BH (QT) 50 – The Star (Extra)

Chapter Fifty – The Star (Extra)

After Yan Jing Ze quit the entertainment industry, he took his mother to his side and asked someone to take care of her.

    The original owner used to be very good to others but he was really not very good to his own mother, so when the old mother was first picked up by Yan Jing Ze, the whole person was trembling, she was a little scared when she saw Yan Jing Ze.

    But even so, she didn’t say anything bad about her son in front of others. It made Yan Jing Ze feel guilty so he treated her better. Gradually, she wasn’t afraid of Yan Jing Ze anymore, but she wasn’t too close to him either, but was very close to Ji Cheng Xiu, like a mother and son.

    Yan Jing Ze chatted with her once and she said with emotion. Fortunately, Yan Jing Ze found a gentle man, otherwise she might have no one to support her in her old age.

    Yan Jing Ze: “…” That is because her son was replaced by someone else. If the original owner is still here, even if he finds a mild-tempered partner, it is useless, the original owner can kill his partner!

No matter what, Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu’s life as husband and wife is still recognized by both parents, and life is getting better and better.

The only thing that worries Yan Jing Ze is that Ji Cheng Xiu is a good cook and is eager to feed him, so much so that he’s always on the verge of putting on weight again and again.

    Must not get fat!

    So Yan Jing Ze started to post fitness photos in addition to food photos on Weibo.

    “Brother, after you quit the entertainment industry, you live a healthy life!”
    “Looking at your Weibo, you are either eating or exercising every day. Can you post something else?”

    “Brother, you are depraved! Don’t you even have a job?!”

    Yan Jing Ze, of course, has a job. He reads scripts every day, researching which plays to invest in and how much to invest.

    He also took some part-time jobs to help Ji Cheng Xiu do some post-production work for filming, such as editing.

    He never forgets and learns everything quickly. After watching those famous movies, he can fully remember, analyze the pros and cons of others, learn their editing methods, and finally become a well-known editor in the industry. The famous UP master.

    Who doesn’t know the UP master of ‘Jing Xiu Liang Yuan’, the video editing is particularly good?

    At the beginning, he specially edited the CP videos of Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu, and he edited several videos just for the show “Dream Back to Ancient Times”.

    At that time, the CP fans of Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu developed rapidly… ‘Jing Xiu Liang Yuan’ suddenly became popular.

    After that, Yan Jing Ze began to edit gui chu and some other videos. There are all kinds of things. This account has become more and more popular. Some people even started to come to him with money and ask him to help edit the video.

    For example, if two stars want to create a CP, they will find him and ask him to edit the CP videos of these two stars.

    Another example is that if a director wants to make his TV show a little hotter, he will find him, ask him to edit a video that is particularly easy to spread, and spread it everywhere.

    There are even variety shows who come to him and ask him to help with publicity.

    Yan Jing Ze took a lot of these jobs.

    At first, he took the job because he himself was ready to watch more movies and TV shows to practice editing, but he and Ji Cheng Xiu didn’t have enough resources for editing, so he used it to practice.

    Later, because the job was so easy for him, as long as the person who came to him was a bit famous and wanted him to edit the work that he had read, he would edit it easily.

    Anyway, as long as he has watched the video, he can remember it. It is not troublesome to edit according to other people’s requirements and he can make some money to subsidize the family.

Because all of the money had been invested, he had actually been very poor and had been living in Ji Cheng Xiu’s house so that Ji Cheng Xiu could support him.

    He even snatched half a bed from Ji Cheng Xiu.

    Ten years after Yan Jing Ze retired from the entertainment industry, he became a famous gold investor in the entertainment industry.

    Who doesn’t know that any project that Yan Jing Ze is interested in, even if it doesn’t end up being a big hit, will never lose money? If Yan Jing Ze is willing to be a producer, that work will definitely make a profit!

    In the beginning, Yan Jing Ze only used his own funds for investment. Although there are a lot of them, it is really not enough to put it in the entertainment circle that burns money, so he can only be one of the investors.

    But later, Ji Cheng Xiu gave his money to Yan Jing Ze and let Yan Jing Ze help manage it.

    Only then did Yan Jing Ze know that Ji Cheng Xiu was richer than himself… Also, Ji Cheng Xiu was a rich second generation, he also made a lot of money. And when he was with the original owner, he invested money in the TV series of the original owner. That TV series became popular and he also made a lot of money.

