BH (QT) 21 – Genius Slacker (4)

Chapter Twenty-One – Genius Slacker (4)

By daybreak, Yan Jing Ze had already written a book full of words in Cheng An Xiu’s handwriting. At this time, his arm didn’t feel like his own.

Tear off some of the pages in the notebook and clip them inside to make sure they can be scattered when necessary. Yan Jing Ze packed his schoolbag and got ready to go to class.

At the same time, in addition to the sophomore class 1, a message has spread in several classes.

It is said that Cheng An Xiu likes Yan Jing Ze!

Not only that but there are actually some evidence to this! The evidence is the screenshots of Yan Jing Ze chatting with people and the photos of love letters written by Cheng An Xiu to Yan Jing Ze!

All kinds of pictures mixed with rumors spread wildly in the school, almost all students saw it.

Of course, Yan Jing Ze’s little brothers have also seen it.

Yesterday, they were convinced that Cheng An Xiu would not like their boss Yan Jing Ze. Now they see the evidence…

“Holy shit! Cheng An Xiu really like boss?”

“This screenshot, this is indeed the boss’s profile picture…”

“No wonder the boss dared to be so angry with Cheng An Xiu yesterday.”


“Cheng An Xiu was very angry when he left yesterday. Could it be because the boss rejected him?”

“I didn’t expect that Cheng An Xiu turned out to be such a person.”

Yan Jing Ze’s younger brothers have a group chat. At this moment, everyone is talking in this group.

While talking, someone asked: “Does the boss know about this? Do you want to tell the boss about this?”

As soon as this question came out, the group was silent.

After a while, someone asked, “Who will tell?”

The group was quiet again.

Yes, who will tell the boss?

It’s not a good thing to be liked by a man, let alone make everyone known… now their boss is probably angry!

None of them want to step on a land mine.

However, everyone soon thought of a representative: “Yu Liming!”

“Brother Yu, it’s a job for you!”

“Brother Liming! Good luck!”

Yu Liming, a classmate and the number one younger brother of Yan Jing Ze: “…”

The younger brothers of Yan Jing Ze basically don’t like to study, so naturally, they can’t enter the class 1, but Yu Liming is an exception. He belongs to class 1 and his daily routine is the closest to Yan Jing Ze.

Although he played for a long time last night, Yu Liming, who had entered the classroom early, looked around the classroom.

Most of the students came to school last night to participate in the evening self-study. They had already been in the classroom by now, including Cheng An Xiu.

At this moment, everyone was watching Cheng An Xiu secretly and many of them brought their mobile phones to the classroom. They looked at Cheng An Xiu and then at the phone.

There is no doubt that it’s about the rumor that Cheng An Xiu likes Yan Jing Ze, everyone knows it already.

He’s afraid that Cheng An Xiu didn’t know… he was sitting in his seat, looking coldly, his face was nothing strange, he was writing.

Cheng An Xiu really didn’t know anything. After talking with Yan Jing Ze last night, he consciously put his phone aside and didn’t know anything about the news on the Internet.

Well, even if he looks at the phone, he won’t know about it. No one would dare to send him those screenshots.

At this moment, Cheng An Xiu just felt that the people around him looked a little strange today.

But this does not affect his study.

In order to prepare for the math competition, he failed to complete his study plan for other subjects on time and now needs to make up.

When Cheng An Xiu was seriously doing his study plan, his parents had already seen those screenshots.

The teachers are very concerned about the students and there are some teachers using fake accounts and monitoring the class group chats. Now that Cheng An Xiu is making such a big trouble, naturally, some people have discovered it, and others have told the Cheng couple.

“Is An Xiu too eye-catching that someone deliberately targeted him?”

“This is all made up by Yan Jing Ze, right? Can An Xiu really do this?”

“These little rascals! Dare to make up such things!”

“This Yan Jing Ze is really a mouse shit!”

Teachers generally feel that these screenshots were deliberately made by someone to trouble Cheng An Xiu.

Cheng An Xiu is such a wonderful child, they don’t think he will do such a thing.

Even if he likes men, it doesn’t have to be someone like Yan Jing Ze, a boy who has nothing but money!

