BH (QT) 33 – Genius Slacker (16)

Chapter Thirty-Three – Genius Slacker (16)

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Even though there are exams coming up, the morning kisses still can’t be stopped. Yan Jing Ze brought breakfast early in the morning and went to the reading room to find Cheng An Xiu.

It’s still too early in the morning, although many of the seniors are already up and studying, there are still very few people in the school.   The complex where the reading room is located is at the front of the school, away from the school buildings and student dormitories, and there is no one on this side.

Anyway, there was no one else that Yan Jing Ze had met before when he came over here for a date with Cheng An Xiu.

    But today, as soon as he entered the complex, he met Father Cheng.

    Yan Jing Ze: “…”

    Father Cheng looked at Yan Jing Ze with a cold face.

    Although the surrounding area of ​​No. 1 High School is very prosperous, when the school was founded, it was actually surrounded by wasteland.

    At that time, the school built some houses and sold them to school teachers at a low price.

    The Cheng family lived in the house next to No. 1 High School. Because of this, Cheng An Xiu did not go to the dormitory.

    But he often arrives at school earlier than the students in the dormitory. When he goes out, Father Cheng and Mother are often still asleep.

    It is precisely because of this that Father Cheng never knew about his son’s meeting with Yan Jing Ze in the morning. It was not until these two days that he found out.

    He followed his son out early this morning and caught him red-handed.

    When Yan Jing Ze saw Father Cheng, he was also shocked: “Mr. Cheng?”

    “You come with me,” Father Cheng said.

    Yan Jing Ze could only follow up.

    Father Cheng took Yan Jing Ze to the balcony of the complex building: “Yan Jing Ze, do you know what you are doing?”

    “I just asked Cheng Anxiu to help me study,” Yan Jing said. He knew that Cheng An Xiu’s family was quite strict, so naturally he didn’t dare to say anything about the two being in love.

    “Study?” Father Cheng sneered, “That’s not what An Xiu said, he said you are in a relationship.”

    Yan Jing Ze was taken aback. Cheng An Xiu hadn’t told him about this, and he didn’t know that Cheng An Xiu had come out to Father Cheng.

    No wonder Father Cheng’s eyes were very unfriendly when he saw him recently. He thought it was because of the screenshots of the previous chats, but it turned out not.

    “Mr. Cheng, we are in love. Don’t worry, I will treat An Xiu well.” Yan Jing Ze corrected his expression and solemnly promised. When he first saw Cheng An Xiu, he fell in love with Cheng An Xiu. He felt that Cheng An Xiu was destined to be with him.

    “How old are you? Can’t you just study hard? I have been a high school teacher for so many years, and I have never seen a young couple who fell in love in high school reach the end!” Father Cheng said.

    Yan Jing Ze said: “Teacher Cheng, you will be able to see it in the future, and we will definitely go to the end!”

    Father Cheng: “…”

    Father Cheng said again: “Yan Jing Ze, are you not afraid of me telling your parents? “He had thought his son was just in the heat of the moment, so he didn’t plan to talk to Yan Jing Ze, but now it didn’t seem so.

    “Mr. Cheng, I have talked to my parents, they are very satisfied with An Xiu. Or, I will let them treat you to a meal and have a good talk?” Yan Jing Ze said.

    Father Cheng: “…”

    Father Cheng only felt that he was holding his breath in his chest, unable to go up and down, faintly, and a little relieved.

    It wasn’t his son who was impulsive.

    However, he originally wanted to frighten Yan Jing Ze and let Yan Jing Ze retreat when he knew it was difficult. Now it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Facing such a person…

    Father Cheng finally could only say: “You want to be together, you can. But one thing must be promised to me.”

    “You say.” Yan Jing Ze said.

    Father Cheng said: “You can’t let others know about your being together.” Yan Jing Ze was too ostentatious. If everyone knew about it and the two broke up… what would his son do?

    Yan Jing Ze agreed without hesitation: “No problem.”

    Father Cheng said: “Okay, let’s go.”

    “Teacher Cheng, goodbye!” Yan Jing Ze said and then walked towards the reading room.

    Upon seeing this, Father Cheng immediately said, “I asked you to go back to the classroom, where are you going?”

