BH (QT) 22 – Genius Slacker (5)

Chapter Twenty-Two – Genius Slacker (5)

If he can’t get the love letters back, what should he do?

He can only make people think that he imitated Cheng An Xiu’s handwriting.

Although this thing ruined his image, it at least saved Cheng An Xiu’s.

Yan Jing Ze looked at Father Cheng innocently.

Father Cheng’s mood became more complicated and his expression became more solemn.

When Yan Jing Ze saw this, he smiled at Father Cheng with a guilty conscience and did not forget to clear things: “Teacher Cheng, I just wrote those things for fun, I really have no malice! I don’t know why everyone saw it… It’s shameful!”

Yan Jing Ze looked ashamed of himself.

The expressions of the students around him are also very subtle.

Father Cheng stood there. These students did not dare to get too close. Most of them didn’t see Yan Jing Ze’s letter. “Teacher Cheng’s most handsome in the world”, but they heard what Yan Jing Ze said.

They are still circulating the scattered paper before.

They knew it! How could Cheng An Xiu write such a thing! If it is written by Yan Jing Ze, it is normal!

Wait, even if it was written by Yan Jing Ze, it’s still not normal!

Those students looked at the paper with various descriptions in their hands that made people feel ‘difficult to describe’, and then looked at the cool, mischievous, and handsome, Yan Jing Ze…

They didn’t expect him to be like this!

“Yan Jing Ze, you are the clearest snow lotus on the snow-capped mountains, and the most beautiful rose in the garden…”

You said that to yourself! Excuse me?

No, no, no, what do you mean by that!

Yan Jing Ze even used Cheng An Xiu’s handwriting to write love letters and send the love letters to himself!

He even blackened Cheng An Xiu! Saying Cheng An Xiu is going to marry the exercise book!

The students held back their laughter, their expressions became distorted.

Forget it, at this time, someone laughed.

Following Father Cheng, the freshmen Chinese teacher picked up a few pieces of paper. After reading it, he burst into laughter: “Yan Jing Ze is the most handsome and smartest person in the world? Hahahahaha! Yan Jing Ze you actually dare to write it! Hahahahaha!”

The teacher laughed, and the students couldn’t hold back anymore, all of them laughed loudly.

In the end, even the younger brothers of Yan Jing Ze couldn’t help but laugh—unexpectedly their boss was such a person.

The boss’s image of being cool and domineering in their hearts has been shattered!

How will they look at their boss in the future?

“What are you laughing at!” Yan Jing Ze glared at the people around him with an angry expression, but he was secretly relieved.

In the school, Cheng An Xiu is aloof and everyone looks up to him. Such a person likes men. This is something worth gossiping about. Everyone will talk about it and some people will make fun of Cheng An Xiu with this.

Not only that but also saying that Cheng An Xiu was pestering him. It will make Cheng An Xiu’s parents and relatives lose face.

If there are still parents causing trouble… if this goes online…

According to the original historical trajectory, with Zhuang Gaohang’s help, Cheng An Xiu became a disgusting homosexual who relied on his parents to persecute classmates. And the Cheng couple became immoral teachers who accepted bribes, punished students physically, and gave all good resources to his son.

In the end, Father Cheng and Mother Cheng lost their jobs, Cheng An Xiu’s aunt was suspended, Cheng An Xiu’s grandfather was angered to death, and Cheng An Xiu was not only exposed to online harassment but also someone came to his home to insult him and harass his family.

He is only sixteen years old, how can he bear it?

And all that, Yan Jing Ze didn’t want to see.

He didn’t want Cheng An Xiu to suffer even the slightest harm.

For this, he did not hesitate to sacrifice his image.

He really sacrificed a lot!

Originally he was an awesome boss in the eyes of his classmates, but now, in everyone’s eyes, he has become a…fool.

But it’s nothing, as long as Cheng An Xiu likes him, what is he afraid of being a fool?

“Hahahahaha… Yan Jing Ze, you are quite talented, these are some pretty good writing! Hahahaha!” The teacher who laughed first was still smiling: “You have good skills, Yan Jing Ze! You usually write like a chicken’s claw scratched at your homework but when writing love letters to yourself, you’re good at it!”

After the teacher said that, he picked up some papers, rolled them up, and knocked on Yan Jing Ze’s head.

