BH (QT) 26 – Genius Slacker (9)

Chapter Twenty-Six – Genius Slacker (9)

When the third class in the morning was over, Cheng An Xiu came to class 10.

The students in Class 10 were talking loudly. As soon as Cheng An Xiu arrived, everyone was quiet and they couldn’t help but look at Yan Jing Ze.

Cheng An Xiu… is he here to give trouble to Yan Jing Ze?

Thinking like this, they saw Cheng An Xiu put a book in front of Yan Jing Ze: “You can copy the contents of this notebook and then memorize it.”

“No problem!” Yan Jing Ze said. This notebook is Cheng An Xiu’s care for him, he must copy it and memorize it!

With people around him staring at him, Cheng An Xiu was quite embarrassed, and thinking that he couldn’t let Yan Jing Ze’s parents know about the two of them, he turned around and walked away.

When Cheng An Xiu left, the students in Class 10 looked at Yan Jing Ze sympathetically.

They didn’t know what Cheng An Xiu gave to Yan Jing Ze, he let him copy and then memorize it…


Cheng An Xiu was staring at him, Yan Jing Ze was very miserable!




As a campus boss with many subordinates, Yan Jing Ze is always surrounded by many people.

At noon, many younger brothers came to him, ready to go eat lunch with him.

No. 1 High School stipulates that students are not allowed to go out to eat at noon, so even if the original owner was a picky eater he still eats in the school cafeteria at noon.

Because of the original owner’s picky mouth, he would always have his little brothers buy a portion of all the food in the canteen but only a few random bites, and in the end, those dishes basically ended up in the stomachs of the little brothers he was eating with.

Speaking of which, the little brothers around the original owner, some of them was tasked by their families to please Yan Jing Ze for the sake of their family business, and some came up purely for the original owner’s money… such as Yu Liming.

When the original owner first entered the No.1 High School, he had no younger brother, but he started to buy things and invite people to eat. At that time, he always brought food to Zhuang Gaohang. Zhuang Gaohang didn’t want it so he just gave it to the person around him, that person was Yu Liming.

Yu Liming’s family was in a bit of difficulty. He found that he can eat and drink with the original owner so he followed him. The original owner was really generous in money. Usually, he asks Yu Liming to help buy things. The money given to him was a lot. There is always some extra money left for him, so Yu Liming, a good student, is especially happy to run errands for him.

At this moment, he took Yan Jing Ze’s meal card and asked: “Boss, the usual?” The original owner was too lazy to hold the meal card so he directly gave the meal card to Yu Liming.

“Well, the usual!” Yan Jing Ze said.

Then he saw his little brothers directly occupying a few tables in the cafeteria, and after a while, someone sent a portion of all the dishes in the cafeteria.

The life of the rich is so easy.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t have any memories before crossing but the original owner had a lot of memories. He felt that he must have been influenced by the original owner so that he felt that the food was not delicious.

After taking a few bites casually, Yan Jing Ze asked Yu Liming: “Yu Liming, what did Cheng An Xiu do in the classroom this morning?”

“What else can Cheng An Xiu do? He must be answering textbook exercises,” said a little brother.

Yu Liming took a glance at that snappy little brother and then looked at Yan Jing Ze, “Boss, Cheng An Xiu has been ignoring others, as usual, concentrating on his studies by himself, the study committee went to talk to him and he didn’t even pay attention!”

The study committee member of the class is a beautiful woman and that beautiful woman is interested in Cheng An Xiu!

Yan Jing Ze was very satisfied with Liming’s answer: “You did well, keep watching!”

“Yes, Boss!” Yu Liming immediately answered, deciding that in the future, he would definitely report all kinds of things about his boss’s favorite person, one by one.
That’s right, Yu Liming has already confirmed that his boss likes Cheng An Xiu.

Can’t anyone see that his boss has broken up with his best friends for Cheng An Xiu?

Cheng An Xiu is definitely the little wife of his boss!

Wait, it is better to describe Cheng An Xiu as “the man his boss fancies”.

The word ‘wife’ really doesn’t match Cheng An Xiu…

Yu Liming was thinking about this and saw Cheng An Xiu come in.

Nowadays, all the young people are tall, but the older generation, many of them are not tall, at least the chubby teacher Liu, who teaches class one and class two, is only 1.7 meter tall.

Cheng An Xiu was talking to Teacher Liu at this time, his aura was much larger than that of Teacher Liu.

Yu Liming was thinking about this when he saw his boss rushing out.

The speed was very fast.

In the shocked eyes of the younger brothers, Yan Jing Ze arrived in front of Cheng An Xiu filled with excitement, “What a coincidence, you guys are also here to eat?”

“It is a coincidence, we come here to eat every day,” Teacher Liu laughed.