    With Ji Cheng Xiu’s money, Yan Jing Ze’s capital increased and he made money faster. He also started to make movies by himself as a producer…

    In short, ten years later, the once popular actor Yan Jing Ze, has now  became a well-known investor and producer Yan Jing Ze.

    The love affair between him and Ji Cheng Xiu is well known.

    When he first left the entertainment industry, Yan Jing Ze did not come out.

    Although the kiss photo of him and Ji Cheng Xiu was posted, he did not respond.

    In this circle, there are many people who like the same sex. As long as they don’t come out, everyone will be in peace, but if they come out, they will encounter a lot of trouble.

    And even though he left the entertainment circle at that time, he still had endorsements in his body.

    Those endorsements are not big names. Most of them are signed when he is not so popular. If he does not come out, people will not terminate the contract with him. After all, even if he quits the entertainment circle, there will be traffic, but if he comes out… People will want to terminate the contract with him.

Therefore, neither he nor Ji Cheng Xiu had responded positively to the matter at that time.

    Of course, everyone is tacitly aware.

    Who doesn’t know, after Yan Jing Ze ‘quit the entertainment circle’, he began to follow Ji Cheng Xiu to wander around different crews?

    When the news came out at first, some people jumped out and laughed at him, saying that it was fake that he made noise to quit the entertainment circle before, but actually wanted to continue to mix in the circle, thinking that he must have gone to film again.

    But he really didn’t. The people in the crew were exposed, saying that he just went to play and watched, not filming at all.

    Anti-fan: “…”

After a few tosses and turns like this, the anti-fans gradually died down, and while many fans of Yan Jing Ze remained, the fanatical fans had left.

    It was at this time that Yan Jing Ze began to post on Weibo, and even directly admitted that they were already together.

    Unconsciously, he and Ji Cheng Xiu have more and more CP fans, and they have become recognized model lovers in the circle.

    In the beginning, many people felt that Yan Jing Ze was not worthy of Ji Cheng Xiu. After all, Yan Jing Ze originally had traffic, and it disappeared after he quit the entertainment circle. But for Ji Cheng Xiu, although he may not make much money from filming, he became a director and the films he produced are still very popular!

    But then Yan Jing Ze invested in several big hit movies and TV series, and the argument was reversed. At first, some people felt that Ji Cheng Xiu was not good enough for Yan Jing Ze.

    Ten years later, the young and handsome Yan Jing Ze, who was originally in his twenties, has been endowed with mature charm by the years, and looks more attractive. More importantly, who does not know that Yan Jing Ze invested in several movies that have been sold at the box office with two billion?

    Even if the shares are divided and taxes are to be paid, Yan Jing Ze is now worth billions of dollars, to say the least.

    This money is incomparable with those on the rich list, but it’s definitely a lot, and it’s still real money.

However, Ji Cheng Xiu, who has been making movies and is becoming more and more famous, is eight years older than Yan Jing Ze, is in his forties.

And Ji Cheng Xiu’s looks, while not bad, were definitely not as good as Yan Jing Ze.

Plus, being a director is a tough job, you have to go to the middle of nowhere every now and then and get exposed to the sun and rain, so you are inevitably photographed with a dirty and a haggard face! Some people think that Ji Cheng Xiu is not good enough.

    Of course, people on the Internet think so, but people in the industry scoff at it.

    Ji Cheng Xiu actually has more money than Yan Jing Ze!

    Yan Jing Ze also helps Ji Cheng Xiu invest when he invests in others. Ji Cheng Xiu has more funds than him. In other words, Ji Cheng Xiu earns no less than Yan Jing Ze.

    Moreover, Ji Cheng Xiu is now a well-known director!

    Well-known directors like Ji Cheng Xiu are not short of money at all, and even many celebrities are willing to act in his movies at reduced pay.

    There is no shortage of wealthy investors in the entertainment industry, but good directors, just a few.

    Why is Ji Cheng Xiu not worthy of Yan Jing Ze?

    As long as Ji Cheng Xiu is willing to hook his fingers, there will be a lot of fresh meat willing to go to his bed.

    Of course, Yan Jing Ze is the same.

   Everyone has to admit that the entertainment industry is a place full of temptations. Many couples who were very affectionate at the beginning will be separated after a few years, so that many people feel that Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu can’t go far.

    In recent years, the ‘suspected breakup’ between the two has been frequently searched.

    Once when Ji Cheng Xiu was filming for a night, he was photographed looking a little haggard, and then there was news that “Ji Cheng Xiu looked haggard and was suspected of being dumped.”

