BH (QT) 31 – Genius Slacker (14)

Chapter Thirty-One – Genius Slacker (14)

Because Yan Jing Ze not only didn’t have a temper with his parents recently, but also began to study hard, Father Yan and Mother Yan went back to live in the villa.

    Since living together, Yan Jing Ze would say bad things about Zhuang Gaohang in front of Father Yan and Mother Yan whenever he had the opportunity. Not only that, he also asked Father Yan to pay attention to Zhuang Gaohang’s movements and online news.

    On the original historical trajectory, Cheng An Xiu would jump off the building, not just because his sexuality was exposed.

Having his sexual orientation exposed, even the news of him pestering Yan Jing Ze was not let go, always being ridiculed by people… All of these made Cheng An Xiu miserable, but he wasn’t without another way out.

    With his grades, it is too easy to transfer to another high school. He can find a school where no one knows him and start again.

    He has family members and dreams so he really wouldn’t commit suicide for being a scumbag.

    He would jump off the building because Zhuang Gaohang did too much.

    Zhuang Gaohang hated not only Cheng An Xiu, but also Father Cheng, so he fabricated some charges to slander Father Cheng, and even posted them on the Internet.

    He said that Father Cheng received money and received gifts, that Father Cheng gave all opportunities to his son, etc. He also registered a few fake accounts and pretended to be students in No.1 High School, affirming the online news.

    If it were normal and such a revelation occurred, there must be many people who helped Father Cheng speak, but at that time Cheng An Xiu’s affairs had just been exposed.

The students in No.1 High School are starting to look at Cheng An Xiu with tinted glasses, and even have less respect for Father Cheng – Cheng An Xiu is not what he appears to be, is Father Cheng like that too?

    In addition, the original owner added fuel to the fire and said bad things about Father Cheng to his parents, saying that Cheng An Xiu asked him for money…

Father Yan and Mother Yan also pressured the school, and Father Cheng and Mother Cheng were expelled.

    Then there was online violence. Cheng An Xiu’s photos were uploaded everywhere on the Internet, and some people found Cheng family’s house…

    Cheng An Xiu’s grandfather was furious!

The original source of all of this was Cheng An Xiu, and the Cheng family also knew that they would face a desperate situation because of him pestering Yan Jing Ze. How much would Cheng An Xiu blame himself in such a situation?

    Moreover, even if Father Cheng and Mother Cheng love their son very much, can they not blame Cheng An Xiu when something goes wrong in the family? Even if they don’t blame Cheng An Xiu, can relatives of the Cheng family not blame Cheng An Xiu?

    At that time, Cheng An Xiu’s situation, Yan Jing Ze couldn’t help but feel distressed just thinking about it.

    Now, he certainly can’t let Cheng An Xiu encounter such a thing again.

    Father Yan and Mother Yan attached great importance to his son’s suggestions, and Father Yan really hated Zhuang Gaohang now…

    He really made people stare at Zhuang Gaohang.

    So, early the next morning, Father Yan told Yan Jing Ze about what someone posted last night.

    Yan Jing Ze immediately jumped up: “Dad, you have to help me solve this problem!”

    Yan Jing Ze has always wanted to deal with Zhuang Gaohang, but he is only a minor and does not want to commit crimes. He can only find a little trouble for Zhuang Gaohang.

    He had intended to pull enough hatred from Zhuang Gaohang and wait for Zhuang Gaohang to do something to himself before letting Father Yan help, but he hadn’t expected Zhuang Gaohang to still find trouble for Father Cheng.

    But he did not pull the hatred for nothing, Zhuang Gaohang also dragged him with Father Cheng and stabbed him.

    Zhuang Gaohang announced Yan Jing Ze’s identity, saying that he spent money to bribe No.1 High School, and then spent money to enter science class. He was relying on money to do whatever he wants and bully people in the school.

    At this moment, many people are scolding Father Cheng on the Internet, and similarly, many people are scolding him.

    “Jing Ze, don’t worry, Dad will take care of this matter!” Father Yan said. At this moment, he hated Zhuang Gaohang with a passion.

    This guy used to deliberately let his son not study well, but now he is still smearing his son online!

    He’s just gotten the news, too, but has already asked someone to take care of the matter and is sure it will be resolved satisfactorily.

    Thinking about this, Father Yan immediately said his own solution, and said that their company’s public relations team is very powerful, and it is no effort to deal with such a small matter.

    “Dad, you are really amazing!” Yan Jing Ze said, standing up and giving his father a hug.

    Father Yan was holding his son, the mood got a little excited: “This is nothing, you just study hard.”

Yan Jing Ze then said: “Dad, don’t worry. I’ll study hard and try to get into class 1 at the end of the semester.”

   Father Yan was more excited.

    Yan Jing Ze said again: “I want to be at the same table with Cheng An Xiu!”

    Father Yan: “…” This son has been raised in vain. All he knows is to covet other people’s cabbage!

But his son, when he falls in love with the wrong person, he goes astray, and when he falls in love with the right person, he can go straight again… Think about it, there is nothing wrong with liking Cheng An Xiu?

    If his son can really study hard, he might be able to take over his company early and let him retire sooner!

    Father Yan thought with joy, took his son to school personally, and then talked with the principal.

    The love letter written by Cheng An Xiu can spread throughout the school in a very short time because Zhuang Gaohang sent the pictures to various classes.

