BH (QT) 23 – Genius Slacker (6)

Chapter Twenty-Three – Genius Slacker (6)

In a place like a school, a little gossip could be spread very quickly.


During morning study, some of the students who had sneaked their phones into the classroom had already spread the news about what had happened in front of the school building earlier.


“I didn’t expect Yan Jing Ze to be such a person…”


“What kind of brain circuit that big boss has! His bragging was too mind-blowing!”


“He’s got some skills. He actually learned Learning God’s handwriting and after he learned them, he wrote a love letter to himself.”


“Cheng An Xiu is really unlucky… He’s so focused on learning that he doesn’t seem to know anything yet.”


“Is there anyone like me, who used to think that Yan Jing Ze was cool? Now…”


“I can’t even look straight at Yan Jing Ze anymore…”


“That guy’s image has collapsed!”


People kept chatting, the younger brothers of Yan Jing Ze entered their secret chatroom. Yang Jing Ze is not a member of this group chat so they can all talk freely: “The boss is really amazing; he dares to brag about himself using Cheng An Xiu’s handwriting!”


“A real warrior! He dares to write love letters to himself with the handwriting of the Learning God!”

“Yesterday, Cheng An Xiu hit the boss with a cake. Is it because he found out? What do you think?”

“He even let the boss slap himself.”


Speaking of it, someone suddenly said: “Normally speaking, the boss hates Cheng An Xiu. He should frame Cheng An Xiu to like other guys, but why does he want to frame Cheng An Xiu to like himself instead?”


As soon as these words came out, the group immediately became quiet.

Everyone has an idea that makes them feel incredible.

Their boss, wouldn’t he like Cheng An Xiu?

How else would you explain this?

Looking at the phone, Yu Liming kept cursing in his heart.

The relationship between Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu was private. The students sitting in front and back tables know nothing about it, but as Yan Jing Ze’s younger brother and also his classmate, he was sometimes forced by Yan Jing Ze to do things.

For example, buy drinks, breakfast, or something.

He had seen Cheng An Xiu eating those foods.

Their boss asked him to buy something for Cheng An Xiu to eat.

At that time, he thought his boss wants to please Cheng An Xiu for the homework. Now it seems… it’s not?

Suddenly someone in the group said: “Go to the penguin group!”

Soon, everyone moved to the penguin group, and coincidentally, used the anonymous function.

“In the past, the boss once let me watch Cheng An Xiu.”

“The boss asked me to buy breakfast for Cheng An Xiu!”


“Didn’t the boss hate to study before? But some time ago after class, he pestered Cheng An Xiu to give him a topic!”

“So, it was the boss who likes Cheng An Xiu, right?”

“Brave warrior!”

“Boss deserves to be the boss!”



Things like ‘a man liking another man’ are still not accepted by the general public, but Yan Jing Ze’s younger brothers are all rebellious teenagers. It’s easy for them to accept it.

They like things that are usually different from normal!

The morning self-study bell rang and Yu Liming, who had been chatting on his mobile phone throughout the morning, ate big melons (gossip) and was content to eat. He was about to put down his phone when he saw Cheng An Xiu.

Cheng An Xiu stood beside him with a cold expression, making him a little scared unconsciously.

At this time, Cheng An Xiu tapped his table with his finger: “What happened to Yan Jing Ze?”

Cheng An Xiu has never figured out what happened.

He had originally wanted to call Yan Jing Ze back to the classroom to ask questions through morning self-study, but he failed. Later, the teacher came and called Zhuang Gaohang and Pu Zhi away.

It’s probably not just about Yan Jing Ze writing some messy words using his handwriting.

“What can happen to the boss?” Yu Liming smiled awkwardly.

“Well?” Cheng An Xiu looked at Yu Liming coldly.

Yu Liming shivered: “It’s really nothing to do with the boss. It’s someone else who sent out screenshots of his bragging…”

Under Cheng An Xiu’s cold gaze, Yu Liming showed Cheng An Xiu the picture he had saved.

Then Cheng An Xiu saw the love letters he wrote and some chat records of Yan Jing Ze.

Cheng An Xiu: “…”

If Yan Jing Ze hadn’t wailed at him last night, Cheng An Xiu would definitely be very angry now, seriously angry.

Even if he likes Yan Jing Ze, he won’t pester Yan Jing Ze.

In fact, he doesn’t know why he likes Yan Jing Ze… Maybe because Yan Jing Ze is too different?

