BH (QT) 29 – Genius Slacker (12)

Chapter Twenty-Nine – Genius Slacker (12)

The math teachers were already marking the test papers, and as they did, one of them wondered, “Are all the test papers messed up this time? How come Cheng An Xiu’s paper got mixed up with the regular class paper?”

“How is that possible, it’s not like this is a big test and there’s no rearrangement of seats,” another math teacher said.

Their school’s midterms and finals would arrange students to take exams in different classes, but a regular monthly test like this wouldn’t do that.
“But this is indeed Cheng An Xiu’s paper… Cheng An Xiu is so awesome, he didn’t use a conventional problem solving method and came up with another one like this!” said the math teacher.

After hearing this, the teachers went over to look.

The handwriting on the math test paper is indeed from Cheng An Xiu, but they feel a little weird—in the multiple-choice question, he got two wrong answers!
The latter big questions got it all correct, though, and two of the big questions were solved differently than they were taught.

“Didn’t Cheng An Xiu participate in a competition before? Is it possible he only focused on hard topics so he forgot the basics and answered them wrong? While the rest… Does he want to use a different solution?” The teacher marking the paper was a bit tangled. “Old Cheng, You have to take care of this. Usually you can challenge different ideas of problem-solving by doing your own questions. When taking the exam, it is better to use a more secure method of problem-solving.”

Father Cheng is also among those who read the test papers. When he saw this test paper, his heart jumped suddenly, wondering if his son had failed the test because of his love relationship, but when he looked at the test papers over and over, he knew the reason.

Although the reason is shocking.

Father Cheng said: “This is not An Xiu’s test paper.”

“No way?” The teacher marking the paper said.

Father Cheng asked: “Who has checked the test papers for Class 1 and Class 2?”

Soon a teacher said that he had checked the test papers for Class 1 and Class 2. Father Cheng looked through it and found out that his son’s paper had not yet been marked. He asked another teacher to check it immediately.

The test papers were checked quickly; it was full marks.

Father Cheng is a mathematics teacher and the best mathematics teacher in No. 1 High School. He really loves mathematics, so that when Cheng An Xiu was very young, he tried to cultivate Cheng An Xiu’s logical thinking.

Cheng An Xiu hasn’t even recognize all the Chinese characters yet, and has already started to do all kinds of math problems with Father Cheng. He was actually at the level of a senior high school student when he was in his third year of junior high school, and the two years he studied math, he learned the competition aspect of it.

A perfect score in the math test is not unusual for him.

There is no doubt that the test paper in front of him belongs to Cheng An Xiu.

As for who owns the other test paper…

“Is that test paper from Yan Jing Ze?”

“The big questions in previous exams, Yan Jing Ze has always skipped it, but this time he answered them all?”

If Yan Jing Ze’s results are so good, why did he end up at the bottom every time in the previous exams?”

Everyone can’t figure it out.

But one thing is for sure. Yan Jing Ze did a very good job in mathematics this time.

Compared with Chinese teachers and Math teachers, other teachers did not mistake the test papers of Yan Jing Ze as Cheng An Xiu’s.

Because the Chinese teacher and the math teacher have already told the other teachers about the situation they encountered while marking the papers.

The teachers are still very willing to ‘learn from each other’.
But even so, Yan Jing Ze’s test papers were still taken by the teachers and passed around.

It’s really surprising that the student scum suddenly got good grades.

“Yan Jing Ze is not bad, he is very talented in physics. He obviously didn’t do well in physics in high school, so he used his junior high school physics knowledge to solve physics problems.”

“He also did a good job in chemistry, but what is this question written about? He did this experiment last semester. He didn’t listen to it at all? The whole experiment was made up.”

“He was the only one who got the last English question wrong, even in class 10.”

There are still many problems in the test paper of Yan Jing Ze, some of which are clumsy mistakes that even made the teachers hard to read.

But even so, he still did well in the exam.

In the past, there were always large blanks on the examination papers, and Yan Jing Ze would always sleep during the examination, now the results of each subject are quite good.

Although this monthly test was on something that had been taught recently and didn’t cover a lot of knowledge, the fact that he was able to get a grade like this showed that he wasn’t useless.

