BH (QT) – Phoenix Man (11)

Chapter Eleven – Phoenix Man (11)

At the same time that Yan Jing Ze arranged the Yan family, he did not forget to deal with Jiang Ping Xiu’s school membership.

On the 14th day of the month, he left his hometown.

When Yan Jing Ze returned to the city where he lived, it was already fifteenth of the month which happened to be the Lantern Festival and the last day of Jiang Ping Xiu’s work.

After thinking about it, he had less than two hundred dollars left. He found a shop and packed two portions of rice balls and then went to the shop where Jiang Ping Xiu worked.

Jiang Ping Xiu just finished giving a car wash. As a result, he looked up and saw Yan Jing Ze.

His heart jumped quickly.

Jiang Ping Xiu worked in the car wash shop until the 15th day of the month, but that day instead of continuing to work, he returned home. Holding a second-hand tablet that was exactly the same as Yan Jing Ze’s tablet for Yan Damei and listening to online classes.

In the junior high school online class, Yan Jing Ze bought a copy, let Jiang Ping Xiu and Yan Damei take the time to watch. He also asked these two to add friends so if they encountered problems that they didn’t understand, they can study it together online.

If they still don’t understand, write it down and let him teach.

The original owner has just entered freshman year and the knowledge of junior high school has not been forgotten.

Whether it is Jiang Ping Xiu or Yan Damei, studying is very serious.

The online courses that Yan Jing Ze buys are all very ordinary videos. Unlike some online courses, the teacher teaches people in real-time and also asks for homework online, but they still get the best value and listen very seriously.

Jiang Ping Xiu also bought a notebook as big as A4 paper and took notes every time he attended the class.

As for Yan Jing Ze, he himself does all kinds of part-time jobs in addition to taking classes.

Damei said they don’t have many expenses. They buy food and vegetables from home. They pay rent every month, buy meat, and buy a variety of learning utensils. One thousand yuan a month is enough. Of course, he will give more. Give them two thousand a month so that they don’t save too much on food—the three children always want to eat some meat.

On Yan Jing Ze’s side, they don’t spend much money. They make their own meals or buy them in the A Uni’s cafeteria. They don’t spend much.

Six months later, Yan Jing Ze had tens of thousands of deposits.

It was also at this time that Yan Jing Ze resigned from the tutoring class and began to be picky when picking up jobs online, He began to plan his own route in the future.

Of course, he did not forget to arrange a school for Jiang Ping Xiu.

Because there was no way or enough money, it was not easy to do this. Yan Jing Ze originally wanted to find a school for Jiang Ping Xiu in this big city but he could not find a suitable one. Later, he found that Jiang Ping Xiu was very serious and learned pretty well. He simply went back to his hometown and spent money to put Jiang Ping Xiu’s school membership in an ordinary high school in their county.

Many of the students who take the college entrance exam are in single digits and many of them either become college students or simply don’t go to school after the entrance exam. Although Jiang Ping Xiu’s grades in middle school weren’t good, they were still willing to put Jiang Ping Xiu’s name on their student list.
Of course, Jiang Ping Xiu will not go to that high school, Yan Jing Ze intends to let him study online at home and then teach him a few classes or something.

Self-study is a matter of strong willpower but Jiang Ping Xiu has done very well.

He had suffered so much before, staying at home every day and kept studying for more than ten hours was not hard for him at all.

By the time Yan Jing Ze was in his sophomore year, Jiang Ping Xiu had already made up for the junior high school curriculum and formally began to study the high school curriculum.

He also became a high school student in a high school in his hometown. Of course, he usually doesn’t go to that high school to take classes. He will only take the exam at the end of the term.

In addition to making great progress in school, Jiang Ping Xiu’s appearance has also changed dramatically in the past six months.

Yan Jing Ze buys several kinds of meat dishes from the canteen every day and returns home. He also makes several vegetable dishes at home. After the nutrition keeps up, Jiang Ping Xiu begins to grow taller.

And because he hasn’t gone outside for many days, his skin has turned white and looks better.

Today is the day when the university started. Yan Jing Ze went out early in the morning. Jiang Ping Xiu watched Yan Jing Ze leave, holding a tablet and following the recording inside to recite English.

He was learning when Grandma Jiang came.

“Grandma, is there something wrong?” Jiang Ping Xiu put down the tablet.

Grandma Jiang said: “Ping Xiu, are you really going to study?”

Jiang Ping Xiu nodded.

Grandma Jiang’s face was full of entanglement: “But…”

Jiang Ping Xiu asked: “Grandma, what’s wrong?”

Grandma Jiang said: “You haven’t been to work, we can’t always eat other’s food, live in others…”


Grandma Jiang has been entangled recently.

