BH (QT) 27 – Genius Slacker (10)

Chapter Twenty-Seven – Genius Slacker (10)

Yan Jing Ze is not only rich but he is filthy rich so he is not afraid of spending money at all.

Let alone a teacher of 500 yuan an hour, his father is willing to hire him a teacher worth 1,000 yuan an hour.

In any case, it is cheaper than donating buildings.

Yan Jing Ze sat down and studied. He didn’t let the teacher teach him, he read the book by himself and occasionally asks the teacher when he encountered something he didn’t understand.
At first, the teacher thought that when Yan Jing Ze said he wanted to learn, it was just for fun.

When he usually tutored Zhuang Gaohang, Zhuang Gaohang would mention Yan Jing Ze. In Zhuang Gaohang’s mouth, Yan Jing Ze was not willing to learn, stupid, and his grades were too poor.

But now… the Yan Jing Ze in front of him is studying very seriously, and he can solve the questions!

As a teacher, he is most afraid of meeting students who can’t be taught, but Yan Jing Ze is the kind of person who can be taught right away.

To meet such a student and be able to teach such a student, he feels so cool!

One of them studied enthusiastically, the other taught enthusiastically, and two hours passed in a blink of an eye.

Yan Jing Ze bid farewell to the teacher and then went to the clubs he frequented for a while.

He told people before that whatever Zhuang Gaohang and Pu Zhi came to order, they will all be recorded in his account.

Now… Of course, this treatment cannot be given to these two people!

The next day, Yan Jing Ze was carrying a bag of junior high school textbooks and went to school early in the morning. He did not go to Cheng An Xiu’s class today, he made an appointment with Cheng An Xiu to meet in the reading room.

The reading room is opposite the school library. The room is small with tables and chairs and some newspapers and magazines.

In college, such a place is very popular, but in high school… no one comes here all year round and the door is closed all year round.

After all, even if people borrowed books in the library, they would not sit in the reading room to read them, not to mention that few people actually borrowed books.

The reading room of No. 1 High School is vacant all year round and Cheng An Xiu has the key to the reading room.

There is a student union in No. 1 High School which organizes some activities. He is the president of the student union. When he applied to the school for a meeting place, the school gave him the key to the reading room.

Now, the two are in the reading room, having breakfast together.

“We are like this, doesn’t this look like we’re having an affair?”?” Yan Jing Ze looked at Cheng An Xiu with a smile.

Cheng An Xiu glared at Yan Jing Ze and said, “It’s not an affair.”

“Yes, we are in a serious relationship, not an affair.” Yan Jing Ze said as he passed over a piece of fruit with a fork.

Cheng An Xiu opened his mouth and ate.

His An Xiu is so cute!


Yan Jing Ze said: “My dear, shouldn’t you give me a loving kiss since I brought breakfast specifically for you?”

Cheng An Xiu looked at his handsome boyfriend and felt that he was tempted…

Then, just kiss him!

After breakfast, the two studied together in the reading room.

“If you have anything you don’t know, just ask me,” Cheng An Xiu said to Yan Jing Ze.

“Good!” Yan Jing Ze nodded. After a while, he asked Cheng An Xiu questions.

Cheng An Xiu carefully explained to him.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “My dear, thank you so much. As a thank you, I will give you a loving kiss!”

Cheng An Xiu didn’t stop it.

Just kiss!

Within an hour, the two kissed several times, and then Yan Jing Ze refreshingly went to class 10 to read the junior high school textbook. Cheng An Xiu lowered his head and strode towards class 1.

In the four classes in the morning, Yan Jing Ze was very efficient. He learned a lot of junior high school knowledge and listened to some lectures from the teacher.

In the four classes in the morning, Cheng An Xiu’s efficiency was also very high, and he took the time to solve a physics problem that had not been done before.

By noon…

Cheng An Xiu entered the canteen and walked directly to Yan Jing Ze: “My dad asked you to come over.”

Yan Jing Ze’s little brothers: The boss is going to sacrifice for love again!

Those who saw Yan Jing Ze ‘blocking’ Cheng An Xiu in the toilet yesterday: Cheng An Xiu is going to retaliate!

In any case, Yan Jing Ze had the opportunity to have dinner with Father Cheng and Mother Cheng.

The only thing he didn’t expect was that Mother Cheng was very passionate about preaching. Everything she said yesterday, she can still say it today.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”


He knows why Father Cheng and Cheng An Xiu are so expressionless all day long!

They kept their faces expressionless all day, is it to prevent Mother Cheng from talking about them all the time?

Of course, the fact may also be the other way around. Perhaps it is because the husband and son talk too little, so Mother Cheng likes to talk when meeting people.

Yan Jing Ze quickly finished his meal and looked at Mother Cheng: “Teacher, you should eat first, I have a question to ask you later.”


