BH (QT) 30 – Genius Slacker (13)

Chapter Thirty – Genius Slacker (13)

Yan Jing Ze came to see Cheng An Xiu’s achievements.

    Although he had been pestering Cheng An Xiu lately, Cheng An Xiu always got into study mode quickly after getting close to him, so he believed that Cheng An Xiu’s grades wouldn’t drop.

    But his boyfriend got first place in the whole grade so he still have to take a good look.

    As for himself… Although Yan Jing Ze always said that he did well in the exam, he didn’t think he could be in the top two hundred. He didn’t think about it at all.

    When he came to the place where the results were posted, Yan Jing Ze saw Cheng An Xiu from afar, and his eyes lit up: “An Xiu!”

Cheng An Xiu turned around at the sound of the voice and subconsciously wanted to walk towards Yan Jing Ze, but after one step he realized that it was wrong, he turned around and walked away.

    He is really happy now.

    Previously, Yan Jing Ze said that he would re-enter the Class 1. Although he always encouraged Yan Jing Ze, he did not think that Yan Jing Ze could do it. After all, Yan Jing Ze had a poor foundation and he was always thinking about ‘kiss.’ What’s more, he wasn’t focused on learning at all.

    Because of this, he was actually very worried.

    He doesn’t expect Yan Jing Ze to get into the same university as him, but if Yan Jing Ze doesn’t even get into an ordinary university, will his parents send him out of the country?

    Everyone knows that before, Yan Jing Ze was always talking about the fact that he would go abroad in the future!

He was a little anxious so he organized knowledge points, prepared some exercises and stuff for Yan Jing Ze. But his dad was keeping an eye on him to keep him from going out on the weekends, so he couldn’t keep an eye on Yan Jing Ze answering the problems. He doesn’t know how much Yan Jing Ze has learned.

    As a result, Yan Jing Ze gave him a surprise!

    Just now, Cheng An Xiu was so happy he almost rushed over to give Yan Jing Ze a hug, and suddenly remembered that their relationship could not be known to others, so he restrained himself and hurriedly left.

    If he were to be with Yan Jing Ze again, he was afraid he would lose his composure.

    Cheng An Xiu went directly to the toilet, then took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Yan Jing Ze.

    In front of the “Honor Roll”, those students watched him run away, they thought he was trying to hide from Yan Jing Ze – it seems Cheng An Xiu was really afraid of Yan Jing Ze. Yan Jing Ze only called out to him and he immediately run away!

    Yan Jing Ze’s little brothers looked at each other, a little sympathetic to their boss.

    Cheng An Xiu is so frightened of their boss that it is not easy for their boss to catch up with Cheng An Xiu!

    Their boss is still smiling. This is… a forced smile, right?

    Yan Jing Ze didn’t force a smile, he was really happy now.

    Cheng An Xiu is so cute!

    Just now, Cheng An Xiu actually wanted to rush into his arms, right? It’s a pity, Cheng An Xiu is too shy.

    Yan Jing Ze looked at the Honor Roll in a good mood.

    Cheng An Xiu’s name hangs high in the first place, awesome!

    Zhuang Gaohang fell to sixth, even better!

    The more Yan Jing Ze looked at Cheng An Xiu’s name, the better he felt. At this time, Yan Jing Ze’s younger brother said, “Boss, you are on the list! You are on the list!”

    The voice of this younger brother changed because of surprise.

    Yan Jing Ze heard the words and said: “Where? Where? Let me see.”

The boys immediately pointed out the name under the Honor Roll and showed him, and said: “Boss, you actually got 189!” The performance of his boss is actually better than them!

    Oh, among them, there is still someone who have better grades than their boss, Yu Liming has more than 70!

    Yan Jing Ze was surprised to see himself in the top 200, but of course he was more than happy: “I told you I would do very well in the exam this time! Unfortunately, the ranking is still a bit low, a bit far from Cheng An Xiu… I will continue to work hard and strive to become second place in the whole grade!”

    “Boss is very aspirational!”

    “Boss, you can do it!” 

“Boss, work hard!”


    Yan Jing Ze’s little brothers cheered for Yan Jing Ze.

    Those students who are not the younger brother of Yan Jing Ze feel that Yan Jing Ze is talking big.

    Wait, Yan Jing Ze is not necessarily talking big.

    Some of them aren’t even as good as Yan Jing Ze!

