BH (QT) 32 – Genius Slacker (15)

Chapter Thirty-Two – Genius Slacker (15)

  In the beginning, when an anonymous person broke the news on the Internet, he also uploaded Yan Jing Ze’s photo.

    In these photos, some of them have Yan Jing Ze casually wearing a school uniform and acting like ‘I am the most powerful’.

There are also those in the cafeteria who are surrounded by a group of younger brothers.

    And leaning on a luxury car with a cigarette in his mouth.

    In short, he looked like a rich kid who didn’t know any better.

    The only advantage is probably being handsome.

    That kind of devilish and bored look is inexplicably attractive.

    However, although there are fans who think he’s handsome, most people resist him. They feel that such a person staying in a key high school like No. 1 High School will ruin the good students in the school.

    However… it hasn’t been long after that, the students of No.1 High School began to reveal the ‘true’ Yan Jing Ze.

    If Yan Jing Ze’s character hasn’t collapsed yet, and he’s still in Class 1, the students in Class 1 might say something bad about him if there’s any unfavorable news about him on the internet.

    After all, the original character of Yan Jing Ze is not likable.

    But the character of Yan Jing Ze has collapsed.

    Now, students in No. 1 High School, who hasn’t seen a few notebook screenshots with the words “Yan Jing Ze is the smartest person in the world”?

    Yan Jing Ze became a sand sculpture in the eyes of the students of No. 1 High School.

    People who had no feelings for him suddenly showed an increase in their affection for him. Even the people who hated him do not hate him anymore.

    After all, Yan Jing Ze, who looks down on people all day long, actually… hahahahaha!

    Moreover, Yan Jing Ze has left the Class 1.

    Before, Yan Jing Ze spent money to join Class 1 and everyone was jealous of him and felt unfair, but Yan Jing Ze is now back to Class 10.

    Instead, they began to sympathize with Yan Jing Ze…

    The students of No. 1 High School spontaneously helped Yan Jing Ze speak, and Yan Jing Ze’s younger brothers were even more capable of fighting. Under the instruction of Yan Jing Ze, they uploaded some black photos of Yan Jing Ze.

    For example, with the picture “I am being chased by the teacher again today”, Yan Jing Ze is a picture of running with a mobile phone.

    And they were eating, but Yan Jing Ze was called upstairs by Cheng An Xiu with a picture of “I can’t eat well again today.”

    These are obviously sneak shots that make Yan Jing Ze look not handsome at all, and with all kinds of commentary, Yan Jing Ze can no longer maintain his domineering rich second-generation persona!

    There is a “hahahaha” on the Internet. Yan Jing Ze was very satisfied with the results of his younger brothers’ work and generously gave his younger brothers a lot of hard-earned money.

Someone said: “Baby brother is so handsome, ah! And there is money! Sister is waiting for you to grow up!”

    “Little brother, you do not have to write a love letter for yourself, sister is willing to give you a love letter!”

    “I’ll do it! I can!!”

    “Whoops, I think I can change my husband, but this husband is a little bit young!”


    Yan Jing Ze ended up having a group of ‘face-con’ fans on the Internet… He insisted that they were face-con fans and not ‘sand sculpture rich second-generation’ fans.

    As for Father Cheng, naturally there are people who speak for him… Although Father Cheng was a bit strict, he did everything a teacher should do, and nothing a teacher shouldn’t do.

    He even lectured very well and he didn’t cover the sky with his hands in school… Isn’t this just an ordinary teacher!

    As for collecting money from students and giving all kinds of opportunities to his son…

    Cheng An Xiu’s learning ability is recognized by the whole school and he has not been removed from the altar yet… Come on! Cheng An Xiu is so powerful, if you don’t give Cheng An Xiu the chance to participate in the competition, are you going to give it back to someone else?

    As for collecting money… People don’t even give a good face to such a rich person like Yan Jing Ze!

