BH (QT) 34 – Genius Slacker (17)

Chapter Thirty-Four – Genius Slacker (17)

Yan Jing Ze sent a message to Cheng An Xiu asking for his kisses, and immediately looked at his little brother: “You said earlier that Pu Zhi was going around telling people that I was cheating, and that he would call me grandpa if I could get into Class 1?”

    “Yes, boss!” Yan Jing Ze’s younger brother answered immediately.

As little brothers, they are very concerned about matters relating to the boss!

    “Go, let’s find him!” Yan Jing Ze waved his hand.

    He’s ranked 72nd in his grade… and even if he doesn’t use money, he’s already in Class 1!

    Although Teacher Cheng will definitely be unhappy, but in fact, there is no such thing as ‘Master Cheng who can cover the sky with one hand’. It is useless to object!

    Yan Jing Ze took his little brothers with him and was about to go to look for Pu Zhi when he suddenly thought of something: “Wait, what rankings did Pu Zhi and Zhuang Gaohang get?” He forgot to pay attention to the results of these two people earlier.

    “Boss, Pu Zhi is 102, Zhuang Gaohang is 85!” said a younger brother.

    Yan Jing Ze was shocked: “Zhuang Gaohang actually got worse scores than me in the exam?” Pu Zhi has always been a 100th placer, this time his grades are quite normal. But Zhuang Gaohang only ranked 85th?

    This is incredible! Zhuang Gaohang used to be able to rank 2nd place, which shows that he has a solid foundation. How could such a person suddenly drop so much ranking?

    “Yes, boss! Without you asking someone to tutor him, his grades will drop!” said the younger brothers.

    Yan Jing Ze: “…” He only said those words casually to discourage Zhuang Gaohang!

    For a student of Zhuang Gaohang’s ranking, hiring a tutor is the icing on the cake, although a little effective, but the impact should not be so great.

    So why did Zhuang Gaohang scored so poorly?

It was all because of Cheng An Xiu that Zhuang Gao Hang would score so poorly.

    Before the first language exam, seeing the watch on Cheng An Xiu’s hand and thinking of all the setbacks he had encountered recently, Zhuang Gaohang was filled with regret. Naturally, he didn’t concentrate on the language exam and even almost couldn’t finish the essay.

    At the end of the Chinese language exam, he realized that his exam hadn’t been answered well and his condition became worse. But Cheng An Xiu sat in front of him with a calm demeanor.

    When someone asked Cheng An Xiu how he did on the exam, Cheng An Xiu answered, “I think I did well.”

    Zhuang Gaohang was in an even worse mood.

    Is he really inferior to Cheng An Xiu?

    He was in a bad mood. During the math test, his condition was even worse. He couldn’t even solve the last big question. After the test, he compared his answers with others and found out that the second to last question was wrong. The last big question was also wrong.

    There is a lot of competition in No. 1 High School. If one more question is wrong, and a few more points are deducted, the ranking may fall several times…

    Zhuang Gaohang’s mentality collapsed.

    After his mentality collapsed, he naturally failed in the subsequent exams.

    However, his previous foundation is still there, so no matter how bad he is, he can’t be far behind, and he can still rank in the top 100.

    However, for Zhuang Gaohang, the current ranking has already made him very broken.

There were students in the class who scored poorly and were crying. Zhuang Gaohang endured it so as not to lose his temper, while beside him, Pu Zhi’s brow furrowed. “Gao Hang, you couldn’t have done so badly on the exam, did they deliberately mark your papers wrong?

    Pu Zhi didn’t believe that Yan Jing Ze was able to take the test so well, and he didn’t believe that Zhuang Gaohang could take the test so badly. He felt that there must be a problem with the school.

    In the past, Father Cheng always gave Cheng An Xiu all kinds of opportunities. Is he still tinkering with the marking of papers now?

    Zhuang Gaohang wished it were so, but he had matched the answers and he knew he did get a lot of questions wrong: “Puzhi, don’t say it.”

    Even if they talk about it in private, it’s too humiliating for Pu Chi to yell in the classroom like that!

“There must have been something wrong with the marking of the papers, you couldn’t have gotten so bad!” Pu Zhi said again, his voice louder.

    The students in Class 2 were speechless.

    Grading papers incorrectly is a common occurrence. But this kind of test, on the contrary, will not be graded incorrectly, because it is certainly not just one teacher marking it.