    The students in the school still don’t know anything about the local forums, and even the teachers in the school don’t know anything.

    The high school teachers are very busy and don’t have much time to watch gossip.

    Moreover, even if Zhuang Gaohang spent money to invite the navy, it was only one night, and the matter could not travel that far.

    Of course, there are still a few people who know.

    A student who didn’t live in school knew about it from his parents when he had breakfast.

    At that time, his parents worriedly asked him if he was bullied by Yan Jing Ze.

    The student denied it without hesitation.

    Speaking of it, although the original owner formed a gang in the school, he really hadn’t beaten anyone. After all, he was afraid of being kicked out of the No.1 High School.

    The student’s parents asked if Yan Jing Ze had paid to enter the school.

    At this time, the student readily confessed: “Yes! He is not the only one who bought the school with money, many students used money to enter the school.” Students in the two science classes, Class 10 and Class 11, liberal arts class, all of which are bought with money!

    Upon hearing this, his parents asked again if Yan Jing Ze still paid to enter the science class.

    The student admitted again: “Yes! He bought it with money! His dad donated money to build us a new dormitory building and gave us air conditioning in all of our dorm rooms, so he got into the science class. As you know, the students in the science class are under a lot of pressure to learn, and they teach a lot of things that many people don’t understand. Yan Jing Ze will probably not be able to adapt after entering. Anyway, the grades were not good… His father had spent so much money that he could at least stay in the science class for a semester before being kicked out at the end of the semester, but then he wrote himself a love letter, got kicked out of the science class, and now he’s back in class ten.”

The student was full of sympathy and a bit sad when he said, “A dormitory building with that many air conditioners should cost millions, right? But he ended up staying in the science class for only half a semester!”

    His parents: “…”

The parents continued their discussion and asked again: “Then Mr. Cheng in your school, did he collect money from students in private?”

    “No? Yan Jing Ze is so rich and yet Mr. Cheng hates him. In the beginning, Yan Jing Ze was dead set on not leaving Class 1 but Mr. Cheng still chased him away. When eating at noon these days, he always called Yan Jing to criticize.” The student said again.

    Parents: “…” When they read the news on the Internet, they were particularly worried about their child being bullied by classmates and teachers at school. They also felt that Teacher Cheng and Yan Jing Ze were annoying, but now…

    Let’s forget Teacher Cheng, he is just an ordinary teacher, and this Yan Jing Ze… They suddenly felt a little sympathetic to this Yan Jing Ze.

    This child is very unlucky.

    News on the Internet continued to ferment, but soon, one party responded.

    Even if Zhuang Gaohang is a little clever, he is just an underage child. He has been in school for more than ten years…

    How can someone who has never been in contact with the society have the ability to come up with any shocking conspiracy?

    In particular, the Cheng family didn’t make any big mistakes themselves, and they didn’t let him catch anything.

    On the Internet, Father Yan asked someone to selectively delete some of the posts, and then one party immediately gave an explanation about the Cheng family.

    The resumes of Father Cheng, Mother Cheng, and Cheng’s relatives are posted up, saying that they are teachers who got married to other teachers. They also mentioned which students they have taught who have passed the top ten exams in the province. Many people became silent. That’s right, can’t you find a teacher to marry?

    And among these people, the highest position is the vice principal. In a school like No. 1 High School, with so many people staring at it, what can a vice principal do?

    Regarding the matter of Yan Jing Ze, No. 1 High School also gave a generous explanation, saying that like many students, Yan Jing Ze had grades lower that what they required in the No. 1 High School, so his family spent money to enter. As for him to be able to enter science class, it was indeed because Father Yan had thrown in the money, but unfortunately it was useless to throw in the money. Yan Jing Ze couldn’t keep up with the progress, so he returned to the normal class.

    This explanation is generous. After seeing it, netizens began to doubt the authenticity of the previous post. At this time, the navy invited by Father Yan came!

    In addition, Father Yan also sue a large number of people who reposted previous posts!

    The reason for accusing them was to slander his son.

    Netizens: “…” Mr. Yan is really hardcore!

    However, he dared to do so, which almost proved that his son did not do anything to bully his classmates.

    Of course, there are always some people who doubt Yan Jing Ze and Father Cheng. They even go to the forum of No. 1 High School or find the students of No. 1 High School to understand the situation of Yan Jing Ze.

    A student in No. 1 High School: “Yan Jing Ze is… he is very miserable.”

    “He was called by the teacher every day at lunchtime to be trained.”

    “With so much money, he only stayed half a semester in science class. Now in order to get back to the science class, he doesn’t attend PE classes.”

    “Bullying? He just bullied Cheng An Xiu, right? No, it’s not beating, he just copied Cheng An Xiu’s handwritings and wrote a love letter to himself.”

    “He does have a group of younger brothers and the poor students in our class follow him all day long.”

    “You know what No. 1 High School is, how can someone bully students here. He accepts younger brothers just because he likes to listen to his younger brothers praising him, right?”

“He is really rich, his mobile phones got confiscated, but he has at least ten spare mobile phones. He was always running away from the teacher.”

“Results? His exam results were very poor before, but now that he’s out of science class, he’s in the top 200 students of his grade…”


    People who have discovered the situation: “…” No wonder Mr. Yan sued others for slander, his son is already very miserable…

It’s even worse for Mr. Yan, money worth millions were thrown in the water!

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