In her life, she was only bullied, never taking advantage of others, and was not used to taking advantage of others. But this half a year… her grandson did not go to work in this half-year, they were both raised by Yan Jing Ze!

In fact, when Jiang Ping Xiu didn’t go to work at the beginning, she didn’t know that Jiang Ping Xiu resigned from work. She thought her grandson was like Yan Jing Ze, he wanted to make money online.

She didn’t understand the words. When she heard Jiang Ping Xiu talking about English and Mathematics, she felt the same way she listened to Tianshu (heavenly book). She only knows to be careful not to disturb them, not thinking much about it at all.

It was only recently that she knew that her grandson was staying at home, not actually making money but studying!

If her grandchild doesn’t make money and want to study, what do they eat?

They have nothing to do with Yan Jing Ze, how can they be supported by Yan Jing Ze?

“Alas. I thought before, it was okay to let Yan Da spend money on food, anyway, the house is rented by you, but now you are not going to work, and it will be three years to go to high school…” Grandma Jiang was worried.

In the beginning, Jiang Ping Xiu was actually very upset not to be able to make money.

But Yan Jing Ze has been encouraging him.

More importantly, he wants to be a person who deserves Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze is so clever. He is studying in a good school like A University. He must not be too bad. Even if he fails to pass A University in the future, he should still study at University.

In fact, in the beginning, Jiang Ping Xiu never thought of being with Yan Jing Ze forever. He always thought that if Yan Jing Ze needs him, he will be with Yan Jing Ze, and if one day Yan Jing Ze doesn’t need him anymore then he will leave.

But now, he was reluctant, he did not want to leave.

He wants to be with Yan Jing Ze.

“Grandma, I want to go to university.” Jiang Ping Xiu said.

“Grandma also wants you to go to university… Why don’t we go back to village’s school? It’s too expensive to rent a house here…” Grandma Jiang was a little worried: “The money you gave to grandma before, grandma has saved it, there are 5,000 yuan. Now, let’s go back to school and save some money?”


“I don’t want to go back.” Jiang Ping Xiu said. He wanted to be with Yan Jing Ze, not want to be separated from Yan Jing Ze.

“Alas…” Grandma Jiang sighed, and suddenly thought of something: “Ping Wa, how much money do you have in your hand?”

Jiang Ping Xiu said: “I have more than 10,000.” When he was working in a car wash, he would save a thousand every month. The money he gave his grandmother was small, and he also kept two thousand around him. The last two months of work added up and received another eight thousand in wages.

Originally, these days, he would spend a little more or less, but every New Year, they always sent him red envelopes… In the end, not only did he have less money, but he had more money.

“You have so much money?” Grandma Jiang was a little surprised, and said: “Wait, let’s give a little money to Yan Da?”


Jiang Ping Xiu nodded. Yan Jing Ze is working very hard to earn money in the past six months. Whenever he gives money to Yan Jing Ze, Yan Jing Ze would always refuse it. Otherwise, let his grandmother give?

Yan Jing Ze can’t tell his grandmother about being his boyfriend. He can’t use this reason to refuse money, he can only collect it.

Thinking of talking about the subject, Jiang Ping Xiu’s face was inevitably a bit red.

Yan Jing Ze is always calling him ‘wife’… He likes being called ‘wife’.

In this way, they look like a family.

When Jiang Ping Xiu was thinking about Yan Jing Ze, Yan Jing Ze, who had just started school, met the former wife of the original owner in school, Bai Fumei—who likes to break other people’s legs.

Bai Fumei’s name is Li Weiwei, and she is one year younger than Yan Jing Ze. She is now a freshman.

She doesn’t look that pretty, but she is able to dress up and her clothes are good. Among the freshmen who have just entered the school, she can also be regarded as a little beauty.

In the original plot, the original owner noticed Bai Fumei when he was a sophomore, but Bai Fumei didn’t notice him at all. Later, the original owner’s performance became better and better, and he stood out in the department. Only then they began to contact.

The original owner started pursuing Bai Fumei from his junior year. After a year of chasing, he finally got the beauty in his embrace.

Yan Jing Ze wasn’t interested in the girl at all. He decided to stay away from her. Today, when he came to school to ask questions to Teacher Zhao, he met the other party but he didn’t talk to her.

As a result, he did not make contact with her, but Li Weiwei caught up when he left and smiled at him: “Senior, how old are you? What’s your name?”

Yan Jing Ze quickened his pace and quickly stepped on his second-hand bicycle and rushed out like an arrow off the string, leaving the charming schoolgirl behind.

Li Weiwei: “…”

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