    Could it be that Yan Jing Ze had poor grades in the past, in fact he was only pretending? In fact, he was hiding and just waiting to shock them?

    Anyway, at this moment, when many people look at Yan Jing Ze, they have admiration in their eyes.

    Only Zhuang Gaohang quickly exploded.

    At first, when he saw Yan Jing Ze greet Cheng An Xiu, he was a little happy when Cheng An Xiu left without looking back.

    Although what he did before did not have any impact on Cheng An Xiu, Cheng An Xiu obviously had an opinion on Yan Jing Ze, and the two might have broken up.

    Thinking like this, if he were Cheng An Xiu and knew that his lover was saying things about him behind his back, I’m afraid that he would even have the heart to kill his lover!

   Yan Jing Ze has been chasing after Cheng An Xiu these days, but Cheng An Xiu didn’t pay any attention to him at all, and the two have mostly broken up.

    However, Zhuang Gaohang was only happy for a short while, and he soon realized that everyone was paying attention to Yan Jing Ze, but no one was paying attention to him.

    “Yan Jing Ze, you cheated?” Zhuang Gaohang looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Is it interesting to get a false score?”

    He did not believe that Yan Jing Ze could do so well. Yan Jing Ze must have cheated!

Others didn’t know much about Yan Jing Ze, but he did. Yan Jing Ze was very unenthusiastic about his studies, one could even say he hadn’t studied much!

    “When did I cheat? You can’t just open your mouth and slander people.” Yan Jing Ze said: “The first thing you need to do is to take care of yourself first. Look, without the famous tutor I hired for you, you’ve dropped several places at once… It won’t be long before I can surpass you.”

    “You want to surpass me too?” Zhuang Gaohang sneered.

    “Why can’t I surpass you?” Yan Jing Ze smiled triumphantly: “I’ve always been smart and I didn’t study hard before.”

    Zhuang Gaohang didn’t expect Yan Jing Ze to have such a thick face.

He knew very well that he would not be able to gain the upper hand when he was tit-for-tat with Yan Jing Ze at the moment… Zhuang Gaohang turned around and left.

    Yan Jing Ze waited for him to leave and took out his mobile phone to take a photo of the Honor Roll.

    He and Cheng An Xiu are in the same frame for the first time so he must take a photo!

    When it was over, Yan Jing Ze sent the photo to his father.

    At the same time, he also saw the message Cheng An Xiu had sent him.

    There is only one message from Cheng An Xiu: “Come to the reading room when you have a physical education class in the afternoon.”

    Seeing this message, Yan Jing Ze’s mood was even better!

    The message revealed a lot of information.

    First of all, Cheng An Xiu knows his timetable… Cheng An Xiu is not in Class 10 but he knows the timetable in Class 10. It must be specifically for him so he remembered!

    Secondly… Cheng An Xiu rarely takes the initiative to meet, this time he also directly prepared a lesson… Is this going to give him more than 300 kisses?

    Yan Jing Ze’s little brothers suddenly discovered that their boss’s devilish smile has now become a bit… silly.

    “Yan Jing Ze, you brought your mobile phone to school again!” Cheng An Xiu’s aunt’s voice sounded again.

    Yan Jing Ze’s expression changed and then he ran away, hiding his usual mobile phone while running, and took out a spare mobile phone and held it in his hand.

    Mobile phones are not allowed in No. 1 High School. If they are taken, they will be confiscated, and then the teachers will notify the parents to pick up the phones.

    But he is not afraid.

    Yan Jing Ze was caught in Class 10 classroom and the teacher took away his spare cell phone.

    He prepared several such spare mobile phones. When they are all taken away by the teacher, he will ask his dad get them back…

When the teacher left, Yan Jing Ze calmly took out his usual mobile phone to reply to Cheng An Xiu.

    The little brothers of Yan Jing Ze: The boss is indeed the boss!

    In class today, Yan Jing Ze was praised by teachers in various subjects.

    People take it for granted when good students do well, but when bad students do well, it’s amazing!

    Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, took it all calmly and then began to read the freshman textbook.

    Although the original owner did not like to study before, but elementary and junior high school, in the end, went to the best private school, his knowledge was still stable.

    Let’s not forget the average public elementary school, where English is not taught until the third grade. Some schools in poor areas have few students and they can’t even recruit English teachers so that the students there have not taken English classes in elementary school.

