BH (QT) – Phoenix Man (10)

Chapter Ten – Phoenix Man (10)

Yan Jing Ze said this with certainty. He wanted to hit the iron while it’s hot. Father Yan, Mother Yan, and Yan Damei were all ignorant after hearing it.

Going to college is not a simple matter. How can you say it… like going to college is so easy?

Yan Damei couldn’t help but say: “Which is so easy to go to college, I can’t even pass high school,” she said looking sad.

She is only in her second year now. She believes that she is studying hard and she has learned the contents of the books. She will do all the topics left by the school teacher but she will not be able to pass the exam papers from other schools.

What they teach in school is too simple.

But there is no way… when there’s a question she can’t understand she will ask the teacher, but the teacher can’t understand it either.

Her brother is the smartest person in the village and he was the first junior high school student in history to be admitted to the best high school in the county. She had encountered problems that she couldn’t understand before, she wanted to ask her brother but her brother refused to teach her. This is still math.

She learned worse in English and Chinese. She didn’t know how to write any composition let alone other subjects. The book said to observe onions with a microscope but she had never seen a microscope before.

“Damei, you’re smart enough to get into high school.” Yan Jing Ze looked at Yan Damei gently.

Judging from the memory of the original owner, Yan Damei is really smart. Many of the junior high school teachers did not understand the books but Yan Damei read the book by herself and learned all the math!

In fact, if the original owner can teach this sister, she will surely enter high school. Unfortunately, the original owner regarded all his brothers and sisters as people who were robbing resources with himself and in particular did not want to see them.

Not to mention letting the original owner teach them, the learning materials used by the original owner would rather be thrown away than given to the younger brothers and sisters.

Yan Damei also feels that she is not stupid but no one has ever praised her. After all, she has a brother who is smarter than her. As for high school… Everyone thinks that girls don’t need to go to high school. They can just graduate from junior high school, go to work, and marry someone.

Now her brother said she must be admitted to high school. When Yan Damei looked at her brother, the hostility in her eyes disappeared.

Yan Jing Ze continued: “I will rent a house in the town today. When the school starts later, Mom, you will accompany Damei, Ermei and Xiaoyan to study in the town, cook for them, and let them concentrate on reading. I also brought back two tablets, one for Damei and Ermei, and one for Xiaoyan. This tablet can be used to listen to online lessons, which is good for studying.”

No matter whether it is Yan Jing Ze or Damei, the junior high schools were all in a small town nearby.

There is only one street in this town. In the whole junior high school, there are only two classes in one grade. In short, the teaching quality is very poor.

That’s enough, going home from the town, you have to walk for almost two hours.

Yan Damei will walk back and forth every day, coupled with picking up her siblings, it would take almost four hours to delay. Isn’t this a waste of time?

Yan Jing Ze is very clear. If you want them to study hard, you can’t go on like this!

As for the problem of the quality of teaching in schools… The best way is, of course, to change schools for them, but it is not so easy to change schools. You have to have connections or money, and he has none.

Fortunately, there is now a better choice, online courses!

Nowadays, various online courses are quite cheap, and even some courses can be found free online. He doesn’t have to pay for some expensive classes for Damei, as long as they buy the video of the lectures of the teachers in each junior high school and primary school. Online lectures don’t cost much money.

The children of those families with a very good family in the city would have difficulty paying attention to such non-interactive lecture videos, but he believed that Damei who wanted to change her life by reading would definitely concentrate on listening.

Yan Jing Ze’s plan was very good. Damei even stood up excitedly, but Father Yan was not happy: “Rent a house? How much does it cost!”

“It doesn’t cost much, I have money,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Then you don’t need to let your mother follow… Damei can also cook.” Father Yan said again: “There are a lot of work in the farm!”

“Dad, when she is studying, she has to take time to cook which is a waste of how much time?” Yan Jing Ze said, if his mother didn’t go, Yan Damei would have to take care of her siblings. How could she study hard? “Dad, if you don’t want to stay at home alone, you can go to town to live.”

“No. If I go to town, what about the farm at home? What about the pigs at home?” Father Yan said.

Yan Jing Ze actually did not want Father Yan to go to town. Hearing this, it was exactly what he wanted.

Mother Yan is mute, she can’t speak. Not only that, but she also has no obvious preference for her children and she even listens to Damei’s words. It is good to let her accompany the children to study, but Father Yan is different.

Father Yan is actually very patriarchal and he hits his children. If he goes to town, he will not have anything to do. Every day at home will command his children to work and talk about marrying off Damei. It will definitely affect Damei’s studies.
Yan Jing Ze was thinking about this and heard Father Yan said: “Actually, Damei and Ermei are girls, they can just go to work after junior high school, what high school…”

Yan Jing Ze said: “If they can continue their studies, they can make more money.”

“No matter how much money the girl earns, she will be another family’s wife in the future.” Father Yan was not moved.

Yan Jing Ze said: “Who said? Damei can go to college, don’t you care?”