    More importantly, the results of previous math competitions came out, and Cheng An Xiu won the first prize.

    The third year students of their school won the third prize, but Cheng An Xiu was the first prize… Can this be a black box operation?

    In short, it was resolved before either Cheng An Xiu or Father Cheng knew about the online news.

    When the two learned about the news, they read the end of it.

    Therefore, the next morning, Cheng An Xiu specifically instructed Yan Jing Ze: “You must wear school uniforms well in the future and you must abide by school discipline.” Yan Jing Ze was scolded on the Internet!

    Yan Jing Ze nodded seriously: “I listen to you and I must wear school uniforms well in the future… Give me encouragement!”

    Cheng An Xiu kissed him, thinking that someone on the Internet called Yan Jing Ze ‘husband’… He gently took a bite.

    “Why are you biting me?” Yan Jing Ze looked at Cheng An Xiu accusingly. And after biting him, Cheng An Xiu stopped without having a deeper lip-to-lip exchange with him!

    “No why. I’ve crossed out all the topics worth doing in these exercise books for you, so go ahead and do them.” Cheng An Xiu took out several exercise books to Yan Jing Ze.

    Yan Jing Ze immediately said: “I must do it well…should you give me a reward in advance?”

    Cheng An Xiu: “…”  Even kissing can’t stop you from talking!

    Wrong, Yan Jing Ze  just wants him to take the initiative to kiss him and shut his mouth!

After making out with Cheng An Xiu, Yan Jing Ze went to class, but Zhuang Gaohang didn’t come to class today.

    After Father Yan determined that Zhuang Gaohang was the one who spread the rumor, he directly approached Zhuang Gaohang’s father and asked Zhuang Gaohang’s father if he wanted to deal with his Yan family.

Father Yan looked distressed: “Everyone knows that I only have one child, Jing Ze, and I treat this child as my baby, and now you’re attacking my son!”

    Father Zhuang, who knew nothing about this and was at a loss for words, became furious after hearing the details of what his son had done.

    He’s very demanding of his son but because he gets good grades and has nothing to worry about, he doesn’t bother with the kid much, and now, the kid is causing him trouble!

    Father Zhuang immediately called Zhuang Gaohang to reprimand him.

    Zhuang Gaohang was also dumbfounded. Before he did it, he also knew it wouldn’t necessarily hurt Father Cheng and Yan Jing Ze, he was just too angry and wanted to let off steam.

Yan Jing Ze always disgusted him, so of course he had to disgust Yan Jing Ze as well.

    As a result, Yan Jing Ze actually found his father? Father Yan came to see his dad directly?

    Zhuang Gaohang looked at Father Yan incredulously.

    Yan Jing Ze has done such a shameful thing. Shouldn’t Father Yan be the first to teach Yan Jing Ze a lesson for doing such a humiliating thing?

Also, Yan Jing Ze obviously liked Cheng An Xiu. He didn’t believe that Father Yan couldn’t see that, in that case, why didn’t Father Yan come looking for trouble with the Cheng family instead?

    Zhuang Gaohang was thinking so, and Father Zhuang had already started to reprimand him.

    “I don’t care if it’s not a problem, but…” Father Yan said: “Old Zhuang, if you can’t discipline your child… you’ll raise them badly.”

    Father Yan added fuel to the fire next to him, saying that Zhuang Gaohang’s jealousy would be a catastrophe, making Father Zhuang more and more angry…

    Zhuang Gaohang failed to come to school in the end.

    When he finally came to class, the whole person was also a little lifeless.

    Forget it, Yan Jing Ze always looks for opportunities to provoke him.

    Zhuang Gaohang’s learning status is even worse.

    Yan Jing Ze is different.

    During the day, he listened to classes in school, doing exercises given to him by Cheng An Xiu, and at night, when he returned home, he let those very good teachers make up lessons for himself. He was improving every day, and he was seen as a genius by a group of teachers.