Only Father Cheng looked at it with a cold face, his heart sank.

He and his wife attach great importance to the education of their child.

Cheng An Xiu is such a smart and well-behaved child. They have devoted all their efforts to Cheng An Xiu.

Recently, Cheng An Xiu wants to participate in a math competition, and he has paid more attention to Cheng An Xiu.

Then he discovered that Cheng An Xiu was a little distracted when he was studying recently.

At first, he thought that his son was distracted because Yan Jing Ze was always around to bother him, so he told his son to separate their seats and let Yan Jing Ze sit at the back of the classroom alone.

But his son refused and even told him that Yan Jing Ze was very smart and that he wanted to help Yan Jing Ze with his homework.

He only thought that his son was too considerate, but now look at the pictures in front of him… In the screenshot, Yan Jing Ze said that the day his son brought him food, his son did cook at home!

Yan Jing Ze said that on the day his son sorted out his mathematical key points, his son was really busy until late!

The most important thing is the love letters.

The words of the love letters, Father Cheng could tell at a glance, it was written by his son.

Father Cheng had been a teacher for many years and had experienced countless winds and waves, but at this moment, he still couldn’t bear it and trembled with anger.

He had caught boys and girls of the same sex kissing together in school before. At that time, he quietly dealt with it without making the matter worse or discriminating against those children.

He considers himself an enlightened person.

But now, it fell to his son!

He couldn’t accept it.

What’s more, he actually fell in love with Yan Jing Ze whom he dislikes! Forget about disliking Yan Jing Ze, he was even disgusted by Yan Jing Ze.

Father Cheng was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

Mother Cheng was also angry.

Staying in the faculty office, Father Cheng knows things, of course, Mother Cheng also knows.

Like Father Cheng, she doesn’t like Yan Jing Ze.

There are many students with poor grades in school. Generally, teachers don’t hate students because of their poor grades. So, it can only be said that aside from having poor grades, there are more things to be disliked about the boy.
Yan Jing Ze gathered a group of younger brothers in school, disturbing other students’ studies, and even doing things such as threatening those students who have offended him.

There are teachers who talked to Yan Jing Ze, but Yan Jing Ze never listened at all. He thinks he is rich and powerful.

Father Cheng also wanted to make Yan Jing Ze change for the better and arranged for his son to sit with Yan Jing Ze but Mother Cheng had given up long ago, she just ignored Yan Jing Ze.

She never understood why Yan Jing Ze had to come to class 1.

Since he doesn’t want to study, wouldn’t it be good to go to the lower class sections?

Now, she found out that his son actually likes Yan Jing Ze.

Mother Cheng’s vision darkened and she supported her head with her hands before she fainted.

At the same time, like them, Yan Jing Ze’s parents are also angry.

Yan Jing Ze’s parents are usually very busy but they still care about their son very much.

They are in their fifties and many of their peers are already holding grandchildren but they only have this son…

For Yan Jing Ze, the Yan couple were holding him in the palm of their hands, afraid of him getting hurt.
The original owner does not listen to them at all because they simply did not have any requests for the original owner.

In the original historical trajectory, the original owner liked Zhuang Gaohang. Although they were not happy, when the original owner made a fuss, they simply let him and Zhuang Gaohang go abroad together.

Later, the original owner obviously had no skills but still wanted to take over the company. They were not happy, but the original owner made a fuss and they agreed again.

Such a pair of parents… If Yan Jing Ze is in a relationship, even if the object is a man, they will not be too angry, but they received a call from Zhuang Gaohang, saying that Yan Jing Ze is entangled by a male student in the school. Not only that, the boy even relied on his father who is their class teacher, and always harassed Yan Jing Ze.

At this time, Father Yan and Mother Yan didn’t know Yan Jing Ze’s sexuality. They suddenly heard about such a thing and were naturally angry!

Zhuang Gaohang grew up with Yan Jing Ze and was a particularly reliable child. The Yan couple trusted him very much. In addition, Zhuang Gaohang showed them their son’s complaints about Cheng An Xiu. They read the love letters that Cheng An Xiu wrote to their son.