    Another time they went to the supermarket to buy things, and they were accidentally taken a photo with no expression on both of them, and there was the news that “Ji Cheng Xiu and Yan Jing Ze appeared in the supermarket at the same time, and they looked like they were separated”.

    There was even one time when Ji Cheng Xiu went out shopping with a fattened up Mother Yan, and was photographed from the back. Some people said that Ji Cheng Xiu was suspected to be married and his wife was pregnant.

    Yan Jing Ze: “…” He has to admit that the media’s imagination is very rich, and they can compile so many things with just one picture.

    Most of the time, Yan Jing Ze laughed at these news, at most explaining it on Weibo, but recently…

    a similar news made him particularly popular!

    One year ago, Ji Cheng Xiu suddenly had the idea to make a movie set in the North Pole.

    What can Yan Jing Ze do? Of course, he had to support him!

    Usually when Ji Cheng Xiu makes a movie, Yan Jing Ze will be the producer. This time is no exception. He helped Ji Cheng Xiu make various preparations and spent another month with Ji Cheng Xiu in the North Pole.

    A month later, he left the North Pole because of something.

    It finally took half a month to deal with the things at hand, Yan Jing Ze was about to go to the North Pole to accompany Ji Cheng Xiu when suddenly, Father Ji fell ill.

    Father Ji had appendicitis and needed surgery.

    This is just a minor operation. There is no need to call Ji Cheng Xiu back from the North Pole. After all, when Ji Cheng Xiu comes back, Father Ji may be cured, but someone needs to take care of it… Yan Jing Ze stayed.

As a result, when he was in the hospital accompanying Father Ji for surgery, he ran into an actress and was photographed, and coincidentally there were two other pregnant women with him at the time, so the news of him accompanying some actress to the obstetrics and gynecology department immediately appeared online.

That’s not all, the female star wanted to get more fame, she didn’t clarify but even made some ambiguities that mislead others.

For a time, the Internet is full of news about another new lover, and there are people pretending to be insiders who swear that the two have already broken up.

Usually when this kind of thing happens, it would be fine if Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu showed their love and explained, but now Ji Cheng Xiu is at the North Pole!

    And… in the eyes of ordinary people, Ji Cheng Xiu, who is addicted to making movies, hasn’t shown up for months… They think that Ji Cheng Xiu might have been shocked and would hide.

    Some people even found a photo of Yan Jing Ze attending a reception during errands a few days ago. It is said that Yan Jing Ze appeared alone at that time, without Ji Cheng Xiu.

    The two must have broken up!

    Yan Jing Ze actually explained. He said that Ji Cheng Xiu was filming, but no one believed it.

    Yan Jing Ze is on fire.

    Without thinking about it, he edited a gui chu video of the female star who refused to clarify the scandal, and sent it out using the account of ‘Jing Xiu Liang Yuan’. He also took a video of himself by the way and sent it out using this account as well.

    In the video, Yan Jing Ze has a cold face and a strong aura: “It is impossible for me and Ji Cheng Xiu to break up, no matter what! I have bound him for the rest of my life! Whoever spreads the rumors, I will hack him in the future!”

    ” Yan Jing Ze is a great boyfriend!”

    “I said that my CP is impossible to dismantle!”

    “Yan Jing Ze is so handsome!”


    Everyone left a message, and after a while, someone said : “Wait, Jing Xiu Liang Yuan is Yan Jing Ze?!!!”

    Others: “…”

    “Yan Jing Ze has edited their own CP videos for so many years, and he’s absolutely in true love with Ji Cheng Xiu!” 

“My adorable CP of 10 years has stuffed me with dog food!”

    “I always thought that Jing Xiu Liang Yuan was a young lady, but he turned out to be a big brother!”

    “What kind of fairy love is this!”


    Yan Jing Ze became popular again.

    At the same time, Ji Cheng Xiu who finally went online: “…” What happened?

    No matter how dissatisfied the people outside were, Yan Jing Ze and Ji Cheng Xiu, the two of them did go to the end.

    It is a pity for some people, they both gave up a forest for a tree!

    But some people think they are so enviable.

    Who doesn’t want a pure relationship?

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Gui Chu – is a video like this – LINK It’s a type of edited videos of people singing, like Obama or Trump edited speech videos compiled into a singing video.

The arc officially ends here. Next Arc is ancient arc so it may take a while because… you know ancients arcs have some really ancient words/sayings. I need to do more research. LOL And wow, we reached 50 chapters! (〜^∇^)〜

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