    Yan Jing Ze looked at Father Cheng innocently: “Mr. Cheng, An Xiu is waiting for me. If I don’t go, he will be sad. If he is sad, he may not perform well in the next exam.”

    Father Cheng: “…”

    Father Cheng watched Yan Jing Ze enter the reading room.

    As soon as Yan Jing Ze entered the reading room, he locked the door and closed the curtains.

    Cheng An Xiu had been here for a while now, and after waiting for a long time without seeing Yan Jing Ze, he was actually a bit anxious.

    Now that Yan Jing Ze finally came, he was relieved.

    “An Xiu, the nanny made breakfast today that takes a lot of time, I am late!” Yan Jing Ze went up and kissed Cheng An Xiu.

    Cheng An Xiu turned his face away: “Well.”

    “Would you like me to feed you? The exams are coming up. Make sure you have a good breakfast,” Yan Jing Ze said.

    “No.” Cheng An Xiu refused.

    “Since you don’t let me feed you, then you can feed me.” Yan Jing Ze opened his mouth.

    Cheng An Xiu: “…” Why is his boyfriend so shameless?

What’s even more amazing is that this kind of Yan Jing Ze is actually making him like it more and more!

    Cheng An Xiu opened the lunch box and used a fork to feed a piece of beef stew to his boyfriend.

    The two ate their breakfast sweetly, and Yan Jing Ze cheated many kisses on the grounds that there was an important exam coming up that concerned his future and he needed encouragement.

    Seeing that it was almost seven o’clock, Cheng An Xiu pushed his boyfriend away and hurriedly left from the reading room.

    Father Cheng, who had been waiting outside, felt heartbroken when he saw his son with red lips.

    When he saw a refreshed Yan Jing Ze coming downstairs after his son had left, he felt more aggrieved and came out of the corner without holding back a cold hum.

    “Mr. Cheng, you have to get used to it… After all, next semester, I will be back to Class 1.” Yan Jing Ze smiled brightly when he saw Father Cheng.

    For the first time, Father Cheng couldn’t maintain his serious expression, and said angrily: “You wish!” He didn’t believe that Yan Jing Ze could get into Class 1 after studying for only a month!

    Father Cheng left after speaking, he didn’t want to be more pissed with this guy anymore!

    Yan Jing Ze carried his schoolbag and went to Class 10.

    But at this time, Pu Zhi turned around and couldn’t find anyone, so he had no choice but to return to Class 2.

    Things between young people are usually settled by the young people themselves, but Yan Jing Ze actually complaint to his own father!

    Father Yan also complaint to their parents!

    Recently, he and Zhuang Gaohang were reprimanded at home, and this made him hate Yan Jing Ze even more. Pu Zhi looked for Yan Jing Ze, because he wanted to take advantage of the imminent exam to beat Yan Jing Ze.

    He wants to beat people so much, even if this is a school, he wants to beat Yan Jing Ze!

    Just because Father Yan added fuel to the fire, he, who hadn’t been going to the barracks for several years, was going to spend the next winter break in the barracks again!

    However, he did not find anyone!

He doesn’t know if Yan Jing Ze hasn’t come yet or if he is hiding…

Pu Zhi wanted to hit someone, but didn’t really dare to do it when there were a lot of people, so when he found out that he was in the same exam room as Yan Jing Ze, the only thing he could do was to glare at Yan Jing Ze angrily.

    Yan Jing Ze smiled at him and sat straight in his position.

    He must take the next exam well.

    At the same time, Cheng An Xiu sat straight in his position.

    He also attached great importance to the next exam and decided to take it well.

    If his grades deteriorated and his father really went to Yan Jing Ze’s father…

    “Cheng An Xiu, I didn’t expect that we would be in an examination room. What a coincidence,” Zhuang Gaohang said to Cheng An Xiu.

    “Yeah,” Cheng An Xiu replied.

    “Yan Jing Ze is pursuing you recently, right? Hey, he chased me like this back then,” Zhuang Gao said. He couldn’t give discomfort to Yan Jing Ze, he planned to give some discomfort to Cheng An Xiu.

    Cheng An Xiu glanced at Zhuang Gaohang, and there was no expression on his face: “Oh.”

    Yan Jing Ze said that Zhuang Gaohang likes to deceive people, which seems to be true.

    Yan Jing Ze clearly said that he was the only one he chased.