Yan Jing Ze was different. He had a foreign teacher with him the whole time he was in kindergarten.

    He’s had English class every day since the first grade, because it requires a lot of talking and practicing, and every time he’s in English class, a class that’s supposed to have only thirty people will split up into three classes with three different English teachers!

    The original owner learned this way, even if he wasn’t paying attention, he still learned something. He even took extra classes in third year of Junior High School.

Yan Jing Ze has now almost finished reviewing the elementary and middle school knowledge, and is starting to make up the high school ones.

    Of course, in the afternoon PE class, he did not forget to ask the teacher for a leave, and then secretly ran to the reading room.

It was especially easy for a good student like Cheng An Xiu to take a leave of absence for one or two classes. When Yan Jing Ze entered, he was already there.

    Seeing him, Cheng An Xiu didn’t speak, just looked at him quietly, and Yan Jing Ze was the only one in those eyes.

    Yan Jing Ze stepped forward and kissed Cheng An Xiu: “You asked me to come here to give me encouragement?”

    Cheng An Xiu nodded.

    Yan Jing Ze sat in front of him and pointed to his mouth: “I’m waiting, come on!”

    Yan Jing Ze is really handsome… Cheng An Xiu kissed him.

    After a lot of kisses, Yan Jing Ze suddenly said: “Damn, I seem to have forgotten to count.”

    Cheng An Xiu: “…”

    “Let’s start counting again.”

    Even if Cheng An Xiu kept his face cold, he couldn’t hide his red face. He glared at Yan Jing Ze. “I have counted, I have kissed eighty-three times!”

    In fact, he hasn’t counted, but he has kissed a lot. There should be more than 100 kisses, right?!

    “Okay.” Yan Jing Ze pretended to be disappointed and said: “Then continue.”

    The way Cheng An Xiu glared at him, it looked like he was throwing him a wink.

    Also… Cheng An Xiu has actually kissed him one hundred and fifty-three times…

The kind of kiss they were doing was the mouth-touching-mouth kind of kiss. More intimate actions than that, they hadn’t done it yet, but when Cheng An Xiu got to the last kiss, Yan Jing Ze opened his mouth and also hugged Cheng Anxiu…

When Cheng An Xiu left the reading room, his face was full of chagrin.

He had wanted to discuss with Yan Jing Ze about Yan Jing Ze’s next study plan, and then he wanted to take a look at Yan Jing Ze’s test papers, yet one class was over and still nothing had been said.

    Forget it, first, he will help Yan Jing Ze put together their knowledge for the semester and then organize some practice problems out for Yan Jing Ze!

    Cheng An Xiu went back to the classroom to clean up, and Yan Jing Ze went back to the classroom to study.

    When the students from Class 10 who went to the physical education class returned to the classroom, they saw Yan Jing Ze reading a book with a red face.

    “Boss, you asked for a leave from PE. Did you come back to read a book?” asked a younger brother of Yan Jing Ze.

    “Yes!” Yan Jing Ze said.

    “Boss, you’re really hardworking!” It’s amazing how his boss reads a book and still looks like he’s in the spring of love.

    “Of course. For Cheng An Xiu, I have to work hard.” Yan Jing Ze said.

    Little Brother: “…” Cheng An Xiu obviously doesn’t care about his boss… In the future, his boss will lose love. How can he comfort him?

    By the way, why does his boss’s mouth seem…a little red? Did he eat chili at noon today?

    When Yan Jing Ze studied hard at school, Father Yan looked at the photos sent by his son on the phone and was extremely excited.

    His son was admitted to the top two hundred of his grade!

    His son is really a genius! Zhuang Gaohang is all to blame for delaying his son!

    In the past, when others showed off their sons, Father Yan could only listen in silence, and then say indifferently: “My child’s grades are not very good. Fortunately, I have money.” Even if his son is not comparable to others, he is better than others. Great, right?

    But now, he can show off his son too!

Father Yan was very excited, he deliberately called his friends to show off too…

When the assistant came in, Father Yan pretended to be inadvertent and said: “The No.1 High School took the monthly exam yesterday. My son told me he did well on the test…” Come ask, come ask!

    The assistant was completely silent and continued to report.

    Who doesn’t know that President Yan’s son did not get good grades? So, he shouldn’t mention this, it will only make President Yan unhappy!

    Father Yan: “…”

    Father Yan failed to show off. After thinking about it, he edited the photo, circled the name of his son, and sent it to a group chat.

