BH (QT) 25 – Genius Slacker (8)

Chapter Twenty-Five – Genius Slacker (8)

There is a reason why Yan Jing Ze dared to come out directly, the father and the mother are really fond of their son.

In the original plot, the original owner will come out after a year, and at that time, although Father Yan and Mother Yan were not happy, they still agreed.

In this case, it should be fine if he comes out earlier.

The most important thing is that he is different from the original owner. He needs an opportunity to change, and love is a very good choice.

How good is it to become a fool for love?

“You, you…” Father Yan had guessed before and now he heard his son admit, he was not too surprised but anger is indispensable.

His son actually likes men!

“Dad, I’m sorry but I really like Cheng An Xiu,” Yan Jing Ze admitted his mistake obediently.

The son who had always been against them for several years and had never been willing to talk to them, suddenly apologized to them… The father and the mother were both taken aback.

They had lost a child before, so that when Yan Jing Ze was born, they decided in unison that they would not ask the child to be so successful in the future, as long as the child was happy.

Young people nowadays do all kinds of things. Among their peers, there are some who worry about their children’s refusal to marry, etc. They have also made a little psychological preparation.

However, they still couldn’t accept similar problems.

“You are so good, why do you like men?” Father Yan wondered.

“I have always liked men, but Zhuang Gaohang was who I liked before,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“What?” Father Yan was surprised. At the school today, Father Yan didn’t call Zhuang Gaohang’s parents to tell them that their son had called them to go to school, it was for the sake of Zhuang Gaohang’s father.

The Zhuang family was in politics and Zhuang Gaohang’s father was in a high position. Father Yan will not go up against the Zhuang family over such a thing.

But even so, he gave Zhuang Gaohang a label of “unfriended”.

As a result… his son likes Zhuang Gaohang?

Thinking of how his son had obeyed Zhuang Gaohang’s words before, Father Yan’s face turned black.

Yan Jing Ze said at this time: “I have always liked Zhuang Gaohang. I had to go to the No.1 high school before and go to class 1, also for Zhuang Gaohang. Dad, I actually learned Cheng An Xiu’s handwriting and wrote a love letter to me, it’s also related to Zhuang Gaohang.”

Yan Jing Ze explained the dispute between Zhuang Gaohang and the original owner to Father Yan.

He didn’t know that Zhuang Gaohang was the one who called his parents today, and he did not know that his parents had an opinion on Zhuang Gaohang. He did this in the hope that his parents, who had always liked Zhuang Gaohang very much, wouldn’t be fooled by Zhuang Gaohang in the future.

He didn’t want to be blocked by his parents when dealing with Zhuang Gaohang!

“Cheng An Xiu’s grades have always been better than Zhuang Gaohang. Zhuang Gaohang was very angry so he asked me to seduce Cheng Anxiu…” Yan Jing Ze said slowly but did not say that Cheng An Xiu liked him: “Cheng An Xiu only knows how to study and ignores me all the time. I wanted Zhuang Gaohang to be happy, so I said those words in the group chat… When Zhuang Gaohang wanted me to give evidence, I studied Cheng An Xiu’s handwriting and wrote love letters.”

“You dare do this kind of thing!” Father Yan was angry.

“Dad…” Yan Jing Ze smiled flatteringly at his father, “Didn’t I change? I get along a lot with Cheng An Xiu. I think Cheng An Xiu is better than Zhuang Gaohang so I refused to join forces with Zhuang Gaohang. Yesterday, Zhuang Gaohang asked me to call Cheng An Xiu to come to my birthday party. He wanted to take some bad photos of Cheng An Xiu to harm Cheng An Xiu. I deliberately ruined his plan. This morning, I also wittily undermined Zhuang Gaohang’s conspiracy!”

“If it weren’t for you, could he still come up with such a conspiracy against Cheng An Xiu? Are you stupid? When you are sold, you are still helping to count the money!” Father Yan couldn’t help but wonder. He just wanted his son to be happy before. Is it wrong?

If his son really wanted to frame Cheng An Xiu with Zhuang Gaohang, wouldn’t this harm Cheng An Xiu?!

“So, I changed. I like Cheng An Xiu now. I want to join a class 1. Dad, help me invite some teachers back!” Yan Jing Ze said.

“A good teacher is so easy to invite? And you didn’t do so many homework, can you still make it up?” Father Yan asked.

“Of course, I can make it up! Dad, don’t you always say that I am the smartest?” Yan Jing Ze said.

Father Yan: “…” Am I not Wang Po—selling melons and self-selling boasting?!

Although Father Yan felt that it was impossible for his son to enter class 1, he certainly couldn’t stop his son if he wanted to make progress.

Father Yan immediately decided to invite a few teachers back.

Father Yan contacted the teachers, and after contacting them, suddenly felt something was wrong.

Wait, didn’t his son say he likes men? Why did he suddenly start talking about hiring a teacher?

Forget it, his son’s relationship problem, let him be.