    He must believe in Yan Jing Ze, not Zhuang Gaohang.

    Zhuang Gaohang saw that Cheng An Xiu didn’t react at all. He was annoyed for a while, and said, “At that time, he also gave me a lot of gifts… Just a change of heart too fast..”

    Cheng An Xiu pretended to be deaf.

    Zhuang Gaohang wanted to make Cheng An Xiu uncomfortable, but Cheng An Xiu’s reaction made him feel uncomfortable instead.

    Forget it, he suddenly saw the watch on Cheng An Xiu’s hand.

    High school students wear watches in order to keep track of exam time.

    Before, Cheng An Xiu wore a good style watch that was bought online and cost tens of dollars. But today, he wore the watch Yan Jing Ze gave him.

    The style of this watch is very ordinary, but it is not cheap… Cheng An Xiu didn’t know its price when he first received it. After returning home he searched in the internet for the price, and then he felt embarrassed for a while. But then, Yan Jing Ze showed him his bank deposit and told him his plans for their future. It actually made him feel that the price of the watch was not a big deal, anyway, they are family.

    Cheng An Xiu’s attitude was calm but Zhuang Gaohang’s breathing was a bit short.

    He liked this watch very much and once hinted to Yan Jing Ze to buy it for him, but now, the watch is in Cheng An Xiu’s hand.

    The preparation bell rang and the teacher came.

    Zhuang Gaohang sat back in his seat, suddenly couldn’t help but have an idea.

    Before, if he didn’t let Yan Jing Ze seduce Cheng An Xiu, and if he and Yan Jing Ze are together instead… what would it be like now?

This thought hovered in Zhuang Gaohang’s mind, not even allowing him to concentrate on the question properly.

    At the end of the two-day test, No.1 High School was closed.

    The students are on holiday but the teachers are still checking the exam papers.

    This time, it was a unified examination, the examination papers were graded by several schools, for example, at this moment, those who graded the examination papers in the No.1 High School, in addition to the No.1 High School’s own teachers, there were also teachers from other schools.

Not only that, but when a paper is marked by one teacher, it has to be checked by another teacher.

    When Father Cheng and others assessed the test papers, the teacher who mistaken Yan Jing Ze’s test paper for Cheng An Xiu’s last time, said: “I don’t know if Yan Jing Ze will use Cheng An Xiu’s handwriting for this exam.”

“It’s possible. Yan Jing Ze is quite interesting,” another teacher said.

    Father Cheng was expressionless and didn’t want to talk about it at all.

    Both his son and his boyfriend have to use the same handwriting in the exams, which makes his heart bleed.

    Father Cheng, who was heartbroken, saw his son’s test paper at this time.

    The whole test paper is clean and tidy, and there is no wrong answer.

    There was a sense of pride in Father Cheng. After he marked it, he was about to show it to others when he suddenly heard a teacher who was not from their school said: “I can’t believe someone got a perfect score in math! The math was pretty hard this time, and everyone basically got it wrong on the last big question… This one with full marks is Cheng An Xiu from No. 1 High School, right?”

    After Cheng An Xiu won the first prize in the National Mathematics Competition, basically all math teachers in the city knew about him.

    “Let me see.” A teacher from No. 1 High School leaned over, took a look and said: “Yes, this is Cheng An Xiu’s test paper.”

   Father Cheng was dumbfounded: “Wait, An Xiu’s test paper is here with me.” Cheng An Xiu’s test paper is clearly in his hand!

    As soon as Father Cheng said this, someone immediately went to Father Cheng to look at the test paper in his hand.

    This is also a full score test paper.

    What is even more amazing is that the handwriting on this test paper is exactly the same as those on another test paper.

    These two test papers seem to be made by one person.

    But everyone knows that this is definitely not done by one person. Their invigilation method is still very formal, and there is a hard problem on the two math test papers, and the two people have different solutions.

    The teacher of No. 1 High School looked at the two test papers back and forth, and was shocked.

    The writing is exactly the same as Cheng An Xiu, who can it be? It must be Yan Jing Ze!

    Yan Jing Ze, even got a perfect score?

   Father Cheng suddenly realized a very important thing—Yan Jing Ze can get a perfect score in mathematics and his scores in other subjects will certainly not be bad… Is he able to enter Class 1?