Their son is not only good looking but also rich. The Yan couple has always worried that a girl will look at him and deceive him. They didn’t expect that no such girl came out, but a boy did!

Isn’t No. 1 High School the best high school? The class teacher of their son showed no mercy when he disciplines him. What happened? The son of this class teacher actually did such a thing.

And their poor child, because Cheng An Xiu’s parents were teachers, was forced to be so afraid to tell them.

When the Yan couple got the news early in the morning, they rushed to the school aggressively, wanting to ask for an explanation.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze was already in school.

As soon as Yan Jing Ze entered the school, he met some students and then found that many of them were not quite right.

Something must have happened!

Just seeing one of his own little brothers not far away, Yan Jing Ze stopped him: “Xiao Liu, come here! When you saw me, you looked bad! What the hell is going on?!”

The little brother turned towards Yan Jing Ze, laughed: “It’s nothing, just… Boss, you are too good! You can even handle Cheng An Xiu!”

Yan Jing Ze’s heart thudded once and had a feeling that it was really as he expected.
Yesterday, he fell out with Zhuang Gaohang. With Zhuang Gaohang’s character, he would definitely make the first move. Fortunately, he was prepared.

Next, there is a tough battle to be fought.

“How do you know?” Yan Jing Ze asked, smiling mischievously at his little brother.

“Boss, I saw the love letters written to you by Cheng An Xiu!” said the little brother.

“It turns out that… Zhuang Gaohang showed it to you?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

This little brother is a bit at a loss—it was not Zhuang Gaohang who showed him! It was from someone else’s group chat!

But before he could say it, Yan Jing Ze said again: “Cheng An Xiu actually wrote a lot of love letters for me and there are more of them. Would you like to read it?”

The little brother was dumbfounded: “What?”

Looking at those chat records, his boss seems to despise Cheng An Xiu. He thought that when he mentioned this matter, his boss would get angry. As a result, his boss planned to show him other love letters written to him by Cheng An Xiu?

What is this development?

The little brother was dumbfounded when he saw that his boss took out a thick notebook from his schoolbag and turned a page casually. It was a love letter written by Cheng An Xiu.

Not only that, because his boss flipped through the book randomly, he also noticed that Cheng An Xiu wrote in this entire notebook!

The top student, Cheng An Xiu, has so much free time? He filled the entire notebook with love letters?

This little brother was a little overwhelmed and then saw Yan Jing Ze tearing off a page at will, and handing it to him: “You can read this!”

This little brother looked at the piece of paper and saw that it said: “I admire Yan Jing Ze the most, he is the most handsome person in the No.1 High School!”

There was also Cheng An Xiu’s signature.

The little brother wasn’t just confused anymore, he was dumbfounded.

That cold-hearted Cheng An Xiu would write such a thing?!

They all misjudged Cheng An Xiu?

“You can keep it!” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Boss… Did Cheng An Xiu really write this?” The younger brother asked with a trembling voice. They always thought that Cheng An Xiu was the unattainable flower but actually… is not?

But even if he really was not, this person’s powerful image now collapsed!
“You can’t tell the truth!” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Huh?” The little brother was stunned again.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze’s other little brothers came out one by one, and some students who were not his little brothers were watching the excitement not far away.

They all know that Yan Jing Ze is a roguish person, but they didn’t expect that Cheng An Xiu would like Yan Jing Ze. Is it because Yan Jing Ze is rich?

“Boss, Cheng An Xiu really likes you?”

“Boss, are these really written by Cheng An Xiu?”



Yan Jing Ze frowned, his face changed drastically and grabbed one of the younger brothers by the collar, and asked: ” Wait… Do you all know about this?”

Yu Liming also ran out of the classroom at this time and a few students from class 1 followed him. At this time, he said: “Boss, everyone in the school I know.”

Yan Jing Ze showed a confused expression: “Everyone in the school knows? You have all read the love letters?”

Yu Liming said: “Should have read it all? Boss, Cheng An Xiu…”

“I’m finished!” Yan Jing Ze covered his face with one hand and the playful expression on his face disappeared instantly.