After the exam, the teachers began to input the scores and then ranked the scores.

When the ranking came out, the teachers were confused again.

One of the teachers said: “If Yan Jing Ze works hard and wants to enter class 1, it is still possible…”


There are about 800 students in a grade and there are more than 500 science students. Among the students… Yan Jing Ze ranked 189!

It’s incredible!

You know, he left Class 1 only for a week, and last month, he ranked last.

“So, this Yan Jing Ze is still a genius?”


“He can learn this in a week, and if he works hard, can he still compete with Cheng An Xiu?”

“I really don’t understand what the children from rich families think. With this IQ, he always ranks last, does he not want any face?”

At that moment, someone said, “He’s rich, he doesn’t care about his face. Even if he ranks last in the whole grade, he still has a bunch of little followers.”

This is really reasonable!

Yan Jing Ze got a good result on the test, but none of these teachers thought he was cheating or knew the test paper in advance.

In this exam, the exam papers for each subject were administered by their respective teachers, so even if Yan Jing Ze could get the exam papers for a particular subject, he wouldn’t be able to get all the exam papers for all the subjects.

As for cheating… His class is Class 10.

With his current grades, he can already look down on the rest of his classmates!

Of course, what’s more important is that the way Yan Jing Ze got his answers wrong and the way the questions were answered was clearly not cheating.

He should have learned the most recent knowledge points, but the foundation was too bad so he would make mistakes on the basic questions.

Father Cheng looked at all the test papers of Yan Jing Ze and his mood was complicated.

He had spent so much effort on Yan Jing Ze before but Yan Jing Ze’s grades did not improve. Now… in just one week, his grades have improved so much?

“This kid, it seems he is determined to join class 1. Old Cheng, your Chinese cabbage is targeted by a pig…” Teacher Liu, who teaches Chinese, held the glass and looked at Father Cheng with a sigh.

Father Cheng suddenly looked at his colleague.

Teacher Liu said again: “If you have a way, you can hide the cabbage quickly.”

Father Cheng was expressionless, he also wanted to hide his cabbage, but his cabbage had long legs and always wanted to run out!

When Yan Jing Ze came home on the night of the monthly exam, he was in a very good mood.

Father Yan and Mother Yan had been waiting at home for a long time. When he saw his son, he immediately asked: “Jing Ze, how did you do on the test?”

Yan Jing Ze said: “I did well in the test. I think I just need to keep this momentum, sooner or later, I will be able to get second place.”

Although Father Yan and Mother Yan had recognized their son as a genius and didn’t blush at all when they praised him, but now that they heard their son say so, they were somehow guilty.

Is their son’s self-confidence too good?

Wouldn’t it be sad if the kid got mediocre grades in the exam?

Father Yan was worried that his son would be hit too hard, he immediately said: “Dad believes in you! But you don’t have to work so hard. We’re rich. We don’t care about grades.”

Yan Jing Ze: “…” The original owner is so spoiled!

That night, Yan Jing Ze secretly had a video chat with his boyfriend.

During the video chat, he often pouted at the camera and said: “An Xiu, I worked very hard on this exam. If my grades improve, can you give me a reward.”

“What reward do you want?” Cheng An Xiu asked.

“If I advance one place, you will kiss me, if I advance a hundred, you will kiss me a hundred times,” Yan Jing Ze answered.

Cheng An Xiu: “…” Can his boyfriend stop involving kisses in almost everything?
“If I don’t even have this reward, I won’t have the motivation to study,” Yan Jing Ze.

“Good,” Cheng An Xiu agreed.

Yan Jing Ze: “Then it’s settled, compared to before, every time I improve a few places in the grade, you have to give me a few kisses.”

Cheng An Xiu nodded and agreed. There were only a few hundred people in total in the grade, adding up to a few hundred kisses at most, definitely still in batches, it was okay to agree.
Yan Jing Ze finished his video chat with Cheng An Xiu and immediately started studying. As for Cheng Anxiu… He went to his father:


“Dad, Yan Jing Ze’s grades?”

