Recently, Yan Jing Ze was too good to him that he felt it was unreal.

Yan Jing Ze was so good-looking, Jiang Ping Xiu’s eyes cannot be moved away from him.

Jiang Ping Xiu’s bright eyes looked at Yan Jing Ze.

“Ping Xiu.” Yan Jing Ze also saw Jiang Ping Xiu, he showed a smile.

“Brother Jing Ze.” Jiang Ping Xiu suddenly recovered. “You… why are you here?”

“I came to pick you up. Ping Xiu, I rented a house, come stay with me tonight.”


The carwash shop closes at 10 o’clock in the evening and opens at 9 o’clock in the morning. The house he rented was 20 minutes away from here on his bicycle. Jiang Ping Xiu should not have a problem going back and forth.
In fact, he wanted Jiang Ping Xiu to resign, but he still has no money, so he can only do it slowly.


“Did you rent a house? Is there enough money?” Jiang Ping Xiu asked anxiously. He has been working in a car wash shop and never thought of changing places because the car wash shop includes food and accommodation. Renting a house in this city is very expensive and even a small shabby house will take five or six hundred yuan. Working in a shop where he can live and eat can save him a thousand per month!

Now Yan Jing Ze rented a house? How much did it cost him?

“I found a part-time job, I have enough money,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“You are still studying, how can you go to work?” Jiang Ping Xiu doesn’t want him to do it.

“My part-time job doesn’t take much time.” Yan Jing Ze laughed and changed the subject: “Are you going to get off work?”

“There are still twenty minutes left.” Jiang Ping Xiu looked at the time.

“I’ll wait for you.” Yan Jing Ze said.

Jiang Ping Xiu nodded, turned around, and moved a chair to Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze sat down, talked to Jiang Ping Xiu, and chatted with Xiao Zhang. It was late in the evening and only Xiao Zhang and Jiang Ping Xiu were in the store.

Everyone talked for a while, and then it was time to get off work.

Jiang Ping Xiu originally lived in a small room upstairs of the carwash shop and now he’s finally leaving. He went upstairs to pack up his belongings and put it in a plastic bag and carried it in his hand.

When Jiang Ping Xiu came downstairs, Yan Jing Ze was already sitting on his bicycle, waiting for him.

This second-hand bicycle was bought by Yan Jing Ze before he picked up Grandma Jiang. He had to go to his part-time job and attend school. It takes time to wait for a bus and too expensive to ride a taxi so he bought a bicycle instead.

Considering that it might be necessary to carry Jiang Ping Xiu, he also specifically bought a bicycle with an extra seat in the back.

At this moment, he clicked on one foot and said to Jiang Ping Xiu: “Ping Xiu, come sit!”

Jiang Ping Xiu’s heart jumped suddenly.

He didn’t know if he should sit, when he heard Yan Jing Ze said that, he sat awkwardly in the back seat of the bicycle.

“Hold onto me tightly. Let’s go,” Yan Jing Ze said and began to pedal the bicycle.

It is a very romantic thing to take a person you like home on a bicycle. Yan Jing Ze had long fantasized about this scene but after really doing this… he suddenly found out that his physical strength could not keep up.

Blame the original owner for only studying and not exercising!

After pedaling for a while, Yan Jing Ze was breathless.

Jiang Ping Xiu’s hands rested on Yan Jing Ze’s waist.

Yan Jing Ze told him to hold tight, but he didn’t dare do so. He just put his hand lightly on Yan Jing Ze’s waist, but even just like this, he was already very happy. He kept smiling secretly and put his face gently leaning on Yan Jing Ze’s clothes.

It is winter now and Yan Jing Ze was wearing thick clothes. If he leans like this, Yan Jing Ze should not find out?

Thinking this way, Jiang Ping Xiu put a light kiss on Yan Jing Ze’s clothes.

After doing it, Jiang Ping Xiu only found out that Yan Jing Ze was breathing heavily: “Brother Jing Ze… I’ll just walk…”

“It’s alright, just sit. This is an exercise for me…” Yan Jing Ze after talking began to pant again.

Jiang Ping Xiu listened to Yan Jing Ze’s breathless voice and was somewhat restless but Yan Jing Ze said he wanted to exercise… he could only continue to sit.

The usual twenty-minute ride became a half an hour ride.

Finally, he returned home and opened the door. While Yan Jing Ze was putting the bike into the house, he said to Jiang Ping Xiu: “Come in.”

Yan Jing Ze rented the house that was previously a textile mill. The house has two south-facing bedrooms, a small north-facing dining room, a north-facing kitchen, and a bathroom without windows.

Such a house is really not good. At least he quite dislikes the smell of the bathroom and the moldy walls, but when Jiang Ping Xiu entered, he said, “This house is really good.”

An old couple lived in this house before. The old couple had to help their daughter with their children so they rented the house to Yan Jing Ze. The house was fully furnished and cleaned. It was indeed better than Jiang Ping Xiu’s house in the village. Even better than his previous small room in the carwash shop.

“It’s good if you like it. I don’t have much money now. I can only rent such a house. In the future, we will each have a room, and also one room for your grandma,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Jiang Ping Xiu was stunned: “My grandmother?”

“Your grandmother is inside and should be asleep.” Yan Jing Ze laughed.

After eating a hot and spicy meal with Grandma Jiang, he let Grandma Jiang rest in the house and turned on the air conditioner for Grandma Jiang.

At that time, Grandma Jiang was thinking of waiting for Jiang Ping Xiu to return but now that there was no movement in the house, she should have fallen asleep.

Yan Jing Ze said it calmly, but Jiang Ping Xiu froze, and repeated: “My grandmother?”

“Well.” Yan Jing Ze nodded and opened Grandma Jiang’s door.

The two bedrooms facing the south of the house are the same size, and the layout is similar. They all have a bed, a bookcase, a TV cabinet with a TV on it.

At this time, the air-conditioning was turned on in the house and the old lady was lying in bed and was asleep.

Jiang Ping Xiu stood at the door for a while and then closed the door, looking at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze said, “I went back two days ago and brought your grandmother.”

Jiang Ping Xiu opened his mouth and finally smiled dryly: “Brother Jing Ze, did it cost you a lot of money? I still have a little more here, I will give you…”

“Did I not tell you? I found a part-time job and now I can make thousands of yuan a week. I have money.” He may not be able to earn so much now. After all, an online job is not stable, but if he really lacks money, he will take a few more tutorial jobs. He can still earn a thousand or two thousand a week.

He can also sign contracts with certain platforms to teach people online courses and so on. As long as a person has talent, there are many ways to make money.

Although the original owner’s character was not good, the learning ability was still very good. He has never touched the computer before but he can keep up with the school’s learning progress. And according to the original story, in the first half of the year, he was able to stand out in class. In his sophomore year, he even became famous in the department. If not for this, Bai Fu Mei would not like him.

Now switched to him. He felt that his learning ability was stronger than the original owner!

Yang Jing Ze was a little proud, Jiang Ping Xiu said: “Brother Jing Ze… you have money now… Do you want to separate from me?”

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Ah~ The author finished this novel yesterday. All 257 chapters, still not enough for her readers so she opened a new pit. It was a new story with seme and uke on their honeymoon trip to other worlds.

So happy~ I just love them, can’t get enough of them. o(>.<)o

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