    “Do you know who the other person who scored in the test is? Is that Zhuang Gaohang?” Someone asked, Zhuang Gaohang always took the second place in the city before, and they also had the impression.

    “No.” A teacher in No. 1 said: “This person should be Yan Jing Ze.”

    “The rich second generation who donated a building? “The teachers in other schools were stunned.

 The teachers in No. 1 High School nodded seriously. 

The teachers in other schools: “…” They are very concerned about No. 1 High School. They usually pay attention to news related to No. 1 High School.

    According to the information on the Internet, the exam results of this Yan Jing Ze is very poor, and now he got a perfect score?

    What exactly is going on?

    Is it cheating?

    But the times are different now. For those who are rich, rather than cheating, it is better to send their children abroad to study. After arriving abroad, send your children to participate in more activities, cultivate their expertise in various aspects, and find a few more people to recommend… After that, you can go to a good university abroad. Why spend time in China when you can go to a good university abroad?

Regardless of what the teachers thought, the marking went on.

    At this time, Yan Jing Ze arrived at Cheng An Xiu’s house.

    Both Father Cheng and Mother Cheng are busy marking the test papers, and Cheng An Xiu is the only one in the house!

    “An Xiu, thanks to you for helping me mark the key points, I did a good job this time. As a thank you, I will give you some kisses.” As soon as Yan Jing Ze entered the door, he put Cheng An Xiu on the wall…

    Cheng An Xiu didn’t say a word so he was kissed. After a while, he finally pushed the person away: “Let’s match the answers!”

    Yan Jing Ze said: “…If I answered it right, you kiss me as encouragement. If I answered it wrong, give me a kiss as comfort?”

    Cheng An Xiu: “…” Can he leave this kind of wicked boyfriend?

Of course not, and he has to hide him well so that no one will know that Yan Jing Ze is actually so cute!

The students took three days off and by the time they went back to school, their grades were already out.

    Moreover, the Honor Roll was posted before the students came to the school, so early in the morning, the window at the school entrance was crowded with people.

    Yan Jing Ze did not come to school as early as before because Cheng An Xiu would have breakfast with his parents at home.

In the past, Mr. and Mrs. Cheng used to keep an eye on the students in the evenings and came to the classroom at seven o’clock in the morning, and they didn’t cook at home. But now that the students are on vacation, they cook at home, and Cheng An Xiu can’t go out early anymore.

    Therefore, Yan Jing Ze ate breakfast with Father Yan and Mother Yan before coming to school.

    Father Yan also came with him.

His son had studied very hard for a month before and now the time had come to check out the results and he wanted to see for himself!

    After registering, Father Yan could enter the school gate, and when he entered the school gate, he was even more nervous than Yan Jing Ze.

    Although the teachers he recently hired at a huge price all said that Yan Jing Ze is a genius, he still feels a little bit unsure. He doesn’t know if it is to comfort Yan Jing Ze or to comfort himself, Father Yan said: “Son, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t do well. I have money anyway…”

    Students passing by: “…” Why don’t they have such a father?

    “Dad, I did well in the exams!” Yan Jing Ze said, he had already checked the answer with Cheng An Xiu, and he didn’t panic at all!

    “Yes, you’ll definitely do well on the test. You’ve worked so hard, you will definitely be able to do well in the exam.” Father Yan looked at his son distressed: “You have recently got up so early to study. It’s really hard.”

The students passing by: “… ” Their parents are always complaining about them getting up late! This father is so kind!

    After all… Yan Jing Ze has only worked hard for a few days, ah!

    The students on the road are envious of Yan Jing Ze who has a good father, and the people in front of the Honor Roll have been stunned.

    What did they see? They actually saw Yan Jing Ze took the 72nd place!

    They thought before that Yan Jing Ze might not be able to get into the top 200 as he did in the previous monthly exam. As a result? Yan Jing Ze not only entered the top 200, he also entered the top 100!

    “Am I hallucinating? Yan Jing Ze’s ranking is so high?”

    “Yan Jing Ze had bad grades in the past, was he just pretending?”

    “Definitely pretending! He was in the bottom rank in the exam before!”

    “72nd place, he actually ranked 72nd!”