Father Cheng’s face was cold and didn’t want to say: “You will know tomorrow.”

Cheng An Xiu nodded and returned to the room.

His Dad’s attitude… Yan Jing Ze should have done well in the exam.

Yan Jing Ze not only did well on the exam, he did very well!
The bottom ranker suddenly got into the top two hundred!

No. 1 High School usually has many exams, and the rankings of all students in the school will not be made public, but the top two hundred will be made public.

After all, this is glory.

Everyone knows, in the No.1 High School, whether it is liberal arts or science, as long as you can enter the top 200, the major universities are already in your reach.

However, today, in the top two hundred honor rolls, there is a person who made everyone feel incredible.

Yan Jing Ze actually made it to the top two hundred? Are they hallucinating?

“There are two Yan Jing Ze in the school?”

“I heard that Yan Jing Ze has always been the last one…”

“What the hell was going on? Even if he could improve, he wouldn’t be able to go from the bottom to the top 200 all of a sudden, would he?”


As soon as the hand-written honor list was posted, it attracted the crowd who were talking about it, and then they saw Cheng An Xiu come over.

Cheng An Xiu is here to see Zhuang Gaohang’s results. Yan Jing Ze was always bad-mouthing Zhuang Gaohang in front of him. It made him wish Zhuang Gaohang had worse score.

And when he looked at the list, he saw that Zhuang Gaohang had indeed test poorly.

He even dropped several places at once, this time he only got the sixth place.

In fact, if the test is a little more broader, Zhuang Gaohang will not drop several places, but the monthly test is only the content of the last month’s lecture.

A week ago, Zhuang Gaohang wanted to teach Cheng An Xiu a lesson, he wasn’t so attentive in his studies, not to mention that this week, he was in a very poor state, and he still didn’t have a tutor to compensate for his weak areas before the exams….
It’s really normal to get sixth place.

Cheng An Xiu saw that Zhuang Gaohang only took the sixth place and was a little happy. He was just about to leave when he heard Yan Jing Ze’s name.

He was stunned, and then at the end part of the list, he found Yan Jing Ze’s name.

Yan Jing Ze actually got into the top two hundred?!

People around saw Cheng An Xiu staring at Yan Jing Ze’s name.

Yan Jing Ze suddenly did so well in the exam. Is Cheng An Xiu very angry?

Everyone thinks that Cheng An Xiu must be very angry, but in fact…

Cheng An Xiu is a bit tangled right now. Yan Jing Ze did so good on the exam and has improved his ranking by more than 300. Does it mean… he has to kiss Yan Jing Ze 300 times?!

When Cheng An Xiu began to think about when and how to divide his kisses to Yan Jing Ze, Zhuang Gaohang also came.

As soon as Zhuang Gaohang arrived, he saw that his grades had regressed. He felt uncomfortable for a while and felt that his face was lost.

Everyone will laugh at him when they see his performance decline!

Thinking of this, he turned to look at the people around him, only to find that no one noticed him.

Yan Jing Ze’s results are amazing. Who has time to pay attention to Zhuang Gaohang?

Therefore, no one actually laughed at Zhuang Gaohang at all.

But being ignored is even more uncomfortable, especially, Yan Jing Ze has improved so much at once!

Zhuang Gaohang clenched his fists secretly, and at this moment, Yan Jing Ze, who was walking with a group of younger brothers, also came over.

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  1. Umm last I checked everyone would write their names in high school exam papers so how can the teachers not recognise whose paper that is? Or are exams done blindly in China that one can only recognise someones paper by their handwriting??

    1. My school was also like this . We never wrote our names on the answer sheets . The school also distributed the answersheets to teachers who had never taught us to get them checked . It’s a pretty fair system as if teachers have a bias towards a student , they unfortunately can score low or high

      1. Then can I ask how your papers were identified? Were you assigned a number to write down or something? In my law school, that’s how the papers were kept anonymous.

        1. in our school, we use numbers, our papers have numbers and that like serves as our names

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    1. I think students were given student numbers instead of using real names to avoid any biased markings. An xui’s writing is unique which is probably why the teachers could recognize it and MCs counterfeit

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