As soon as Cheng An Xiu entered the canteen, he saw that Yan Jing Ze didn’t want to eat. The food in the student canteen was really not delicious…

In the past, Yan Jing Ze didn’t want to eat with him but he felt that the Yan Jing Ze now must be willing. And he has a meal card for the teacher’s restaurant upstairs.


It’s just… if his relationship with Yan Jing Ze was known to Yan Jing Ze’s parents, Yan Jing Ze’s parents would definitely blame Yan Jing Ze or maybe they would send Yan Jing Ze out of the country just like his father said…

Cheng An Xiu looked at Yan Jing Ze: “My dad wants you for something, you come with me.” After Cheng An Xiu said that, he walked upstairs.

Yan Jing Ze followed behind.

Teacher Liu smiled upon seeing this: “Young people now…”

Yan Jing Ze’s younger brothers were already dumbfounded.

Their boss… is he leaving them behind?

“The boss has always had a meal card for the teachers’ cafeteria, but because he felt that he was not comfortable to eat there, he never went…” Yu Liming said quietly.

“So, is this the ‘lure of beauty?’

“Cheng An Xiu is actually really… very good-looking.”

“Not only is he handsome, but his grades are good too…”


“My girlfriend adores Cheng An Xiu the most and tried to sneak a touch.”

“Speaking of which…the boss has a good eye.”

“It’s just too difficult!”

Their boss is a little bit confused! He actually likes Cheng An Xiu!

“The boss’s little heart is probably going to be broken.”


“Cheng An Xiu called the boss upstairs to eat, it must be on purpose!”

“Who doesn’t know that the boss dislikes Teacher Cheng the most, and Cheng An Xiu actually called the boss to eat in front of Teacher Cheng…”

“The boss, can he eat his meal?”

Of course, Yan Jing Ze can eat his meal very well!

As a key high school, No. 1 High School’s teachers are well paid. The food in the teachers’ cafeteria is also delicious. And with his favorite person with him, he ate very well.
In contrast, Father Cheng, who was sitting in front of him, did not eat well.

Father Cheng was going to explode.

His son even brought Yan Jing Ze to him for lunch. He had no class for the last period this morning, so he got the boiled beef early, and his son actually put slices of beef into Yan Jing Ze’s bowl.
Father Cheng can’t eat anything.

It was Mother Cheng who didn’t realize anything.

When the screenshots of Yan Jing Ze’s chat and Cheng An Xiu’s love letters were spread everywhere, Mother Cheng was furious, but after learning the ‘truth’, she was not angry anymore.

In her heart, Yan Jing Ze is a very unreliable student. For such students, it is normal to talk about students with good grades behind their backs and scold the teachers. She sees this as normal and feels it’s nothing to be angry about.
The most important thing is that Yan Jing Ze admitted in public and did not push the matter to her son. She now feels that even though Yan Jing Ze is unreliable he is still responsible.

“Your parents have spent so much money on school for you so you should study hard and don’t waste their efforts.” Mother Cheng is not like Father Cheng and Cheng An Xiu who don’t want to talk, she likes preaching, and this time while eating, she started talking.

Yan Jing Ze ate while agreeing: “Teacher, don’t worry, I will study hard.”

Although Mother Cheng felt that Yan Jing Ze was just responding casually, fortunately, his attitude was still correct… She continued.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” What else can he do besides listening?

In fact, when you think about it, it’s okay to listen to it, and teachers don’t waste their breath talking about it just to bring him down.

Mother Cheng was still talking until he went downstairs after a good meal and Cheng An Xiu stood beside him with a cold face.

The student who saw this scene: “…” Yan Jing Ze is too miserable! He was scolded while eating!

Even Cheng An Xiu was a little embarrassed.

He secretly brought his cell phone to school today and was embarrassed to take it out when he was in the classroom, but in the afternoon, he took it out while going to the bathroom, and then sent a message to Yan Jing Ze: “I’m sorry.”

He just wanted Yan Jing Ze to eat something good but didn’t expect…


“You said ‘I’m sorry’?!!! Are you in love with others?!!!” Yan Jing Ze immediately replied and walked to the toilet with his mobile phone at the same time. Cheng An Xiu will most likely hide in the toilet to send him a message.

When Cheng An Xiu received Yan Jing Ze’s message, he was a little overwhelmed. How did Yan Jing Ze think of it?

He was about to type a reply when the door of the toilet cubicle was knocked: “Tell me, why do you have to say sorry.”


Cheng An Xiu heard Yan Jing Ze’s voice with a dazed expression.

Yan Jing Ze went into the toilet cubicle and said to Cheng An Xiu: “Say it first, don’t break up!”

“I didn’t want to break up,” Cheng An Xiu said.