    Even if the marking is wrong… They’ll still be given their exam papers later, so why don’t you just take them to the teacher then?

They’d heard that it was Zhuang Gaohang and Pu Zhi who had spread rumors on the internet to frame Yan Jing Ze and Teacher Cheng of Class 1. It was only after the parents of these two boys came to the school to see the principal that the principal did not punish them… Maybe this is true?

    The two of them betrayed their friend, Yan Jing Ze, before, and now they are still talking nonsense on the Internet…The students in Class 2 despised these two people.

But Pu Zhi is not to be trifled with. The Class 2 students wouldn’t dare to show their aversion in front of him…

    At this moment, Yan Jing Ze came to Class 2.

As soon as Yan Jing Ze came in, he said, “Zhuang Gohang, I told you that you would fail the exam, and you sure did! You were only in the 80s this time. You’re not even as good as me. What should you do next time?”

The gloating expression of Yan Jing Ze is really asking for a beating, Zhuang Gaohang’s face changed greatly, Pu Zhi even jumped up: “Yan Jing Ze!”

    “What’s wrong?” Yan Jing Ze smiled and asked: “My good grandson is going to call grandpa?”

    Pu Zhi was furious: “Yan Jing Ze! You cheated to get that grade, and you still think it’s your real grade? It’s only a matter of time before you’re out in the open!”

    “My grades are so good it looks fake, who made me a genius, but you two, tut!” Yan Jing Ze looked at Pu Zhi contemptuously.

    Pu Zhi rushed over at once, wanting to fight.

    Yan Jing Ze is fearless.

    It’s true that he can’t beat Pu Zhi, but he has so many people!

    No matter how great Pu Zhi is, a group of them will be able to hold Pu Zhi down!

    Yan Jing Ze eagerly waited for Pu Zhi to come to fight.

    It is a pity that the appearance of Teacher Liu brought the battle that was about to begin to an abrupt end.

    “What are you doing?” Teacher Liu, who was holding a glass, asked with a smile.

Don’t look at Mr. Liu’s smiling face, he can be a No.1 High School head teacher, that is, he has the means, at least the Class 2 doesn’t dare to make a fuss in front of him.

    Pu Zhi was like a deflated ball all of a sudden, not daring to fight.

    Yan Jing Ze was inevitably lost when he saw it.

    “Yan Jing Ze, you came to our class early in the morning… Do you want to come to our class next semester?” Teacher Liu asked.

    Yan Jing Ze hurriedly took his people away. Of course, he didn’t want to come to Class 2 next semester. His goal was unswerving and it was Class 1!

    He did enter the Class 1.

    It was rather unfortunate that the semesters were now over. If he wants to share a table with Cheng An Xiu, he’ll have to wait until next semester.

    Yan Jing Ze finally got what he wanted and it was time for springtime, but the others were not so happy.

    Pu Zhi left the Class 2.

    The four worst performers in the two classes of class 1 and 2 would go to the regular class, and Pu Zhi happened to be the fourth from the bottom.

    In fact, because Yan Jing Ze left before, only three students from Class 1 and 2 should be allowed to leave this time, but Pu Zhi and Zhuang Gaohang said bad things about Father Cheng on the Internet. Although this matter was suppressed by Zhuang Gaohang’s parents using their connections, the teachers in No. 1 High School knew about this. The teachers naturally didn’t like Zhuang Gaohang and Puzhi. At this time, it was even more impossible to let Pu Zhi go.

    A semester ended successfully and the principal was obviously in a happy mood at the closing ceremony.

    Father Yan failed to donate the building again, but he donated the furnishings for the new dormitory building.

    That’s fine, he also donated money to improve some of the other facilities at the No.1 High School.

    How could the principal be unhappy?

    Father Yan, who donated a large sum of money, was equally happy.

    His son was admitted to the top 100 in the first semester!

    What a thing to show off!

Father Yan accidentally took a photo of himself in front of the No.1 High School Honor Roll, and he accidentally ‘wrong sent’ in various groups and did not remove it.

Some people who have been in several groups with Father Yan: Oh! If you want to show off, just show off. Even using ‘wrong sent’ as an excuse… who are you lying to?

    However, even though they “haha” in their hearts, they exaggerated and praised Yan Jing Ze.

    The adult world is so humble.

At the same time, the people in Father Yan’s company had finally discovered, with the benefit of hindsight, that their CEO’s son had gone from being a school scum to a learning tyrant!