Mother Cheng looked at Yan Jing Ze in surprise. Yan Jing Ze… had a question for her?

Yan Jing Ze also really came up with a topic to ask Mother Cheng.

Father Cheng and Mother Cheng both liked teaching and educating people. They answered his questions on the spot. When everyone else were done eating, they were still talking…
The students in the school: The time for Teacher Cheng to scold Yan Jing Ze this time is a bit longer!

But the teachers in the school discovered another thing—Yan Jing Ze actually began to study seriously!

They don’t know if he was pretending or really smart. But when they talked to him, he seemed to really understand everything?

Yan Jing Ze did understand everything.

These days, while making up the junior high school curriculum, he listened to the lessons the teacher recently taught.

Although the foundation is important, the content of the school’s exams is still those taught recently. If you want to get good results in the exams, the knowledge you learned recently is very important.

By coincidence, next Monday will be the day of the monthly exam!

He must perform well when the time comes!

Friday lunch time, taking advantage of the time Yan Jing Ze hasn’t been called away by Cheng An Xiu for ‘lessons’, Yan Jing Ze’s younger brother asked: “Boss, tomorrow are we going to play basketball or go ice-skating?”

“No, I want to study hard at home,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Little brothers of Yan Jing Ze: “…”

Yu Liming asked: “Boss, are you serious?”

“Of course, I am serious!” Yan Jing Ze said: “I have said it, I want to go back to class 1.”

Yu Liming: “…” It’s really not that easy to get into class 1, boss!

How many students all over their city squeezed their heads and wanted to enter the No.1 High School but still couldn’t get in? The students in their No1 High School all squeezed their heads and wanted to enter the class 2, but they still couldn’t get in…

“Boss, you want to enter class 1, is it for Cheng An Xiu?” asked a student who had a good relationship with Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze said: “Of course, Cheng An Xiu loves me so much, I can’t bear to let him stay alone.”

Yan Jing Ze’s younger brother: The boss really dare to boast!

Other students who are not Yan Jing Ze’s younger brother: Yan Jing Ze dare to speak!

Regardless of the facts, the more Yan Jing Ze said it openly, the less people believed it and thought he was joking.

If Cheng An Xiu and Yan Jing Ze really have something, would Yan Jing Ze still say it so openly? Would Cheng An Xiu dare to take Yan Jing Ze to Teacher Cheng? They are crazy!

Everyone slandered Yan Jing Ze and felt that Yan Jing Ze was saying nonsense and then they saw Cheng An Xiu coming.

Cheng An Xiu came to Yan Jing Ze with a cold face and once again called Yan Jing Ze to the place where the teachers ate.

He is here! He is here! Cheng An Xiu is here again!

Yan Jing Ze’s little brothers felt that their boss had made up words that were too false.

With the cold way Cheng An Xiu was treating him, does it look like he loves him?

Yan Jing Ze is just egotistical.

At the end of the last class on Friday, Yan Jing Ze was not in a hurry to leave. When the boys asked him why he didn’t leave, he said again: “I have an appointment with Cheng An Xiu and he is coming over so I won’t leave.”

“Boss, Cheng An Xiu is coming to see you? What is he doing with you?” the younger brother asked.

“It’s going to be the weekend and he won’t see me for two days. Of course, he has to come and see me.” Yan Jing Ze said, “After all, he loves me so much!” Yan Jing Ze also knows that the more he admits, the less people take it seriously instead so he simply said so.

Sure enough, no one believed his words.

Ordinary students think he is just talking nonsense.

His little brothers, on the other hand, felt that their boss was consoling himself after falling in love with Cheng An Xiu…

Cheng An Xiu was so good, how could he come to Yan Jing Ze?

Thinking like this, they saw Cheng An Xiu coming.

Cheng An Xiu actually came? The people present were a little shocked, and then they saw Yan Jing Ze immediately stood up and said: “An Xiu!”

Cheng An Xiu was very happy when he saw Yan Jing Ze but there were a large group of people around…

Moreover, Yan Jing Ze, this person clearly said that he could not let his parents know that they were in love, but he was very bold and refused to only contact him with his mobile phone. Not only did he have breakfast and lunch with him, but he also invited him to meet secretly. He was really afraid that others would know their relationship.

They are still not adults and have no financial resources. His parents are okay and can’t do anything, but Yan Jing Ze’s parents are so rich. It is really too simple for them to separate him and Yan Jing Ze.

And he didn’t want to be separated from Yan Jing Ze.

Cheng An Xiu gave Yan Jing Ze a stack of test papers expressionlessly: “You will answer all these test papers on weekends and I will check them on Monday.”

Yan Jing Ze said that he wanted to ace the upcoming monthly exams so he compiled all the important knowledge they had recently learned and found the corresponding questions for these knowledge points and copied them down. Basically, as long as knowledge points and questions are understood, the exam results will not be too bad.