This language teacher is easygoing and often plays with the students, so when he knocked Yan Jing Ze’s head, there was no malice. But he just knocked and then heard someone ask: “What are you doing?!”

Yan Jing Ze’s parents are here.

After hearing Zhuang Gaohang’s words, Father Yan and Mother Yan thought that their son had been bullied at school and hurriedly rushed to see that their son was surrounded and mocked by a group of people, and the teacher even hit their son on the head!

And their son’s headteacher, Cheng An Xiu’s father, stood beside him with a cold face.

Yes, when everyone laughed, Father Cheng did not laugh.

Although Yan Jing Ze wrote the exact same words as his son when he picked up his pen, he couldn’t laugh when thinking about the various things mentioned in the chat screenshots and thinking of his son’s unusualness to Yan Jing Ze.

He knew his son, and because of that, he knew that there must be something between his son and Yan Jing Ze.

When Father Cheng was struggling, the Yan couple had already arrived.

Father Yan is fifty-six this year. He is a bit fat. He usually smiles when facing their son, Yan Jing Ze, but now he is stern and looks very imposing.

“What did you beat my son for?” Father Yan glared at the Chinese teacher.

The Chinese teacher looked at the paper tube rolled up with a few sheets of paper in his hand speechlessly.

At the same time, the equally chubby Mother Yan came to Yan Jing Ze: “Jing Ze, are you okay? Has anyone bullied you?”


After Yan Jing Ze crossed over, it was the first time to see his parents—the original owner insisted to celebrate his birthday with his classmates and did not let them come back.

At this moment, being cared for by Mother Yan, Yan Jing Ze is not as obnoxious as the original owner, but still felt a little uncomfortable: “No one bullied me! Why are you here?”

“Jing Ze, don’t be afraid of the teacher. If you are bullied, be sure to tell your mother, mother will help you vent your anger!” Mother Yan said, glaring at Father Cheng.

Father Cheng actually had an opinion with the Yan couple. He always felt that Yan Jing Ze’s situation would become what it is now because the parents did not teach their son well.

But he has a little frustration at the moment, he can’t talk about children’s education the same as before.

Father Cheng could only keep his face straight and not speak.

“I am not afraid of the teacher, nor am I being bullied,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“That teacher beat you just now! What’s the matter with Cheng An Xiu?” Mother Yan said angrily and looked at Father Cheng after speaking, “I heard that Cheng An Xiu is your son? He pestered my son Jing Ze, do you know? How do you educate your child? He is a boy and even wrote a love letter to another boy…”

Mother Yan was aggressive and was about to say that Cheng An Xiu was shameless but Yan Jing Ze covered her mouth: “Mom, what nonsense are you talking about?”

“Jing Ze?” Mother Yan looked at her son hesitantly.

Yan Jing Ze said: “Mom, who told you all that nonsense?”

Father Cheng has not spoken but the Chinese teacher hit his hand with the paper tube on his hand, felt the strength, and said, “Parents of Yan Jing Ze, I probably know why you are here, but this matter, the facts are probably different from what you think.”

“What’s the difference?” Father Yan and Mother Yan were puzzled.

“The love letters were not written by Cheng An Xiu but Yan Jing Ze. He wrote it himself.” The Chinese teacher took the notebook from Father Cheng and handed it to the Yan couple: “Yan Jing Ze imitated Cheng An Xiu’s handwriting to write a love letter, but he didn’t expect it to be photographed and passed around…”

Yan Jing Ze stretched out his hand to cover his face again.

Father Yan and Mother Yan opened the notebook.

Yan Jing Ze’s words are very large and often there are only a few lines of words on a page so they read it very quickly, and after reading it, they both showed a complex expression.

They don’t know who Cheng An Xiu is, but normal people, even if they like their son, would not write such messy things.

Look at their son’s personality… They are afraid these are really written by their son!

Father Yan and Mother Yan were immediately embarrassed, but Yan Jing Ze, with a look of helplessness, said to his parents: “See? That’s it! Really, I was just stared at by Cheng An Xiu to do homework. Whenever I feel uncomfortable, I just write something? How come everyone knows it now?”


People around: “…” No wonder he writes “I, Cheng An Xiu is going to marry textbooks exercises”. It turned out that Cheng An Xiu forced him to do the homework.

The Yan couple is even more embarrassed.

