Chapter 11 – Phoenix Man (11) *edited

Yan Jingze arranged matters for his family members while making sure to handle Jiang Pingxiu’s school registration.

On the fourteenth day of the first lunar month, he departed from his hometown.

By the time Yan Jingze returned to the city, it was already the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, coinciding with the Lantern Festival and also marking Jiang Pingxiu’s final day at work.

Considering his financial situation, with less than two hundred yuan on him, he purchased two portions of glutinous rice balls from a store and headed towards Jiang Pingxiu’s workplace.

Jiang Pingxiu was busy washing a car when he looked up and caught sight of Yan Jingze.

His heart raced.

Jiang Pingxiu worked at the car wash until the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, then ceased working and went back home. Every day, he held a second-hand tablet identical to the one Yan Jingze gave to Yan Damei, using it to watch online classes.

Yan Jingze bought a copy of the online classes for junior high school and asked Jiang Pingxiu and Yan Damei to watch it at different times. He even helped them become friends online, resolving any problems they encountered by researching together.

Any lingering doubts were written down and Yan Jingze would teach them himself.

The original owner had just entered university, still fresh with the knowledge from junior and high school.

Both Jiang Pingxiu and Yan Damei were incredibly dedicated to their studies.

The online classes Yan Jingze purchased were just ordinary video lectures, unlike some classes with live teachers, real-time queries, and assignments. However, they treasured these resources and listened attentively.

Jiang Pingxiu even bought a notebook as big as A4 paper and took notes during each class.

As for Yan Jingze himself, apart from attending classes, he took on various part-time jobs.

Expenses for Yan Damei and the others were minimal. They received grains and vegetables from home, paid monthly rent, bought meat, and some study materials, with a monthly expense of a thousand yuan being sufficient. Of course, Yan Jingze would provide more, giving them two thousand yuan each month, ensuring they didn’t skimp on their meals – after all, three children still needed some meat.

Yan Jingze didn’t spend much in the city either. They either cooked their own meals or bought them from the cafeteria of A University, which didn’t cost much.

Six months later, Yan Jingze finally had a few tens of thousands of yuan in savings.

It was at this time that Yan Jingze resigned from his tutoring job, became more selective in online work, and began to plan the path he wanted to take in the future.

Of course, he also didn’t forget to arrange a school for Jiang Pingxiu.

Due to a lack of connections and insufficient funds, this task was not easy to accomplish. Yan Jingze originally intended to find a school for Jiang Pingxiu in the big city, but he couldn’t find a suitable one. Eventually, he observed how diligently Jiang Pingxiu attended online classes and learned quite well. Yan Jingze decided to return to his hometown and, at a cost, arranged for Jiang Pingxiu’s student records to be placed in an ordinary high school in their county.

The high school’s yearly count of students entering university was minimal; many pursued junior college or chose not to continue their studies after the college entrance examination. Despite Jiang Pingxiu’s unremarkable results in the previous middle school entrance examination, they were willing to admit him.

However, Jiang Pingxiu didn’t attend the high school. Yan Jingze planned for him to study at home through online courses and possibly attend a few review classes.

Self-studying demanded a strong will, yet Jiang Pingxiu excelled remarkably. Having endured significant hardships in the past, studying continuously for over ten hours a day at home didn’t seem arduous to him.

By the time Yan Jingze reached his sophomore year in college, Jiang Pingxiu had almost completed the elementary and junior high school courses and officially started studying high school courses.

He became a freshman at a local high school in their hometown, but he rarely attended classes there; he only appeared for exams at the end of each term.

Aside from significant progress in academics, half a year later, Jiang Pingxiu’s appearance underwent an incredible transformation.

Yan Jingze would bring home several meat dishes from the canteen daily, accompanied by a few vegetable dishes. With improved nutrition, Jiang Pingxiu started growing taller.

Moreover, not enduring exposure to the weather elements, he became fairer and more attractive.

On the day the university commenced, Yan Jingze left early. Once Yan Jingze departed, Jiang Pingxiu, holding the tablet, followed the recorded English lessons.

He was studying when Grandma Jiang arrived.

“Grandma, is something the matter?” Jiang Pingxiu set down the tablet.

Grandma Jiang said, “Pingxiu, do you really want to study?”

Jiang Pingxiu nodded.

Grandma Jiang’s face was filled with conflict. “But…”

Jiang Pingxiu asked, “Grandma, what’s wrong?”

Grandma Jiang said, “You’ve never been going to work. We can’t keep relying on others for food and shelter.”