“Dad, I will give you a pension!” Yan Damei said.

“Can your in-laws be willing?” Father Yan asked.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” Father Yan’s thinking is really very problematic and it still doesn’t make sense.

He thought about it and did not want to argue anymore and only said: “Dad, anyway, I want my brother and sisters to study, you must agree.”


The original owner in this family has always been the same. No matter what he decided, no one can object.

Father Yan always felt that he had to rely on his eldest son to support his old age. He was afraid that his eldest son would be angry. No matter how he was, he would not dare to object to the eldest son’s decision. Now Yan Jing Ze says so. Then… just let them study!

Father Yan had no comments but Yan Jing Ze said: “Dad, think about it. I earned a lot, renting a house for my brother and sister to study in the town. This is a face-saving thing. You go out and talk to people. Everyone will surely envy you.”

Father Yan usually attaches the most importance to face.

He was crippled since childhood and the wife he married was mute. He used to be unable to lift his head in the village. Later, when his son had a good time, he could stand up and be a man. His usual favorite is to hear people praise him for having a good son–What a face!

Now, following the words of Yan Jing Ze… Father Yan suddenly looked forward to the future.

After the family had dinner, Yan Jing Ze took out a stack of money and asked Father Yan to take him with him to pay the debt first.

All the debts of their family add up to less than 10,000. He now has the money to pay back and after the debts are paid then his brother and sisters can live in town.

You still owe a debt, but you let your family go to town to study?

When he heard that he was going to repay the debt, Father Yan immediately became energetic.

He took the Yan Jing Ze, his son is going to pay his family’s debts, it is expected to boast some words: “My family’s Jing Ze is so powerful, only a university student but can already earn money!”

“He’s been so clever since he was a kid, I never even needed to worry about him!”

“He also said that he would let his brother and sisters rent a house in town so that they could study easily. I told him it would cost so much money, but he insisted on doing this! He has earned so much money and there’s nowhere to spend!”

“Studying is very good! See, Jing Ze is still studying and has already earned so much money!”

Father Yan dragged his crippled leg from the village head to village tail, and from village tail to village head. He didn’t drink alcohol, but the whole person was red, and his voice was much louder than usual.

He delayed a lot of time, but Yan Jing Ze has not urged him.

Father Yan is obviously very happy now so let him be happy for a while, but… he had wanted to rent a house today, but now it seems he cannot.

The next day, Yan Jing Ze took his siblings and mother to town early in the morning.

The population loss is very serious here. The young people in the village basically go out to work and the young people in the town are the same. The school has fewer students every year. Because of this, the houses in the town are very cheap. One set can be bought for 10,000 or 20,000.

It’s a pity that he doesn’t even have the money now and there is no need to buy such a house.

Yan Jing Ze rented a very small, two-story house at a price of 150 yuan a month.

The house has been around for a long time. The first floor has a kitchen, dining room, toilet, and a small bedroom. The second floor is a relatively short loft. It is divided into three rooms, perfect for Mother Yan and the others, a room for each person.

The only drawback of this room is that there are no electrical appliances in it, only a few old furniture, but this is nothing. They can just go to the county and buy some.

Yan Jing Ze rented a house, went to the county town, pulled a network cable to the house, and bought some electrical appliances, including a second-hand TV.

The Yan Family doesn’t have a TV set and Mother Yan has never watched TV. He bought one so she could watch it and enjoy it.

For the rest of the day, Yan Jing Ze basically spent it in the house, and at the same time, he also gave the tablet he brought back to Damei.

The tablet he bought is also second-hand. After all, he is short of money now, but he spent a lot of money on online courses and various exercise books.

For young children, learning motivation is very important. With enough learning motivation, they can learn well. Yan Jing Ze is very clear about this, so as long as you have time, tell them how good it is to study in college.

Damei and the rest listened and were stunned, they are full of yearning for the university.

Yan Jing Ze then told them how comfortable it would be to live in the city in the future… so to speak, they all yearned to become city people too.
When everything is arranged, Yan Ermei and Xiaoyan have already treated Yan Jing Ze as an omnipotent brother!

Even Yan Damei, who was originally dissatisfied with Yan Jing Ze, is now very attentive to Yan Jing Ze. She’s always around Yan Jing Ze delivering water and almost fed him food into his mouth.
When Yan Jing Ze was wandering around the village, he heard Damei talking to some girls her age: “My brother said I will definitely be admitted to high school.”

“When I get into high school, I have to go to college!”

“I’m going to be a city person!”

“My brother is so powerful, he didn’t ask for money from home while at school. Instead, he brought so much money back!”

“I want to learn from my brother!”


Then, those friends who heard Yan Damei all envied: “Damei, your brother is so good.”

Others asked Damei: “Damei, what kind of wife does your brother want to find? Do you think if I chase him I will succeed?”

Yan Jing Ze became the dream lover of all young girls in the village!

Yan Damei said without hesitation: “You can certainly not, my brother, he should find someone in the city to be my sister-in-law, the kind who went to college!”

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

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