Yu Liming and the others were a little puzzled. Why did their boss look so miserable? Is it because he is afraid that Cheng An Xiu’s parents will trouble him?

But the boss has a background so he shouldn’t be afraid! Didn’t their boss often say that he came to No. 1 high school just to mess around? That he will go abroad in the future?

Yan Jing Ze knew that Cheng An Xiu would concentrate on studying every morning, ignoring the chaos around him.

In order not to disturb Cheng An Xiu and not to affect Cheng An Xiu, he specifically talked to people outside the school building and refused to go to the classroom.

He also deliberately attracted many people over.

Now, many good students have gathered around him.

Father Cheng wanted to talk to his son but as soon as he walked out of the office, he saw Yan Jing Ze surrounded by people downstairs. He went downstairs and walked towards Yan Jing Ze.

Facing Yan Jing Ze, Father Cheng felt particularly complicated.

His son likes this boy, but this boy dislikes his son…

“Yan Jing Ze!” When Father Cheng saw that there were a lot of people, he wanted to call Yan Jing Ze to a place where no one was there and then ask: “You come with me! ”

“Teacher Cheng, I was wrong, I was really wrong!” Yan Jing Ze said suddenly.

Father Cheng was stunned. Yan Jing Ze always talked back to him and never admitted his fault. What’s this situation?

Yan Jing Ze said again: “Teacher Cheng, I just think it’s funny! I’m not really malicious!”

“What is funny? What did you do?” Father Cheng frowned and asked.

“Teacher Cheng, didn’t you come to me for love letters?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

It is true that Father Cheng came to find Yan Jing Ze for love letters but he did not expect that Yan Jing Ze would say it directly and what did he mean that he was wrong?

Isn’t his son pestering Yan Jing Ze?

Yan Jing Ze said again: “Teacher Cheng, I wrote that love letters just for fun. I swear I have only shown it to my two friends. I haven’t shown it to others. I don’t know why so many people have seen it…”

“You wrote it?” As a teacher, Father Cheng still grasped the key words.

Yan Jing Ze was still holding the notebook in his hand, and his face was embarrassed at this time: “I just write casually…”

Father Cheng went to get the notebook in Yan Jing Ze’s hand but Yan Jing Ze didn’t want to give it to him. Shaking, unexpectedly, a lot of paper fell out of that notebook and scattered to the ground.

The students around were bolder and immediately picked up the paper and looked at it.

Most of these papers have some brief words written on them, such as “I swear to live with the textbook exercises for a lifetime.” The captions are all signed by Cheng An Xiu and some of them have pig heads painted beside them.

Cheng An Xiu loves learning and he might really want to spend a lifetime with the exercises, but would a normal person write it down like this?

Surely not?

Moreover, there are also boastings about Yan Jing Ze in it saying he was a school heartthrob, saying that he admires Yan Jing Ze… Cheng An Xiu, who’s like an ice cube, can write such things?

Everyone was thinking it was weird, but Yan Jing Ze came up to grab the paper in their hands: “I just wrote it casually, don’t read it! Don’t read it!”

“Boss, you wrote these? This is obviously Cheng An Xiu’s handwriting!” Yu Liming also grasped the point.

Yan Jing Ze gave Yu Liming a thumbs-up in his heart and then made an angry look: “Could it be that only Cheng An Xiu could write in such a writing style? Lao Tzu can do it too!”

Father Cheng looked deeply at Yan Jing Ze…

He didn’t know what was going on, but now it became like this…

Father Cheng handed the notebook in front of Yan Jing Ze: “Write some for me to see.”

Yan Jing Ze looked at Father Cheng with a guilty face: “Teacher Cheng, I was wrong…”

“Write.” Father Cheng said and another student handed a pen to Yan Jing Ze’s hand.

Yan Jing Ze took the pen, looked at the people around him awkwardly, and wrote: “Teacher Cheng is the most handsome in the world!”

The handwriting he wrote is exactly the same as those of Cheng An Xiu. After he finished writing, he waved his hand and signed the name “Cheng An Xiu”.

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