Lately, Grandma Jiang was in great distress.

Throughout her life, she had only been mistreated, never taken advantage of others, and was not accustomed to taking advantage of others either. But in the past six months, her grandson hadn’t been working and seemed to be supported by Yan Jingze!

Initially, when Jiang Pingxiu stopped going to work, she didn’t realize he was jobless. She assumed her grandson was making money online like Yan Jingze. Illiterate and unable to understand what Jiang Pingxiu muttered about English and Mathematics, she simply avoided disturbing him, never giving it much thought.

It wasn’t until recently that she discovered her grandson was at home not to earn but to study!

If her grandson wasn’t making money but studying, then their living expenses were all dependent on Yan Jingze!

They had no blood relation or any reason to rely on Yan Jingze.

“Alas! I thought if Xiao Yan pays for meals, at least the house is rented by you, but now you’re not working, and you still have three years of high school…” Grandma Jiang fretted.

Initially, Jiang Pingxiu himself was quite unsettled.

However, Yan Jingze had been encouraging him all along.

Moreover, he wanted to be a person worthy of Yan Jingze.

Yan Jingze was so clever, attending a good school like A University, he certainly couldn’t be too bad. Even if he didn’t make it to A University in the future, he still had to attend college.

Initially, Jiang Pingxiu never thought about being with Yan Jingze forever. His mindset was always, as long as Yan Jingze needed him, he would stay with him. If one day Yan Jingze didn’t want him anymore, he would leave.

But now, he was reluctant; he didn’t want to leave.

He wanted to be with Yan Jingze.

“Grandma, I want to go to college,” Jiang Pingxiu said.

“Grandma also wants you to go to college… Or, should we go back to study? Renting a place here is too expensive…” Grandma Jiang was somewhat worried. “The money you used to give me before, I’ve saved it all. There’s five thousand yuan now. If we go back to study, wouldn’t it be enough if we spend carefully?”

“I don’t want to go back,” Jiang Pingxiu said. He wanted to be with Yan Jingze and didn’t want to be separated from him.

“Alas!” Grandma Jiang sighed, then suddenly thought of something. “Pingwa’er, how much money do you have now?”

“I have over ten thousand.” When he worked at the car wash, he managed to save a thousand each month. He gave his grandmother some of that money, kept two thousand for himself, and earned over eight thousand in the last two months of work, totaling over ten thousand.

Originally, during this time, he would spend some of the money, but during holidays and special occasions, Yan Jingze always gave him red envelopes… In the end, not only did his money not decrease, it increased.

“You have so much money?” Grandma Jiang was pleasantly surprised. She added, “Then, shall we give a little to Xiao Yan later?”

Jiang Pingxiu nodded. It had been quite difficult for Yan Jingze to earn money in the past six months, but whenever he tried to give money to Yan Jingze, Yan Jingze always refused. So, should he let his grandma give it?

He couldn’t tell his grandmother about the relationship with Yan Jingze. He couldn’t reject his money using this excuse, so he just had to accept it.

Thinking about the matter of their relationship, Jiang Pingxiu’s face unavoidably reddened.

Yan Jingze always called him “wife” or “bride”… he liked it when Yan Jingze called him that way.

In this way, they were like a family.

While Jiang Pingxiu was thinking about Yan Jingze, Yan Jingze who had just started school encountered the future wife of the original owner, the Bai Fumei (white rich girl) who liked to break other people’s legs.

This Bai Fumei’s name is Li Weiwei, one year younger than Yan Jingze, and currently in her freshman year.

Her appearance wasn’t exceptionally stunning, but she was good at dressing up, had good taste in clothes, and among the new students, she was considered a pretty girl.

In the original plot, the original owner noticed Li Weiwei when he was in his second year, but she didn’t notice him at all. Later, as the original owner’s grades improved and he stood out in his department, Li Weiwei began to interact with him.

From the third year onwards, the original owner pursued Li Weiwei, and after a year, he finally won her heart.

Yan Jingze didn’t have any feelings for this girl and had already decided to keep his distance. Today, when he asked Professor Zhao a question at his office, he encountered her but acted as if he hadn’t seen her.

As a result, despite his lack of contact with her, Li Weiwei caught up with him as he was leaving and smiled at him, saying, “Senior, what year are you in? What’s your name?”

Yan Jingze hastened his pace, quickly hopped on his second-hand bicycle, and dashed out like an arrow, leaving the charming schoolgirl behind.

Li Weiwei: “…”

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