But in the end, Father Yan has experienced several storms in his life already. He quickly coughed twice, cleared his throat, and said: “These love letters case is resolved. How about those chat screenshots? Didn’t you say that Cheng An Xiu was pestering you?”

That’s what Yan Jing Ze said in the screenshot! Zhuang Gaohang also told them that Cheng An Xiu had found their home on his son’s birthday yesterday.

“What chat screenshot?” Yan Jing Ze was completely blank.

Yan Jing Ze still doesn’t know about the chat screenshots?

Father Yan took out the phone immediately and showed it to Yan Jing Ze.

“Damn! Did everyone see this?” Yan Jing Ze shouted and went to see the people around him.

His little brothers held back a smile and nodded.

Looking at these screenshots before, they still wondered if Cheng An Xiu was really pestering their boss, but now…

Judging by their boss’s cool and domineering on the outside, but inside is actually a silly person.
“I’m just bragging!” Yan Jing Ze roared: “I only said these in the small group. Apart from me, there are only Pu Zhi and Zhuang Gaohang in the group. Which bastard took the screenshot for others to see!”

Sure enough… like they thought! How could Cheng An Xiu like Yan Jing Ze, it turns out that Yan Jing Ze was just bragging!

The students all sympathized with Cheng An Xiu.

Father Yan and Mother Yan were also stunned: “Bragging?” How can anyone brag like that?

“Mom, Dad, you don’t know but Cheng An Xiu is the person with the best grades in our grade. He is the first place in every exam. He is also the school monitor…” Yan Jing Ze praised Cheng An Xiu for a while and said clearly, “I just… brag… I only talked to Pu Zhi and Zhuang Gaohang. I never told a third person and the love letters I wrote myself were only seen by them!”

Yan Jing Ze pulled Zhuang Gaohang into the muddy water without hesitation.

This time, Zhuang Gaohang must have done it quickly and accurately.

If he hadn’t crossed over, even if the original owner didn’t intend to tease Cheng An Xiu because he liked Cheng An Xiu, the original owner wouldn’t be able to explain it clearly in this kind of this situation.

With the character of the original owner, he certainly couldn’t be so self-sacrificing like him.

Moreover, with the relationship between the original owner and Zhuang Gaohang and Pu Zhi for more than ten years, he will probably not betray these two people, and may even sacrifice Cheng An Xiu for them.

Not to mention, Zhuang Gaohang even told his father and his mother.

Normal parents, whether a man likes his son or his son likes a man, will certainly get angry!

Zhuang Gaohang probably wanted Father Yan and Mother Yan to deal with Cheng An Xiu.

But he is not the original owner.

He has no feelings for Zhuang Gaohang and Pu Zhi.

He wants to teach these two people a lesson.

Zhuang Gaohang is always in second place in top sophomore students, and Pu Zhi is a young man who follows Yan Jing Ze and has shined in sports meets. Many people know them.

Now that they heard what Yan Jing Ze said, they immediately thought, could it be that Yan Jing Ze was pitted by these two?

Yes, they certainly felt that Yan Jing Ze was pitted.

Such a shameful thing is now known to the whole school, Yan Jing Ze is probably furious now.

Yan Jing Ze was indeed furious. He even took out his cell phone and clicked on the group chat: “This group chat is still there! I’m just bragging in a small group. Who did I offend? I told them. They should know that Cheng An Xiu doesn’t like me at all!”

Although the original owner listened to Zhuang Gaohang and chased after Cheng An Xiu, he was also afraid that Zhuang Gaohang would be unhappy if he saw it, so in front of people, it was not shown at all. Cheng An Xiu was even more careful, that character of his… he gave things to the original owner in secret.

Even the classmates who sit in front and back of their table didn’t know they were together.

The Chinese teacher in Class 1 tapped Yan Jing Ze with a paper tube again and said: “Even if you were, this kind of bragging is too much.”

Father Yan and Mother Yan are too embarrassed to stop the teacher from ‘beating’ their son.

At the same time, they also had opinions on Zhuang Gaohang.

What did he call them for? Their son was just bragging and Zhuang Gaohang even called them specifically to talk nonsense! But what is going on with his son? Why did he want to brag?!

The people at the scene were a bit entangled and it was at this time that Cheng An Xiu came.

Cheng An Xiu studied in the classroom alone for a long time and then discovered something was wrong.