Anyway, his son would definitely not get into class 1. After he graduated from high school, after Cheng An Xiu enter the school where he couldn’t afford to send his son, his son would definitely give up.

Wait, his son is naturally fond of men, and without Cheng An Xiu he would like others… Father Yan is entangled again.

While struggling, Father Yan did not forget to call Uncle Li to ask about what happened at the birthday party yesterday.

Uncle Li talked about yesterday’s events one by one, and then said: “The student who brought the young master’s cake is very polite. It’s not like someone who can do such rude things. There may be something hidden in this matter.”

“That is. Jing Ze smashed his face by himself,” Father Yan said. After hearing what Uncle Li said about what happened yesterday, he believed everything his son had said to him.

For a while, Father Yan felt more guilty towards Cheng An Xiu.

He was the top student and his father arranged him to sit next to a troublemaker, influencing his studies all day long. Not only that, Cheng An Xiu was also almost framed…


The fact that his son likes men makes him very unhappy but because Cheng An Xiu is innocent, he felt that if he can’t hate Cheng An Xiu, he can only hate Zhuang Gaohang.

Father Cheng’s thought process, Yan Jing Ze can guess.

It was precisely because he knew Father Cheng that he deliberately left a note for Cheng An Xiu, so that Cheng An Xiu will not tell others that the two of them are actually in a relationship.

He was afraid that Cheng An Xiu would get impulsive suddenly and make their relationship known to the public. In that case, Father Yan would definitely have an opinion on Cheng An Xiu.

Even more, his acting performance today would be in vain.

Yan Jing Ze dealt with his parents, immediately found the textbook, and started to study.

At the same time, Cheng An Xiu, who was looking for someone in Class 10 when class was over, learned that Yan Jing Ze had gone home.

He can only frown and leave.

The students in Class 10 watched Cheng An Xiu leave, one by one, they were relieved.

“Why did Cheng An Xiu come?”

“Did he come to give trouble to Yan Jing Ze?”

“Fortunately, Yan Jing Ze left early.”

“His complexion is ugly…”

There was a little brother of Yan Jing Ze, who told Yan Jing Ze in the group chat about Cheng An Xiu coming to their class.
Yan Jing Ze replied: “He missed me. He didn’t see me in a day, it’s like three autumns passed, so he came to me.”

Little Brothers: “…” Boss, don’t brag at this time?

Yan Jing Ze, after replying to his little brother, continued to study.

The original owner is not interested in studying but Father Yan and Mother Yan are still very concerned about his studies. When the original owner was young, he often forgot to bring textbooks and other things. So all his textbooks, his parents asked people to prepare extra copies.

Now Yan Jing Ze is in need, and Uncle Li immediately brought all his textbooks since childhood.

The original owner’s primary and junior high school foundation was still very good, but Yan Jing Ze was still starting with primary school textbooks and reading them slowly. The next day, he packed a bag of textbooks from junior high school and went to school early in the morning with the loving breakfast made by the cook at home.

The original owner used to give Cheng An Xiu breakfast for a long time and all of it was bought outside.

Because the original owner arrived late to school, by which time Cheng An Xiu had often already eaten breakfast, he ended up having to save the breakfast sent by the original owner till noon for lunch.

The breakfast bought outside originally tasted mediocre and it would be even worse when it was cold at noon. Yan Jing Ze felt that the original owner’s pursuit of Cheng An Xiu was really cold.

But he is different!

At six in the morning, he brought breakfast to class 1’s classroom!

Cheng An Xiu lives in the teachers’ dormitory next to the school. They don’t cook at home and eat three meals in the cafeteria. He usually wakes up at 5:30 and reads in the classroom at 6. He keeps studying until 6:40 and then goes to the cafeteria for breakfast and then come back to continue reading.

Therefore, when Yan Jing Ze went to visit, he had not eaten breakfast yet.

“Cheng An Xiu.” Yan Jing Ze brought breakfast into the classroom.

Cheng An Xiu’s eyes lit up and immediately stood up.

Yan Jing Ze could clearly feel that Cheng An Xiu was very happy.

The smile on his face was even brighter, he sat down in front of Cheng An Xiu then put the lunch box he had brought on Cheng An Xiu’s table and said, “Stop reading, come and eat.”

“Only a little…” Cheng An Xiu was organizing notes for Yan Jing Ze. He stayed up late last night and didn’t finish it so he came to school in the morning to do it. Now only a little bit is left.

Yan Jing Ze took a look, and he knew what he was doing: “You have to eat first before writing! This is what I asked the chef to make for you. You must eat well.”

Yan Jing Ze said and smiled at Cheng An Xiu happily.

Cheng An Xiu’s heart throbbed.

“Come and see if you like it.” Yan Jing Ze opened the lunch box.

The lunch box contains small fried dumplings, fried steak with vegetables, and fruit salad.

Cheng An Xiu studies very hard, he should eat well!