    Immediately afterwards, he said: “I’m sorry, I made a mistake.”

    There was no reaction in the group.

    Father Yan: “…”

    After a while, a friend of Father Yan said: “Old Yan, don’t be sad, you are rich. You should not worry about your child’s poor grades.”

    Father Yan was stunned: “Why should I be sad! My son entered the top two hundred of the grade!”

    Father Yan’s friend: “This is the list of the top two hundred in the grade? I thought it was the entire grade haha, that really is an improvement!”

    Father Yan can finally show off.

    When showing off, Father Yan had to look at the name of the first place.

    Cheng An Xiu’s results are really good!

    His son’s vision is pretty good.

    It’s a pity that most people look down on his son.

    Not only did Father Yan show off his son everywhere, he also directly gave Yan Jing Ze one million as a reward that night.

    Yan Jing Ze saved up the money.

    The original owner spent money indiscriminately. It was clearly stated that the pocket money given by the father and the mother was already a lot, but the result was still not enough to spend, and he had to ask for money from the father and the mother.

    He can’t do this.

    He wants to save money, and when he is in college, he will buy a house near the school and live with Cheng An Xiu.

    Thinking of this, Yan Jing Ze also sent his account balance to Cheng An Xiu, told Cheng An Xiu about his plans, taking credit at the same time.

    Cheng An Xiu: “…” His boyfriend is really too rich!

    Also… he suddenly hoped that the college entrance examination would come soon!

No, better slow down, his boyfriend’s grades haven’t caught up yet!

    Cheng An Xiu continued to organize his notes.

    When Father Cheng came in, he saw his son sorting out the basic knowledge of this semester.

    His son didn’t use these basic knowledge points at all, it goes without saying who it’s for.

    Father Cheng’s heart is extremely congested.

    But Mother Cheng didn’t know anything: “An Xiu, the basic knowledge points are really important. If you keep your feet on the ground, you will definitely be able to hand over a more perfect answer sheet at the end of the term.”

    “Yeah.” Cheng An Xiu nodded.

    Father Cheng: Ha ha!

    It is not his son who will hand over a more perfect answer, but Yan Jing Ze!

    When Father Cheng was struggling with his son’s affairs, thinking how to protect his cabbage, a post suddenly appeared on the local website.

    This post is to expose the existence of certain money rights transactions in T City, No.1 High School.

    The post said that certain teachers in T City No. 1 High School would collect money from students and then favor those students.

    The post also said that as long as you have money, let alone enter the No.1 High School of T city, even if you want to enter the experimental class of the No.1 High School, it is not a problem.

    The post even explicitly named Father Cheng, saying that he would give private tutoring to certain students, but he didn’t do well to teach students in his class.

    T City is a big city and a very prosperous big city, and in such a big city, people place great importance on education.

    T City, No. 1 High School is the goal set by countless parents for their children. For many parents, as long as their children are admitted to No. 1 High School, there is nothing to worry about afterwards.

    As a result, now, this school actually has a problem?

    As soon as this post was published, it attracted a lot of people’s attention. After it became popular, the post also mentioned a lot of ‘insiders’, such as the Cheng family, and the Cheng family’s in-laws, many of whom work as teachers in the No.1 High School or other schools, as well as in the Education Bureau.

    The post hinted that Father Cheng relied on this relationship to cover the sky with one hand.

    In fact, such a thing does not exist.

Father Cheng and Mother Cheng, as well as Cheng An Xiu’s Aunt and Uncle, are all in the same school just because Mother Cheng chose to teach in the same school with her sister after graduation, and then both of them got married to people who work in the school!

    The other people in the Cheng family are the same. If someone in the family is a teacher, another family member will also be a teacher, and they will find a teacher to marry… They can’t help but develop a network.

    But the person who posted the post was very skillful. The way he said it, it made people feel that the Cheng family seemed to have a problem.

    Not only that, the person who posted the post even gave a specific example.

    The one being used as an example is of course Yan Jing Ze.

    Yan Jing Ze’s grades are too bad but he was able to study in the No.1 High School, and he even entered Class 1 before!

    There must be a problem here!

    The person who posted this post made a lot of half-truths and half-hypotheses, and because it involved the education issue that everyone was most concerned about, the post became hot!

Not only that, they don’t know what happened, but there was some online media or something that paid attention to this. Overnight, the post was forwarded all over the place.


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