    The wise assistant praised Yan Jing Ze ten times a day and succeeded in getting a raise.

However, after the exams were over, Yan Jing Ze, who finally got good grades, didn’t study hard and went on a date with his boyfriend instead.

The students are on vacation, but Mr. and Mrs. Cheng has to work a few more days away from home… He naturally used the opportunity to go on a date with his boyfriend.

So, one day when Father Cheng came home, a retired teacher who lived in the building asked, “Xiao Cheng, is your son tutoring someone? Can my grandson follow along?”

    “What supplementary lessons?” Father Cheng was taken aback.

    “It’s that Yan Jing Ze. He arrives at your house early every morning, not long after you left,” the retired teacher said.

    Father Cheng: “…” The pig was still swaggering and came to eat cabbage!

    Father Cheng smiled at his retired colleague: “Yes, they are studying… your grandson can also come together.”

    Yan Jing Ze learned the sad news from Cheng An Xiu that night.

    But the next day, he went strongly.

    Isn’t it just one more person? What is he afraid of?

    He didn’t believe that the man could stay!

    As for Cheng An Xiu, he thought it was good to have another person, or else Yan Jing Ze would keep clamoring for a kiss and refuse to study properly.

    But he can’t let the ‘light bulb’ ruin the two-person world.

    Cheng An Xiu sent a message to ‘Light Bulb’: “You come for two hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon, and you are free to spend the rest of the time.” For the rest of the time, Yan Jing Ze can do whatever he wants…

    Four hours of study a day during the vacation is enough! The ‘Light Bulb’ did not want to face Cheng An Xiu, who was as serious and indifferent as Father Cheng, for too long, and happily agreed.

    This winter vacation, Yan Jing Ze had a very pleasant time.

    In particular, Father Cheng helped him cross the road, saying that he was looking for Cheng An Xiu for tutoring lessons…

    So, even if Mr. and Mrs. Cheng were on vacation, he still brazenly came to the door to ask for a tutoring lessons.

    Father Cheng: “…” He really wants to drive this person out!

    It’s a pity that Mother Cheng, who doesn’t know anything about Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu, now likes Yan Jing Ze, so he can’t drive away Yan Jing Ze!

    Mother Cheng is a chemistry teacher. After she had contact with Yan Jing Ze, she discovered that Yan Jing Ze was a genius in chemistry!

If there’s a national mathematics competition, of course, there’s a national chemistry competition, too! If Yan Jing Ze worked hard, he might win an award in the National Chemistry Competition!

    Mother Cheng took the role of providing help in chemistry on Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu.

    Because Yan Jing Ze’s mouth was too sweet, she liked Yan Jing Ze more and more, and she started asking Yan Jing Ze’s favorite food when cooking!

    Father Cheng: Ha ha!

    Although Father Cheng can’t help but ‘hehe’ in his heart, he has to admit that this guy Yan Jing Ze is really likable.

His wife asked what he liked to eat and all that he said was what his son liked to eat, and he volunteered to come into the kitchen to help with the cooking.

    It was understandable that his son would fall, but he wondered if Yan Jing Ze would really persevere as long as he said he would.

No, what’s he thinking about? He obviously should try his best to dismantle them!

    On New Year’s Eve, Yan Jing Ze still went to Cheng An Xiu’s house every day.

    The teachers in No. 1 High School were stunned by his eagerness to learn.

    Father Yan and Mother Yan are just as heartbroken as Father Cheng. Their son has a ‘wife’ and has forgotten his father and mother. He ran to his wife’s house all day. He hasn’t even succeeded in chasing yet! If he really succeeds in the future, will their old couple be left alone ‘guarding the empty house’ every New Year’s Eve?

    Fortunately, they are rich.

    If they ever buy a house in the future, they will buy one right next to the Cheng family!

    No matter what others think, Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu spent a sweet winter vacation.

    Cheng An Xiu usually has no expressions, and Yan Jing Ze is very good at acting, and he knows how to measure. So when the winter vacation was over, Mother Cheng still found nothing.

    Father Cheng was even more worried.

    On the first day of school, he arranged the seats of Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu on both sides of the classroom, separated by a large group of students.

    He would never let these two people be at the same table!

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If every people in the world could be as open-minded as the parents here, how good…

And Father Yan failed to donate another building? I can’t. (≧▽≦)

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