Cheng An Xiu is not picky about eating, of course he likes it, but he was embarrassed to say that so he picked up his chopsticks and ate silently.

When Yan Jing Ze saw it, he moved the stool to Cheng An Xiu’s desk, put his arm on the desk to support his face, and the down jacket with no zipper blocked the view of others, and then began to make small movements.

Such as touching Cheng An Xiu’s hand behind the desk.

Cheng An Xiu was very obedient and he continued to eat breakfast blankly, but he also emptied one hand so that Yan Jing Ze could touch his hand to his heart’s content.

Yan Jing Ze feels satisfied and thinks that this ‘sneaky’ movements is a bit cool.

There were only a few students in the class and he blocked the sight of those students. Yan Jing Ze lowered his head and kissed Cheng An Xiu’s hand.

Cheng An Xiu felt that he was numb and froze.

He was about to explode nervously.

After a while, Cheng An Xiu suddenly flattened Yan Jing Ze’s hand and gestured on it with his fingers.

Cheng An Xiu, does he… want to write on my hand?

Yan Jing Ze was curious about what Cheng An Xiu wanted to write and saw Cheng An Xiu drew a love heart in his palm.

His An Xiu is so cute!

Yan Jing Ze really wanted to take a bite of Cheng An Xiu but the students around him had been watching them secretly…

Yan Jing Ze silently picked up a fork and ate the steak that Cheng An Xiu had bitten.

Indirect kissing!

Cheng An Xiu’s hands shook involuntarily and when he looked at Yan Jing Ze, he seemed to have a hook that pulls heartstrings in his eyes.

So lovely!

When Cheng An Xiu finished eating, Yan Jing Ze left with an empty lunch box contentedly.

Cheng An Xiu stared at his desk for a while.

There are too many books on the desk so Yan Jing Ze can’t lean on it, it’s best to clean it up.

But with a tall pile of books, it can block the line of sight…

Cheng An Xiu was entangled.

Those in class 1 who came to the classroom very early also struggled.

Just now, Yan Jing Ze was forcing Cheng An Xiu to eat the breakfast he brought?

Yan Jing Ze’s smile is quite scary, Cheng An Xiu, how can he dare not eat it?

Being stared at by Yan Jing Ze, Cheng An Xiu was miserable.

But the breakfast should be good. They didn’t see it but they smelled it and it made them hungry. Now they can’t study!

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know about the struggles of class 1, he had already arrived in class 10.

Those ‘excellent’ students in Class 10 were all Yan Jing Ze’s younger brothers. When he arrived in the classroom, Yan Jing Ze was warmly welcomed by the younger brothers. These people came to Yan Jing Ze to inquire and ask if he needs anything.

Yan Jing Ze said: “You get the mid-term exam results of students of our grade this semester and compile it for me.”


The boys quickly found the ranking of the mid-term exam results for the second year of high school.

The top spot is undoubtedly Cheng An Xiu and second place is Zhuang Gaohang.

Zhuang Gaohang is very competitive and pays great attention to grades. He has taken a lot of make-up classes. The original owner has also spent money to hire famous teachers in various subjects to teach Zhuang Gaohang during summer vacations. Zhuang Gaohang told him what he wanted to learn and the original owner will help him every time… but Zhuang Gaohang still couldn’t surpass Cheng An Xiu’s grades.

Yan Jing Ze took a look, he found out the results of his little brothers and also found out his own results.

His little brothers, except for Yu Liming, did not get good grades, and he… no, the original owner turned out to be in the last place this year.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

“Boss, what are you looking at?” a younger brother asked.

“Let me see how far I am from Cheng An Xiu.” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Boss, in fact, you are very close. You are both number one!” But one is first place in good grades and the other is first place in bad grades.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

Although the grades of the students in Class 10 are far worse than those in Class 1, they are still very serious in class. After all, this is the No. 1 High School.

The students online rating of the No.1 High School is over 90%, the vast majority of students are serious about their studies.

So, when the teacher was lecturing, Yan Jing Ze, who was reading a book by himself, was conspicuous.


The teacher who was giving the lecture was speechless. Earlier, they were still talking in the office about the things that Yan Jing Ze said—that he will come back to class 1. At that time, like everyone else, he felt that Yan Jing Ze definitely couldn’t do it, but didn’t think that he couldn’t even last one day…


The teacher didn’t hold back, and walked to Yan Jing Ze’s side, wondering what book Yan Jing Ze was reading.

Yan Jing Ze is reading a junior high school math book.

Teacher: “…” Should he accuse Yan Jing Ze of not listening carefully in class, or should he praise Yan Jing Ze’s sensibleness?

He has read Yan Jing Ze’s previous exam papers and this guy really needs to make up the junior high school curriculum.

In the school, Yan Jing Ze was originally an alien. The only requirement the teachers had of him was not to affect other students. Now he concentrates on reading the junior high school textbooks and does not affect others at all. They are very pleased.

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