He remembered that when he was in his first year of high school, he accidentally noticed Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze was very handsome, looked rebellious and mischievous, and was of a completely different type from him. At that time, his heart jumped involuntarily.

However, he had already planned for his future, so although he was very concerned about Yan Jing Ze, it was nothing more than that.

The only thing he did was when he accidentally encounters Yan Jing Ze, he looked at him more often.

As a result, in the second year of high school, Yan Jing Ze actually came to their class.

His father felt a headache when he looked at Yan Jing Ze calling to his friends, but he actually liked such a lively Yan Jing Ze.

His parents were very demanding of him from an early age, and he was very demanding of himself, so he had been studying hard and has almost never lived a life like Yan Jing Ze.

His eyes are always involuntarily attracted by Yan Jing Ze.

Later, his father arranged for them to sit together.

He found that Yan Jing Ze was not stupid but felt that his family was rich so he did not need to study.

He hated iron not becoming steel, so he cared a little bit more about Yan Jing Ze. As a result, Yan Jing Ze discovered his feelings.

He was taken aback at the time.

This kind of ‘feelings’ has always been unacceptable. He was afraid Yan Zing Ze will look at him strangely and he was afraid that others will know about it.

As a result, Yan Jing Ze didn’t say anything about it and even started to pursue him.

Yan Jing Ze gave him many things and confessed to him again and again.

He could actually feel that Yan Jing Ze didn’t like him that much. He was good to him but not as good to his two buddies.

But they are still in high school and they are both men. There is no need to think too much about a relationship?

After graduating from high school, Yan Jing Ze will go abroad. While he will be admitted to the university he wanted to enter. They may separate naturally.

However, even if he knows this, this is his first love after all. Cheng An Xiu still cherishes it, and he really likes Yan Jing Ze… So whatever Yan Jing Ze wants from him, he was naturally willing to do it, such as writing love letters or sending cakes.

However, he originally thought that they would have their relationship in private so that they could stay together but this matter has suddenly changed since yesterday.

Inexplicably, he felt that when Yan Jing Ze smashed himself with a cake, he looked very handsome, and he was more handsome than ever.

Later, Yan Jing Ze’s various performances were a bit silly, but he liked it and felt that his whole heart was filled with Yan Jing Ze.

He likes Yan Jing Ze so much that he didn’t get very angry when he saw the screenshots sent by Yan Jing Ze yesterday.

Now… he wasn’t too angry.

Yan Jing Ze probably knew something yesterday, so he imitated his handwriting and wrote those things, just to prevent people from knowing that he wrote the love letters.

Yan Jing Ze is helping him.

Although in the screenshots, Yan Jing Ze said some words too much, Cheng An Xiu was not angry when he saw this.

Of course, he wasn’t happy.

Cheng An Xiu’s face became colder.

“Boss, he just likes to talk nonsense…” Yu Liming looked at Cheng An Xiu awkwardly.

“Yeah.” Cheng An Xiu replied and walked to the office.

He is going to see the situation.

At this time, in the office, the matter was over.

Originally, Father Yan and Mother Yan came to complain but found out that their son was not bullied but was actually the culprit, they became very nice all of a sudden.
What about Father Cheng? He realized that his son might be interested in Yan Jing Ze, a little bit dazed, and equally easy to talk to.

In the end, this matter was handed over to the principal who likes to establish relationships, to deal with it.

The principal asked Pu Zhi and Zhuang Gaohang to understand the cause and effect.

Because Yan Jing Ze insisted that, whether it was the love letters or something else, he wrote it all by himself. Talking in a group is just to brag about it. There is no malice. The principal is looking at what the Yan family ‘contributed’ to the school over the years, just said a few reprimands to Yan Jing Ze and it was over.

As for someone posting screenshots and love letters everywhere…

Pu Zhi acknowledged the matter in one go, saying that he sent the screenshots and love letters.

Pu Zhi’s family isn’t simple either, plus he said that he did it because he believed in what Yan Jing Ze said. It was to help out Yan Jing Ze and didn’t tell too many people about it, only a few close friends, not knowing why it became known later. Let the principal know it has nothing to do with him.

As for Zhuang Gaohang… Zhuang Gaohang called Father Yan and Mother Yan and didn’t tell the matter to Yan Jing Ze. Only that and nothing else.
All this was in Yan Jing Ze’s expectation, but he still felt a little suffocated.