    Father Yan and Mother Yan also gave him a thumbs up!

    At this time, the end of the semester is here, and the school will conduct the final exam.

    This final exam is for the city’s unified exam. Whether Yan Jing Ze can re-enter the Class 1, it depends on this exam!

    Although Yan Jing Ze did very well in the last monthly exam, and he has been working very hard lately, people still don’t think highly of him.

A big test like this exam covers a lot of topics and it can’t all be made up in a month’s work!

    More importantly, if you want to enter Class 1, you must at least enter the top 100 in your grade!

    And everyone knows that it is easy for a smart person to progress from 400 to 300. It is enough to grasp their weaknesses, but it is difficult to improve from 200 to 100.

It’s not easy to surpass those students who are hardworking and smart! And the later you get, the harder it is to improve.

    However, Yan Jing Ze is still very confident in himself.

    “Boss, you can do it!”

    “Boss, I believe you must be able to do it!”

    “Boss, you must be admitted to the Class 1!”

    … The day before the exam, the younger brothers of Yan Jing Ze took turns to cheer for Yan Jing Ze.

    Yan Jing Ze said: “Of course, I will definitely do it!”

    Brothers: “…” The boss deserves to be the boss, still so confident!

    Yan Jing Ze said again: “Let me tell you, I’ve already thought about it, if I don’t do well on the exams and some other students do better than me and get a chance to get into Class 1, then I’ll…. Heh!”

    Yan Jing Ze’s smile is so evil, a little brother got worried and asked: “Boss what will you do?”

    Yan Jing Ze then said: “Then I will give him a hundred thousand, let him refuse to go to Class 1.”

    Younger brothers: “…” It really is the style of their boss!

    Other students: “…” Why are their grades so bad? If they get better grades and pass the exam, they will have a chance to earn one hundred thousand!

    Yan Jing Ze’s younger brothers, as well as many other students, felt that it was not easy for Yan Jing Ze to enter the Class 1, but they all felt that Yan Jing Ze should be able to pass the exam this time.

    After all, they found after observation… Yan Jing Ze was really smart.

    However, some people think that Yan Jing Ze will fail the exam, and that Yan Jing Ze could do well before because of cheating.

    “In the previous monthly exam, Yan Jing Ze must have found a way to get the test papers to get into the top 200. This time it’s all a unified exam, and he will definitely go back to his original place!” Pu Zhi said.

    Zhuang Gaohang let out a gloomy look in his eyes.

    When he was attacking Yan Jing Ze on the Internet before, he also brought out the issue of cheating of Yan Jing Ze, implying that Father Cheng gave the test paper to Yan Jing Ze after collecting the money.

    However, people on the Internet do not take this matter seriously.

    Yeah, it really doesn’t make any sense to cheat on a quiz at school and get a good grade, anyway, you can’t cheat on a college entrance exam.

    What’s more, the students in No. 1 High School have said that, before, Yan Jing Ze turned in a blank paper, he doesn’t care about his grades at all, he seems… there is no reason to cheat?

    In short, very few people pay attention to this matter.

    “He still wants to enter the Class 1. If he can enter the Class 1, I will call him grandfather!” Pu Zhi said again, he knows Yan Jing Ze very well. Yan Jing Ze has not only failed to learn high school knowledge after entering high school. Also threw away the knowledge of junior high school!

    He firmly believes that Yan Jing Ze cheated last time, and he also firmly believes that Yan Jing Ze must fail the exam this time.

    Not only did Pu Zhi think so, he also told others it must be so.

    Class 2 students: “…” Since he knows that there is definitely no way to cheat in the unified exam, is it necessary for Yan Jing Ze to cheat in the previous monthly exam?

    Anyway, the final exam lasting two days has arrived.

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Sand sculpture. This is a homophone and politer version of 傻屌shǎ diǎo (stupid bird) to refer to someone perceived to be stupid…

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