These students have no time to look for their own grades, they stare at Yan Jing Ze’s grades, and when they see Yan Jing Ze, they are even more surprised, and spontaneously make way for Yan Jing Ze.

    Father Yan: My son is very prestigious in school!

    Father Yan was thinking about it, when he heard a boy with acne-faced shouting: “Boss, you ranked 72nd!”

    “Only 72nd…” Yan Jing Ze’s mouth hooked up. But he tried to suppress the corners of his mouth: “It’s still a bit low, but fortunately enough to enter Class 1.”

    “Boss, you are great!”

    “I already said, boss, you can definitely enter Class 1!”

    “Boss, I’m sure you can still be at the same table with Cheng An Xiu!”

    …The little brothers kept talking, and Father Yan said loudly at this time: “Son!”

    “Dad?” Yan Jing Ze looked over.

    “Come on, take your cell phone and take a picture of me.” Father Yan stood beside the Honor Roll and put his hand under his son’s name.

    “No problem!” Yan Jing Ze immediately took a picture of his father.

Aunt Cheng came: “Yan Jing Ze! You brought your phone again!”

    Yan Jing Ze did not run this time.

    Aunt Cheng is a little uncomfortable: “Why didn’t you run away?”

    Yan Jing Ze returned the phone to his father: “Teacher, this phone belongs to my dad! By the way, my dad is here, take him to get my confiscated cell phones.”

    Aunt Cheng: “…” Why is this kid so demanding?

    Father Yan took the phone and looked at the photo above contentedly, tears in his eyes.

    His son is really great!

    “Dad, I have some cell phones confiscated, please help me get them back.” Seeing that Father Yan didn’t respond, Yan Jing Ze said again.

    “What are you bringing it back for? We’re donating it!” Father Yan said: “Is there anything missing in the school? I want to donate! Do you want another dormitory building?”

    Aunt Cheng: “…” Thank you but no more, the school has no place to build another building.

    No matter what, Father Yan happily followed Aunt Cheng to pick up his son’s confiscated cell phones.

    On the way, Aunt Cheng kept telling Father Yan about the dangers of letting children play with mobile phones. Father Yan nodded: “Teacher, you are right.”

    Aunt Cheng returned several mobile phones to Father Yan.

    Father Yan took the phones and looked at them, frowning: “How come my son’s phone is still a Motorola? Alas! I’ll buy some of the best ones for him later!”

    Aunt Cheng: “Haha.” Parents are too unreliable, no wonder Yan Jing Ze was like that before!

    As for now…

   They don’t know what happened to Yan Jing Ze, but he had a sudden genetic mutation in high school.

    Father Yan filled his pocket with mobile phones, and walked to the principal’s office again, wanting to donate something. On the way, he met Father Cheng.

    Seeing Father Cheng with a straight face, Father Yan felt guilty for a while: “Teacher Cheng, hello.”

When Father Cheng saw Father Yan, he immediately thought of Yan Jing Ze talking about letting Father Yan invite him to dinner…

    “Hello.” Nodded towards Father Yan, Father Cheng left quickly.

    Father Yan used to go out and was always flattered by others, but Father Cheng was ‘pure and unpretentious’ and never flattered him, but it made him feel good about him and worried about his son.

    This old man is not easy to handle.

    Wait, he was thinking too early… He is afraid his son hasn’t caught up with Cheng An Xiu yet.

    He’s top of the class again. He doesn’t know if Cheng An Xiu can like Jing Ze…

His son is brilliant in every way, but in the end, he’s a man, and the average man wouldn’t like that!

   Yan Jing Ze, who Father Yan felt hadn’t caught up with Cheng An Xiu yet, at this moment, was sending a text message to Cheng An Xiu: “My dear, I got into the top 100 this time! Are the five hundred kisses ready?”

When Cheng An Xiu peeked at his phone, he saw this message and replied doubtfully: “500 kisses? Shouldn’t it be 100?” Yan Jing Ze only improved more than a hundred this time!

    Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, said: ” What I told you in the beginning was if I improved a few places compared to before, you will have to kiss me for every place I passed. I used to be in the bottom rank.”

So, every time, it’s compared to his bottom rank, so that’s almost 500 kisses this time!

    Cheng An Xiu: “…” Why would his boyfriend be the kind of guy who’s all about ‘kissing’?

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