He knew from the very beginning that without any serious consequences, the school would most likely turn a major event into a minor issue, and he accepted this, but he was really angry.

However, he would not make Zhuang Gaohang feel better.

If the matter doesn’t settle today, Zhuang Gaohang’s parents must also have a way to get Zhuang Gaohang out of trouble. His efforts won’t be in vain, this matter can only be settled slowly in the future!

Seeing that the matter has been resolved, the principal said, “Let Yan Jing Ze and Pu Zhi apologize to Cheng An Xiu…”

“Wait, I have a request!” Father Cheng suddenly said.

Father Cheng had been silent before, but now he suddenly spoke and everyone looked at him.

Father Cheng said: “Yan Jing Ze, Pu Zhi, and Zhuang Gaohang can no longer stay in the same class. Yan Jing Ze’s grades were not up to the standard of class 1, so let him go where he should go. As for Pu Zhi and Zhuang Gaohang, they can go to the second class.”


Class 2 is the same as class 1, which is a science class, and the two classes are actually not much different.

Father Cheng was a teacher and he was very good at seeing people. He could clearly feel that Pu Zhi didn’t like him very much and even now, while in front of everyone, Pu Zhi still looked at him several times with malicious eyes.

Zhuang Gaohang hides better but he can also feel it, Zhuang Gaohang rejects him.

What’s more, Zhuang Gaohang and Pu Zhi are very close. Can Zhuang Gaohang really not know what Pu Zhi did?

This time, the incident was clearly directed at his son. If there was no such thing as Yan Jing Ze’s self-destruction in the morning, what would his son be described as?

He doesn’t want to teach these two people anymore!

As for Yan Jing Ze.

In the past, Yan Jing Ze disrespected him very much. Although his attitude has changed today, Yan Jing Ze and his son… the two cannot be together anymore!

“Mr. Cheng, I was born to be in class 1, become a ghost from class 1. Let me stay!” Yan Jing Ze wailed.

The father and the mother looked at their son with a hard look. How did their son become like this?

As for Pu Zhi and Zhuang Gaohang, their faces were very ugly. Pu Zhi said: “Then we’ll leave! Who cares about class 1?”

In short, Pu Zhi and Zhuang Gaohang did not hesitate to prepare to go to the second class, but Yan Jing Ze doesn’t want to leave.

He doesn’t want to follow it.

Father Cheng was unwilling to let him stay with his son anymore. As for his father and his mother, they were too embarrassed to let their son harm others in class 1.

In the end, the principal decided that Pu Zhi and Zhuang Gaohang would go to Class 2 and Yan Jing Ze to Class 10.

“Dad, Mom, I don’t want to go to Class 10!” Yan Jing Ze looked at his father and mother.

He finally resolved the crisis that his dear was facing and wanted to let his dear comfort him. He wanted to make up with his dear, but he was beaten by Father Cheng’s order…

He is too miserable.

“This is the teacher’s decision,” Father Yan kindly persuaded his son.

“Teacher Cheng, I want to stay in class…” Yan Jing Ze looked at Father Cheng.

“Class 1 is a science class. Those with poor grades cannot enter,” Father Cheng said with iron-face.

“If I have good grades, I can enter?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“Yes,” Father Cheng said.

The science class of No. 1 High School does not have to be those with the best grades.

There is no way for the students in the science class to occupy the top 100, but at the end of each semester, the two students with the worst grades in the experimental class will be eliminated, and then two students with the best grades from other classes will be selected to fill in. Of course, the students who do not want to change classes will not be forced.

Father Cheng originally wanted to replace Yan Jing Ze at the end of this semester, but now he intends to get rid of him ahead of time.

“Teacher Cheng, don’t worry, I will come to class 1 again!” Yan Jing Ze said affirmatively.

Father Cheng didn’t believe his words at all, and if Yan Jing Ze could come to the class by his own ability, then the sun should come out from the west!

Father Yan and Mother Yan also felt that their son is too fanciful.

If their son can get into class 1 by his own ability, they will donate another building to the school!

Only the Chinese teacher from class 1 smiled and patted Yan Jing Ze on the shoulder: “Young man, good ambition!”

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Eating Melon Seeds – in Asian countries, eating melon seeds while watching TV is the norm. When you use it as ‘people who eat melon seeds’, it means they are watching things that are worth gossiping about.

Hate iron not becoming steel – you just basically want that person to become something but it just won’t happen.

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