“That’s good, by the way, you did a good job at noon today. You increased our time together and gave me the opportunity to do well in front of your parents. We must continue tomorrow. Invite me again to eat together,” Yan Jing Ze said. He actually knew the reason why Cheng An Xiu said ‘I’m sorry’. He said those things before because he wanted Cheng An Xiu to stop dwelling on it.
And… he really wants to have lunch with Cheng An Xiu.

He doesn’t believe that Cheng An Xiu’s mother could insist on educating him every day!

Cheng An Xiu nodded.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “You suddenly said sorry to me and hurt my young heart. I need a loving kiss as comfort.”

Cheng An Xiu: “…”

“You don’t love me?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

Cheng An Xiu lightly moved towards Yan Jing Ze’s face.

Yan Jing Ze turned his head quickly causing their lips to touch!

That’s not all, there are still others outside!

Cheng An Xiu froze again and even his face slowly turned red.

Most importantly, the class is about to start…

What are they going to do now?

When Cheng An Xiu was tangled, he heard Yan Jing say fiercely, “From now on, be good and listen to my words, understand?”

Cheng An Xiu was taken aback and then kissed him again.

After kissing him, Yan Jing Ze opened the cubicle door and went out.

The two boys who had just come into the bathroom were from Class 2 and they were shocked when they saw Yan Jing Ze. And when they saw Cheng An Xiu, they almost immediately thought of the word ‘campus bullying’!

They heard that today at noon, Cheng An Xiu called Yan Jing Ze to his parents to reprimand Yan Jing Ze, causing Yan Jing Ze to not even eat. That’s why, Yan Jing Ze is here to trouble Cheng An Xiu, right?

Looking at him, Cheng An Xiu’s face was obviously flushed with anger!

These students were thinking so, and saw Cheng An Xiu glance at them.

Cheng An Xiu must be very grateful to them, right? If they hadn’t come to the bathroom, Cheng An Xiu might have been beaten by Yan Jing Ze!

These students suddenly felt a sense of pride in saving people.

Kissing with his boyfriend resulted in being disturbed, Cheng An Xiu returned to his class in a complicated mood.

He has to solve some problems to calm down.

The most important thing is that grades must not drop…or his dad will be angry.

Taking a deep breath to calm down, Cheng An Xiu began to solve problems.

In fact, he has already learned the courses in the third year of high school. But he still wants to achieve higher scores so he can’t slack off.

As soon as school was over, Father Cheng came to look for his son and brought him home directly.

He was afraid that his son would run out to find Yan Jing Ze…

Cheng An Xiu really didn’t plan to go to Yan Jing Ze. Yan Jing Ze told him that he had invited many teachers and was about to start tutoring so he couldn’t contact him at night.

Therefore, Cheng An Xiu honestly studied at home.

Father Cheng breathed a sigh of relief.

As for Yan Jing Ze, he actually did not study today.

He went to give Zhuang Gaohang trouble and also find himself a teacher.

Zhuang Gaohang doesn’t live in the school. After school, he goes to different teachers for tutoring lessons every day. The teacher’s salary is still paid by Yan Jing Ze.

Today, Yan Jing Ze went directly to the door and said to the teacher showing the bill: “Teacher, I paid for his class! Now I have a fight with him, this class will not be given to him, I will come instead!”

Teacher: “…”

Zhuang Gaohang couldn’t calm down either: “Yan Jing Ze!”

“Zhuang Gaohang, I used to give you food and drink because we were friends. Now we are not friends. Of course, I can’t lose money for you.” Yan Jing Ze looked at Zhuang Gaohang with an expression of boredom: “Of course, for the sake of our friendship for many years, the money and things I gave you before, you don’t have to pay it back.”

Zhuang Gaohang has been going smoothly since childhood but recently he has been frustrated and embarrassed by Yan Jing Ze…


When he looked at Yan Jing Ze, his eyes looked like they wanted to kill.

Yan Jing Ze was fearless: “Why aren’t you leaving?”

Zhuang Gaohang chuckled lightly, turned, and left.

Only then did Yan Jing Ze, who had pulled enough of Zhuang Gaohang’s hatred, look at that teacher: “Teacher, come. We continue class.”

Teacher: “…what do you want to learn?”

This teacher has been teaching Zhuang Gaohang for a long time. Now, he knows about Zhuang Gaohang, Yan Jing Ze, and Pu Zhi. He also knows Yan Jing Ze’s achievements.

He tutored Zhuang Gaohang, it was really teaching, but Yan Jing Ze… If he teaches Yan Jing Ze high school chemistry; will Yan Jing Ze understand it?

“Let’s start with junior high school chemistry today.” Yan Jing Ze took out the junior high school textbook.

Although he never forgets, he can’t understand all the knowledge points just by reading the textbook. He still needs the help of the teachers to explain it.

Teacher: “…” He costs one thousand yuan for a two-hour class. Now, let him teach junior high school?

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