Class is about to finish but Yan Jing Ze hasn’t come to class yet. The students in their class have all ran away…

He left the classroom and saw a group of people gathering downstairs. Among them was Yan Jing Ze…

Cheng An Xiu came over. He was a little puzzled: “What’s wrong?”

In fact, some of the students who came to watch did not see the various news and pictures circulating in the group, but as soon as they came, other students told them the latest gossip.

Cheng An Xiu is different.

No one dared to give him the latest gossip.

“An Xiu, you are here!” The Chinese teacher looked at Cheng An Xiu, “Yan Jing Ze, this guy imitated your handwriting to write love letters and was caught.”

Cheng An Xiu was puzzled, frowned slightly, and then looked colder.

The students around looked at him sympathetically.

Cheng An Xiu is really unlucky. Just after returning from the math competition, he encountered this kind of thing…

People who watched Cheng An Xiu and waiting for a good show before, now one by one, had nothing in their hearts besides sympathy.

Father Yan and Mother Yan saw Cheng An Xiu’s appearance, but all they felt was guilt.

Before, when Zhuang Gaohang called them and told them about Cheng An Xiu, they actually didn’t know who he was talking about.

But now they saw Cheng An Xiu, they recognized this person.

Before they came to the parent conference, this child once spoke on behalf of the whole school, and it is said that he is a particularly outstanding child.

At that time, they were still thinking that if their son was able to do it too, they would wake up laughing from a dream.

This child is so capable, his future will not be bad, and their son… Although they think their son is very good but if a person like this likes their son, he won’t pester him endlessly, right?

And this child looks so icy and distant, will he really pester people?

“An Xiu, I just thought your handwriting is very good-looking, so I learned it. I really have no malice!” Yan Jing Ze ran to Cheng An Xiu to explain, almost swearing to the heavens.

At this time, the Chinese teacher gave Cheng An Xiu the papers he used to knock on Yan Jing Ze: “An Xiu, look at it.”

“No!” Yan Jing Ze called out and wanted to grab it, but Cheng An Xiu had already got those pieces of paper.

Cheng An Xiu: “…”

The words on the paper are exactly the same as his but the content is difficult to explain. According to the teacher, these are written by Yan Jing Ze.

What’s wrong with his boyfriend!

Cheng An Xiu didn’t know what to say anymore.

But he was not angry.

His boyfriend learned his handwriting and praised himself, which is quite cute.

Also, he ignored Yan Jing Ze because he got busy with the exercise textbooks, so Yan Jing Ze felt that he wanted to marry the exercise textbooks?

Many thoughts flashed in Cheng An Xiu’s mind but his expression was completely unchanged.

In addition, when everyone laughed before, his face was cold and now became colder…

The students around suddenly felt a little cold.

“An Xiu, I just wrote for fun…” Yan Jing Ze was still explaining.

Cheng An Xiu slowly folded the paper on his hand and looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Have you finished your homework for the weekend?”

The expression on Yan Jing Ze’s face slowly disappeared: “No…”

“Go back and do your homework!” Cheng An Xiu said and looked at other people: “Go to your morning classes. Those who are late, their names will be recorded.”


The students ran away and Yan Jing Ze wanted to leave but was called by the Chinese teacher: “Yan Jing Ze, you follow us to the office!”

Yan Jing Ze could only stop.

The Chinese teacher said again: “An Xiu, this matter is also related to you, do you want to go to the office with us?”

“No! Teacher, this is too shameful, don’t let Cheng An Xiu go!” Yan Jing Ze Shouted.

What happened today was originally an issue with Cheng An Xiu but now it has nothing to do with Cheng An Xiu.

The Chinese teacher happily asked Cheng An Xiu to go back, but Yan Jing Ze was still looking at Cheng An Xiu’s back ‘stupidly’.

Father Yan and Mother Yan felt even more guilty.

When their son saw Cheng An Xiu, his eyes lighted up…

They already believed that Cheng An Xiu didn’t pester their son, but their son… might be the one who pestered others!

Father Cheng also felt more guilty.

He saw his son carefully folded the paper on which Yan Jing Ze had written silly things and put it in his pocket! And when his son watched Yan Jing Ze, he was clearly not upset, as if there was a little bit of… pampering?

Father Cheng felt that it would be good if he didn’t know his son so well, but he happened to know his son very well, too well…

Father Cheng, and Father Yan, and Mother Yan looked at each other with awkward smiles.

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