“What if I don’t understand?” Yan Jing Ze asked with a smile on his face.

Cheng An Xiu stared at him for a while, then turned and left.

Yan Jing Ze’s little brothers: “…” The look in Cheng An Xiu’s eyes… is threatening their boss?

Alas, when they saw Cheng An Xiu coming, they wondered if Cheng An Xiu really came to see their boss. Now it seems… Cheng An Xiu doesn’t want their boss to have a better weekend!

Seeing Cheng An Xiu’s departure, a younger brother who thought he had a good grade said: “Boss, if you don’t understand these topics, you can find me and I will teach you!”

“Do you think your boss is lacking in teachers?” Yan Jing Ze ask.

The little brother stopped talking.

Wealthy people and them do not live in the same world. It is said that when their boss was in the third year of junior high school, he took a few months of leave in order to be admitted to the No.1 High School, and then they asked teachers of various subjects to tutor him alone!

Yan Jing Ze put away the papers and walked out. Halfway through, he took out his phone and took a look.

There was a message on his mobile phone from Cheng An Xiu: “If you don’t understand anything, just ask me.”

Yan Jing Ze laughed, but at this time, he suddenly heard the angry voice of Cheng An Xiu’s Aunt: “Yan Jing Ze! Mobile phones are not allowed in school!”

Yan Jing Ze ran away.

This weekend, Yan Jing Ze took the knowledge points that Cheng An Xiu had put together for him, and called all the teachers at home to take supplementary lessons very seriously.

With the ‘Topics of Love’ that Cheng An Xiu sorted out for him, his enthusiasm for learning was unprecedentedly high, and it only took him one day of work on Saturday to understand everything he’d recently learned in each subject!
In the evening, when Father Yan and Mother Yan returned, Yan Jing Ze was sending the teachers out.

When these teachers left, their expressions were complicated.

Many of them were invited by Father Yan.

When Father Yan invited people, he told them specifically that his son was not smart and was a bit naughty, and hoped that they would take more care of him.

They are also ready to face a stupid student who refuses to study hard.

As a result…

What they taught was actually a genius!

They have encountered many smart students but they have never seen someone as smart as Yan Jing Ze.

At first, they even thought that Yan Jing Ze had learned these things a long time ago and deliberately fooled them, but the facts proved not.

Even, Yan Jing Ze showed them an unforgettable skill on the spot. He listened to them recite the unforgettable classical Chinese essays!

As for why he listened to them instead of reading it by himself… Some words were not recognized by the Yan Jing Ze…

As soon as Father Yan came in, he saw the strange expressions in the face of the teachers and he immediately felt a ‘thud’ in his heart—his son did not cause trouble, right?

“Teacher, is this kid disobedient? I’m sorry, he is still young and a bit naughty,” Father Yan said.

Teachers: “…” Mr. Yan, for such a big child, you say that he is still young. Are you not embarrassed? Also use ‘naughty’ to describe a teenager?

“Mr. Yan, Yan Jing Ze is not disobedient,” a teacher said.

“Then is it because this kid is too stupid to learn?” Father Yan asked.

“It’s not…” The teacher didn’t know what to say.

At that moment, the language teacher who had asked Yan Jing Ze to recite the classical Chinese text suddenly called out, “Mr. Yan!”

Father Yan shuddered and looked at the teacher: “Teacher, just tell me!”

It’s a tragedy. Father Yan has been in business for so many years. He’s afraid of nothing but teachers.

His son has been making trouble since he was a child. As his parent, he was always called by the school, always disciplined, and slowly he began to be afraid of the teachers.

Even if he’s not afraid, his son still needs to be taught, how dare he go against teachers?

He wouldn’t even have dared to yell at a teacher if he hadn’t been so shocked by the fact that a man was stalking his son… He had been disciplined by Teacher Cheng before.

“Mr. Yan, I think you have to care about your son more and you can’t just ignore your son just because you are busy making money! You will delay your son like this!” The Chinese teacher looked at Father Yan sadly.

Father Yan doesn’t understand. He has always been very concerned about his son. Why would he delay his son?

As he was thinking about it, he heard the teacher continue to say: “Your son is a genius! If he can study well, he can choose the best university in the country!”

Father Yan was shocked again. Did he have ear problems? Did he mishear it?

However, he did not make a mistake because other teachers also immediately followed and said: “Mr. Yan, Yan Jing Ze is really smart.”

“As long as he is willing to study, his grades will definitely catch up quickly.”

“He is a genius!”

“Mr. Yan, you don’t pay attention to your child more. If you had educated him earlier, he could have gone to the youth courses, too.”

Father Yan was dumbfounded. Who these people said was really his son?

In fact, when his son was young, he also thought that his son was smart, the smartest in the world, and he would definitely have a future. But since his son went to elementary school, he has not had this kind of dream.

But now… why did he start daydreaming again?

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